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Might Poems

Might Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of might poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for might.

New Poems

don't be
it's just
i don't

in my 

might be
my own 
eye lash
it to tear

i can't be
to of all

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Categories: might, muse,
Form: I do not know?

Cherry Blossoms
Pink and white, floating in the Son’s light
The breeze makes them whisper to my delight
A carnival of blooms to announce spring’s might
In renewing all things; Nature’s way of life
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Categories: might, beautiful, flower, light, spring,
Form: Rhyme
they recreated the virus to find what would naturally destroy it
research had shown that re-evaluating what existed to find
what might exist could
allow us a greater understanding of the virus.
from mutating and regenerating
to overpower any cure or remedy we might find...Read More
Categories: might, music, myth, science,
Form: Bio
Premium Member Humanity of Horses
My internal experience of depression
today shames
external ecology of elation,
all I might know as warm extended family
of profoundly peaceful impressions
still bare surviving
at end of this slow-fading thread.

This morning
one Epictetus sentence
speaks of blaming left-hemisphere dominant GodVoices:

"People are disturbed not by things,
but by...Read More
Categories: might, anti bullying, depression, health, integrity, peace, political,
Form: Political Verse
Oh, my god, yes I've finally found the one!
I squeeze my arms around him, crying in joy and relief
It's been almost five years since we last spoke.
He laughs and hugs me tightly, a look of contentment on his features, 
And...Read More
Categories: might, cry,
Form: Prose

Premium Member Lethal Warning
Whether the Good Lord or Charles Darwin gave Adam his fruit

Regardless of ideology versus faith rules our common pursuit

We need to accept that life is dangerous and fraught with peril

Don’t jump the gun before facing the reaper or his rifle...Read More
Categories: might, health,
Form: Rhyme
I grew up a child of the ’60’s
together my life and the hippie movement dawned…
now when I look back at that time I wonder…where have all the hippies gone?

Those long haired tie-dyed idealists who walked around with our feet bare
who...Read More
Categories: might, growing up,
Form: Verse
Amidst reality’s kaleidoscopic might
My vision needs faith light
For color virtues-right
Admitting blurry sight…
To enjoy special child’s delight
Soaring with him in blissfulness-height.

February 25, 2020
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Categories: might, appreciation, child, christian, faith, god, mother son,
Form: Monorhyme
Premium Member Defining Friendship - Expanded
Does it mean we are friends if I mirror your thoughts,
That we like the same jokes or our politics sing
A conventional melody?

Does the ground shake (we stand on) when boundaries slip,
When emotional dams burst, magnetic fields flip
As convection cells drift...Read More
Categories: might, friendship, history, love,
Form: Rhyme
Things You hear In The Night
Run friends as fast as you can
From this dreadful land
Be wary of a terrible sight
Of things that go "Blasty Blang Beedle Bum  Bang" in the night!

Nery a more terrible sound
That can be heard for miles around
A sound that doesn't...Read More
Categories: might, fear, night, sound,
Form: Rhyme
Pushkin translation: I Loved You
I Loved You
by Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

I loved you ... perhaps I love you still ...
perhaps for a while such emotions may remain.
But please don’t let my feelings trouble you;
I do not wish to cause you...Read More
Categories: might, absence, break up, divorce, farewell, god, moving
Form: Verse
I surrender
I surrender,
I have fought the good fight,
I have outlasted most,
In the fight that is seemingly lost.

I will leave the battlefield.
To spend more time with my grandson.
So one day in the future he might be the one,
To stop the slide into...Read More
Categories: might, analogy, anger, bereavement, betrayal, blue, books, death
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Closer


Dreamer weaves 
her golden words
like breath brought
her into a new world
each chord held 
she remembers holding 
the constellation
Virgo in her arms 
in time small windows
open midnight blue
glistening jade
they reign over her
a Lion whispering 
the oddest nursery rhymes, 
lullabies she's remembering
over...Read More
Categories: might, love, magic, mother daughter,
Form: Free verse
My soul is embraced

My soul in the darkness it did abide,
The essence of my life slipping between this life and the next.

