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A Poems

A Poems - Below are popular examples of all types of a poetry to share and read. This list of poems is composed of the works of modern poets of PoetrySoup. Read short, long, best, famous, and modern examples for a.

New Poems

Great Spirit Mother Earth
There was a time our mother earth spoke
Great words of wisdom in ancient times
A time when children were one with the Great Spirit

The children lite their fires on this great land
at one time; life was lived in simplicity
I felt in...Read More
Categories: culture, life, nature,
Form: Blank verse

Dirge Of The Unborn
The Owl hoots
In the smooth silence of midnight drama,
3 a.m thick darkness
Unrivalled by neither the moon nor stars.
She moans and wail in excruciating pain
Forgetting the envisioned end from the beginning,
Her pain shrouded my pleas from within;
'You can...Read More
Categories: birth, child, woman,
Form: ABC
12 Points to Destress and to Detox
1. Keep your freedom with a passion.
2. No offense, just compassion.
3. Thankfully smile
4. Live in the big picture for awhile.
5. In prayer, look above
6. Overflow with love.
7. Trust
8. No dread; its a must.
9. To enjoy; do you know how?
10. Relax...Read More
Categories: a, religious,
Form: List
Wisdom Was Found

The day moves me into this ultimate search
Of the principality that Lords over life
And rules over Kings, nobles, aged and Princes
As my desire yearns for that which is profitable to direct.
Steadfastly aiming to avoid the natural consequences
Invited by...Read More
Categories: 2nd grade, bible, spiritual, wisdom,
Form: ABC
the long journey
The long journey
 I have been through the cosmos seen stars and planets 
now I’m back to earth, I have seen so many things
right. Bad and ugly, but our world is the greenest, but
it is the only one that can’t...Read More
Categories: allusion, anger, appreciation, april, dance,
Form: Blank verse

together we stand
let us hold hands
be like  a band
ask him what to say
we can live anuther day
...Read More
Categories: adventure, cancer,
Form: Prose Poetry

There is a way:
Just look within;
Feel stillness play
Wise poise unseen.

See what you see:
Feel grace and light;
Just let things be —
Stillness heals sight.

Heed deep insight:
Silence does speak
As waves cast flight
In timeless peak.

So come away:
A still small voice
In surreal sway
Bestows sure poise.

Look...Read More
Categories: a, blessing,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member STRAY VERSES

Dawn hurls magic,
Wet cleansing rain;
Cold feels dynamic,
These April strains.

New day streams brisk,
Start with cold feel;
Edge soft and crisp,
A new page thrills.

Here in brief trace,
Goodwill moves time;
Grace in this space,
Prompts sensuous chimes.

Rain drones away,
All cares stand still;
I watch this play,
Etch sacred...Read More
Categories: allegory,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member VOICES

After that dark night
Deep with thick vile,
Morn cast new light
As unease styles.

So much dense pain
In wild outbreak,
Dawn spreads more strain
As disease stakes.

A vicious brief
Of panic zooms,
Sad voices grief
As virus booms.

Corona flu
Infects the world,
Fear screams mad blue
As traction swirls.

Voices cry out
As...Read More
Categories: allusion,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member NEW PSALM

On the verge
Feel joy emerge
In sparkling surge

When words fail
Feel trust prevail
As faith avails

Sad times here
Disguise new cheer
As hope drowns fear

Look to grace
To cleanse your space
With truth you face

Seize this day
To promptly pray
For health to stay

Feel your heart
Shape a kind art
As...Read More
Categories: allegory,
Form: Rhyme

COVID-19 Poem TAKE2: 10 syllable lines

Love in a time of Corona is best 
Expressed, all tested, by a bonded pair
We have time on our hands, blest time to rest!
(Rest can't be overdone, nor sex either)

Love...Read More
Categories: anxiety, appreciation, bible, care, death, discrimination, environment,
Form: Verse
Premium Member PLAY

Touch knows urge
Word by word
In deep surge
Feel is heard

Seed slow mime
Words in time
Cast blooms rhyme
Plot strange chimes

That knows this
Seize fine ease
In sure bliss
Prize true peace

Sense light rays
On the way
Mind games play
To greet day

Hope knows fest
In sad truth
Faith words best
A de...Read More
Categories: change,
Form: Quatrain

Nothing delights the Lord more 

than a grateful humble heart 

He would choose to make it shine

by setting its soul apart!    

