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I say, I Understand, So Strong Is The Bond

I say, I Understand, So Strong Is The Bond

I say, I understand, so strong is the bond between a parent their child 
Just remember lack of love brings anger and pain, 
After a while you wish for them the same.
And no one can castigate you
For what you are feelings 
When you do these things or call yourself weak
Only you know if you are really being meek.
Try not to lose your cool 
It kind of unbecoming, not a very good look
Ultimately, it's up to you how long you will keep reaching out, 
Perhaps until the end of your days 
when all time stops.
and then they will know what a prick they have been
Since crueitly was their new middle name
Kind of hitting your head on the wall 
And how long can you take it for.
Perhaps on and on you will go never to stop to look what it actually did to you.
Kind of cause you so much misery never to be understood 
the why and who.
Do you know what the definition of insanity is?
When you keep doing the same thing over and over again 
thinking you will get a different result. 
That is what they taught us in AA
Yes, I have gone through it too, maybe even worse than you.
The thing that pains you the most,
Those things you should never show
To anyone not any more.
What for so they can rejoice?
In your misery slithering and not being able to say anything
Since you are in so much misery.
cripled by father love ,
you say how come it came to this and you blame yourself  
what can i really say
Keep it locked in your heart of hearts 
It's not a place for toying around.
Under lock and midevil keys you will know to never, ever show this to anyone to see. It to personal trust me.
Do not show your cards to the obvious enemy
How hurt you are?  
It only makes them very happy,
Is that what your intentions are, if so, 
you are the one that is really messed up?
I'm of the belief of the eye for and eye
 I know Ghandy said it leaves everyone blind. 
Good, at least you will have at least pinned pricked them a bit.
They are rejoicing, saying, got him, got him good
I know you shudder in disbelief
Well, it's time not to be everyones puppet 
and most likely a fool
Since you really will never be understood
You wish for more ammunition 
Then answer answer like this 
I'm sorry you feel that way
That will get them and if it does not then give them the worst of tortures,
 the silent treatment what they have been using on you
But don't tell anyone 
I gave it to you,
 Keep it in your back pocket and never again be a sucker

By Marc Acrich

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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