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From here to there

From here to there
Once at the roundabout, I stopped for precaution
Stretching my arching legs, so much exhaustion
Many a long mile I have been, 
I am steadfast without chagrin. 

Left there yesterday to get here early
Didn’t get lost but tired for surely
A pack on me back with peppermint schnapps
Lots of Macintosh apples, from road side crops. 

Where was I going you asked, I thought you knew
To find out why you can’t get there from here to. 
Met a jolly old chap who sat down to rest
He didn’t know either, but offered me the best. 

He asked where I was from and where I embarked 
“I’ve never seen the likes of you”, he remarked,
I told him I was from Dunwick, across the river
He said “you’re on my turf now’. I started to shiver. 

I replied I’ll buy you a mug of Guinness if you will pardon me
I’ve come too far for I won’t flee,
You have the looks of a captain’s blow
He sneered at me and said “rightfully so”.

Downing four mugs each of this famous beer
I felt that a friendship was becoming near,
He told me tales about life in Killarney
I mocked him upon his malarkey.

Rest assured I was not to be taken in
By his silly stories that had no end.
The banjo and fiddle strung out some notes
One too many drinks, loud frolicking old bloats. 

I wondered if he might have known Pappy O’Dan
Who rode a white stallion all over the land,
When the music stopped I clumsily nudge him
By chance, did you know Pappy O’Dan from Lonagin?

At first he didn’t respond, there was a brief span
He said “the man who rode the horse was not Pappy O’Dan
He continued on, “the line you gave me is such a fake’
“I too told you such lines, make no mistake”.

We had one more round of Guinness beer
Both of us got up and left with such good cheer, 
“I’m going to Harrigan’s bay I swear”
“From that point you can find the way to there”.

I realize that there from here is out there somewhere
Things seem peculiar in this neck of the woods or where,
On foot who knows if I will ever get there
If I had a Sheppard who will answer my prayer. 

“I enjoyed your presence” the old chap said
“You didn’t believe the tales I led”,
“Knowing the truth will steer you right”
“It will guide you in whatever your flight”.

“You’ve come this far, all is not lost
“You have gained confidence at some cost”,

“Soon you will find there from here”
“Keep up your faith, the Lord is near”.

Has something like this ever happened before
I had found someone that shared wisdom and more
Had he traveled this route at best?
He told me a Sheppard shall follow me in my quest.

I spent much time in finding my way
Realizing my faith had been in a long delay
I declare this is an enchanting promotion
He reminded me of my forgotten devotion. 

He said something that I won’t forget
“I too had forgotten my Sheppard which I do regret”,
“It wasn’t until I journeyed which failed”
“I tried to continue but to no avail”. 

 “I reunited with my faith and I set sail”
“I had someone with me along my trail”, 
“I did find there from here that is true”
“A precious memory by faith I knew”.

“You will not see his shadow as you travel”
“He is beside you, a lesson for you to unravel”
“His shadow is unified and will follow you through”
“His light will shake the darkness that binds you”.

The road we travel has many hills and bends
From the onset of one’s life to when it ends,
Adversities and tribulations make the going rough
Without that support and guidance, it’s tough.

Difficult line to walk, some will veer
Accepting faith, better to steer,
Spirituality and belief go hand in hand
Deceit and dishonesty, take the stand. 

Use the main road, pay the toll
Diversified route, rest the soul,
One can get there from here
I don’t do shenanigans, I am sincere.

When the load is heavy must get help
When you carry the weight, you will melt,
When the road is uneven, time to pave
Reconnect with faith, a purpose to save. 

It’s a long way to get to Tipperary
You can walk it or take the ferry,
Whatever means you choose 
Pack up some faith, you won’t lose. 

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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