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Don't Sell Yerself Short

Ya think you're the little piggy
goin' to the market
Ya just might be the ravenous 
canus lupus
Ya think if yourself as a mere poised
intelligent human being
Ya just might be borderin' on genius
though still a dufus
Ya think you're goin' to the horse town
of Norco
Ya just might end up 
at The 10 Acre Ranch in Pedley
Ya think you're charting 
as a one hit wonder
Ya just might be belting out
an entire medley
Yer wondering if the ball is yer side?
when ya actually own the whole court
Ya think it's all the same
but the name of the game
is- don't sell yerself short

Ya think you're too rough 
'round the edges for the lady
Ya may pass on it but fact is
she's attracted to yer league
Ya think you're life's a little 
on the boring side
a worthless story
Yer thinkin' is yer worst enemy
'cause in eyes of others
it could appear packed full of intrigue
Ya might think you've topped out
n' you're not making any progress 
Ya wonder where's that illusive 
prized fish?
when the sea is teeming with 'em
ya just gotta throw out yer hook 
Ya just gotta expand yer territory 
don't worry their toes'll heal
er git outa the way
don't paint yerself into a corner
or huddle in a limiting nook
Ya think they've pulled out the rug
or yanked out the plug
but the trick is to keep yer tank
full of thank
n' just rearrange yer plan
when ya think it's time to abort
so- don't sell yerself short

Ya think you're hoverin' on the wispy
lines of lunacy
Yer pondering is just way too far
out there 
but it beats confinin' yer mind
in the corral of the empirical 
Ya think it's all psycho babble
scattered pieces of scrabble
when actually you're pegged 
as bein' quite lyrical 
Ya might think you're banished 
to the edges 
forever bein' an outsider
Ya say hey my fingers're all clammy 
well my friend ya just gotta keep 
you're jam free
'cause wherever ya are 
just might mean yer in
Ya may think yer jazz has no rhyme
or reason
or you're just not in the right season 
Well yeah pal 
ya just gotta take a chance
with that gal
yup surprise even yerself 
when ya up n' win 
Ya think all the somber robes 
shufflin' 'long to throw in their shells
is the final verdict?
well ya still got due process 
so don't second guess
er accept their damning report
yes- don't sell yerself short.
2-9-2019 Duncan R.M. Ferguson   


Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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