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Rant, Ranted, Ranting and Raving!

Blog Posted:10/26/2013 2:51:00 PM
The ability to write does not a poet make, anymore than me splashing paint on a  canvas makes me a painter. I've grown bitter and jaded at the idea that just  because someone can take a picture with a phone, put it through irritating  Instgram filters, that they are instantly expert photographers. It takes time,  practice, patience, discipline and diligence to hone and perfect one's craft. Do  you think Richard Avedon became a Master instantaneously just because he picked  up a camera and "clicked"? Did Van Gogh become brilliant the second he picked up  a paint brush? Did Kurt Cobain become a rock star and icon the second he  picked up a guitar? I know the answer is rhetorical: of course they  didn't.

I'm frustrated with all the hacks and wanna-be's who think they  have talent when, poems/sad'>sadly, they do not. Their infiltration dilutes the mastery of  the truly talented. Too often I see bad poetry lauded and applauded. The notion  that "Howl" is a celebrated piece of work absolutely disgusts me to my core.  This doggerel by that hack Allen Ginsberg and his beatnik ilk has ruined and  mired poetry, I believe. They lowered the bar so low that suddenly wishful poet  posers popping up left and right, trying to imitate the garbled garbage of the  beatniks. They stabbed the stake in the heart of poetry, which is now barely  beating. The glory and golden age of great poetry is long gone. This modern era  seems obsessed with further mangling poetry by imitating the bad poetry that has  influenced them. We must bring back the classical style. Poetry has lost its  appeal and romance. No one cares about poetry anymore. There was a time when  poets and poetry were celebrated, and now we are but remnants of days gone by;  reduced to relics clinging to an archaic art. No one will remember us and our  verses will fall into the black holes of obscurity.

It makes me ILL that  the singer/songwriter Jewel is the highest paid poet in history. Her collection  of poems, called "A Night Without Armor" is absolute contrived balderdash. You  mean to tell me THAT'S what's considered "good" poetry these days? Even Billy  Corgan published a book of his poems that were terrible yet people ate it up. I adore both  these artists as musicians, but when trite drivel is lauded, those of us who ARE  better poets get pushed to the wayside.

So, what exactly I am trying to  say in this diatribe? I'm weary of the non-talented being deluded into the idea  that they are somehow skillful and adept. For some people, poetry is a "hobby";  poetry is not a "hobby" for me. It is my craft and my self-expression which I  take very seriously. I get the sense of people saying, "You know, Martha, I'm  gonna start writing those poems I've wanted to write these past 65 years" and  people having "become poet" on their "bucket list". People read "Howl" or  Jewel's poems and they must think if they can write such malarkey, so can I! I  can be a poet, too! I'll just slap some seemingly profound crap of paper and  declare and proclaim it's poetry; voila!

Some of us work hard at being  good or the best at what we do while others are complacent with mediocrity or  twaddle. My dream and goal in life is to be remembered and celebrated as one of  the best poets of my generation. I know; I know: how narcissistic can I get,  right? But I think most of us, the ones with what I refer to as "The Poet's  Soul", deep down that is what we want: recognition for our diligence and mastery  of our craft. But I fear these ambitions will go unfulfilled.
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Date: 10/27/2013 8:06:00 AM
I happened to purchase Illuminated Poems three weeks ago which featured "Howls" and I understand your raving and concern over such type of poetry. You are absolutely right poetry has lost its appeal. I found the illustrations even more disturbing even though it depicted the realities of life. Poetry should appeal to the senses and uplifts the spirit like classical poetry does. but I guess people have different tastes and inclinations. I'm not a poet I only write for self expression. And i believe poetry should come from the soul. I've read some of your poems and they were written from the heart from the depth of a poet's soul.
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That Archaic Poet Avatar
Just That Archaic Poet
Date: 10/27/2013 10:34:00 AM
Thank you for reading and replying to this post, N, and I appreciate the compliment regarding my poetry. I'm happy someone agrees with me lol. Thanks again! :)
Date: 10/26/2013 6:54:00 PM
I have only been writing for a few years, so instead of labelling myself as a poet, I see myself more as an organic recorder capturing the zeitgeist of my era; a conduit through which vowels and consonants flow, akin to speaking in tongues and automatic writing. I am part of the "ilk" crowd as you might put it. But I grew up on classical poetry. I admire meterists and rhymers such as P.B. Shelley. Wot I have found regarding poets such as Percy, is their fame went far beyond their writing talent. It was their very lives that captured the minds, hearts and imagination of people. In his short 29 years, Percy was involved in massive movements of burgeoning consciousness, including rallying for the downtrodden, igniting revolutions, was involved in espionage and intrigue, fervently warned about animal extinction and the destruction of nature, etc, etc. He was a beacon of hope. Hope is the common theme woven into religion, metaphysics, medical sciences, social advocacy, revolutions against oppression, and of course, hope is woven into art .... even 'dark' art is a catharsis, a process of healing. It is the very life of a talented poet, which sets him/her apart, separates the brilliantly talented from the true Masters -- talent alone, will not make one the best of a generation. It is a balance between talent, persona, anima, life accomplishments, especially regarding wot one can do to help pitch in towards the advancement of human consciousness; of physical and emotional planetary philanthropy. I agree with wot you mentioned regarding popularity versus talent. Now there are always exceptions to the bell-curve, but for the most part, whether with poetry, music, general prose literature, visual art, the most popular, are usually cunning salespeople(or are simply very 'nice'), selling themselves far beyond actual talent.
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Aechtner Avatar
Chris D. Aechtner
Date: 10/27/2013 1:07:00 PM
Ok, so maybe I am too altruistic?(lol). Hey, if you are striving to write the best poetry that you are able to, then I can only commend you for toiling with the word. Obviously one of the biggest issues is(one of the main points expressed in your blog), there are too many 'hacks'. But then again, to practice a philosophy of Discordianism by looking at all possible angles, a lot of people who are posting on these poetry websites are doing it simply for 'fun' as a hobby(but you have already mentioned this).
That Archaic Poet Avatar
Just That Archaic Poet
Date: 10/27/2013 10:33:00 AM
Should say "I don't think THAT should affect"
That Archaic Poet Avatar
Just That Archaic Poet
Date: 10/27/2013 10:31:00 AM
I appreciate the depth and thoughtfulness of your reply, Chris. You make many valid and interesting points. Percy Shelley is my favorite poet, so I appreciate you referencing him. I doubt I will ever have the chance to become a "revolutionary" or to make some profound change in social consciousness, but I don't think should affect whether or not I make an indelible mark on the literary world. Even though I may only be an "armchair" poet, I still toil to write the best poetry I can.
Date: 10/26/2013 6:07:00 PM
Hi Chan! What I like about this blog...well..I can't stop grinnin' cuz I think mebbe you actually believe all this! I like beat and outlaw writers! Huncke, Bremser, Norse, & yes! ...Burroughs! Seriously Chan...I like your poetry....good stuff! Jimbo
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That Archaic Poet Avatar
Just That Archaic Poet
Date: 10/27/2013 10:24:00 AM
Thanks for the compliment regarding my poetry, Jimbo; I enjoy yours as well. I probably come off as some kind of crackpot in these blog posts but I do believe in what I am saying, even though I might sound a tad delusional. Thanks for reading :)

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