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Blog Posted:8/11/2017 1:41:00 PM

Above limerick collaboration has started on my poems page in case anyone's interested.  Two others have said they'd like to see it continue.  Leave a comment on the poem or soupmail me(i really prefer that).

Thanks so much

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Date: 8/11/2017 5:45:00 PM
I love the way the collaborations just spring up so spontaneously and its lovely to see such humourous poems:-) hugs jan xx
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Date: 8/11/2017 4:31:00 PM
Your spirit of including others for the sake of humor and comradery is to be commended, Dale.
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My Recent Poems

Date PostedPoemTitleFormCategories
5/26/2018 July's Sticky Air Imagismimagery,summer,
5/25/2018 Fall's Charred Breakfast Alliterationautumn,fire,imagery,
5/23/2018 Jade Butterflies Free versebutterfly,imagery,nature,
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5/18/2018 Origami Tempest Imagismbird,imagery,
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5/16/2018 Wastrel Summer Imagismlife,summer,
5/15/2018 Savaged Heart Free verseheart,love,
5/12/2018 The Blue Jay Imagismbird,imagery,tree,
5/12/2018 The Nascent Storm Imagismgarden,imagery,rain,
5/10/2018 Emergency Surgery Monokuhumor,word play,
4/6/2018 Middle Age Epigramage,humor,
4/6/2018 Beach Chimera: Spencerian Stanza Rhymebeach,imagery,
4/3/2018 The Red Moon Monokumetaphor,moon,
3/26/2018 In Burlap Did He Laugh: Hexsonnetta Sonnetfuneral,memory,
3/24/2018 Seashore in Lapis Lazuli: Spencerian Stanza Rhymecolor,imagery,night,
3/17/2018 He is a Shy Willow: Hexsonnetta Sonnetimagery,metaphor,
3/12/2018 Out in the Rain Rondeauhope,rain,spring,
3/10/2018 Remembering Spring Italian Sonnetmetaphor,nature,spring,
3/8/2018 The Dawn Awakens Sonnetimagery,morning,sunshine,
3/3/2018 The Conundrum of Early Roses: Saraband Sonnet Sonnetgarden,nature,rose,
2/23/2018 The Dogwood Quintelladream,imagery,nature,tree
2/18/2018 Walking in Snow Limerickhumor,snow,
2/14/2018 Romantic Love Acrostichumor,love,romance,
2/12/2018 A Man from Duluth Limerickdrink,humor,word play,
2/6/2018 Groundhog Day Sonnetnature,winter,
1/31/2018 Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be Rhymehumor,
1/30/2018 Pet Crocodile Rhymeanimal,humor,
1/23/2018 Neon Night: Urban Sonnet Sonnetimagery,lost love,
1/20/2018 Palm Tree Sonnet Sonnetimagery,nature,spring,tre
1/19/2018 Butterflies of Snow: Hexsonnetta Sonnetimagery,snow,winter,
1/7/2018 Aspens Quake: Hexsonnetta Sonnetimagery,nature,summer,
1/2/2018 Cinderella Rhymeabuse,dream,hope,
12/31/2017 A Principessa Waits: Constanza Rhymeimagery,longing,love,
12/29/2017 A Winter Sun: Constanza Rhymesnow,sun,winter,
12/27/2017 There'll be No Rain Sonnetchristmas,weather,winter,
12/24/2017 New Year Sunrise Sonnetimagery,sun,winter,
12/4/2017 Klimt: Portrait of a Lady in Black Sonnetart,imagery,
12/2/2017 Winter Moon Trioletlonging,spring,winter,
11/27/2017 I Hear the Winter Sonnetlonging,nature,winter,
11/26/2017 Christmas Rhymes: A Pinch of Grinch Rhymechristmas,humor,parody,
11/24/2017 I've Never Heard Snow Villanelleimagery,seasons,winter,
