Decadence and immorality

Wandering and walking these screaming streets in the dead of night,
blending with the curing and consoling shadows, out of sight,
black moonless nights quiet my afflicted, agitated and saddened soul,
wily and wary I watch my fellow humans, sinful, with little or no control.

Lucifer's lust, lures the lecherous,
Devilish demons, delightfully dance,
Satan's sleaze, snares so seductively,
Beelzebub binds with bloodied bondage.

Surreptitious, sneaky lovers, stealing time and trust as they lust,
raucous right wing fundamentalists, blaming with disgrace and disgust,
repugnant racist rallying against racial harmony, equality and unity,
immoral sexual objectification of women and children in shameless society. 

Envious eyes, covet and crave whats wrongfully theirs,
the ravenous and voracious, greedily gather more and more,
political proponents pushing socially damaging agendas unawares,
deadly drug dealers, dealing in the streets, addled addicts needing a score.

Bloodied Beelzebub, binds with bondage,
seductive Satan, sleazily snares,
dancing demons, devilishly delight,
lecherous Lucifer, lustfully lures.   

Many reek of hypocrisy, weakness and impious iniquity,
loathing and learning of their insincerity, mockery and treachery,
the brutish beast in me demands that I strike severely and smite,
fearing fateful consequences, the beastly barbarian is wrapped tight.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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