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a therapists dream

Forget good behavior I don't need someone to merit it
Bottled up so much i'm ready to explode like a terrorist
But here I am, writing it down and sharing it
I'm a nightmare to most, but a dream for a therapist

My ex is saying "all men are the same" on twitter
I can see how I'm the same as Obama, Simon Cowell, Bieber and Hitler
You think you're the only one hurt, you don't realize I'm upset too
You think I just left you

Depression made me push you away
Now I regret it every day
I feel lost without you by the side of me
I still love you, here take the pride from me

Heartbreak is spacing me out
Here I am breaking it down
It's something I need to do
Every time I close my eyes, I end up seeing you

You only gain knowledge from what you're prepared to know
In every poem I bear my soul
I admit to things others would be scared to show
The old me is gone, where'd I go?

I hate parties, the DJ plays the most annoying songs in the world
Looking around, what's wrong with these girls?
Quit acting dumb, get self-respect and give me some temptation
Right now all I have is a head full of lyrics and a pen waiting

Never cared about the death of my dad
He wasn't there for me so why should I pretend to miss him?
I'm running out of room, have no space left in my pad
I'll store the lyrics in my head and hope they don't go missing

I feel uncomfortable when safe, and I feel safe in danger 
Don't express myself to friends, but spill my soul to strangers
Go ahead share your opinion, go on and judge
Wondering why Ellie Goulding can't realize I exist and say I'm the one she loves

Want to understand how I feel? Take a walk in my size 12 Nike airs
Then maybe you'd understand what I've had to write here
Every time I close my eyes I see you right there
It's OK though I just woke up it was all a nightmare