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Words: camus, camwood, can, cana, canaan

Can Poems

Can Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of can poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for can.

New Poems

The opposite of OY is YO,
Two words that most New Yorkers know
And people ‘cross the globe as well,
Though what they mean, not all can tell.

So I’ll explain: the term “Oy vey”
Expresses “Woe is me!” dismay
Or “Oh, my goodness!” or “Good...Read More
Categories: can, art, word play,
Form: Rhyme

Premium Member Voices
We all have voices, 
upstairs in our head.
Some will provide help,
some will leave you for dead.

Learning each voice,
can be quite hard to get done.
Learning which to choose,
will leave you second to none.

There is a voice for good,
and a voice for...Read More
Categories: can, analogy, appreciation, inspirational,
Form: Rhyme
God Kept Us For Each Other

God kept us for each other; that’s plain as it can be,
And now we two are lovers--it is just you and me.
We may not have the money that others spend so free,
But we have each...Read More
Categories: can, love,
Form: Rhyme
Going After Gold

A hundred years ago or so, the story has been told,
A fever swept across the land of going after gold.
It seemed each person caught the urge, and they just could not rest,
The cry came through the camps and...Read More
Categories: can, religious,
Form: Rhyme
God Can Use Me

The fact that God could use a worthless soul like me
I’ll never understand, nor will I fully see.
For I know my life well, my failures, faults, and sins,
And yet He wants to help me a new life...Read More
Categories: can, god,
Form: Rhyme

God Wants To Bring Me Through

When I think of my past, I become so downcast
O’er my failures and my sins,
Then I think of the day when Christ took them away
And He gave me peace within.
I can mourn with disgrace o’er...Read More
Categories: can, god,
Form: Lyric
God's Love Story

God reached down one day
To all us sinners who had strayed so far away;
He sent His Son, the price of sin for us to pay;
He gave His blood as there in agony He lay--
He loved us so.
We deserved...Read More
Categories: can, god, love,
Form: Lyric

Each season spans a quarter of a year
cold winter days can bring pure white snow,
Wintry sunshine makes snowflakes disappear
but little children don’t want the snow to go!

Spring breezes in, making the gardens bright
fragrant freesias release their sweet smell,
Many colorful flowers...Read More
Categories: can, seasons,
Form: Rhyme
A chance of a lifetime
Today I hoped to achieve something great,
Something many would consider a heroic trait,
Giving plasma to those in need,
With the hope that the doctor's treatments would succeed.

Taking me back after a two hour wait,
I realized there were some things which they...Read More
Categories: can, desire, endurance, longing, meaningful, motivation, time, tribute,
Form: Narrative
Awareness VS Response
I woke up aware tho not responsive. I did not connect with any stored knowledge. Like when your computer is shut down 
improperly and Windows is not set to start up on next boot. All that surrounded me i drew...Read More
Categories: can, allusion, change, computer, freedom, humanity, introspection, spiritual,
Form: Free verse
The Tree That Kept Me Alive
See it standing there elongated and bright
See it standing there thinking about me all night
It is shooting up in the air with no limit to bear
It’s standing tall and strong with something for everyone.

It’s only a tree but it keeps...Read More
Categories: can, blessing, butterfly, care, change, confidence, happiness, health,
Form: Narrative
Premium Member Modern Immortality
Sweetly sing with the heart of praise
A melody which finds the grave
To soothe the trepidatious soul.
Assured creation captures whole
The deeds of life if not forsaken
Are the only true salvation.

Yet edifice, empire and grand design
All whither when held to the face...Read More
Categories: can, death, remember,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Choices
Life is a collection,
and series of choice.
Understanding and learning,
helps give us our voice.

Some choices are easy,
and some can be hard.
Make each choice yourself,
and deal your own cards.

We are what we do,
and not what we have done.
Don't sell yourself short,
life has...Read More
Categories: can, encouraging, inspirational, perspective,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Yoyo Living
As you go out wandering
Living life’s ups and downs
Even walking the dog
Playing around.

Always stay connected to the center 
Like a yo-yo you be
Never quite running out all the way
Past any edge you can see.

Remembering who commands the string
And on what...Read More
Categories: can, 5th grade, adventure, journey, life, teen, voyage,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Brothers Of The Same Mother

We must not take everything for granted
Freedom of speech, your voice
Poverty and war
ravages in large parts of the world

What is important to focus on
A dialogue with respect,
whether one agrees or not

One must listen and learn
as brothers of the same mother

Where...Read More
Categories: can, blessing, color, earth, flower, paradise,
Form: Free verse
I'm stumbling, drowning,
Attempting to pick my head up,
I'm falling, slowly attempting to standup
I can feel the waters of my soul rumbling.
My brain's deluded
My sight's blinded
Spirit rescue me, set me free
Direct me closer to finding me.

Death seems far yet so near
Life...Read More
Categories: can, 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade,
Form: Free verse
I’m hurting inside with such misery 
feeling like death at times 
dismissive falling to my knees 
Trying so hard to make you happy with love and reflection 
dreams now shattered 
can’t understand these thoughts inside me 
Distortion is fogging my...Read More
Categories: can, betrayal,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member She once saw a spark

They say that fire once warmed men’s feet and hearts
and I laugh.
How can a heart be warm?

They say that the stars are fires in the night
and I wonder,
is it the night they are burning?

So I ask the woman
who once saw...Read More
Categories: can, fire, future, stars,
Form: Free verse
Never Be Her
every time i reach out
you pull away 
i wish you could see me
instead of your past

i'm not who you see
i'm someone who's just me
i can't be what you're afraid of
i can only be me

i know you've had a rough time
but...Read More
Categories: can, emotions, girl, giving, heart, hurt, love, relationship,
Form: I do not know?
Sixteen and lonely,
a young bird, 
has gone lame,
from her broken wing,
unable to fly the same.

Happy with, 
the first one,
that shows her,
the attention, 
she desperately needs.

He bounds her wing,
but the little bird,
no longer sings,
her savior,
has turned mean.

She tries to fly away,
but...Read More
Categories: can, bullying, devotion, drug, father daughter, my child,
Form: Blank verse
>center>YOUR WORLD

If you would let me
Come into your private world
And have me share it,
I’d only want a corner.
Please tell me you can spare it

22th February 2020
Let The Pens Flow Tanka contest
Sponsor Jenish Somadas
...Read More
Categories: can, love, world,
Form: Tanka

    Whar a  Magic instrument ,
    woman... !
    just a loving virtuoso
    can touch her deeply ......Read More
Categories: can, allegory, allusion, creation, leadership, metaphor, tribute, woman,
Form: Free verse
Take a look inside my little friend,
I hope you find what you seek.
Try standing up for what's right,
stop preying on the weak.

Can you really be proud,
of the web you weave?
Make a change today,
stop making people leave.

If you continue to attack,
and...Read More
Categories: can, anti bullying,
Form: Rhyme
Coffee and Sunrise

Sitting at my computer I sip my 
morning coffee waiting patiently
for an idea, gazing out the window 

as the sun inches up behind a stand
of trees, trying to free its rays
of hair from a tangle of branches.

I don’t do this...Read More
Categories: can, inspiration,
Form: Light Verse
Death may end all, but starts new beginnings.
Every downfall is just a new winning.
Look into the mirror you saw.
I’m sure you’ve seen everything withdraw.
It lingers in the dark like shadows.
Awaiting, awaiting; those whom are hollows.
It can be random, it can...Read More
Categories: can, 11th grade, dark, death, fate, philosophy, scary,
Form: Rhyme