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In the Shade of The Old Apple Tree

In the Shade of The Old Apple Tree
In the shade of the old apple tree was where Jeff Sessions agreed to meet with me,
he told me some tales of how the president fails, 
but it was hard for me to see and even believe.
He proceeded to tell me all the secrets of the white house 
Staff and how so many of them are alike, louses and total dicks, and they are all into the fix.
Cheating and lying is all of the norm,
What do you expect? 
It comes from above,  
Like when we lived in a school dorm.
I am going to go on and tell you some more.
General Mattes and Pompeii drink whisky under a blanket,
and tell old stories just to keep themselves entertained;
since working in this white house is so much disdane
in their mouth there is bad taste.
Then Jeff Sessions also said to me Marc, the Prez
Is a bastard that is for sure and he is cracking at the seams,
and I haven't a clue what we can do,
He attacks me every day on Twitter and he is making me look and feel like a fool.
and im not kidding.
But I have an ace of spades 
I laugh behind his back and I'm going to light a firecracker right in his fat ***.
Everyone is realizing that we must punch him every day any way we can just to bring him down. 
One book at a time, one interview, one voice,
maybe America will then get a clue and finally know what to do.
The scholars must come forward newspapers too, 
taking it to the streets, yes me and you.
We must revele all of the muck until America does wake up,
you see we are not so great, we lost all of the worlds respect.
This president must be impeached, 
we have no need of him anymore, 
he has become a thorn 
in the belly of our nation.
People, please pay attention!
Sarah Sanders appears on the podium, man she has lasted more than the norm.
All she said to me that she heard that Trump has a small we we, 
I asked her where do you get your information from?
well from no other than that **** whore 
Stormy Daniels.
That woman is hotter than the internal combustion engine.
is that plausible.
In walks Omorassa she does not need an introduction everyone knows her, 
I always thought she was a biach, 
But maybe I been wrong as long as she wrote that book.  
We can easily say she is a smart chick and can do no wrong,
Trump called her a low life well, 
I say it takes one to know one.
She said Trump use to be my very good friend but now we are enemies until the very end.
General Mattis is revolted a man like that in a crooked administration, why he stays is something of interest,
soon he too will be under of an investigation.
While Trump his boss
looms high like a large vulture, 
ready to pounce just to get more attention.
I know for a fact he does not have much culture.
he is dumer that wood not giving us a good future.
We have Pompeo, who is a hand puppet 
Traveling the world on missions for the state,
when he is with Kim Jung they poke each other in the ribs while inspecting the countries kitchen, 
"Show me the nukes" he said,
well, that will be a while give me more time and I will see if I can dismantle.
All the while eating fine cake.
Some where in this lies a bit of shame.
Lets talk about Cohen for a minute,
he turned out to be one of the more important players,
once the lawyer of Trump, but he turned into the betrayer,
It took him a while, but he got the message, you are working for the devil stupid man. next time ask some questions.
Now you are in trouble, but it's ok all those who sing to Muller get off with just a slap on the wrist anything to get the big man out and into into a hiss.
Let take a minute to speak about Papolopulos boy was he wrapped up in secrets, he and his wife might of been a secret agents, but we will never know this it's hidden in all the pages of the F.B.I. nad Mullers investigation.
Jarrod can't say what he is all about money coming out of his sides, but he too is a bit of an ***, making deals 
all over the world, especially with the Arabs borrowing money to keep his high rises running, he is married to Trump's daughter
As a wife together they are kicking royal *** they are rich once in a while we hear from her but not very much;
She likes to keep her nose clean as much as she can.
His wife, I like Melania, but you know I'm blind, 
I'm a bit of a sucker for the kind but I wonder if she is or not.
She is European so her mind is different than ours,
I can't say if it's a good thing or not I do have respect for her I will not say anything that I will regret, but the bottom line is she is married the man.
So America listen closely to this.
She is no friends of ours!
So many actors in this play, I will mention a few more in a few days 
Spicer, Flynn, and few more idiots, 
Manaford especially 
A rotten criminal to the core, I hope he stays in jail and never ever gets to go home,
but for now I have to take a break after thinking of all these guys I have to puke
that will be nice.

By Marc Acrich

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 12/2/2018 7:01:00 PM
We must remember that there are defense mechanisms and complexes. I will criticize others to build up my image. I will tell you I did not do it even though I did. We need an MMPI of Trump to determine all of his personality disorders. Correlate Trump with abnormalities.
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Acrich Avatar
Marc Acrich
Date: 12/2/2018 7:37:00 PM
Perhaps Narcissism