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Stonewalled faces numb from emotional blows
Eyelids fortified like reinforced dam walls
Can no longer hold back the swelling tears
Threatening to burst and inundate worst fears

Petrified, piercing glances 
Why the long faces? 

Faces that label me 
And make me feel unwelcome,
Uncomfortable in my own skin
Forbidden to wear a wide grin
I keep getting stuck in the crevasses
Of those, 'if looks could kill' eyes

I sometimes mirror their sad faces 
Broken, cracked like pieces of vases
Burning with rage, happiness in minor traces
Serious like High Court Judges
Judgemental, yes!
Stop this nonsense!
What do you do when you’re thrown a bag of lemons?
Life too short to harbour grudges

I see written in your faces...excuses
Betrayals, disappointments and all manner of fusses
Blame, hate...I’m not the cause
You would see, if you would just pause

Is it this Godforsaken place?
What’s in the book about being in this space?
Uncertainty, will erase
It always bring good news...I promise
It will release the heart...from all tension
It will excite the spirit to a new mission
It will free the soul to express,
The other more pleasant faces

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