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Faith As A Crutch

Cinderella's up n' done some 
sweeping changes
The story's been so revised
no-one recognizes the rearranging
N' my ideas aren't viewed as pregnant
My disposition may well be
considerably vagrant
At times I sport a sharp quill
but don't mean it to be flagrant
But it'd take a lot of pulling 
to get me down from my soapbox
n' off of this subliminal rant
Transported from medieval times
not even a hint at being current
oh so outa touch
Germanic folk may think I need holpen 
But it's ok no matter what they say
even if it's just his faith as a crutch

The hunchback of Notre Dame's
checked in 
for some non evasive surgery 
Not a dramatic proselyte 
as Pocahontas 
but still worthy of noting in liturgy
N' my pool of thought could be 
taking on rot
becoming stagnant
They say ya better check that stuff
at the door 
before it goes rampant 
But when I went 'long with the program
'stead of continually bein' resistant
N' math ain't my strongest suit
but none can refute
one third of the pie is a remnant 
Put him in stocks 
or cover him over with rocks
look! his hand's extending
like it's something he's trying to clutch
If it's the easy way out
or just a cop out
he's all about his faith as a crutch 

Romeo got sprung from Sing Sing
y'know? for that upstate thing  
Seen drivin' 'round town 
in an Alfa Romeo Giulia 
kinda downsized 
from his favored sort of bling
Borders assured
but when the lines're blurred
makes one rethink exotic
Gossip you tender morsel 
to their innermost torso
is the masses real narcotic
Though he clings to hope
but when put under the microscope
could be deemed a heretic
So they just retract 
'cause none can extract
his dreams
n' it really seems 
his life's a lot less chaotic 
These days 
though he hasn't totally 
sworn off sunrays so much
his ivory tower's a place to cower
but ink dabbin' in his hidden cabin 
seen to emit power
that none can deny
even if he prominently relies
on his faith as a crutch.
2-10-2019 Duncan R.M. Ferguson  

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 2/10/2019 7:44:00 AM
You really do make me smile Duncan.. The thing is you are completely right!
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Ferguson Avatar
Duncan R. M. Ferguson
Date: 2/12/2019 6:37:00 AM
Thx Silent One, glad 2 send a smile ur way. I take it observing right on title? Or other idioms tossed in the mix? Either way, glad you enjoyed this more than slight pontificating from my lowchair. D.R.M.F.