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In my sleep , I seen many things
what this old world bring's
there is no light in darken dreams 
though it seems
the words of love is dead
all I see around me is ashes and bones 
while I see and evil beast on his throne
he rised up just to take a look at me
and he acts like he likes what he sees
I think to myself 
every start has and beginning and a ending
But from what I see 
I am in between this old darken dreams
things are never what they seem
If you know what I mean ?
then he started talking to me 
that's when I looked up at him 
saying , hang on , 
I'm not ready to play your games
an what is up with your voice ?
Do you really need to scream?
and why are you acting so mean ?
your words I will have to avoid 
I must have written a billions of famous lines
like the billions of stars in the sky 
that sparks on me tonight as I write
what is on my mind, what my heart pours out 
in the winter time
I have to questen myself 
all that I am in this world 
Why am I so sad ?
I try very hard not to be bad 
I hang on every word and ever line 
that has been evilly spoken to me
that makes bad dreams for me 
where all my emotions get so shaken up
what is hurtful is I don't get Compensate 
for all this life pains this world gave
where my faith has been shaken
But , I still cling to the promises
So, I hang on to every word I ever known
But this old pain still remains 
that is how my dreams are made
I see the practice and claims that some people say
that have moral standards and their faith is strong 
well I look at them with anger in my heart
Because if they are so God like 
then why do they always walk around 
blaming and judging and knocking down the spirit
To me I scream ''Hypocrisy,'' they are to me
when ones behavior does not conform the pretense 
they contradict everything I once believed in
I cry out and shouted out loud 
I disown your evil Lies
my soul is willing to forgive
but I will never forget
I hanged on to every word they had ever said
Oh, they had made their bed
but all those lies messed with my head
know I don't know who to believe 
when it comes to faith and dreams
because it all seems to be the same to me.

Poetic Judy Emery

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 11/14/2017 11:41:00 AM
Excellent piece. It has nice rhythm and flow. Enjoyed it immensely.
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