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The weary eyed writer of love, is trance walking toward the black widow's flat... when his phone rings. The last person he thought would be on the other end was his wife, she never called anymore. He answered without even looking at the screen. The moment he heard her voice he fell to pieces; tears burst from the corners of his eyes and ran river trails down his guilty cheeks. She spoke.. her words were garbled, as she was and had been for some time, dependent on heavy meds. (It was also the middle of the night back in the States).To be honest, he would not recall much of the content or context of the call, or what, if anything, he said. What was remembered. What will always be remembered was the voice, her voice. And the love he felt at the sound of it. Her voice was all he had left in his world!

By the second word he knew it was her. By the third.. the spell he had been under was broken. Beyond that he didn't know. He was on his knees, far from home, weeping in front of passersby. All the song writers dreams were tied to that voice. A thousand memories flooded his abandoned heart. The magnificence of the past and now his present reality, left him feeling so vulnerable and helpless.. it was as if a child was trapped in an adult body, not knowing what to do or where to turn. 

If there was a God, He had totally betrayed this poor writer. Who could argue? How could a good God allow such horrible things to happen? If God exist, he reasoned.. then He has purposefully allowed life's ocean waves to overwhelm and overtake all of his dreams, as if they were mere sand castles. His Princess, his past, and his peace were all gone.. if his wife ever returned it would have to be by some pure chance. It would not happen by God's divine hand.. such power was a child's fairytale.. religion, he thought, was the cruelest of lies.

He was alone without direction, the saddest man on earth. Summer was so hot and slow.. everyday a hell. Then one day he had a true "Damascus Road" encounter. In a story too long, and perhaps controversial, to explain here.. he was introduced into an authentic personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Many times that summer he thought, if only God were a genie and the moment you surrender to his Lordship, everything fell into place, but that certainly didn't happen. In fact..

~Lyric Man

Note: This is Chapter 4 in a series of five chapters that give context to my writings. I'm grateful for anyone following along this journey.  

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 10/6/2018 9:35:00 AM
So fluid.....detlightful although I can feel the pain as it is so vividly painted
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Date: 9/28/2018 1:26:00 PM
Feel your words and they say all things happen for a reason. Maybe hard lessons we have to learn or maybe a growing process or maybe a way to get us to our heavenly Father as life falls to pieces.
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Date: 9/8/2018 8:41:00 PM
Lyric Man, the intensity of your words, your thoughts and your emotions are haunting and linger in my mind, the feelings they evoke float in my consciousness till they slowly seep deeper. 'A thousand memories flooded his abandoned heart' - your imagery overflows with so many sadly beautiful emotions.. I hope that sharing your intimate story has helped to ease the weight of your painful burdens.. Warmest wishes my friend.. ~Susan
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Date: 8/21/2018 8:05:00 AM
Off to the final chapter.
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Date: 8/17/2018 11:27:00 PM
Not quite ready to breathe sigh of relief. Each chapter brought unexpected tears am looking forward to the next and final chapter. My heart still hurts for you and your family.
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Date: 8/13/2018 2:56:00 PM
More controversial than an intimate transparent God? I wonder what that could be.
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Date: 8/1/2018 2:09:00 AM
Each chapter, more intense than the last. Awaiting Chapter 5, the end of the story. An emotional journey. Religion, cruelest of lies. Understood. My thought on religion, the route of all evil. Thank you for sharing your soul.
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Date: 7/29/2018 8:23:00 PM
Dear Lyric Man: Good write here. Enjoyed! Leon
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Date: 7/28/2018 10:50:00 AM
I'm following along, L M, and I must say the "reading" of this chronicle is almost as painful as the "writing" of it must have been. I won't start expounding on my religious (dis)beliefs, but I was struck by "religion, he thought, was the cruelest of lies".
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Date: 7/26/2018 9:46:00 PM
Somehow I knew, I knew that you would not linger in such a moment. This shows that your heart was moved, was more in control than you realized. Everything happens for a reason, yes- this I believe. You are heading back in the right direction. I knew you would. ~ Brandy
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Date: 7/26/2018 9:08:00 PM
Either your prose or poetry amazes me, Lyric Man! You can say more than words
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Date: 7/26/2018 8:31:00 AM
If you have not, you might read a good biography of Buckminster Fuller. His story might feel familiar to you.
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Date: 7/26/2018 2:56:00 AM
I read chapter 4 first then went back to read the others so I need to change my first comment. It is a great story but in a different way. There is a God and I want to see how you came to know that. Looking forward to the last chapter.
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Date: 7/26/2018 2:42:00 AM
What a great story. Sometimes we have to be at the bottom so that the Lord can raise us up. Thanks for sharing your story.
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Date: 7/25/2018 9:55:00 PM
Will you hurry up and write the last I've been on the edge of my seat the whole way through...Just awesome! Great stuff LM...Charlie
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Date: 7/25/2018 8:31:00 PM
Hi Lyric, Chapter 3 was a heart tugger and it was extremely sad but for some reason this chapter had me bawling my eyes out. Thank goodness the writer had a Damascus Road experience and things got better. I am waiting for the conclusion- Alexis
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Date: 7/25/2018 6:20:00 PM
the gift of enlightenment, discernment is rare...and you answered the call despite long distance communication from home... accepting your vulnerability makes you a real man and partner, have earned your milestones...astounding!...huggs
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Date: 7/25/2018 11:31:00 AM
So kind of you to share. Very honest.
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Date: 7/25/2018 8:19:00 AM
An interesting further insight into your struggles and ones many go through.. Thanks for sharing LM..
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Date: 7/25/2018 7:48:00 AM
Distant from home,lonely.Leading a life far from a child's happy dream.Facing sad reality, easy to fall to temptation,Yet,The one person needed at that moment Calls out of nowhere,in the middle of the night.I dont call these coincidences..I call these situations -Blessings.Once-again the writer,dreamer with big fantasies embraces his life-story.His wife might have been under meds after all the earliest episodes of tragic happenings but surely onceagain She ws there at the right moment.Gr8 post!
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Chircop Avatar
Charmaine Chircop
Date: 7/25/2018 7:51:00 AM
Many can relate to...even my own self..Thanks God for temptations...they measure the strength of our love to those we own loyalty to,and they teach us that from our weaknesses,we can still be saved.All it takes its just one of God's acts and our acceptance.
Date: 7/25/2018 7:21:00 AM
I sense that the writer is finding his way back.. and soon will be of all that burdens him..intriguing, LM.
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Date: 7/25/2018 4:47:00 AM
U said it all: not Religion, but a real relationship with Jesus, fully Man and FULLY GOD. Let human minds figure that combination! Religion always kills. The Letter of LAW/Moses/rules ... kill; it is the Spirit that gives LIFE! The Spirit in your wife saved U from a black widow, amen!
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Date: 7/25/2018 3:22:00 AM
"Then one day he had a true "Damascus Road" encounter. In a story too long, and perhaps controversial, to explain here.. he was introduced into an authentic personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ." Such happened to Apostle Paul when he was yet Saul... and indeed, Jesus Christ made the difference in his life. I believe that..., since I experienced it, too. God be praised for your spiritual journey!
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Date: 7/25/2018 12:00:00 AM
LM The experience of a lifetime is a gift and the receiver passes it on! I know you have! Your talent for writing will reach many! I am so glad our paths crossed!
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Man Avatar
Lyric Man
Date: 7/25/2018 12:08:00 AM
Chuck, that means the world to me!
Date: 7/24/2018 11:17:00 PM
Another great chapter Dave, many of us have been privileged to follow you on your journey . Looking forward to number five. Tom.
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