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Wind From The Sea

Poet's Notes

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Andrew Wyeth spent most of his career doing watercolor painting of windows -- looking out windows and looking in windows . . .  very creative.  I have written a poem on one of his works entitled:  Wind From The Sea (below is the picture) this is my imagination and does not reflect Mr. Wyeth thoughts about his work.  I was hesitant to post this poem but was encouraged by a fellow souper, Eileen Manassian -- thank-you Little One.  Your words mean a lot to me!!


Inspired by Andrew Wyeth Watercolor Painting -- Wind From the Sea, 1947

Standing in the old house
A strange mixture of feelings erupt within me
My roommates Depression, Loneliness, and Hopelessness
Greet me with strangling arms and leering grins
I don’t fight them anymore – somehow they are a part me
So together, in this house, in this room
We endure the somber solitude of the day

A sudden chill fills the room
Death enters – its foul breath chokes me
My three companions prostrate themselves
Pressure builds in my bowels
Bile rises in my throat
A heavy weariness fills my bones
He’s calling – hissing my name
I can’t breath

Death surrounds my soul – crushing me 
I hear groaning  . . .
Strange guttural sound -- it’s coming from me
Deep painful darkness fills me
I beg Death to take me . . .

Through the open window
A gush of wind enters
A sheer curtain hanging comes to life
It’s spirit lifts inwards and up beckoning me to dance 

What is this wonder?
A limp ragged curtain – faded, stained, frail -- has life
Reaching toward me . . .  frayed fingers of thread motioning
Old friends rush to me – Joy, Hope, Love
Death’s grip slips – I gasp a breath
Looking up I see the open window
Boarded by old bare wood, hard with age

I realize it’s daylight now – soft shadows 
A curving road leading to the water
I can taste the saltiness in the wind
Trees in the distance
A calling from the sea
Seagulls, waves, laughter

Joy breaths into my nostrils 
Leave this place – Depression cannot hold you
Simple pleasures I will give you
   Cool breeze on a summer afternoon
   Laughter of friends
   A walk in the garden
   A book
   The Sea . . . 

Depression laughs in my ears
Through that window lies heartache, treachery, poverty, misery
It will chew your insides up – blood will pour from your lips
Pain and suffering awaits if you leave this house
Death waits to take you home 
An end to this constant noise – the peace of total emptiness 

Another breeze and Hope fills my eyes with light
I see colors – vibrant alive filling me with warmth
Leave this place, take a journey to the sea
Let light fill you and be your guide . . . see -- opportunities abound
For laughter, love, forgiveness . . . for life – abundant life
See the rainbow upon the Sea

Hopelessness rushes toward me
Kisses my lips and whispers
Light burns and blinds
Enslaves you
They will see clearly your secrets
Spotlight focus – ridicule scorn . . . ugly disgust . . .  self-hatred

Love rushes in and embraces me
Light, fresh, empowering
My heart leaps with pleasure
Arm and arm she leads me to the window
Much pain and sorrow – yes . . .  also Love
A powerful love that transforms, refreshes . . . frees
Breathe deeply of the Sea air – fill your lungs
Go – you are loved deeply and completely

