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Me Poems

Me Poems. Read and share great examples of poetry about me, myself, and I. these are poems that describe you and your uniqueness. Everyone has a different personality and embodiment which makes them unique. This list of "me" poems is composed of the works of modern poets on PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples of "me" poetry. This list of works about me is an excellent resource for examples of how to write me poems.

New Poems

Premium Member If Only
If only i
could make you smile
for just a little while
my life would be complete...

If I could walk
through all your trials
calm you when
your feelin riled
my life would be complete....

If I could bring you
make your life
a sweet success
my life would be complete....

If...Read More
Categories: me, love,
Form: Free verse

The Obsolete Man
He don’t know no circuitry 
He don’t know no scheme
He don’t know no hook-up
No invisible stream
Running thru his living room
Fast as fast can
No there ain’t no connection
For the Obsolete Man

The Obsolete Man
The Obsolete Man
There ain’t no connection
To the Obsolete Man

His...Read More
Categories: america, anxiety, internet, introspection,
Form: Verse
Love Me Like You Mean It
Love me like you mean it without pretending smile 
don't need a stroke of genius or conversation style 
your presence is required, the telephones a rue 
don't need you constantly but never just won't do 
love me like you mean...Read More
Categories: me, appreciation,
Form: Quintain (English)
Life is frozen, an endless winter night
My heart, deep inside, pumps slower now
My bones are brittle, as the cold encroaches
Locked in a sheath of frigid ice

Frost runs down the window panes
Of my soul, scarring me with a terrible beauty
Snow falls...Read More
Categories: me, analogy, depression, sad, winter,
Form: Free verse
Toilet Humor Food

Every morning my first chore
is to flush what I ate the night before. 
But here’s a fact that worries me: 
why is it always more in quantity
than all the food piled on my plate? 
That’s when I begin to speculate
with...Read More
Categories: me, dark, humor,
Form: Light Verse

No Sweet Thing Today
I’ve given it little thought,
but I suppose it will follow me,
and today it has.
Today it followed me,
maybe as I left home 
and ventured to the bitter desk
in my bitter office.
It followed with no sweet treats,
but with vinegar, perhaps,
or battery acid,
inappropriately...Read More
Categories: bereavement, depression,
Form: Free verse
The Little Blue Box
In a little blue box
At the back of a drawer
In my bedroom for none to see
There is a small secret;
A piece of broken heart
In the shape of a tiny key

The box is locked tight
At the back of the drawer
Where I...Read More
Categories: friendship love, longing, love, memory, sad love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Another Christmas Day
Another Christmas Day will soon be here again,
It used to be my favorite time of year.
Now it's not as much fun 
Celebrating for one,
When the one I'd like to share it with's not here.

I still send out some Christmas cards...Read More
Categories: me, christmas,
Form: Verse
The Moon and Stars
I heard a voice in the wind - it whispered softly to me,
words of wisdom quietly spoken,
Only the moon and stars bore witness- for these were the words of hope,
these were the words of liberation- listen with your heart- for...Read More
Categories: freedom, history, memory,
Form: Prose Poetry
Underpants and a dance
Just outta of a shower and pampering 
The next step for me is dressing
I’m so fresh and clean
And wanting to look so neat and pristine 

I line up my boxers strategically placed
I’m ready in my dressing place
As I place my...Read More
Categories: me, age,
Form: Ballad

Wooo; 2 free tickets for Lapland, should I go
But; what if I get there and, there’s no snow

Rudolf stuck up a tree, drunk on cider apples
You think I am joking, believe me; it happens

Elves' on strike; they are getting paid...Read More
Categories: me, adventure, holiday, horror,
Form: Couplet
Bond broken
When you needed me
you were always around
cause you knew if you went too deep
I wouldn't let you drown
I have so many scars
from being tangled in your disputes
you knew I would never run
cause my loyalty is absolute
the tears you shed
the secrets...Read More
Categories: me, anger,
Form: Rhyme
Stalwart eldest sister Amelie
Over saturation with 
welter weighted Yuletide
drenching world, web, wide
equal and/or greater
effort demands energy tide
to global warming,
lest apocalypse doth ride

high and mighty mandating,
inculcating, buoying... pride
toward planet Earth, the
apathetic, demonic, horrific,
plastic... malleable passive
can no longer run and hide.

