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Im ostensibly merry, But beneath the disguise, I am divided and bare. Craving the sweet relief of death, Because nothing I do seems to fill the hungry belly of an overbearing culture. I laugh to distract myself from the tornado inside. They’re my family. You mock my misery, Ridicule the bottled emotions I may have unwittingly spilt, Degrade my emotions in front of the people I conceal hatred for. A daughter of secrecy and bandaged ache, you question why? Take a glimpse inside the domestic life. Squabbling, sobbing, silence, smiles, repeat. A place of stigmatizing mental illness, The children, baffled of how to open up about feelings because if we did, All we’d get is a slap on the face. When I was bullied, I longed for help. But all I got from you was “tell the teacher.” But father! What you don’t understand is, These 21st century kids, They don’t give a f***! Bullying is worse than ever before, And you wouldn’t know because you never experienced it, Nor know it exists. I can’t just tell the teacher, Because these teachers you ask? They don’t give a f***! They tell you “bullying kills” but won’t send assistance to the hushed suicidal kid in class. They’ll ship you to the counsellor so they can purge their burden, But won’t stop the kids who are causing you strain. Mom and Dad, What you don’t understands is that, They persist to praise the popular kid who bullied you, Even after you discharge of emotion. Nothing changes. I learned the hard way that they don’t ever learn their lesson. Only you do, That you should never address bullying to a teacher, because like I said, They don’t give a f***! High school here is different from an all girls school in Pakistan, Mom. Boys are jerks and dreadfully heartless. This loathsome school is not what it was like 35 years ago, why? Because it didn’t exist, And time alters everything. I can’t leave you because I need you. Every time you hug me I cry from the pit of my heart, I can’t help but feel condemned of my feelings. I love you, But I just can’t explain to you, How I really feel. I open up. And you tell me I’m an ******* and you can’t feel sorry for me. You tell me I don’t have social anxiety and neglect my symptoms, You tell me I’m just stupid. You tell me you hate me. I cry out an eternal river of tears and with tears I am writing this, Here in the open, Where the commonly sharp can’t see. Nobody cares, Not even my once faithful companion that I called my brother. I loved you before and thought of you as my one best friend that I could pour my heart out to. Now that we’re not kids and third grade homework isn’t the heaviest stress load we have, Why have you abandoned me? But I have to say that I hate you because now I bottle my emotions up. I can’t tell you anything without you telling me I’m stupid, Judging me, Telling me my feelings aren’t valid. What happened to my once faithful companion? I’m an *** if I don’t open up and I’m an *** if I share my feelings. I’m not selfish, believe me! I’m misunderstood and was made to feel alienated since third grade, But you don’t understand that because you’re a boy, And boys are invariably praised here. Girls have a million expectations they’re required to meet, Yet they’re still condemned and considered a burden, And boys do nothing but sit on the couch all day watching YouTube and are praised and adored endlessly? Every family member I once loved ended up becoming deadly fumes to me. My cousin, once a girl of magic. The girl I would go to with all my dilemma that would vanish temporarily with her presence is now someone I get distressed around. My brother, I thought the funniest boy in the world, Who I could easily laugh with, My pill for joy, Is now someone I avoid conversing with because our mentality and outlook contradict one another, He who would listen to anyone and believe their credibility, But would be ****** if I insert my sentiments. I have a never ending sympathy in my heart for my parents because they’re both weeping for help on the inside, Attempting to escape from their dreadful past. I’m a daughter and forced to take sides, But I belong to both. You’ve left me confused and afraid, I can’t seem to bring myself to choose because deep down, I love both. I can’t help but cry when you tell me one is better than the other, Why one is lying, And why I am just a replica of the terrible one. I can’t help but die on the inside, I lose a part of myself when family is brought up in a conversation. I once loved my family, But now I don’t know. I’m confused. We are so unlike other families and I’m tired of comparing us to the impeccable families out there. When they say family is forever, Should I believe them or should I continue with my doubt. Because I’m aware, The blood is forever, But the bond is fragile and can easily break, And it’s breaking.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2020

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