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First novel: Freshly squeezed

Blog Posted:9/20/2021 3:27:00 PM


So, in 1998 I wrote my first novel,  'JUICE', and now, in 2021, I have finally published in paperback and Kindle eBook... well, you can't rush these things. Should anyone fancy a little look, a fair few pages can be read on its Amazon page using the 'Look inside' feature. I have tried to offer up links but nothing seems to work.


visit Amazon - tap 'Books' - tap ''Advanced search' - in the author box, type Fred Trooly

My second novel 'Pseudonym'' will be out very soon under my own name. The reason for my name change for 'JUICE' is down to the storyline of 'Pseudonym'.  

SO... that's where I've been and what will mess with my head for the next few weeks.

[I'd seriously like to provide working links, so if any of you can give a few tips, I'd be most grateful] 

PS sorry it's not poetry but I am giving that some thought






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Date: 9/25/2021 4:20:00 AM
Congratulations Terry, so happy for you!
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Flood Avatar
Terry Flood
Date: 9/25/2021 4:30:00 AM
Thanks Tania, Hollywood hasn’t been in touch yet but I’m sure that’s a simple oversight ;-) Terry
Date: 9/22/2021 6:04:00 AM
Publishing a novel is quite a feat, second only to the task of writing one. I wish you well with both of your accomplished books, Terry.
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Flood Avatar
Terry Flood
Date: 9/22/2021 10:48:00 AM
Thanks Jenna. I thought twenty odd years was long enough to let Juice mature (notwithstanding who knows how many edits and re-edits). My next offering is a genuine youngster… only written eleven years ago! :-) Terry
Date: 9/21/2021 11:52:00 AM
excellent news many congrats and i love the cover and the anagram of your name as a pseudonym:-) hugs jan xx
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Flood Avatar
Terry Flood
Date: 9/21/2021 2:48:00 PM
Thanks, Jan, and we’ll done. I can’t be sure, but you might be the first person to spot the anagram. Many years ago I made a video for a Sparks song. For a laugh I added credits, all of which were similar anagrams. Fred Trooly was my favourite and I always thought I might use it one day. The storyline of novel 2 requires a different author to novel 1. Terry
Date: 9/21/2021 7:40:00 AM
Terry, congratulations on your publications ~ peace and tranquility _Constance
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Flood Avatar
Terry Flood
Date: 9/21/2021 11:00:00 AM
Thanks Constance. A lot of false starts but got there in the end. I’m hoping the next one is rather more straightforward. Terry
Date: 9/21/2021 5:24:00 AM
Brilliant achievement Terry well done. Tom
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Flood Avatar
Terry Flood
Date: 9/21/2021 11:06:00 AM
I don’t know if you use Word or what it calls styles. I started Juice in Open Office, finished it in Word and hadn’t used styles… AT ALL! Suffice to say, that means a line by line edit of all 364 pages. As for the cover… it would have been quicker to take a degree course in mathematics. But.. ever the glutton for punishment… next one in edit mode as we speak! Terry
Date: 9/20/2021 6:32:00 PM
Congratulations, Terry! I am so proud of you and for you. This is an important milestone in your life, and I want you to know that I wish you much success in this venture.
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Flood Avatar
Terry Flood
Date: 9/21/2021 1:35:00 AM
Over the years, I’ve proof-read and reproof-read and edited and re-edited ‘Juice’’, publishing now was as a result of seeing the quality of Eve’s nursery rhyme book, this gave me the incentive to try again and persevere. It was also to pave the way for its follow up, which is not a sequel but is connected. With sales in mind… I haven’t ordered the Bentley yet. Thanks for your good wishes, Milt.
Date: 9/20/2021 4:12:00 PM
Congratulations, Terry, I will enjoy my book.
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Roper Avatar
Eve Roper
Date: 9/20/2021 7:42:00 PM
yes, Sept. 22
Flood Avatar
Terry Flood
Date: 9/20/2021 4:14:00 PM
Thanks, Eve. Have you got a delivery date for it?

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