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Life Is Nothing More Than A Few Stories

Life Is Nothing More Than A Few Stories

Life is nothing more than a few stories
of memories gone by.
Some are funny and some are oh so sad;
some are melancholy and some just make's you so happy.
Those are moments; it is what make you feel so lucky.
I remember my father, he was a good story teller;  
When he told them he would laugh, and laugh, oh so very much.
Just telling this story is bit hard.
My mom too, but she stayed always quiet while my dad spoke, 
He took all the air out of the room
as if it was smoke.
But she was there,and how can she forget any of it.
Family Stories are the best about your childrens first steps;  
the laughter you get when they fell 
and tried to get up again, and again;
boy they sure were small 
where did the time all go?
t's so much fun to remember these things.
and some times it pains me.
Remember your wedding day there is always a problem with the dress 
and maybe someone gets drunk, its all in good fun. 
Your wedding day must of been nice
your college years that we're challenging; you met so many nice friends
some are loosers and some are plain dead,
and some have really gained and to the top they went.
How can we forget your children's scrapes? 
And how you had to put a bandaid on it.
It was my knees that were scrapped and had to put some mercolate; 
and it was sealed with mommy's kiss, 
this is one thing i still miss,
How can we forget Mommie, she was always there
for us  even when we made a big fuss;
we were young and silly all the time.
Now my mom is older but she has not gotten colder; 
now all she has is her children;
she lives in a nursing home full of people that are old
and full of maladies so im told.
We take her out for lunch and we reminisce about old times
Yes long ago I was a little boy once 
all this going down memory row 
almost make me cry; I have feelings too I cannot lie.
Im her second son you see, she had actually three
I have been a ball buster since the day one,
but finally I'm calmer now; I too am also getting older.
I have a wife now and I cook for her sometimes
and also we have some fancy wine by candle light
we are actually like one.
I have brothers that has drifted far away from me;
that's ok, they needed to be free of me.
It's me and my wife and I'm happy she is kind 
or else life just would not be worth it.
It goes fast my friends so take advantage of it,
go through the rough patches and you will always come out of it stronger;
dont worry so much your time here will be a bit longer
and blue skys, don't worry,
they always return to you in hurry.

by Marc Acrich

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 4/11/2018 6:53:00 PM
This is a little sad because we can't regain our memories, only think of them. However, the direction you took this in was uplifting. It is a story containing many stories and readers can relate to many of those stories. I want to walk my doggie Snickers so I may forget about all the comments I want to make today. I'll just put it off for tomorrow!!
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Acrich Avatar
Marc Acrich
Date: 4/11/2018 7:34:00 PM
No, it is not a sad piece my mom is alive and I was thinking that you could relate to being a mom, it was an homage to moms and how special they are and fixing those boo boos, we never forget.Yes, my dad passed away, but I hardly mention him I know a guy who lost his dad back in the 90s and he won't quit writing about him.  The piece on the priest and taking that poor girl onto the mountain top as a sacrifice and leaving her there now that was sad. I almost cried when I wrote it,  but isn't that the sign of a good writer? If we can convey those strong emotions they can't all be flowery and happy.
Date: 4/11/2018 7:18:00 AM
precious memories with some pressure and some release. It's good to look back like this and dream again. If I'd starting writing earlier in life, I'd have more things to remember without worrying about those I must have forgotten.
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Acrich Avatar
Marc Acrich
Date: 4/11/2018 9:06:00 AM
Thank you some say do not look back, but it's ok if you think of the good and not dwell on the bad