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(My poem follows the Pakistani children who lost their lives - they are now on their journey to heaven on a magic cloud - and they also meet a very kind and caring man who is waiting for them. My poem is quite surreal - and I do hope you'll enjoy this magical journey.)  


Christmas time and God
is busy – he’s preparing to
meet new arrivals today,
A cloud with little children
on – all of them smiling –
for a brand new day.

This cloud is a magic cloud –
and it flies through the
On it’s way to heaven – 
all on board don’t cry.

They are going to their 
new home – were they’ll 
be free to roam –
But they will be able to see
their parents – in their own
sweet home.

The cloud is so comfy – 
no pain is felt at all,
Once they get to their
destination – we will hear
their call?

Their arms are waving as
they all do celebrate – 
they don’t want to be late,
They’re getting so excited –
but they need to wait?

As they approach the pearly
gates – Good God is then
‘That a very special person is
following behind, the cloud,
they all must hold?’

Just then, as they approach
the gates – a man stands all
in white,
“I welcome you to my BIG
home – an absolute delight!”

God stood by the gates – 
and he welcomed all the 
“We have a special guest for
you – he’s sitting in the

The children first queue up –
in a line to collect their wings –
And they start flying around
heaven - as God starts to sing.

But the visitor is brought in –
and the children do sit close,
And when they see this magic
figure – in the shape of Santa

Santa has gifts for all – as the
children smile with glee,
And God directs Santa to his
chair – right beside the tree.

So there really is a Santa
Claus – as these children
now have seen.
To the Pakistani Children –
good old Santa – he has

As Santa waves goodbye,
to God and the angelic
children –
Back here – down on earth –
they’ll ever be forgotten.

They’ve met their mystery
idol – and now they are all
happy –
Thanks to Good God – and
Santa – a cheery fatty!

The children are now in their
heaven – and better things
will come to pass –
When they look down upon
the earth – and wish us all a
Merry Christmas.        

Please don’t weep for us – 
for we are in heaven now;
“And God has given us our
wings – and now we all do 

We wish you peace and
happiness, and good  
tidings from heaven above,
And those Pakistani Children
 – are now happy in heaven,
with God’s holy love.

Their parents sense their
children – are happy as
can be –
For they are settled in their
new home – which their
parents now do see.   

May God bless truly every
one, at this special time of
year –
And what’s that noise we all
now hear?
It’s those Pakistani Children –
they shout a great big cheer!

Merry Christmas they do
shout – and may peace rule
the earth –
And may love take preference
upon a new rebirth.
Now their little souls have
found peace in their new
‘And from now on – and all
eternity – in heaven, they
will forever roam.’   


Copyright © | Year Posted 2014

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Date: 12/19/2014 7:30:00 AM
Magnificent Darryl !!!! I have a heavy heart for the parents of the children . A terrible act by very uncaring people ,do they not have children of there own . That was my first thought when I heard the news. Your poem puts a new light on this. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Hugs Anne
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