Looking out Looking in

David Meade

Live Generously

Copyright © | Year Posted 2015

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Date: 3/28/2019 4:30:00 PM
This is poetry. Deep thoughts and the sea. My favorite place to know.
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Date: 2/20/2019 5:02:00 PM
Hello David Meade, I like the last verse the best. It made me happy. Have a nice evening my friend.
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Date: 6/29/2016 12:51:00 AM
Really a great piece.
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Date: 5/30/2016 11:01:00 AM
Well-thought-out masterpiece indeed
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Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 5/31/2016 10:30:00 AM
Thank-you Angeline for taking time to read the poem. Your comment lighten my heart and brought a smile to my face today. May Love and Light fill your heart!
Date: 4/25/2016 7:58:00 PM
Hi.... I like this poem. I am sending you a PM.
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Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 5/31/2016 10:31:00 AM
Thank-you for your time and liking my poem.
Date: 11/1/2015 9:32:00 PM
Do you write scripts or have you considered it? This is more than just a poem. Great work! Check out my work when you have time and feel free to comment.
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Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 11/5/2015 5:53:00 PM
Thank-you for your kind words, I look forward to visiting your works.
Date: 10/22/2015 5:46:00 PM
This poem is so detailed and intriguing that if it were a book, I would never put it down.
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Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 11/5/2015 5:54:00 PM
Thank-you Elsie, may love, hope and joy be your companions always! All the best my new friend.
Date: 10/15/2015 9:24:00 PM
A close view of that which can be more of felt rather than seen.Very creative as well.Felt the breeze of positivity.My good wishes to you always.Write generously. Regards.New souper,Rizwana Bhurani.
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Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 11/5/2015 5:56:00 PM
Thank you Rizwana, you are astute in your comments . . . there is always hope! All the best.
Date: 10/14/2015 7:56:00 AM
Good Day, David. Your poem I just read captivated. It reminds me of my struggle with depression; and it shows strength we possess in sifting through those moments for golden rays of love still residing within and out. The way you so carefully capture details of who, what, where, when, how... most admirable my psoup friend. I think of Sea breeze of the Caribbean, and sky view, and trees, and God is... Blessings to you.
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Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 10/15/2015 12:30:00 PM
Hi Iris, so delighted to stopped by and enjoyed the sea breeze!! Would love to visit the Caribbean and feel the wind on my skin! All the best and I will visit soon. Love generously.
Date: 10/14/2015 12:49:00 AM
wow! this is amazing. the words,they touch and cause a cool sensation in veins. i feel them. this one of the best poems i have ever read :)
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Date: 10/13/2015 9:12:00 PM
Wow David, this is excellent! I grew up in Newfoundland surrounded by the sea and the ever changing winds that carried most of these intense emotions in my windows at different times in my life. Love does prevail #7 Hugs
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Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 10/15/2015 12:32:00 PM
Hi Cecilia, thank-you for your wonderful comments, you made my heart smile. Newfoundland sounds wonderful, I will look out my window now and try to see the wind that carries my thanks to you!
Date: 10/13/2015 3:31:00 PM
Loved your poem, "Wind From the Sea." "With watercolour, you can pick up the atmosphere, the temperature, the sound of snow shifting through the trees or over the ice of a small pond or against a windowpane. Watercolour perfectly expresses the free side of my nature." -- Andrew Wyeth
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Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 10/15/2015 12:33:00 PM
Yes, what a great quote! I love his works, though I have tried to paint, they never come close to his wonderful works. Thank-you for your visit.
Date: 10/13/2015 3:31:00 PM
Regaining from sinking facing fear in loneliness. A beautiful verse read from you, my lovely friend. 7 sure. Loved always,bl
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Date: 8/15/2015 6:03:00 PM
Title grabbed me but the excellent verses kept me reading on. This fantastic piece deserves a super 10 but a 7 tis all I can muster here at this site! A7
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Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 8/16/2015 10:19:00 PM
Thank-you Robert, your kind words made my night. I have not been on PS for a while but I will drop by for a visit on your page. All the very best.
Date: 3/12/2015 9:33:00 AM
David, I have come to this poem again to read your beautiful lines, I too am fascinated of painting of windows and I know a lot about wind, in my city in Canada we always have a north wind blowing, well done and thanks so much for visiting my poetry . . .
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Date: 3/7/2015 3:56:00 PM
There a lot of insight here, loneliness and the fear of it can not be dealt with unless you are alone! a change in perspective is what's needed you are so right! Light & Love
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Date: 3/2/2015 9:53:00 AM
The emotions were realistically portrayed adding depth and pathos to your words. Dip by dip the emotions build until final assurances and reassurance are drained of doubt. Emile. #7
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Date: 2/5/2015 5:57:00 AM
powerful piece of writing david a pleasure reading pal
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Date: 2/4/2015 8:10:00 AM
David, this is a beautiful poem inspired by a beautiful painting, you have honoured him well, it is obvious you love this painting, I adore paintings and prints of windows somehow they speak to my soul as your poem does and your title is the thing that drew me to it, well done and thanks for visiting my poetry ~~
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Date: 1/30/2015 9:12:00 PM
Just thought I would tell you, if I havent' already, this is your BEST poem according to Soup and now I have seen it three times. hurry, more new poems, my friend!!
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Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 2/1/2015 10:10:00 PM
Thank-you Andrea, you are such a faithful friend. I have three or four started but have not found the energy to complete them. . . so many good one here to read and comment on . . . much love and light.
Date: 1/29/2015 1:55:00 PM
Hey David, a lovely expression from you of love. How sweet of you to allow us to share in your special place. Great write. Neva
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Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 2/1/2015 10:09:00 PM
Thank Neva, kind are your words and thank-you for your visit. May you always find light and love.
Date: 1/26/2015 8:01:00 PM
Wow!!... Genius, my friend.. Gripping and powerful.. One of those poems I am truly in awe of.. Going to my favs... Hugs.. Arlene
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Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 1/28/2015 8:20:00 AM
Thank dear Arlene . . . the battles we all fight within our hearts. May your heart always be filled with love and joy for your words fill me with delight! Much love.
Date: 1/26/2015 3:36:00 PM
Truely brilliant pen. I can relate so much to this work. It deserves to be best poem. just wish i could find the hope you have, love seems an elusive beast for me. I have put your poem into my favouites. Shane xxx
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Cooper Avatar
Shane Cooper
Date: 1/28/2015 4:50:00 PM
Thank you for your words. I am looking forward to getting to know you and you poetery better. I know a lot of people on Soup think very highly of you. Shane xxx
Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 1/28/2015 8:23:00 AM
Thank-you dear friend. Whenever I have felt the lost of love . . . I have tried to be love . . . to serve another, a neighbor, in a homeless shelter, various service agencies . . . this has often lifted me out of my house of doom to hear the sea. Be strong and courageous . . . never ever give up hope. Much love
Date: 1/25/2015 9:19:00 PM
David, way to top the list for best new poems.. This one is incredible!
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Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 1/26/2015 8:26:00 AM
Thank-you dear friend . . . your visit means a lot to me and I am always thank-you for your comments.
Date: 1/23/2015 9:11:00 AM
a soul searching write that veers back and forth Dave the lines often blend together becoming ragged as we live the best we can through life's trials and tribulations hugs 7 + fav
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Meade Avatar
David Meade
Date: 1/26/2015 8:28:00 AM
Thank-you dear Shadow . . . may we always find light and hear the sea calling . . . much love and friendship always.