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I am a doctor based in UK and have served the National health service for nearly 30 years. Poetry has been my interest from a very early age and read poetry in Hindi, Tamil and English. 
My all time favourite poem is the Elegy in a country churchyard by Thomas Gray, I love Robert Frost, Browning, Wordsworth and Tennyson. I have made a pilgrimage to their birthplace.My favourite writers include Somerset Maugham and Dapne Du Maurier.
I love reading poetry but like great poems that are not lost in extreme verbosity, a tendency for many who employ free verse. Christina Rossetti is a great example of a poet who conveyed beautiful thoughts in simple language. 
' Home they brought her Warrior dead' is a good example of a brilliant poem written with the simplest of words.

I look forward to reading the brilliant works of the many poets on Poetry Soup.



Joseph May’s contest photo - shark and the young lady

Blog Posted:4/1/2021 12:27:00 PM

Much fear was expressed by poetry soupers about the picture! The you g lady seen here is called Ocean  Ramsay and she is swimming with a shark see saw of Honululu and jumped in and swam with it for 6 minutes touching and riding on it to prove sharks do not attack like in Jaws. She is trying to conserve sharks as for every 10 human beings killed by accidental shark attacks 7 million sharks per year are killed around the world! So hats off to her! She understands sharks and this is the largest recorded 20 feet long, 8 feet wide and weighing an estimated 2 tons!!

I did some checks and you can see the incredible video on You tube!

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Date: 4/12/2021 4:34:00 PM
WOW! very interesting! How brave she is! Mala
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Radhakrishna Avatar
Krish Radhakrishna
Date: 4/12/2021 10:32:00 PM
Knowledge is strength as they say Mala, and she is armed with in-depth knowledge and understands this creature! Ignorance causes fear and a negative reaction!
Date: 4/4/2021 10:46:00 AM
Thank you Krishji for the interesting information... ~ Ani
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Radhakrishna Avatar
Krish Radhakrishna
Date: 4/5/2021 4:16:00 AM
Yes, the lady is in charge!:)
Date: 4/2/2021 6:38:00 AM
Krish, interesting info, thanks for sharing _Constance
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Radhakrishna Avatar
Krish Radhakrishna
Date: 4/5/2021 4:22:00 AM
Yes, the world has come a long way since the days when women were forced to be house wives, with no voting rights and who were not allowed to publish books or novels and had to use pseudonyms! It is a tribute to the evolving intellect! Today the highest paid writer is a woman, country that defeated Covid has a woman Prime-minister, happiest country in world Finland has full female cabinet!!
Date: 4/2/2021 12:27:00 AM
Ignorance kills - not nature. I love this picture of the free-style diver sharing the shark's territory.
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Radhakrishna Avatar
Krish Radhakrishna
Date: 4/2/2021 1:07:00 AM
well said! true. Man is the most dangerous predator destroying other life forms and consuming natural resources! We owe it to people like her to change the course of our history!
Date: 4/1/2021 5:02:00 PM
that is so cool!!! good for her.
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Radhakrishna Avatar
Krish Radhakrishna
Date: 4/2/2021 1:08:00 AM
Andrea thanks. yes, only if we know and understand the shark! If we do not know wild life- keep a distance.
Date: 4/1/2021 4:01:00 PM
Thanks for this important heads up, Krish.
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Radhakrishna Avatar
Krish Radhakrishna
Date: 4/2/2021 1:05:00 AM
Ocean is putting herself next to this enormous shark to prove he is harmless to save sharks from potential extinction! A remarkable lady!!
Date: 4/1/2021 2:00:00 PM
Her name is Ocean? How cool is that! She was given that name for a reason. I get the feeling she has at least one parent who's an oceanographer. She was literally born to do what she does. What a brave young lady! This photo--which I chose for my Tableau poem--is quite unsettling, so I'm relieved to know she wasn't attacked by that great white. She's not gonna like my poem, lol. She obviously understands sharks. Thanks for this scoop, Krish!
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Radhakrishna Avatar
Krish Radhakrishna
Date: 4/1/2021 10:16:00 PM
Thanks Edward. Ramsay can also hold her breath under water for 6-1/2 minutes which is a record. She is diving without scuba and stays under water for about 6 minutes each time.

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