I have secretly left you a note
upon your bed side; 
but only in dreams you could only see
what it is I have written
in a place of the forbidden,
this is how we meet
you came into my life while I sleep,
you seemed so nice and very sweet,
You’re my child hood dream, 
I had left you some time ago
I want to say sorry,
But, I must ask
how did you make your way back?
into my mind another time.
I never understood that
I thought you suppose to stay in the past,
I see your writing on my page  
where others could read 
what you are wanting to say to me, 
but, you are starting to get mean
and yet a little scarier;
when you write about me 
you had taken all my words 
I wanted to say right out of my mouth, 
You would write me to tell me 
You wanted so badly to be kiss me,
But I must say;
Get off my page
Because I don’t feel the same way
You are only something from a darken past
A childhood dream 
that always made me scream,
It’s so funny what words can do,
to make me feel so ill about you,
I could never love you or want too.
I felt I known you all my life,
maybe I did;
But only in my dreams you see,
So, what does all this mean 
for you and me?
again, how could this ever be? 
If we were only a childhood dream.
I started to feel overwhelmed by you,
If you are only someone of dreams,
Every time I sleep,
Your eyes are looking back into mine
It’s like I could read an ancient story;
I had to take a deep breath
and walk away from all of this,
Your starting to mess with my head,
I’m starting to feel old wounds
of another time;
something doesn’t feel right 
this left me so confused
how could all of this be if your only 
a childhood dream?

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017
The Queen of Darken Dreams Poetic Lilly Emery
The Queen Of Darken Dreams

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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