11/16/2017 I'll Never Know: Refrain Sonnet Sonnetautumn,heartbreak,sad lov
11/15/2017 I Saw a Sundrop: Constanza Rhymehope,metaphor,winter,
11/14/2017 Past the Graveyard: Rondeau Rondeaudeath,sad love,winter,
11/12/2017 I Pass the Graveyard Terzanelledeath,sad love,winter,
11/5/2017 Skipping a Stone Sonnetimagery,nature,
10/30/2017 Quiet as a Butterfly Rhymebutterfly,nature,
10/27/2017 A Wish on the Moon Rhymenature,night,
10/24/2017 Still I Run Villanelleautumn,death,truth,
10/24/2017 Setting Sun Trioletautumn,color,nature,
10/23/2017 Late October Rhymeimagery,nature,seasons,wi
10/23/2017 Dog Day Haikuautumn,october,weather,
10/22/2017 Bandit Limerickanimal,cat,humor,
10/20/2017 Grape Harvest Sonnetautumn,color,imagery,meta
10/18/2017 Autumn Sin Rhymeautumn,color,
10/17/2017 Angels' Flight Rhymeimagery,metaphor,poetry,
10/17/2017 Shepherdess in Summer Pantoumimagery,nature,summer,
10/17/2017 Summer Betrayal Sonnetautumn,imagery,lost love,
10/15/2017 Shadowed Night Pantoumlove,night,romantic,
10/10/2017 Stalking Moon Rhymedark,dream,night,
10/10/2017 Ghost Dreams Senryudark,dream,night,
10/9/2017 My Ghosted Face Pantoumhope,peace,truth,
10/9/2017 Wilding Fawn Rhymeautumn,color,metaphor,sea
10/5/2017 Midnight Romance Sonnetdesire,love,romance,
10/4/2017 Naive Autumn Sonnetautumn,nature,
10/4/2017 Future World Free versedestiny,faith,future,hope
10/2/2017 Sevenbits--Diary Verselife,self,truth,
9/30/2017 Autumn Trees ABCautumn,color,imagery,
9/29/2017 An Autumn Leaf's Prayer Ottava rimaautumn,color,hope,
9/28/2017 Whispering Sunset Sonnetnight,sea,sunset,
9/28/2017 Summer's End Ottava rimanostalgia,summer,sunset,
9/25/2017 World Cruise Acrostichistory,humor,travel,
9/23/2017 Poetry of the Road Free verseemotions,freedom,lost lov
9/22/2017 Bloodstained Leaves of Autumn Rhymeautumn,imagery,seasons,sp
9/21/2017 The Mirror of the Lake Sonnetaugust,autumn,seasons,sum
9/16/2017 The Moon in Astrology Limerickhumor,planet,stars,
9/14/2017 Boxing Mohammed Limerickhumor,
9/13/2017 Seguidilla: Mystery Dance Rhymeanxiety,confusion,longing
9/13/2017 Hold Me Like the Moon Free verseearth,longing,love,moon,s
9/11/2017 Bo Peep: The True Story--COLLABORATION Limerickhumor,
9/11/2017 She Falls in Love Ottava rimaautumn,love,seasons,summe
9/9/2017 Silhouette Ottava rimadream,lost love,love,nigh
9/7/2017 The Pickler's Wife Limerickhumor,love,
9/7/2017 An Evil Eye Ottava rimarain,weather,wind,
9/6/2017 Winter Acrostichope,imagery,tree,winter,
9/6/2017 Shadow Moon Sedokamoon,night,
9/4/2017 Whitney2: Suitcase Versehome,hope,
8/30/2017 Bastard Sunrise Free versecolor,future,hope,imagery
8/29/2017 Gone With the Broken Wind Limerickhumor,
8/27/2017 An Early Fall Rhyme royalautumn,color,seasons,summ
8/25/2017 Hot Summer Day Quatrainmemory,nostalgia,rain,sum
8/24/2017 Songless Bird Sedokaautumn,nature,silence,
8/21/2017 Soup Contest Limerickhumorous,poetry,
8/21/2017 A Tattered Web Tankaimagery,insect,summer,wea
8/20/2017 White Angels Ottava rimadeath,lost love,moving on
8/17/2017 Potty in Politics Limerickpolitical,satire,
8/14/2017 The Poet's Five O'clock Shadow Limerickhair,humorous,
8/14/2017 Crepe Myrtle Sedokaimagery,lost love,tree,

