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Find examples of poetry and search all types of poems like; love poems, funny poems, and poems about life.. View a list of poems in all types and forms. See definitions of every type of poetry. Read poems online and search by keyword, length, form, and category. Using our powerful poem search engine will allow you to find the perfect poem by theme or word written by PoetrySoup's talented writers; however, you can access famous poems from this page as well. Search, read, share, and enjoy these poetic works. Submit your poems and get feedback.

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These are todays top 10 trending, popular, or HOT poem topics and categories.

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The search engine below searches the works of PoetrySoup's talented international poet members, as well as, poems by famous poets. Search for a word or phrase that the poem contains. Select whether you want to search member of famous poems.


Searching Tips

Searching for the perfect poem is often more difficult than you might imagine. General web searches may turn up a reference to a poet, or an unrelated search category. In addition, category or poem topic indexes do not typically provide the nuances you want. That said, a comprehensive poem search resource such as PoetrySoup's search engine is the best way to locate a poems.

To find a poem, select a form (Haiku, Sonnet, Ballad, etc.) and/or category (love, life, winter, etc.) Enter a word or words to search for (e.g. "roses anniversary"). When you search for more than one word, the arrangement of the words is important. Writing “Allan Poe” versus “Poe Allan” will change results. To control or refine your search use the Search Word(s) dropdown control and select either "Exact Phrase", "All Words", or "Any words".

More Poem Searching Tips

  • The search is NOT case insensitive. Writing “Maya Angelou” or “MAYA ANGELOU” will not change the results; you will see the same records.
  • Do not use conjunctions such as OR, AND in your searches.
  • Do not use apostrophes or quotation marks in your searches.
  • Avoid words such as “a”, “an”, “the” in the your searches.

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These are poems on or about various popular poem topics and categories. Poems are the property of their respective owners. The poems within these topics are the works of PoetrySoup's talented international poet members. For famous poems, please use the search engine at the top of the page or go to the famous poems page.

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