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Words: mdiv, mdma, me, mea, mead

Me Poems

Me Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about me, myself, and I. these are poems that describe you and your uniqueness. Everyone has a different personality and embodiment which makes them unique. This list of "me" poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of "me" poetry. This list of works about me is an excellent resource for examples of how to write me poems.

New Poems

Premium Member This docile Earth
This world was never ours alone, but shared with other creatures great and small.
The Earth turns and the new dawn comes, and will long after we're gone.
The Sandpiper ran along the shore and told me so.   

We must...Read More
Categories: me, bird, cat, nature, smile,
Form: Prose

Worthy of my wrath
My phantoms know all. 
Your towers will fall. 

Good and evil, now perfectly jadded. 
My rules were clearly stated.
Judgment day. For now, you pray. 
Our love invaded. All hope has faded. 

Me amours. Whom I adored. 
Must I be...Read More
Categories: me, beautiful, dream, evil, war,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Garden of Hurt
Here I lie in your garden of hurt, surrounded by the bitter truth, that you have embedded into this dirt
The loving hands that used to tenderly brush the dirt away, now has no time to till away in this garden...Read More
Categories: me, garden, heartbreak, hurt, miss you,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Why I Strayed Part 2
I never wanted there to be pain for either of us, I only wanted happiness for the rest of our days, but I understand why we couldn’t be together then, I just had so much more to say
I wanted to...Read More
Categories: heartbreak, remember, sad,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Why I Strayed Part 1
Why I strayed, I know the reason, but do you? You’re the one that I fell into their arms, the one that I turned to
Although I told you then I never got too deep, but now I feel as though...Read More
Categories: me, heartbreak, hurt, sad,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Room 123 Part 2
We had our serious moments, talks about our lives, and then there were moments of pure bliss just enjoying the comfortable silence
We would laugh and talk all about our pasts and things that we had both been through, and there...Read More
Categories: me, heartbreak, longing, love, sad love,
Form: Rhyme
quarantine blues
quarantine blues

Quarantine such an ugly word
Unlike any other 
All at home 
Regardless of desires
No where to go 
That is the worst part of it 
In fact enforced staying at home
Not to bad
Especially I have you by my side 

Blues come...Read More
Categories: america, angst, anxiety, fate,
Form: Free verse
to dream the impossible dream ghazal
to dream the impossible dream
every night I must dream 

and during the night dream
I will see her in my dream

yes I met my love in my dream
she came to me in my dream

for eight long years came in my dream
haunting...Read More
Categories: me, desire, dream,
Form: Ghazal
allien abduction
allien abduction

when I was in high school
I accidentally drank a drink
that had been laced with lsd

I went on my first and only acid trip
one of the most profound  and terrifying events
of my life
and it haunts me to this day

in...Read More
Categories: me, addiction, adventure, allegory, mystery,
Form: Free verse
coffee's intoxicating smell wakes me up
Coffee’s intoxicating smell wakes me up 

coffee’s intoxicating smell wakes me up
filling me with hope and joy
as a I drink deeply
filling my self with smell
the sent of sweat as heaven
darkly hinting of hell as well 
filling my every fiber of...Read More
Categories: me, drink, drug, senses,
Form: Sonnet

Follow Your Dreams
follow your dreams

follow your dreams
they may some day 
come true

they did for me
I dream of meeting
the love of my life
who became my wife

for eight years 
she haunted my dreams
then one day
she walked off a bus

out of my dreams
and into my...Read More
Categories: me, dream, love, marriage,
Form: Free verse
A Light in Chaos
Too heavy was a load of life,
Fighting I was, the inner and outer strife.
Difficult it was with challenges at every turn,
What I was undergoing, was no one’s concern.
Fighting I was, a battle alone,
Engulfed I was, with a fear of unknown.
The...Read More
Categories: me, 10th grade, appreciation, lost, lost love, love,
Form: Sonnet
Jesus Son of God is He
The Savior was born in a manger.
To a dying world, a stranger.
What manner of Man, is He.
To give His life, for me.

