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The "Myth of Equality"

Blog Posted:11/4/2013 10:04:00 AM
Thomas Jefferson was obviously an intelligent man; I think there is little doubt surrounding that fact, but he did make an erroneous statement when he declared, "All men are created equal!". A pleasant thought and idea this is- this absurd idea that everyone is "equal". Perhaps, indeed, in the eyes of God, all men are equal...and then again, perhaps not. Let me explain to you, if I may, why I believe "equality" is nothing save a convenient myth to lull us all into believing that no one is better than anyone else.

It is beyond my capacity to rationalize that Bill Gates or Donald Trump is my financial equal; I cannot rationalize that a child is my physical equal; I cannot rationalize that Einstein is/was my intellectual equal; I cannot rationalize that Charles Manson is my moral equal. Given my inability to draw or paint, I cannot rationalize that Van Gogh is my artistic equal. These are but a few mere examples how, on one scale or another, no two human beings are in any way "equal". There are even differences, however palpable or subtle, in identical twins.

Bill Gates is financially superior to me. I am physically superior in strength to a child. Einstein is/was more intelligent than I. Charles Manson is inferior when it comes to my sense of morality. Van Gogh is my artistic superior.

The closest we can ever get to achieving "equality" as varied human beings is mutual respect and equal rights. I would hate to think that in the eyes of the Lord, a criminal or murderer is in any way equal to me. I get the concept that "sin is sin", but I think that God, being omnipotent, would make a clear distinction; after all, is that not what "Judgment Day" is all about? The good Souls going to Heaven and the corrupt ones sentenced to Hell? Seems like there is some inequality going on in that picture. Now, I have no wish to engage in a theological debate, for that is not the premise of the post; I only wish to further exemplify the idea that no one is equal, in flesh or Soul.

This opinion is divisive and controversial, but instead of attacks or accusation, I welcome an intelligent and rational debate, if anyone is interested. An articulate debate may even cause me to change my mind, as I am challenging humanity's long-held and generally accepted "self-evident truths". Again, I ask that we not focus upon the religious aspect of this thesis, for such arguments are futile as we all have our firm spiritual convictions. Instead, let us discuss why "equality" may or may not be a myth. Thanks for reading and considering, and remember, this is not meant to be offensive or an attack but merely an exchange of ideas :)
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Date: 11/9/2013 11:23:00 AM
All men are created equal (and then women finally got the right to vote.) Some people get rich and some die poor. I believe we are created equal in that we have unique talents and then it becomes our responsibility to use them in productive ways. We all have equal opportunities to pursue a fulfilling life. What we are is what we make.
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That Archaic Poet Avatar
Just That Archaic Poet
Date: 11/25/2013 8:12:00 AM
Astute observations, K; thanks for sharing <3
Date: 11/4/2013 7:40:00 PM
Hullo, Chan. Neat discussions happening in this blog -- this is great for me to see. I believe that we are created equal to an extent .... maybe during the initial 'spark' of creation(yet, are all sperm and eggs equal? Wot of the gazillion variables?), but even within the womb, individual development also ceases to be equal -- we aren't born equally, nor do we develop equally. Altruistically, the only possible equality can come from equal rights. As you mentioned. You asked not to focus on religious aspects, so I will do just that(lol!). I agree with your statement about heaven and hell. I believe, that as a mortal concept, heaven and hell is even more discriminatory than racism, sexism, etc, especially since it deals with infinity/immortality(let's say there is a God, some sort of super-consciousness or wotever .... such a consciousness would be far beyond ego, would be beyond needing to be worshipped, and such a consciousness would not feel the need, nor have the capacity within its benevolence to damn a soul for all eternity -- heaven and hell is some seriously linear mortal conceptualization devised to keep people in line via fear tactics). Now, religionists will scoff at such a claim, which is fine by me. It is only my opinion. I don't judge religionists for believing in the most discriminatory concept ever devised by humanity, because they are innocent in my eyes. Yes, the conundrum of innocent discrimination!? Ha! Seriously though, brainwashing is such a powerful and insidious tool, I do not judge nor blame religionists for partaking in the most discriminatory belief system on the planet. Of course it is a religionist's equal right to partake in such belief systems.
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That Archaic Poet Avatar
Just That Archaic Poet
Date: 11/5/2013 9:43:00 AM
I agree with you 100%, Chris! Especially the part about God being beyond ego and the rest. My spiritual beliefs are quite unconventional so I was hearted by your input. Thanks for reading and for the thoughtful, thought-provoking reply :)
Date: 11/4/2013 4:41:00 PM
We fight so much for equal rights..Yet We would never be equal..After all each one of us is uniquely different..Our backgrounds..Our thoughts .believes..We are all unequal in someway or another.Only through God's eyes We are equal .He loves us all the same.He loves a murderer too..Re Heaven and Hell..It depends what hell means to you.I do believe God loves us for who We are equally..Its up to us if we want him in our life or not.Hell is choosing to hate God and humanity..Other than that I do believe everyone goes to heaven..For the world we are unequal..For God We are the same.Interesting blog.
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That Archaic Poet Avatar
Just That Archaic Poet
Date: 11/5/2013 9:46:00 AM
Thanks for your feedback, Charm! I don't believe in Hell or the devil, personally. I also believe God does love us all, no matter what we've done. I don't think God makes distinctions between "good" and "evil"; they are both integral to life and we all have the capacity for both. Thanks for reading and replying :)
Date: 11/4/2013 12:21:00 PM
And in that respect, I guess we might all be created equal. What life hands us and what we are willing to work for determines(usually) what we will become on life's scale. Of course, I know there are holes in this idea, but I'll let someone else point that out cuz I gotta run...;)....good blog.
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That Archaic Poet Avatar
Just That Archaic Poet
Date: 11/4/2013 1:16:00 PM
Excellent input and feedback; you gave me much to ponder, which was exactly what I was hoping for; thanks, Caleb! :)
Date: 11/4/2013 12:18:00 PM
It's true that not all men (women) are equals in financial, physical, or moral status, but Jefferson said, "created equal". When Bill Gates was born, he had not yet become the money magnet that he is. Van Gogh had not yet become an artistic icon. Manson had not yet become a murderer. Einstein had not yet thought of the theory of relativity. These things came later due to other factors ... their raising, their drive, etc. Nature/ Nurture ...if you will. Of course, there is the nature side. What, if any of these abilities(or faults) were these people born with?...and how will we know? It's possible that Jefferson was talking more about the fact that we're all naked and screaming from the womb.
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That Archaic Poet Avatar
Just That Archaic Poet
Date: 11/4/2013 1:15:00 PM
You make some great and convincing statements, Caleb. I must admit they are logical. I wasn't interpreting it from the moment of birth, as it was perhaps meant. Jefferson's statement aside, does equality exist among developing or developed humans? Hmmmmmm.....

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