How Segregation and Freedom Are The Same

When the law of the land demands a sectioning of mankind,
through an order to divide and live in separation you will always find,
those grouped together stand side to side in a united line,
creating a difference of opinion to other groups so groups don't combine.

Whether it be race, religion, sex or class that groups people apart,
the inward view of your own group will be at the forefront and most important.
Not allowing the exposer of a different kind causes division to start,
in very small communities incest begins and evolution is no longer evident.

When segregation, by law, is removed people can mix and match,
the influence of a neighbour who is of a different race can teach you good ideas.
A development of your personal knowledge and know how, gains an attached
wisdom, that would be unknown if prejudice causes you to steer clear.

The simple similarities with segregation and freedom 
are, the force by law with segregation that keeps you away
and freedom by choice to stay within your own community.
Grouping together and looking inward will create the same situation,
if it's a free choice or the laws decision, there will be no integration.

If two Presidents died to end slavery and segregation,
you can not blame the winners of the elections.
It's the individuals that create discrimination.
This can change by what's installed in the youngest generation.
If they are taught how to and how not to behave they will know no different,
two generations of this and people will have respect and treat each other decent.

Governments should fear the people as they need the people,
without people the government wouldn't be needed.
People also need a government, the contributions must be completely equal,
if the desired outcome is to be accomplished.

All the people need to make integration happen in the USA, from the lowest and poorest to highest and wealthiest level everyone must play.

Black and white have just as much right  to be here, that is what we say in Britain. Our country, like your country was a white man creation, but we gain
knowledge because we all contributed and we all benefit the same.

You must look outward at others if you are to ever integrate.

Choosing separation, is no different to forced segregation.
Now the freedom is there but is rejected, so the people are to blame for the division.
Teach the young it's not accepted,
religion changed facts from one generation to the next when it was wrong and things were forgot.

Change can happen.

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Date: 12/29/2017 2:23:00 PM
You make some valid points my friend.. How sad these things are still an issue today.. Britain is a lot fairer than the US.. We both have silly leaders though lol..
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Nick Trim
Date: 12/29/2017 9:54:00 PM
Our cultures are very similar, but with race we are opposite. The version you read was the wrong draft, I copied and pasted it from word to here but I copied and pasted the draft not the finished version, this is now finished. I made a silly mistake. Lol