They call him Judas ,
because all he ever does is lie
he is sleigh he even slithered on by
if you look long enough 
you can see the dust of lust in his eyes
he is a smooth talker
he leads the the holly ones a stray
his playground is the holy house 
to betray and to lead others astray
When he starts to walk my way 
I just look at him and say
No thinks while I walk away
with a smile on my face
they call him Judas 
because he will charm you 
to tell you all the things you would like to hear
but if your faith is strong 
you know to never let him near
Oh, I seen the kingdom hall fall
while my own eyes was open
I tried so hard to tell the the holy brothers 
but they just looked down on me and cast blame
Oh, I walked away feeling so a shamed
I cried out to my God and ask him to lead the way
because oh Judas left the holy ones a stray
nothing he ever tells has any truth
he just likes to keep the weak confused 
his place he loves to play his games
are in the Kingdom hall,
where the prophets bow their heads
where they give the hearts 
to Jehovah God and our Lord Jesus
but he comes around 
oh Judas making traps for the weak
he becomes friends and even wash their feet 
but with time the holy house did fall 
bloodshed was on his head
oh, how many wished they where dead
some people around town 
even given him a crown 
they would say forgive him for what he speaks
But only the true prophets could see 
what oh Judas did that made the town stained 
he miss lead the weak 
and even tried to betray me
I called out his evil name 
Oh, Judas , you will burn in your shame
you will be brought down just wait and see
you are a evil man anyone could see but the weak
I've learn to love and forgive 
but all his lies build a wall around the kingdom hall
that lead many spiritual dead.

Poetic Judy Emery 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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