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Every Dog Starts As A Surly Cur

Every Dog Starts As A Surly Cur

Earth seeds its own laments
worn shepherds in torn tents
Sheep living in deep sleep
a tramp never earns his keep

Lone tree shades bare ground
hare rests but not the hound
Path sets so many hideous traps
children need more long naps

Adults seek much more pleasure
ignoring love's greatest treasure
Always more power grows deeper mad
selfish desires fertilize the bad

Earth bears its bitter fruit
dog puppies, so soft and cute
Man races he knows not where
every dog starts as a surly cur

Robert J. Lindley... 2014

note: I control you, not you me!!!

Shades of pain , deepen my muse
her touches I quite happily use
She that burns intensely my brain
drink, drink in her frothy rain
Cut her deeply to feel the bleed
she moans as it sings in her need.....

Thoughts eat into this tired brain
hell with this lonesome strain
Cut her up this very dark night
enjoy, enjoy the blood in this light....