Dancing In The Dark

Dancing In The Dark

Preciously waiting in the dark
holding on to my heart
while it is beating like a bate without wings 
I walk away in the pain of blues 
that Dark Angel had given me 

He keeps on tell me that I need him 
like the lost sea needs me
oh, always in my dreams I would hear it scream
the noise is everywhere

The wave crashing on the banks where I stand 
with Dark Angel holding my hand 
while he is looking at me with no care in his eyes  
Oh just one tear to let me know he cares,

He whispers in my ear 
just to say he will always be with me 
Then why do you want to hurt me ?
Dark Angel, smiled and said Love is painful
so what you receive from me is my love

He taken hold of my small waist narrowing 
his hands almost at my ribs just to get closer 
feel of what he hungers for,
I will never let me go without a fight Moonlight
then he looked deep in my eyes 
I started to cry in so much agony.
than we started to dance in the rain 

It has been along year dancing in the rain
with you. I keep my eye shut because your lust
is to much, you take me down to take me apart
in so much pain.

You take my heart and beat it to the ground 
I feel your love, I feel the cuts eating at my 
dulcet heart making it cold, please let go.
the night the velvet Moon cried for me too
while Dark Angel was take over my life
like a thief in a cold dark night 
with no one in sight but the moon.
Tell me you would never leave 
He would tell me you need me like I need air to breathe
I cried with hurt in my eyes
but the rain was coming down so hard 
you could never see my tears to be found

Darkness and pain is the life you given me  
I cried out with shivers down my spin
losing my mind out in the cold  
I looked at him as he takes my hand for the next dance
to get under my skin.

You have my heart and you locked it down 
as he spins me around 
He uses his words as a weapon from my soul to fear 
but I will not shed no more tears for you to hear.

Poetic Judy Emery © 1980

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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