Dark Angels Game Of Manipulation

Dark Angels Game Of Manipulation

More abuse and lies to manipulate 
just to see if he could get things to go his way
he will go an say whatever he needs to control
he used the love tactics to lure his victume in !
but I know all his games he play's
Dark Angel took a chair next to mine
saying what he feels is genuine 
then he then  started looking at me 
then asking me if I belived him 
I told him I will never belive anything he has to say 
Now he is trying to find more ways to manipulate me
thats when he got up from his chair and said 
he needed another bottle of champagne
would I like to have some with him 
I told him no thanks
again he would say champagne with me my love?
Thats when I didn't answer back 
because he was ready to attack
I can tell that angered him but he tried not to show it
then he poured two glasses  and he would say 
no need to be shy ,drink I wont bite
Oh, the lies started just pouring from his mouth
his old words are becoming  smoother
Come on he would say , take and drink with me
when I would say no thinks again 
his started verbal abusing me
by calling me hateful names then shame blaming me
telling me why he could never trust me 
he would downgread me in many different ways
then he would tell me drink the glass I pourd you
it will dull your pain that is cutting through your soul right now
so I started to sip on my glass and thats when he would say 
good girl Moonlight, I knew you didn't want me to get upset
Oh, how that put a smile on his face
then he started walking  behind me playing with my hair,
telling me how much he truly loves me 
that he would do anything for me
then he walked around just to see my face 
my eyes and watch my tears flow
he would drink another sip shoving his cold finger in my face
Moonlight what do you feel for me
I took a sip and never said a word 
thats when he kicked my chair and reached over to slap me
now tell me what you feel for me 
I said I have no feeling for him and I will never 
then he kissed me then bit my lips unteil they started to bleed
I felt that pain I started crying out saying you are insane
then he would tell me 
your the blame for me to act this away
he could see in my eyes I am getting angry just as he
but I kept my silence while he call me a heartless queen
thats when I stood up with a smile on my face 
Oh, I would say , I thought you like me this away
thats when I walked away without another word.

Poetic Judy Emery (c)

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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