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Best New Poems (Hot!)

The best new poems recently posted on PoetrySoup. These are the top poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members within the past MONTH. Also see Top 100 Poems All-time and Top 100 Famous Poets - All Time .

1 Wind From The Sea David Meade
2 When A Man Cries Maurice Yvonne
3 Sweet Sugar Cookies and Peanut Butter Bars Poet Destroyer A
4 Winter Maurice Yvonne
5 Uncharted Waters Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
6 In The Moment David Meade
7 Caring For My Mother - A Letter To A Loving Friend Maurice Yvonne
8 Our First Dance Tim Smith
9 The tawny Throstle john fleming
10 When You Coming Home Tim Smith
11 Island Spirit Connie Marcum Wong
12 A Look Maurice Yvonne
13 Frozen Howl liam mcdaid
14 Bright Eyes Andrea Dietrich
15 Calls In The Night Tim Smith
16 Loved and lost - Seren Roberts
17 The Silence Of My Lust Maurice Yvonne
19 FLYING HIGH - VISUAL 5 Jan Allison
20 Love Tim Smith
21 You The Poetess Fills My Nights Maurice Yvonne
22 No Tomorrows Tim Smith
23 Point Of View Tim Smith
24 My Butterfly Cupids Arrow
25 Poetry Soup Kitchen Poet Destroyer A
26 MY VIOLIN Lyric Man
27 SPRING Jan Allison
28 Spring Andrea Dietrich
29 Hope Paul Callus
30 On New Year's Eve Andrea Dietrich
31 Somewhere Andrea Dietrich
32 Winter Sandra Haight
33 To the Scoffers of Sensual Writes Eileen Manassian
34 My Year Tim Smith
35 3 BY 8 IMAGE Connie Marcum Wong
36 Love Becomes An Ocean Andrea Dietrich
37 December Magic Debbie Guzzi
38 Come to Me Eileen Manassian
39 December Magic Joseph May
40 Fields Of Gold Casarah Nance
41 Magic Beans Maurice Yvonne
42 I Share My Soul Emile Pinet
43 One Lazy Afternoon Cupids Arrow
44 - Dear Dad - Anne Lise Andresen
45 - Wings Of Deep Beauty - Anne Lise Andresen
46 - Angel Of Light - Anne Lise Andresen
47 To Him who Loves Me Eileen Manassian
48 My Heart and Soul Cry Justice Eileen Manassian
49 To Bloom in Red Flame Eileen Manassian
50 EMPTY CHAIR 2015 Jan Allison
51 Broken Wings Brenda Meier-Hans
52 The Composer Paul Callus
53 CROSSING THE TRACKS nette onclaud
54 Wings Of Deep Beauty liam mcdaid
55 Give and Take Sandra Haight
56 Against The Silent Wall Charmaine Chircop
57 The First New Year's Kiss Tim Smith
59 Eye Power- A Collab with Justin Eileen Manassian
60 A Journey To The Pearly Gates And Back Again liam mcdaid
61 Warm December Andrea Dietrich
62 MY IDEA OF HEAVEN Jan Allison
63 Love Songs Debbie Guzzi
64 Hidden Beauty Andrea Dietrich
65 Memories Of Bygone Days Robert Lindley
66 This Moonlit Night James Fraser
67 Liberty of the Press Paul Callus
68 Cricket's Song Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
69 On Watching Chinese Dances Andrea Dietrich
70 A Mother's Love Gail Angel Doyle
71 Winter's End Rhonda Johnson-Saunders
72 Haiku Jan Allison And Rhyming Rose Mystic Rose
73 CRISP WHITE PAPER Monterey Sirak
74 Tides Of Time Gail Angel Doyle
75 Let Me Come In Debbie Guzzi
76 Je suis Charlie Etienne Lariviere
77 - Hold Me Close My Sweet - Anne Lise Andresen
78 Lotus Enchantment Bindu Vijayan
80 I Will Justin Bordner
81 - Natures Beauty - Anne Lise Andresen
82 HAPPINESS Jan Allison
83 The Hourglass of Time arthur vaso
84 A Contest Win of Friendship Andrea Dietrich
85 Close As a Whisper Bill Yates
86 OUR SONG Lyric Man
87 Little By Little Charmaine Chircop
88 SUNSET Jan Allison
90 THIS, MY INK'S DESIRE nette onclaud
91 The Oscar Wiener Dog Andrea Dietrich
92 The colors of Happy Richard Lamoureux
93 My Silence Speaks Eileen Manassian
94 SPRING John lawless
95 An Evening with Snickers Andrea Dietrich
96 Don't Censor Me Eileen Manassian
97 I was wrong Scarlet Black
98 Creature In The Night Kelly Deschler
99 Magic Beans Andrea Dietrich
100 My Wish Brenda Meier-Hans