On the fringe of suicide and contemplating death.

I see a small light in the darkest time.
I reached out for help and my...Read More
Categories: might, best friend, blessing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Opining On Sacraments Of Self-Ordained Loathsome Sacredotalists
Opining On Sacraments Of Self-Ordained Loathsome Sacredotalists

When the rascal dons his garments of meerschaum shade
with loud mendacious voice he covers his mugwump cries
Waving a banner of loquacity, expostulations are made,
and he assumes a 'Forma Pauperis,' as greed's vault denies.
In presentation...Read More
Categories: might, art, courage, integrity, light, symbolism, truth, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Lone Bird
A bird soared
In the blue sky
and flapping gently his wings
flew away farther and farther
at last not seen.

Such a sight long not seen
as environment deteriorated .

Where he  flew !

He might had flown
over the mountain
valley and rivers
I had not visited.

Yet ...Read More
Categories: might, environment,
Form: Free verse
Noob Goes For A Walk
Noob goes for a walk in a straight line
The distance from point A to B is easy
But going only half way as required 
Going half the distance all the time
Is not so simple as Noob might think
   ...Read More
Categories: might, absence, mystery, philosophy, travel,
Form: Free verse
New Digits
Young and wit,
He seems strong and fit
He walks past, my heart skips a beat
I bite my lip and take a seat
All of a sudden I feel heat

Is it just me or the place is hot,
Bloody guy must be having this...Read More
Categories: might, boy, crush, cute love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Dreaming of Love
Another day dies as I sit in a fallow field and watch 
my dream sprouting among the wild  green weeds.
The  silence  of the valley is soon broken as evening
approaches and  birds  take their last flight.
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Categories: might, conflict, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Stag and the Fox
The stag was astounded by fox’s nerve.
Not realizing this was no ordinary fox.
You are going to the city? Why? Stag asked.
To peer in and peer out, to unify my flocks.

This is when Stag realized why fox was called Cosmos.
He was...Read More
Categories: might, animal,
Form: Rhyme
What nights began at dawn
For the day is strained to
end with the setting of the
Lonely nights have women
To be less than perfect angels

Days eager end leaves her cold
Must these strangers have
Need for her company
Must strangers make mention
Of those nights
Whos whispers...Read More
Categories: might, character, culture, daffodils, evil, jealousy, music,
Form: Ballade
What nights began at dawn
For the day is strained to
end with the setting of the
Lonely nights have women
To be less than perfect angels

Days eager end leaves her cold
Must these strangers have
Need for her company
Must strangers make mention
Of those nights
Whos whispers...Read More
Categories: might, character, culture, daffodils, evil, jealousy, music,
Form: Ballade
Premium Member Me Today
Me Today
as you can...

Oh, how you hate me today, 
I am just the mom. 
I do the cooking and cleaning, 
I do the laundry, 
and all things the word;
ick, might one day describe. 

But know this now, 
as I pick...Read More
Categories: might, angel, chocolate, granddaughter, grandmother, grandparents, mother, mother
Form: Narrative
Fully unexseptional loving the wrong people
Her preparations to be his
was at the exspence of others
each morning started from
the night before
she commanded his attention
and demanded his loyality
while she sought favor from
others redefining words like
contrite and non chalet
Saving her need for others
While she gathered gossip
for conversation
there bouts...Read More
Categories: might, character, engagement, extended metaphor, heartbreak, heartbroken, music,
Form: Ballad
Premium Member No Friends Of Mine
Etymologists hate poetry -
I have that on the best authority -
Of course the bloody rhyme's not perfect!
What else do you expect?
The inventors of language
(About the closest match is "sandwich")
Were not supporters of our noble art,
They had us beaten from the...Read More
Categories: might, abuse, daughter, father, love, mother, poetry,
Form: Light Verse