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These are the most-recent poetry blogs by poets on PoetrySoup. Read some of the most interesting poetry blogs, journals, articles and poetry notebooks on the internet. PoetrySoup Premium Members receive a blog page where they can promote themselves, or, a non-competing service or website. These poet bloggers write about their poems, poetry, life, or whatever strikes their fancy. Become a Premium Member and create a blog for sharing your writings, photos, videos and more. See also: Poetry Articles.

Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
Traditional Haiku contest is judged9/26/2016Catie Lindsey
CONTEST no 211 now available any form / any theme max 14 lines9/25/2016Brian Strand
Hot Blog Featured poem by CASARAH NANCE9/24/2016arthur vaso
Hot Blog Last Laugh9/24/2016Poet Destroyer A
Twilight 9/24/2016Nayda Ivette Negron
Hot Blog IDEA FOR SOMETHING NEW9/24/2016The Seeker
Scare Me Good Poetry Contet Updates9/24/2016Tom Arnone
~~Computer Repair~~9/24/2016Sara Kendrick
M O V I E - M A N I A - C O N T E S T - C H E C K - T H E - R U L E S ! !9/24/2016Nicola Byrne
Where do poets go ;)9/24/2016SKAT A
CONTEST 210 RESULTS now available ...any theme/form max 12 lines 9/23/2016Brian Strand
Free Verse Love Poem Finalized9/22/2016Laura Loo
~~Winners, Winners, Winners!!! I've Got Winners!! Yeah!!~~9/22/2016Sara Kendrick
All The Little Pieces9/22/2016Broken Wings
Hot Blog Something really cool I want to share 9/22/2016Becca Teagan
Congratulations9/22/2016Brian Strand
Pleiades E judged - Pleiades F in the Works9/21/2016Kim Merryman
Victim Or Victor9/21/2016Nayda Ivette Negron
CONTEST 209 RESULTS ARE OUT...any theme/form max 10 lines 9/21/2016Brian Strand
honest poem about u is done9/20/2016Lewis Raynes
Autumn Haiku Finalized9/20/2016Laura Loo
CONTEST NO 208 RESULTS available any form/theme max of 16 lines9/20/2016Brian Strand
Hot Blog Roses Stink9/19/2016SKAT A
CONTEST NO 207 RESULTS any form/theme max of 14 lines9/19/2016Brian Strand
LEAVES TALKING - contest finalized9/18/2016John lawless
Your Best Poems from Laura Loo's Contests Finalized9/18/2016Laura Loo
Check out how this lyrical idea evolves into a finished song9/18/2016Ryan Lucas
CONTEST NO 206 RESULTS any form/theme max of 12 lines9/18/2016Brian Strand
Hot Blog CERTIFYING OLD AGE (and a baby)9/18/2016Poet Destroyer A
Your favourite poem has been read and posted and thought about and enjoyed9/17/2016Lewis Raynes
FYI - New Premier Contest "True Love Waits"9/17/2016Phillip Garcia
I Thought Divorce #2 Was Tough Until.....9/17/2016Phillip Garcia
Rock 'n Rhyme Update #29/17/2016Phillip Garcia
CONTEST NO 205 RESULTS now available .......any form/theme max of 10 lines9/17/2016Brian Strand
OH THOSE RULES, RULES, RULES, RULES9/16/2016John lawless
Alphabet Soup contest Judged9/16/2016Kim Merryman
Hot Blog SEIZE THE DAY9/16/2016SKAT A
Problems with Captcha9/16/2016Barry Stebbings
CONTEST NO 204 RESULTS any form/theme max of 16 lines9/16/2016Brian Strand
Rock 'n Roll Rhyme Contest Update 9/15/2016Phillip Garcia
CONTEST NO 203 RESULTS now available - any form/theme max of 14 lines9/15/2016Brian Strand
Leaves Talking - poetry contest9/14/2016John lawless
In words she blooms9/14/2016Casarah Nance
CONTEST NO 202 RESULTS ARE OUT NOW any form/theme max of 12 lines9/14/2016Brian Strand
When do you write best9/14/2016Lewis Raynes
CONTEST CHECKLIST: Movie Mania - Romance9/14/2016Nicola Byrne
Hot Blog An Angels Tear 9/13/2016Poet Destroyer A
My Soupmail9/13/2016Sunlite Wanter
Take The Dagger From My Heart, Please Finalized, sort of9/13/2016Broken Wings
CONTEST 201 now judged .any theme/form max 10 lines 9/13/2016Brian Strand
Why did you begin writing poetry9/13/2016Lewis Raynes
Best sad poem ever II finalized9/12/2016Laura Loo
Hot Blog I WAS IN SAN FRANCISCO...ANY SOUPER FROM THAT AREA?9/11/2016nette onclaud
Body of work- Update9/11/2016Viv Wigley
Dizain II Contest Finalized9/11/2016Laura Loo
Body of work contest- a clarification9/11/2016Viv Wigley
Sonnet 3 9/10/2016Eve Roper
Are you a social poet9/10/2016Lewis Raynes
Boilerplate9/10/2016Tom Arnone
Author Releases 'Song of the Yukon'9/10/2016Trisha Sugarek
Hot Blog A life over before it's begun!9/9/2016Keith Trestrail
In which I discuss all those obligations we impose on ourselves! (Part 1)9/9/2016Christine Lehman
Soupmail9/9/2016Sunlite Wanter
Write One - One Only Finalized9/8/2016Broken Wings
Blackbirds (by: Linda aka P:D)9/8/2016SKAT A
Hot Blog Tonight I Shall Write 9/8/2016Poet Destroyer A
Hot Blog Happy Birthday, Richard...9/8/2016Eileen Manassian
Hot Blog Short Stories on PoetrySoup?9/7/2016Team PoetrySoup
Second Chance9/7/2016Nayda Ivette Negron
In which I rediscover the joys of walking!9/7/2016Christine Lehman
Buried Treasure9/7/2016Daniel Turner
Problems with pictures in your poems?9/7/2016Viv Wigley
My First Remembered Poem9/6/2016Barry Stebbings
Hot Blog In memorium- salute a fellow poet9/6/2016Viv Wigley
Hot Blog ** Birthdays (clues: A.D./sonnets/5!!) and Christmas in September **9/5/2016kabuteng P.iNk k.
Darkness9/4/2016arthur vaso
Olympic Mania9/4/2016Janis Thompson
Writing with a friend9/4/2016Lewis Raynes
THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM?9/4/2016Brian Strand
Results at last for As Autumn's Breeze9/3/2016Shadow Hamilton
Contest Judged and NEW CONTEST 9/3/2016Rick Parise
Publishing?9/2/2016Kelly Crenshaw
As Autumn's Breeze9/2/2016Shadow Hamilton
PUB NIGHT - a masterclass special9/2/2016Brian Strand
poetry contest9/1/2016Christy Teas
New Contest9/1/2016Kim Merryman
Poetry Contest9/1/2016Christy Teas
WHAT'S IN A WORD?9/1/2016Brian Strand
Pleiades D judged8/31/2016Kim Merryman
New Book8/31/2016Christy Teas
Hot Blog English Sonnet 28/31/2016Eve Roper
When Love Reckons For A Second Time8/31/2016Nayda Ivette Negron
In Which I Set Up and Judge A Poetry Contest!8/31/2016Christine Lehman
A Delightful Children's Fable Contest Finalized8/31/2016Carol Eastman
The Last Bell Tolls8/31/2016Tim Smith