It was a sad and very cold on that September night
when Dark Angel given me fright for my life
when he had taken me down to the wet ground
where no one was around
he was out stalking me
 until he got me
then he would talk to me 
say things that are not true
just to keep me confused
he wood take me in his arms that night
like he had a spell on me
and we started to dance in the rain 
and I started feeling deep pains
then he lead us off into a darken place
we started walking down a path towards the shore
a place I had never seen before
I felt I was in a darken dreams but how could that be?
he would tell me its not what it looks like
things are never what they seem 
do you understand me ?
I never said a word I was to scared too
Oh, the pains kept cutting deeper in my heart
my body started going in shock
that is when I cried out saying
why do you give me so much pain 
you are wounding my soul 
sinking me spirit like he is taking my life from me
why are you doing this to me?
That is when he told me to look at him
and tell him what I see in his eyes
that is when I started to cry
you are the darkness that creeps into the night
you are the stalker of my life
Oh, Dark Angel you can never give me back 
what you had taken from me 
Bullets of fire hit the sky
upon on that cold September night
when he told me he would never leave my side
that is when we stepped in his old ship he calls Black Pearl
then I would hear a voice calling out to the winds
saying in a whisper 
oh mirror let him see I left my mark on him in deed 
just like he did to me in darken dreams 
I asked him did he hear the voice crying out from the sea
that is when he started laughing at me
and I was in so much pain I thought I was going insane
Oh, you cut me deep I would cry
this anyone could see how mean you are to me
You left me out to bleed like the red sea
just like that old crying wind tumbling around like a ghost
while Dark Angel is covered me in scares 
where all the roses that are tossed on me started to die 
then they withered into rose dust
in that dust was his written note saying
I love you more than you'll ever know .
Poetic Judy Emery (c)

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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