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When you are found you deny
Again you tell another lie
I keep asking why
I have to let my heart cry
So much to forgive I try
Maybe this is my final sigh
A leopard remains a leopard
Forever with the same spots

One cannot give out garbage
And expect in cabbage
Garbage in Garbage out
The short life I have seen
Has taught me to rub shoulders with men
Not to step on toes and cross lines
But if you step on or cross mine
I am human, very human.

My background maybe noise
But I have a different choice
And that is peace
Stick to my world and pieces
My only voice
My inner voice
Without noise
I live with people like people
But I stand for GIGO.

If you expect
That I will be weak and you perfect
That I am a cake
And you a snake
That I should let you use me to do your stuff
That you are a thorough boy and tough
Look around you, there are people, some smarter
You are not different if you thought you were
Live with them like they live with you
Feel some guilt and respect those around you
Your tongue is your ruin
Get moral in your vocal.