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All a Dog Asks For is a Little Love

All a Dog Asks For is a Little Love
All a dog asks for is a little love 
and in return he will give you a life of devotion
and the world if they could
Help you with every turn in the road 
you think he does not know, but they do
They have feeling too.
They come next to you and share their warmth
To help you cope
Sometimes you ignore them 
and for this one day you will be sorry
Let them sleep in your bed if they are not clean
who's fault is that
but only yours
They once in a while need a bath too
Give them warm food and they will love you to the moon
And also don't be too hard on them try to remember they are only dogs and although they try hard they will never be a smart as you 
So please have some patience and be cool

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 1/7/2019 4:39:00 AM
write to the point...our two cats are smart but sour attention is a necessity : )
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Date: 12/10/2018 9:51:00 PM
nice write...we have a younger and older cat...the older cat just wants peace and attention...sad sometimes
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Acrich Avatar
Marc Acrich
Date: 12/11/2018 10:06:00 AM
here si another doggie one, lots of fun My dog is digging a big hole, ------------------------------------------ My dog is digging a big hole, if it gets any bigger China will be our next home. We say to him no, no, no, but he continues to do so. Maybe he is digging to catch some rodents I don't know, maybe it's all about hiding his bones. I try to discourage him, But he just won't listen, he keeps on digging, and at the same time he is peeing and hissing. And also there is a big cloud of dust from early morning to dusk. In this there must be a lesson, maybe where to hide my money and I'm not messing. So do not come into my back yard with your metal detector or you might find all of my treasures. My wife said to me, Marc why don't you put your gold in your mouth or maybe even a bank, I said oh no, my dog is here to protect it, Our retirement money is much safer.
Date: 12/7/2018 8:15:00 PM
G'day Marc … nice one Marc. Treat a dog well and unconditional love is our reward, and the friendship has no comparison - thank you Marc - Lindsay
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