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Avatar Written by: Iman Roy  Send Soup Mail    
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SO I went down the lane
Night sky and little rain
Need to impress?
Need to digress
Confused roads and confused souls
So quickly the dice rolls
Laughing, dancing, drooling, horny
Acting stupid while being corny
'Overwhelmed' is hiding its face
Over its misuse and disgrace.

There, there girl, don't be sad
Drowned is your enchanting lad 
Dipped your toe in the pig-shit puddle
Where the silly and meek muddle!

And still I went down the lane
Chopping off my crafty mane,
Getting wet and feeling cool
Not bending the next rule,
Twists and turns seemed the same
As I had remained
To my divine state of holy lass
Trampling on the unholy grass
Not caring to whip and goad
The cattle f-ing on the rainy road.

Now I'm standing at the end of the street
Listening to the gregarious bleat
One last glance at the silhouette den
Till I feel like a fool again.