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Fav Poems

I am Nothing But the Color Red Free verseangst,anxiety,red,
Swan Ballerina Pages Personificationpoetess,poetry,
Like You Free verseart,life,love,
The flavor of our love Free versegood morning,
To Blossom Gold Sonnetpoetry,
Three Year Old - thinking Couplethumor,kid,
It's You - It's Me Free verselove,
A Winter's Dream Sonnetseasons,
Glass Memories Sonnetage,image,memory,
Tears from the Sun Sonnetcharacter,devotion,fear,s
AUTUMN HAIKU Haikuautumn,nature,tree,
Poe and I Rispettolonely,lost love,
Melted Ice Cream Promises Rhymeallusion,metaphor,perspec
TOUCH -Sharon's Acrostic contest Acrosticspiritual,
Briar and the Dragonfly Rhymefantasy,good night,
Take me, oh this soul does plead Rhymelove,poetry,,sweet love,
The Eyes Have It Acrosticlove,memory,
On Restless Wings Rhymelost love,
Down Fall Italian Sonnetbeautiful,miracle,nature,
Flip Me Over Rhymecare,courage,friendship,
The Eyes have It Sonnetbeautiful,romance,
STOP RIGHT THERE Free verseappreciation,hope,poetry,
I only have this pen Free versefeelings,
Getting Ahead Limerickhumorous,
Hannah has Left Montana Light Versegiggle,humorous,word play
The Sowing Free versedevotion,
She Wept In Languished Moan Quintain (English)bereavement,
Displaced in Kathmandu Haibunanxiety,fear,war,
Playing Possum Poker Dramatic Versecorruption,political,trut
To My Dearest Despondent in the West, after Dear Abbieanne, by Dale Gregory Cozart Rispettohumorous,
Hideaway Nights Free verselove,
You never know till you get to know Light Versefunny,humor,humorous,imag
AMERICAN DREAMS SMASHED TO SMITHEREENS Free verseamerica,baby,death,murder
My Love Rhyme royallove,
KING ARTHUR - A collaboration with Darren White Coupletart,friend,friendship,
Pearls Beneath the Harbor Haibunpeople,places,world war i
We Still Don't Know Why Light Versehumorous,
Leaf Sonnetmemory,nature,
One Regret Sonnetintrospection,life,
Coffee Colored Memories Sonnetmemory,morning,
STUNNING SPRING Sonnetbeauty,daffodils,humor,na
Two Pair of Killer Heels Pantoumimagery,lust,sexy,
AT THE FOOTBRIDGE - LIMERICK COLLABORATION Limerickbetrayal,body,humorous,
Square Talk Quatraincelebrity,funny,
WHAT'S IN A NAME Limerickhumorous,inspirational,
SUMMER RAIN Ottava rimarain,
Houston Ottava rimarain,storm,
Summer Rain Ottava rimarain,
The Wintered Soul Among Wisteria Sonnetgrief,
Dillard Mill Iambic Pentameterautumn,
To the moon Rhymelove,
Dark Earth Folds In The Heart's Red Bloom Classicismart,creation,deep,humanit
Colours of Parisian Nightlife Rhymeromance,summer,
To Sleep Light Versecool,dream,winter,
FLEEING IRMA Prose Poetrycar,people,religious,stor
Knock Knock I do not know?funny,poets,word play,
Writing with Weeping Words Sonnetlost love,memory,
Sunset Constanza Rhymesunset,
Beautiful Solitude Free versebeauty,
It Is Not Rhymeheart,inspiration,love,
- Evil Deeds - Alliterationdark,deep,

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