He came upon, a Christmas night.
 Darkness saw, the Shining Light .
Born in a stable, no room at the...Read More
Categories: me, jesus, song, spiritual, uplifting,
Form: Lyric
Nineteen now,
You’d think I’d try take on the world. 
They say it’s at my hands,
For how long tho I question,
See I’m here writing this poem
Feeling some kind of tension.
I’m lying in the dark, 
Asking has my life fallen apart? 
Felt...Read More
Categories: me, anxiety, conflict, depression, passion, student, teen, word
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Lure Em In
April is here 
Spring is getting kicked in the next gear 
Leaving is winter basically a whimper 
Giving way to life’s beautiful day 
Like the New Testament said 
The cold of sin is dead 
Started as a biblical wish
 Friday...Read More
Categories: me, bible, business, faith, fishing, food, inspiration, jesus,
Form: Rhyme Royal
Don't Mind, Don't Care
I don’t mind your hurt in my heart
I don’t mind you, tearing all of me apart
Wipe my tears away for your sake alone
I don’t need your help; I can do it on my own

I don’t mind your hurt during these...Read More
Categories: me, emotions, endurance, feelings,
Form: Lyric
Heartbeat of the universe
.When I close my eyes and think of you I feel the heart beat of the universe, Your sparkling eyes remind me of shooting stars, With my eyes closed I can see the hypnotic light of your soul, The hairs...Read More
Categories: me, dream, earth, emotions, universe,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Another Day Without You
Another day without you.
Another day to be alive.
Within sorrow's empty heart.
How do I survive.

Loneliness surrounds me.
My other half is gone.
Half of this whole is missing.
from this souls loving song.

No notes I sing this morning.
To greet this new day.
No smiles I...Read More
Categories: me, i miss you, lost love, love, miss
Form: Free verse
A Birthday in Place
Believe it or not, my birthday’s been great
Though not one I would have predicted,
Assuming that I would be down in the dumps
For being so virus-restricted.

My pre-sunrise walk was delightful because
The rain I’d expected held off
And no one I passed on...Read More
Categories: me, birthday,
Form: Rhyme
Lady Liberty Speaks
Art History

I stand erect with outstretched hand Representing liberty, for many, a foreign land My fire dances an incessant jubilant glow
I represent hope for the oppressed to sow

 Pungent salts mixed with glassy sands
      ...Read More
Categories: me, symbolism,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Truth Matters
Truth Matters

That is what I am. 
That is okay with me. 
I work hard, 
Have a family. 
I support my wife, 
and my own kids. 
I even adopted a couple…

I am made to pay. 
I am made to do...Read More
Categories: abortion, addiction, allah, america, angel, anger, atheist,
Form: Free verse
Bluff Enough
She said she’d go to the police,
but she was bluffing,
so I went to them today, 
and she can’t do nothing 

I’ve called her bluff 
I’ve had enough, 
her mouth is crude 
her face is rough 

one thing gets me the...Read More
Categories: me, crazy,
Form: Rhyme
When watery chains no longer hold me : nonexistence is now complete 
I am scattered among Time’s elusive paths 
Where the end begins with the beginning of the end 
Where gods serve no purpose 
Where energy speaks louder than sound...Read More
Categories: me, creation, death, deep, destiny, for teens, perspective,
Form: Free verse
Dreary Days
Dreary day, dreary day,
the gray hangs thick and deep;
why is it on dreary days
that I just want to sleep?

The rain’s coming steady,
rolls off of the roof steep,
fills the gutters high enough
that you could float a fleet,
drips off pine-green needles
so that...Read More
Categories: me, imagery, rain, sad, sleep, today, water, weather,
Form: Rhyme
When I get angry or hurt 
Especially to a point I can’t even think
For me this works

I close my eyes 
I pray
Then I imagine an angel next to me saying
Christy You’re ok
You’re ok
I love you 
We love you

The more she...Read More
Categories: me, blessing, christian, i love you, imagination,
Form: Rhyme

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