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You asked me the other day, my friend, 
who I am and I replied:
I am you in another body!
Yes, it is true,  
Look, how much the same we are,
No matter what, the color
The creed
The race
The status

I am born and I die
I suffer and I enjoy
I love and I hate, just
Like you!

I am a father, a brother, a son, 
A mother, a sister, a daughter, just   
Like you,

Happiness I seek, 
Family to raise is my wish, 
Peace to find I look for,    
Just like you

I yearn 
I abhor 

I fear
I hope

I bleed 
I heal, 
Just like you,

I believe
I doubt 

I accept
I refuse

I laugh 
I cry, 
just like you

We are alike
We are the same
We are brothers...
Children of a unique father. 

Tell me, 
My brother, 
My friend,
My ally,  
Why do we have to oppose,
To fight
To hurt
To destroy and
To eliminate 
One another?  

Are our seas really that narrow,
Our oceans that small,
Our lands so limited 
To contain all of us?

Is it the case that 
Our hearts are not big enough 
And our minds not so wide-open to 
Enfold all mankind?     

Listen to me, my other self:
It is up to us to change this world 
We have inherited, with its virtues and vices,
History and culture 
Flaws and merits 
Try to make it 
Kinder and more caring
By obliterating harmful beliefs, 
Demolishing injurious divisions,
Destroying detrimental distrust, 
Annihilating racism and eradicating 
The erroneous feeling of poisonous superiority 
To bring the dawn of a new loving world, 
A world of acceptance 
Of respect 
Of justice 
Of equality
Of love and 
Of universal brotherhood

So as 

With peace in our hearts, liberated we would be
From past’s deleterious tribulations
That for myriads of years, 
Have kept us, fighting one another!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     21 MARCH 2015

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2015

NOTE! Today because of the “ World Day Against Racism” my moral duty, couldn’t let me stay away!
This poem of mine is an old poem of 2013 that has been edited and improved today thus it is posted now as a new poem! 

