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Preventing love

Heart pumps  blood but now its pumping  love,
Knew from the first touch that you was the one.
But I convinced myself that it was to much 
Said we couldn't be a couple so we broke up.
Still broken up but act like we're not
Everyday waking up you give me everything you got 
still i refuse to pull the trigger and take  another shot
I just say I'm not ready and idk what I want.
Maybe I'm afraid if  it gets heavy I  won't like what is  costs,
But with you I'm never empty and without you I'm lost
What the fuck an I doing and why can't I stop
From mistaken this diamond as a motherfuckin rock.
Cuz sooner or later shell get sick of my behavior
Then Turn from best friends into each other's neighbors
Cuz all I say later and she patiently waits here,  
doing be favors but for granite is how I take her 
Got her feeling like she's just this month's flavor
Little does she know she my true life saver 
And even tho I know she'll give me endless affection
Im still looking all around for another's attention
Regardless the connection always find a way to end it
Cuz to me two's a crowd I rather have my independence
 But we both stay cuz our love still remains
We push through the pain and we look for better days
I  swallow all the shame cuz of all my mistake 
Trying to make a change before it's to late 
I just hope that what we got doesn't  turn to hate
And i just pray  that she never walks away 

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