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Words: itis, itll, its, itself, itsy

Its Poems

Its Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of its poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for its.

New Poems

Premium Member Lost Restraint
Upon our first meeting, fear ran to my fingertips.
Within a few choice words,
The tingling became the titillation of lust.

You opened a door, its hinges rusted,
its boards warped by time.
The sirens in my soul sang to me, warning of the danger
yet...Read More
Categories: its, innocence, passion,
Form: Free verse

Premium Member A Sad Requiem On Old Age And An Unfulfilled Love
A Sad Requiem On Old Age And An Unfulfilled Love

I have swam within idle rivers, slept by glassy lakes
repugnant morbid thoughts brought icy shivers, sin its due
rising to grab winter's hard frozen breath, gave all it takes
lying here in death's...Read More
Categories: its, art, fate, lost love, memory, perspective, sad,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member Evanescent Sun

    in the scarlet sky,

   the evanescent sun

    blows its final kiss

 to children still at play

     ...Read More
Categories: its, imagery, nature, sky, sunset,
Form: Imagism
Premium Member Defenceless
Defenceless against the swift bite of a hound,
Pulled out from its hiding in the ground,
Merciless killing  of a little fox by a hound!

Defenceless against the fangs of a serpent,
In its tree nest a little chick victim of a hunt,
Routine...Read More
Categories: its, bible, blessing, endurance, jesus, judgement, wisdom,
Form: Tristich
Premium Member Cries of skies
as if a broken-hearted lover
this somber sky cries
streams of tears 

i feel its loneliness
beating like a heart
against my window 

I hear its sob
through a pained wind 
as it echoes 
in the distance 

i look out 
its misted grief 
my disbelief...Read More
Categories: its, rain,
Form: Free verse

Who the R evolution

As from the plaintiffs
their voices rise
come speak with us
come converse
with words of love

Here we raise no battle cry
no hymn or anthem
but with gentle heart
and loving mind
raise this protest

Too long we cling
with this skin of nostalgia
those so called better times
and in...Read More
Categories: its, children, community, love,
Form: Free verse
Take A Chance
How often do you regret,
Questioning what you suspect

To be an opportunity missed,
Wanting to do over, you wish

Another chance,
To improve your circumstance

Please let me try,
I won’t let this one go by

Without fear,
It’s perfectly clear

With fear,
Success is no where near

So why do...Read More
Categories: its, confidence, courage, dream, endurance,
Form: Rhyme
Walking Through Life
So often we are just walking through the motions,
Like our daily grind without emotion

Or thought actually,
What a pity

You should start a day with good intent,
To be aware and cognizant 

Of the beauty of life, so be it a struggle,
To prove...Read More
Categories: its, confidence, encouraging, motivation, strength,
Form: Rhyme
Love and hate
The rain shatters when it hits the window seal
While you may be enjoying your favorite meal
But you know one day the rain will someday steal
And maybe one day peal
away the the bad feeling you may feel.
Its ok to cry out...Read More
Categories: its, art,
Form: ABC
Those Things
To doubt what you doubt,
but know what you know

The difference inherent,
its fire aglow

To wish what you wish for,
but feel what you feel

Knowing and feeling
—those things that are real

(Villanova University: February, 2020)
...Read More
Categories: its, feelings,
Form: Rhyme
Kilroy's Revenge
A recalcitrant and lonely only old turde
Was released with nought but a word
A peristaltic action and a great big oooh!
Brought relief which was simply absurd
It travelled through pipes, with its ponging 
A meander of a tense fraught belonging
In search of...Read More
Categories: its, chocolate, farewell, goodbye, humor,
Form: Limerick
Premium Member Awesome now means medium at best

Rubbish is  just something we don’t need
Or something  not worth mending   we believe
Where nonsense may be foolish talk or jest
Or English humour at its lethal best

There is no Judge, it’s people who decide
Whether it is nonsense...Read More
Categories: its, integrity, wisdom, words,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Astral body

Tenderly I held him  took him in
As though we touched each other skin to skin
Dying is what everyone must do
Even when it splits the Me from You

What we took for granted  every day
Had its end like any mortal’s...Read More
Categories: its, angst, death, emotions,
Form: Sonnet
Premium Member Happiness is like a golden shawl
The pebbled beach  on which we walked at dawn
The sun was dancing  singing  stone to stone
The sea was pale as silk and gently ran
The tide was coming in, the day began

Why is my memory so deficient here?
I...Read More
Categories: its, 8th grade, love, meaningful,
Form: Sonnet
let me forget you
so that i won't know what i'm missing

i want
more than anything
to separate myself from the world
to need and know only me and my family
and a handful of friends
because i would be lying if i said
the people i...Read More
Categories: its, feelings, i miss you, sad, sad love,
Form: Free verse
Oh, my god, yes I've finally found the one!
I squeeze my arms around him, crying in joy and relief
It's been almost five years since we last spoke.
He laughs and hugs me tightly, a look of contentment on his features, 
And...Read More
Categories: its, cry,
Form: Prose
its cold
get a bold
arms fold
make your mouth
smoke and toot
...Read More
Categories: its, adventure, fantasy,
Form: Prose Poetry
theyer  part god plan
to help you stand
wash eat  out a can
its the power of
...Read More
Categories: its, adventure,
Form: Prose Poetry
Premium Member Lethal Warning
Whether the Good Lord or Charles Darwin gave Adam his fruit

Regardless of ideology versus faith rules our common pursuit

We need to accept that life is dangerous and fraught with peril

Don’t jump the gun before facing the reaper or his rifle...Read More
Categories: its, health,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member You make me feel
You make me feel like dreams…
Are being brought to life…
Like the moment that we met…
Ended all my worst strife.

You make me feel like true joy…
Has been kindled in my soul,
Bringing about those precious moments…
Reminding me that my heart is in...Read More
Categories: its, blessing, love, passion, romance, romantic, romantic love,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Defining Friendship - Expanded
Does it mean we are friends if I mirror your thoughts,
That we like the same jokes or our politics sing
A conventional melody?

Does the ground shake (we stand on) when boundaries slip,
When emotional dams burst, magnetic fields flip
As convection cells drift...Read More
Categories: its, friendship, history, love,
Form: Rhyme
The Frankenstein Proposal

But life in this garb of death
remains fleeting

And I 
the man so pitiful to be
consumed by dead
this life by ending
destroys my grasp upon it

I starve in savage
the postmortem of my faith
yet humbled not
turn this perfidious belief
against the works of God

By...Read More
Categories: its, death, faith, god, life, society,
Form: Free verse
Consumed under infinite sunless night; 
Its uncountable fixed flickering stars,
With tendrils tender love and a lullaby, 
Mid quiet indulgent heaven, it dost sings. 

Swell of explosive unsated love seeks
Warm wisp embrace, of thy intimate whole. 
The merit fragrant scent of...Read More
Categories: its, love,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Girl Cousin Battle - LM

Whose reality? She asked. Wondering if there had been a consensus.
Feeling left out by the cousins. 
No one could answer this.
Ah, she thought. 
Instantly figuring the instigator.

Not my reality, she said. The room was silent.
Boy cousins knew better than to...Read More
Categories: its, 10th grade, 12th grade, 5th grade, 6th
Form: Free verse
Old Men
Old men 
Gathered in the shade,
Reclining on wicker chairs
Loosen their collars,
Recall their days of youth,
Puff at their cigars,
Steady their pipes,
Laugh at their silly acts,
Glad they could do that.
Tease or be teased,
Either way, 
They were a fair game then,
Now they do...Read More
Categories: its, age,
Form: Free verse