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      01 APRIL 2020

...Read More
Categories: devotion, god, heart,
Form: Quatrain
The backbone of every country
A very important industry
Asia flourishes in iron
Someone in my mind
Told that iron is life.

Iron makes us smile
Iron gives us life??...Read More
Categories: abuse, africa, allah, allusion, angel, angst, animal,
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Reset
Take it lightly!
We won’t don’t that again!

The fields to wonder, the open spaces to mend! We need our share of nature and the great outdoors. We need to be in sunlight, we need to be able to explore.

The services we...Read More
Categories: children, for her, for him, humanity, love,
Form: Free verse
the bullies gathered
an obese boy left distraught

*a controversy
child’s presenter with one hand
courageous spirit

handicaps abused
the carers without a heart
innocence tainted

impressive actress
children of the lesser God
being deaf and dumb

Children of a Lesser God Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Craig Cornish 

*Claire "Cerrie" Burnell (born...Read More
Categories: abuse, health, mental illness, prejudice,
Form: Senryu
It's Now

The flotilla of the ivory-varnished sailing clouds, 
gliding across the cerulean sky of serenading spring,
turned into the menacing fleet of sudden scare. 
Its shadow of invisible danger has changed our lives,
maybe forever.

Tangled in the complex social web of modern life,
the...Read More
Categories: courage, encouraging, scary, time,
Form: Free verse
The Real Treasure
This mud isn't new to me, numb hands searching something…
Sticky mud covered my legs, swimming fish gape.
Beam of light took a little peep over the algae, shining sands akin to gold.
Down here mud hide something, touch gave the feeling of...Read More
Categories: hope, nature, peace,
Form: Free verse
The day my life went dead,
And on the same the day that I was killed,
I tried to rise again,
And my faithful heart with love was filled,
my mind, my soul wouldn’t let me suffer the same pain,
For with sadness I had...Read More
Categories: a, emotions, feelings,
Form: Free verse
We have friends
Close with
Still communicating

Thinking they are forever there
In the moments to come
Talking about random things
Going deep in our souls

Doing everything
Being there
For each other
Hopefully for a lifetime

The thing is
There is no control
For all of them to stay
Being initiative
To understand
To look...Read More
Categories: absence, best friend, betrayal, destiny, friend, friendship,
Form: Free verse
It will be hard for you,
if you know what I am,
an adulterer that cannot deny,
What if I say I still need your love,
after all, I’ve done;
will you believe me, my beloved?
I do not know what to do with my life,
all...Read More
Categories: betrayal, lost love, love, love hurts,
Form: Free verse
Our lives we lead
Being whoever we want
Style we cultivate
Character we build

So matter what
The differences
Life phases

We all have 
Come up
One day
Go down

Table turns
No longer fixed

All four corners
And two dimensions

Do not turn blind eye
When we have everything
Saying what we please
As if we...Read More
Categories: appreciation, blessing, change, deep, fate, future, god,
Form: Free verse
Make it to home
Pushing last strength left
Removing shoes
Head forward
Being first to the finish line

Flush cheeks
Wandering mind
Sense of relief
Being safe
Dropping everything

Dive into comfy clothes
Brew tea
Double cups
To keep warmth
After cold air outside

Slowly sipping
Melting memories today
Forgotten and done
No longer bother me

Acknowledgement to myself
Trying...Read More
Categories: deep, emo, how i feel, jobs, motivation,
Form: Free verse
Always be more to learn
Quickly adapt 
Crushing timelines

Hard to keep up
No matter how much I ask
Still being back 
Where I started

Confused of important or urgent
Cannot make a difference
When everything pushes me
In all directions

Pressue cooker
Waiting to explode
Need to breathe and cry

Not...Read More
Categories: confusion, emotions, how i feel, lost, scary,
Form: Free verse
Carol goes to a Bar
I‘ll have a Bailey’s Irish cream thank you and 
keep them coming.
You know it’s not fair really.
I just went to my mother’s funeral.
That , forgive me but there is no other word,
That  died before I could tell her
what I...Read More
Categories: 10th grade,
Form: ABC