* I did this for all my friends who wish me to come back. I will come back when I am ready! Thank you for your love!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 3/1/2019 2:09:00 AM
You are quite an individual, Demettrio! All humans are born equal,indeed. They learn these attitudes when growing up. And not all of us are racists! Right? I have been assaulted, beaten, almost set on fire and treated inhumanly. Children come to schools already ruined. It's very sad. But I know we cannot force love. I wish we could. Would be easier. Panagiota
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Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 6/4/2019 12:13:00 AM
I am so sorry to hear that my dear Panagiota! I have been through similar situations ! This poem is not just a poem , it is experience gained the harsh way! No, we cannot force someone to love for it would be a self contradiction ! Your name is Greek, are you Greek of second generation? Thank you for visiting!
Date: 2/24/2019 12:35:00 PM
Hello Demetrios, well said my friend. Have a nice day my friend.
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De Beaulieu Avatar
Darlene De Beaulieu
Date: 2/25/2019 8:46:00 AM
I so agree with you my friend.
Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 2/24/2019 2:47:00 PM
Just for your information and to thank you for the visit I wish to share with you this: " well said " poem has been chosen by a renown university to make a documentary which is going to be released later in Spring. Up to now this poem, dearest Darlene, has been visited by more than 9800 people. Thank you so much for your comment! God bless you and all those who have been victims of any form of racism!
Date: 2/13/2019 12:26:00 AM
Really beautifully written. So true
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Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 2/13/2019 1:54:00 AM
Thank you for your appreciation dear, Maxie!
Date: 9/28/2018 3:28:00 PM
The very same. Great poem my friend.
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Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 2/13/2019 1:53:00 AM
Thank you so much dear, PMR!
Date: 3/6/2017 9:02:00 PM
A masterpiece in its own right. What more can I say?
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Williams Avatar
Maria Williams
Date: 3/8/2017 2:10:00 AM
Wow!! 5300 visits, That's incredible. Congrats
Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 3/7/2017 8:26:00 AM
Dearest Maria, how noble of you to search into my work and find this poem to comment which is the most popular of my poems with more than 5300 visits! Thank you so much for your gracious comment!
Date: 1/5/2017 10:49:00 AM
As w/all the talented poetesses/poets who weighed in on this brilliant poem, I too am in agreement w/them all. A poetic masterpiece, Demetrios. It truly is. I have no more words to express that has not already been uttered those much more eloquent than me. One of the best love poems I ever read. Happy New Year and may love light your path in life always.
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Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 1/5/2017 10:59:00 AM
Tank you my brother, Freddie. Happy you read it so you know that you are not alone that is thinking in a loving way! We are many all children of the same God! Bless you! happy New Year!
Date: 7/24/2016 11:47:00 PM
Tthere in lies the very reason that my Spirit clung to you at first gGlance..When,I wrote the poem about your eyes.
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Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 7/25/2016 2:23:00 AM
Vicki, my dearest friend, you do not know how happy I am to receive your visit and wonderful comment. I am so grateful to for your help. God certainly works in mysterious ways. Just to let you know that a similar poem of mine was selected by The Teachers' Association of English in Germany as a project that the high school students of English should do the coming academic year. Thank you so very much for your help and caring. God bless you!
Date: 7/10/2016 6:29:00 AM
Dear Demetrios, your poem touched me greatly and I was wondering whether I could use it in the background of an art project about equality I have been working on at school, obviously I will give you credit and I will not be trying to sell my art in any way. Your poem is deeply moving and I hope everyone who reads it feels the same way I do about it. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 7/25/2016 2:25:00 AM
Of course you may. It will be an honor. I have already sent you the permissio. Thank you.
Date: 5/2/2016 9:12:00 AM
Dear Demetrios, A very brilliant write. What a concept ? It is simply superb. I enjoyed from top to bottom. Start & end both are remarkable. Loved it................hugs
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Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 5/2/2016 9:46:00 AM
Thank you dear friend, Manmath! Thank you for caring!
Date: 9/21/2015 6:57:00 AM
FANTASTIC POETRY MY FRIEND. Racism is just another germ used by the Dark Lord my friend. Infecting souls and walking them in darkness and misery. Every human on earth came from the first man and woman, thus we are all of the same race--the human race ! Super 7 on this great poem..
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Date: 4/17/2015 2:28:00 PM
Now that's some powerful food for thought! Something to be pondered by us all. Beautiful.
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Date: 4/14/2015 10:11:00 AM
Wishing everyone would heed the wisdom you have expressed. Blessing dear Friend
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Date: 4/13/2015 11:17:00 AM
You said, You will come back when you are ready but don't expect us not to be here! . . .I did not expect such beautiful poetry. You are indeed a soldier of God. Thank You
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Date: 4/10/2015 6:56:00 PM
Yes, Demetrios, all souls created by one Father, unique, special, and worthy. Would that all were given the same chance to shine.
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Date: 4/3/2015 12:14:00 PM
I'm seeing your kind smile again, sire. I echo Richard's words. Sending you hugs and smiles from the isles. :) Kim
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Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 4/3/2015 12:58:00 PM
Unfortunately my good friend the reasons that made me go, remain! Happy Easter. I thank you and Richard and all the good people. When the time allows, I will be back! God bless you! Love!
Date: 4/3/2015 10:06:00 AM
You are missed my friend, do not stay away for to long.
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Date: 4/3/2015 4:24:00 AM
Brilliant. Wonderful. Keep writing good poetry like this. 7 out of 7
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Date: 4/3/2015 4:23:00 AM
Brilliant. Wonderful. Keep writing good poetry like this. 7 out of 7
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Date: 4/1/2015 6:44:00 AM
Every word here is important. I will fav this one and read it often.
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Date: 3/25/2015 9:01:00 PM
A powerful message and one we need to read over and over again. then share it! These are loving words from a wise, loving heart...going to my faves...hugs, Rhonda
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Date: 3/24/2015 10:02:00 AM
A much needed message about our duty, as custodians of this planet and one another.
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Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 3/24/2015 10:35:00 AM
Dear M.L., thank you so much for your appreciation!
Date: 3/24/2015 5:10:00 AM
I really enjoyed this poem the build up and the meaning behind it is touching :)
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Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 3/24/2015 10:33:00 AM
Thank you for your kind visit, dear Maria! Efxaristo!
Date: 3/24/2015 2:14:00 AM
Excellent. Very powerful piece. Enjoyed your deep thoughts. Thanks for sharing with me .
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Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 3/24/2015 2:26:00 AM
Thank you, Ravi, for your visit and good words.
Date: 3/23/2015 1:17:00 PM
THIS is the reason we need you here Demetrios to bring your wisdom to the world with your wise words:-) Hugs Jan xx 7 xx
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Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 3/23/2015 2:13:00 PM
You so generous and kind! Thank you, dear Jan!
Date: 3/22/2015 3:05:00 PM
A masterpiece... I need say no more! Please hurry back my good ex-Montrealer friend! Enjoy! Jack
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Trifiatis Avatar
Demetrios Trifiatis
Date: 3/22/2015 5:16:00 PM
Thank you, Jack, when duty calls ...we have to forget personal reasons!