My Master Takes Hold

My Master Takes Hold 

Into the woods we go
 where my master takes hold  
Oh, his heart is so cold 
he stands over me very bold
while his eyes gaze into mine
that almost left me blind 
where he takes all control over my soul
his word's are sharp like a sword 
that cuts deep into the mind
that takes away all that is right
Rise up he would say
move along my slave
do what I say or you will pay
in the most painful way
Oh, how his hateful ancient words 
play over and over on my mind
that eats away on my spirit
Into the woods 
my Master walked over to me
acting so sweet ,yet trun mean
he is playing his old head games
just to have his way
Oh, the shames ,guilt he put in my heart  
Oh, how I feel apart
in my minds I know the truth of what is right
but the pain and rain is taken the light away
I felt that the light is slipping from me
Oh, the tragedy he puts in frunt of me
the light has gone out  like a candle in the wind
holding no fire to keep the candlie lit
Dark Angel cried out secret of death  
A death you will never get to see  
it will be the curse on me
death is the teacher of those who sleep
becouse they will no longer weep
death is a place you go to rest  
But you will never get that from me 
that's when I started hearing cry's 
from the other side 
Dark Angel they cry out is a death like moan  
in so much pain that seem to never end
the sound of their pains 
cut deeper and deeper within me
that almost made me feel 
I was about to lose my mind
Into the woods the ancient slaves cried
saying let her go and is when he held on tight
just to make me cry
that gave him pleasure over my  pain  
that cuts like like a razor cutting deep within me
Dark Angel speaks out to the slaves 
saying they will never be free and nighter will she
Oh, how this made my heart bleed out into the sea
in darken dreams of he.

Poetic Judy Emery

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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