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Mr Obama Was The Coolest Cucumber I Have Ever Seen

Mr Obama Was The Coolest Cucumber I Have Ever Seen 

Mr Obama was coolest cucumber I have ever seen 
Everyone was clamoring to escalate the war. 
He looks at everyone a bit strange and said
To himself, now wait a minute 
I just spent all this mula to get everyone back here 
and clean up the mess the last administration made
and now you would like me to go back in.
For more 
Are you all crazy you thinking im lazy?
im trying to minimize the loss of life
cant anyone see that?
But sir, sir 
many heads have rolled
this Isis terror and we have to try to stop them.
Really, my goodness, as if we never have done anything like that before 
so you guys would like me to turn the ship around 
and alter my course because of a few heads that have rolled.
Is that right do I see things clear
let the next president take care of it.
Sir, we are telling you that you must go and bomb them. 
I do?
I can't,
i don't want to escalate that. 
You see what is going on
No, I can't.
All I see is that you should all stare at my cool ***
because when you go and impeach me 
by the time I get out of office it will be the day I was leaving anyway.
So go and march not one million, all of you. 
Might does not make right
Because I'm the prize
And you put me here because you though I can do a good job
and have America's best interest in mind.
News flash
I'm the prez
and I'm leaving all this mess behind 
for the next leader see if he can do a better job than I 
only time will tell me 
If I was remotely right.

By Marc Acrich

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 4/8/2018 7:29:00 PM
A crustacean is really an arthropod, Who we found out was made by God; Is immune, To sand dune, And never modified to place in sod. Jim Horn You and I are on both Poetry Websites.
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