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Poets: Amateur, International, and Famous

Poets: amateur, international, and famous poets. PoetrySoup has a huge international community of over 30,000+ poets. Find amateur, international, and famous poets by country, nationality, or genre of poetry, etc. Known for its loyal, strong, welcoming, and growing community of poets called Soupers. PoetrySoup promotes and encourages the work of all poets. These poets are skilled in the art of making poetry. They have a particular virtuosity for metrical arrangement, imaginative thinking, and poetics.

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Popular Famous Poets

A list of the top 25 most popular famous poets on poetrySoup right now!

1 Maya Angelou
Angelou , Maya
2 Emily Dickinson
Dickinson , Emily
3 Shel Silverstein
Silverstein , Shel
4 Ben Jonson
Jonson , Ben
5 Edgar Allan Poe
Poe , Edgar Allan
6 Lascelles Abercrombie
Abercrombie , Lascelles
7 Robert Frost
Frost , Robert
8 Sarah Fuller Flower Adams
Adams , Sarah Fuller Flower
9 William Shakespeare
Shakespeare , William
10 Pablo Neruda
Neruda , Pablo
11 Edward Estlin (E E) Cummings
Cummings , Edward Estlin (E E)
12 Delmira Agustini
Agustini , Delmira
13 Langston Hughes
Hughes , Langston
14 Jane Austen
Austen , Jane
15 Walt Whitman
Whitman , Walt
16 Anna Akhmatova
Akhmatova , Anna
17 Robert Burns
Burns , Robert
18 Julie Hill Alger
Alger , Julie Hill
19 Thomas Hardy
Hardy , Thomas
20 Rudyard Kipling
Kipling , Rudyard
21 Oscar Wilde
Wilde , Oscar
22 John Keats
Keats , John
23 Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Browning , Elizabeth Barrett
24 Billy Collins
Collins , Billy
25 William Blake
Blake , William

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