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Words: mwalimu, mx, my, mya, myadestes

My Poems

My Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of my poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for my.

New Poems

Edge To Extinction
When gallons of water fall from the faucet,
my mother reminds me to turn off the faucet when not in use.

But as I count the last few drops falling down towards the drain,
I think about the animal that ate endangered,
and getting...Read More
Categories: my, change, earth, environment,
Form: ABC

Outdoor Wonders
Nature makes me blossom,
from the flower that blooms in my backyard,
to the tall trees that shimmer with green.

When I was five I remember exploring the outdoors, 
taking my red sketchbook everywhere.
Lines flying through the page,
as I try to resemble the...Read More
Categories: my, beauty, environment,
Form: ABC
Fadded Memory
Dear stranger it's odd to call you that but you are one to me at least. See I don't remember you very well.  Only heard stories about you the last twenty-four years now.  Most of the stories make...Read More
Categories: my, missing you, remember,
Form: Free verse
Farewell Fifth Grade
We leave the fifth grade reunion, go to another school
to a place that's much calmer

No more tag or hide and seek or 
gathering in a circle to play Duck Duck Goose.

No more random stories,
from rolling the story cubes.

No more hanging...Read More
Categories: my, 5th grade, deep, friendship,
Form: Free verse
The first time of prayer
The time to realize that life is patience
Prayer makes life beautiful and Divine
As I finish my prayer,I think about rhymes
A plate of delights makes me mine
The house is a mess
The clocks chime
I remember lost times
Daddy used...Read More
Categories: my, age, allah, anxiety, birth, blessing, body, brother,
Form: Chant Royal

Premium Member Were I a Sink
Were I a sink, I think I'd cry
   What people put down my drain
      ~ Oh, my!

Why, just today I looked up
   to dodge the drool of a doberman pup

And on...Read More
Categories: my, crazy, how i feel,
Form: Personification
Premium Member I Give You My Love - The Mirrored Rondelet Style

~ I Give You My Love  ~
( Mirrored  Rondelet)


Give you my Love 
See the sky with stars, and the moon 
Give you my Love 
Sent to us all way from above 
As night leaves, brings promising dawn 
Gracefully...Read More
Categories: my, angel, beautiful, emotions, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Musings
I ponder about the life of a tree as I sit across from it 
watching ripples disturb its mirrored image
that lays gentle on the surface of a pond
I can't help but wonder
how many ripples its seen over its years
how many...Read More
Categories: my, introspection, life, nature,
Form: Free verse
in a world so full yet so empty, many of us lose interest in ourselves. 
i forgot who i was before my illness and i don’t know if i want to get better. 
the first step of recovery is realising...Read More
Categories: my, anxiety,
Form: Lyric
The Harbour
regret holds me hostage and the ‘almost’ captivates me. 
i lose myself in a world of ‘what if’ 
and drown myself in a harbour of sadness; 
the only happiness i know is when my stomach is empty; the only pride...Read More
Categories: my, anxiety, dark, stress,
Form: Narrative
I surrender
I surrender,
I have fought the good fight,
I have outlasted most,
In the fight that is seemingly lost.

I will leave the battlefield.
To spend more time with my grandson.
So one day in the future he might be the one,
To stop the slide into...Read More
Categories: my, analogy, anger, bereavement, betrayal, blue, books, death
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Plantae I
Plantae I

As I remain in my earthly womb, respite,
Unflowered cribbed in my ultimate bed,
Whilst transpiring bared to individual elements retorts,
Oft includes distinguishable rain, midst their convictions,
Expounding relished energies of nourishing necessities,
Ex parte, neath I sprout, unnoticeably,
Embedding my toes, feverishly spreading,...Read More
Categories: my, analogy, poetry, tree,
Form: Pastoral
Premium Member HAT DRAMA

I bring the hat drama, all the way hot
and with so much swag
I'll never, ever stop.
Loyal to the royal, yes that's  me
when I'm brimming you will see.

Bringing the hat drama all the way live
no laughing, no playing, and...Read More
Categories: my, appreciation, beautiful, celebration, character, cheer up, confidence,
Form: Rhyme
To Thine Own Self Be True
From down the rows and across the aisle
I look at you, you look at me
Not sought out yet not in denial
It’s there but should not be

Oh what a silly man I am
To think that I could sing
An aubade to a...Read More
Categories: my, character, christian, conflict, faith, jesus, symbolism, truth,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Song of love


A blushing sunset calls my name
in harmonies of fond farewell
Where wishes on a pastel flame
compose the dreams I now foretell
For here among the colored skies
when whispers flit upon the wind
I gaze amidst my wandered sighs
to see you by my side...Read More
Categories: my, good night,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member A 9-11 TALE WITH HEART

A beautiful, perfect, autumn day it was. 
The gold and red sneaking in the Central Park leaves as it 
always does. 
I wanted to stay home with my wife and son. 
But realized there were bills to 
be paid and...Read More
Categories: my, america, god, heartbreak, violence,
Form: Free verse
What are we gonna do
Frustrated by my
Inability to cope
Got me second
Don't know where
To get my inspiration from
It could be better
Don't know what to do
To make it right
Tweek the beganning
Change the middle
The end never turns 
Out right

Get myself believing
Product of my game
Less on stressing
A little...Read More
Categories: my, business, dance, for her, for him, girlfriend,
Form: Ballad
What are we gonna do
Frustrated by my
Inability to cope
Got me second
Don't know where
To get my inspiration from
It could be better
Don't know what to do
To make it right
Tweek the beganning
Change the middle
The end never turns 
Out right

Get myself believing
Product of my game
Less on stressing
A little...Read More
Categories: my, business, dance, for her, for him, girlfriend,
Form: Ballad
Free Verse on Love
Free Verse on Love

I want you in my life;
more than anyone else.

I want to hold you;
till Earth fades away.

I want your kiss;
till we can’t breathe.

I want you;
while we live.

Just you;
till death.



02/24/2020...Read More
Categories: my, love,
Form: Free verse
Plural penetration
Throw bold differences that inspire our colorblind eyes and cast themselves out of their opaque truth and discover feeling reality
Everyone feels the crimson hatred that we all burn this world with
Just as the icy blues that we all shatter the...Read More
Categories: my, care,
Form: I do not know?
The opposite of OY is YO,
Two words that most New Yorkers know
And people ‘cross the globe as well,
Though what they mean, not all can tell.

So I’ll explain: the term “Oy vey”
Expresses “Woe is me!” dismay
Or “Oh, my goodness!” or “Good...Read More
Categories: my, art, word play,
Form: Rhyme
The Butterfly
Butterfly, Butterfly, Oh! so fair
On gossamer wings you flit on the air
Soaring serenely high up above
Tell me, please tell me, where is my true love?

With my arms wrapped around you
You started to weep
And the tears that you shed
Flowed down your...Read More
Categories: my, lost love, romance,
Form: Madah
The Gamble

Of all the men who gambled there on the hill that day,
I felt I’d be the winner when I began to play.
And sure enough, it happened!  I shouted out for glee
When all the lots were cast there, the...Read More
Categories: my, religious,
Form: Rhyme
God Kept Us For Each Other

God kept us for each other; that’s plain as it can be,
And now we two are lovers--it is just you and me.
We may not have the money that others spend so free,
But we have each...Read More
Categories: my, love,
Form: Rhyme
Going After Gold

A hundred years ago or so, the story has been told,
A fever swept across the land of going after gold.
It seemed each person caught the urge, and they just could not rest,
The cry came through the camps and...Read More
Categories: my, religious,
Form: Rhyme