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A Pure Kind Of Love A Collaboration With John Flemming

These fair limbs that hold him in sweet embrace
Against the soft, heaving bosom of her breast;
The unblemished cheek pressed to his face,
Her hands hold the hand that lovingly caressed.

Clasping him safe, no more battles to fight,
Falling deeper she slowly comes to grips
With the simple fact this feels so right;
Nuzzling closer: hot passions on her wet lips.

A fashioning of perfect curvature...
Doubt even stars burn with this equal fire?
His lips take hers; and it occurs to her
They share what few do - a true love's desire!

Their pure union much more than just mere lust:-
True love endures when dust returns to dust.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 6/20/2018 10:16:00 AM
Now this is awe inspiring poetry crafted by two exceptional poets. So much romance and beauty set forth in sonnet form! Congratulations to you both on this fine creation!! A fav....
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Chiri Avatar
Brenda Chiri
Date: 6/22/2018 12:01:00 PM
Ah thank you Robert so very much as I am sure John would thank you too! He is a wonderful man and a joy to write with! Thank you again. And stop by as often as you like ! Love your friend Brenda
Date: 6/17/2018 7:48:00 AM
It seems you bring the best out in each other. I look forward to your next collaboration.
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Chiri Avatar
Brenda Chiri
Date: 6/17/2018 8:52:00 AM
Rick thanks again! And I too look forward to that Collaboration! I will just let you know my friend! We are getting to it now! Hugs Brenda
Date: 6/15/2018 12:38:00 PM
What a gorgeous collaboration. You should both be proud of the outcome. Hugs Rick.
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Chiri Avatar
Brenda Chiri
Date: 6/15/2018 1:21:00 PM
Thank you Rick as I'm sure John would too! It was a pleasure to write with him and he had fun too as he wants to do another lol! I love it he is a wonderful person to write with and a pleasure to know! Hugs Brenda
Date: 6/14/2018 2:37:00 PM
I did not realize, at the time, just how much I would enjoy doing this collaboration with you, Brenda; I knew, obviously, how very appealing the thought was to me...but now I feel a great sense of harmony and joyful exuberance -- I am very proud of what we have achieved here! Tell you what...why not do it again? Sounds good to me. My warmest affections...always and ever. :) john P.s It goes without saying I dare not forget the "fav"! :)
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fleming Avatar
john fleming
Date: 6/15/2018 7:55:00 PM
Thank you, Richard...Brenda seems to able to bring the best out of me I think. Cheers! : ) john
Lamoureux Avatar
Richard Lamoureux
Date: 6/15/2018 12:36:00 PM
Excellent John, you work well together.
Chiri Avatar
Brenda Chiri
Date: 6/14/2018 5:25:00 PM
John I to enjoyed this so very much! Maybe a bit too much lol! You dear sir are a pleasure to write with and you make my simple not seem so simple!;) Yes I will do another with you anytime! For I feel this one came out wonderfully and yes so much joy in making! Affectionately yours Brenda
Date: 6/14/2018 11:53:00 AM
Who said John doesn't do sonnets well, well he said it, but here's the proof...a seamless write, an excellent example of a fine collaboration!
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Chiri Avatar
Brenda Chiri
Date: 6/14/2018 5:22:00 PM
So John says he doesn't do sonnets ehh? Lol well he sure fooled me! John I think he may have to agree that sonnets are his new thing anyway in my eyes he is wonderful! Thank you for your comment! Brenda
Date: 6/14/2018 10:53:00 AM
An undaunted euphoric exclamation of love.
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Chiri Avatar
Brenda Chiri
Date: 6/14/2018 5:20:00 PM
Thank you Tim! I do hope you are feeling better! Hugs Brenda
Date: 6/14/2018 12:21:00 AM
Holy smoke!! This is one smokin hot sonnet my dear crazy twinster! Lol! Quite a beautiful and sensual collaboration Bren and John. An excellent melding of two poetic pens joined in impassioned ink. Enthralling in its emotional expression my talented but nutty twin. What more can I say when I’m so speechless.. lol! over the enticing loveliness of your fiery romantic poem... :))) Warmest wishes and hugs my insane twisted twin.. your sane, but fanning off after that hot read, twin. ;)))
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Chiri Avatar
Brenda Chiri
Date: 6/14/2018 5:19:00 PM
Ah my sane half! Lol! Yes this was so much fun writing with John and such a pleasure as his words are all so elegant unlike my insanely simple ones! I must say it's hard to tell where one ended and the other began ! You are so silly my sane half but you know I value your comments so much ! Phew is right and I myself fanning the heat was rising at such a degree! Wow is to put it mild! Thank you my super power holding sane twinster twin! Live from the insane half of this dynamic duo!;)
Date: 6/13/2018 11:40:00 PM
A beautifully written passionate sonnet, Brenda. An excellent collaboration with John. Your words and emotions are so well blended together to create a gem of a poem. A fav. T.J
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Chiri Avatar
Brenda Chiri
Date: 6/14/2018 11:41:00 AM
TJ thank you so very much for your comment! Im sure john too will appreciate your kind words my friend! Hugs Brenda
Date: 6/13/2018 8:35:00 PM
A beautiful and passionate sonnet created by two truly exceptionally talented poets! Perfect ending verses as well! A fav....
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Chiri Avatar
Brenda Chiri
Date: 6/13/2018 8:56:00 PM
Robert thank you so much! To the man who is in my eyes the king of all sonnets! ;) I am quite sure John will be pleased at your comments too! Your friend forever! Brenda