Results elucidating, forthcoming, 
groundbreaking courtesy...Read More
Categories: me, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 8th
Form: Political Verse
Losing To Find My Soul
Losing To Find My Soul

So many things I've lost like the wind they come and go
but in the process I was resurrected and found my soul,
they say nothing ventured is nothing gained
so I started to see life as a privilege...Read More
Categories: me, inspirational,
Form: Rhyme
My Spiritual Tree
To be a better man is what i strive for,
Growing spiritually to the sky from the cold floor,

Opening up every door,
Letting the ones close from before,

Finding myself until im where i want to be,
Surpassing my past self is my one...Read More
Categories: 1st grade, caregiving, change, earth, leadership, metaphor,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Just Be Thankful - The Linked Style

~ Just Be Thankful  ~
( The  Linked)


 Just be  Thankful
 Thankful for all
 All that you have
 Have in your life
 Life that God gives
 Gives every day
 Everyday to you
...Read More
Categories: me, christian, faith, hope, love,
Form: Free verse
Let me
B me
It's as simple
As can 
B...Read More
Categories: me, 10th grade,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member In Praise of Reindeer Poop
All I want for Christmas is a chainsaw
And Black and Decker is the brand for me.
As my yard is full of sticky pine cones.
That are falling from my neighbor's tree.

Now Santa I've gone and asked my neighbor
To see my point...Read More
Categories: me, christmas, funny, humorous,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member SO Excited
Your caress burns my skin
With its intensity and fire
Wild and willing to take me in
Where only you will admire

Your hands move over me
Like desire turned liquid 
Soothing me so I’m free
Showing that you’re gifted

Your senses reassure and fill
Me with ideas,...Read More
Categories: me, feelings, fire, love, passion, romance, romantic, romantic
Form: Rhyme
Oft in My Thought: Charles D'Orleans translation
Oft in My Thought
by Charles D'Orleans
translation by Michael R. Burch

So often in my busy mind I sought,
Around the advent of the fledgling year,
For something pretty that I really ought
To give my lady dear;
But that sweet thought's been wrested from me,...Read More
Categories: me, blessing, christian, faith, god, heartbreak, heaven, lost
Form: Roundel
Premium Member What Am I
The more of me,
the less you see.
What am I everybody?
Read no further, if you wish to ponder and solve this,
because the answer is coming up, and the answer is darkness....Read More
Categories: me, riddle,
Form: Rhyme
Let Me Love You From Afar
I don’t get to see your smile
When you walk in through the door
Now a million heartaches later
I’m still expecting more

I know time will never change me
Cause it hasn’t changed me yet
So why’s my mind want to make sure
I keep living...Read More
Categories: me, angst, deep, devotion, love, pain, passion, soulmate,
Form: Lyric
Just how I feel at this time.

Who better to teach of nothingness, than one who is nothing himself
A poet whose words are trivial, so worthless, they sit on the rubbish shelf
Nothingness for me is a gigantic black hole, from which...Read More
Categories: me, loneliness, pain,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Liven my spirit yet again

Time to rest my head on a pillow of positive thoughts
Time to be grateful for another special day
To see what I could see, to breathe fresh air I walked through
To receive your kind messages, as I often do
And as I...Read More
Categories: me, appreciation, dream, sleep,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member What I want for Christmas
For Christmas this year, I know what I hope for…
Treasures that can’t be purchased in a store.
These gifts come from the heart and soul,
Giving back to the giver so much of God’s hope

For Christmas this year, I know what I...Read More
Categories: me, blessing, christian, faith, god, inspirational, jesus, love,
Form: Free verse

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