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A Different Way of Thinking

I am in awe of minds that weave 
and bend, finding hidden meanings
in the meanderings of life. For them
a leaf is much more than just a leaf.
Perhaps it has impact on the universe..
Surely it fell at that moment in time
for a reason. Did the fact that it nestled
against her skirt as she sat in the grass
have some hidden substance. …?
There may be deep contemplation of life
and the sadness and joy inherent in  this cycle.
A simpler mind sees the leaf and thinks…
How beautiful this colored gift..
And lets it’s being sit easily ..

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2009

A Dog's Life

In a dog's life.We get toy balls, and toy bones
to play with.In a dog's life.We get names like
Rover, and Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, and Lucky.In a
dog's life.We chase balls, and cats, and cars, 
and deer, a bird, a pheasant, or a little girl's
Christmas present.In a dog's life.We like milk
bone dog food, crunchy biscuits, and crunchy dog
treats.We like dog foods with plenty of meat.In a
dog's life.We jog along, when the master goes out
for a run, or we run all day long in the back yard, 
just for fun.In a dog's life.We catch a flying frisbee.
As it floats through the air.We make all kinds of
noise.As we chase off the grizzly bear.In a dog's 

Doggy Pet Poetry By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2011,2014..
All rights reserved

Copyright © Kim Robin Edwards | Year Posted 2014

A Summer Of Lastingness

In a summer of lastingness, long ago,
what you had in store for me my love,
I could've never known.

Through the depth and channels
of the heart, you have shown me
life begins, where the loving starts.

Like an unfolded rose growing in the
morning's misty dew, you feed me
and then sheltered me as I grew.

If I stood before you today my love
you would see a full rose in bloom,
not at all hindered by gloom. 

A strong stem, no regrets, no sorrow.
Only togetherness with you, full of
brighter tomorrows.

Thank you for all you planted in the 
garden of my hardened soil.
A summer of lastingness has forever
brought tenderness instead of toil.

Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2015

A Young Man at the Gate

I saw a young man at the gate
He turned to me and smiled
No words were spoken
But I felt a longing in my heart

I yelled at him to wait
But there was purpose in his steps
I heard a gentle voice
Beckoning him forward

It was filled with eternal love
Contentment beyond understanding
The young man heard his calling
And lifted his voice in glorious song

I saw the two embrace
Like old friends who had never forgotten
A bond that could not be broken
And promises that now would be fulfilled

The young man turned to me one last time
He slowly waved and smiled again
As I heard an aged voice
Tell me he was in good hands

I nodded my head and whispered a prayer
“Take care of my boy…he’s all I have.”
I wiped the tears from my face
And watched the sun set in the distance

Copyright © Wade Greenlee | Year Posted 2015


I saw you just the other day
As you pulled into my drive
Squealing and bouncing as is your way
Into my arm's jumping showing you did arrive
The twinkle I seen within your eyes
Made me love you even more
My heart let out a few soft sighs
This is what I've been waiting for
To hug you and to kiss your sweet face
Oh how much you've seemed to grow
Your love I could never replace
As you look at me with your face so aglow
Distance can't keep us two apart
Though the miles are long and far
You will forever have my heart
Gamma's bright and shining star

Copyright © Brenda Chiri-Carroll | Year Posted 2015

Angels of Mercy

Angles of Mercy
Kevin L Fairbrother

There is not to many of us that can say that the owe their existence on this earth to a Native in a Foreign country, in my case I can say that without the help of the Fuzzy Wuzzy  Angels of New Guinea, I would not be here to write this 

My Father served with the Australian Imperial Forces in the Middle East, New Guinea and Borneo, a sapper in the engineers his service with the AIF overseas was over a period of 4 years.
The time my father served in New Guinea fighting against the invading Japanese has great consequences for me as I was conceived not long after his return to Australia and back home to Tasmania.
My father along with thousands of diggers who served in New Guinea, suffered not only from the Japanese forces but from internal diseases that were rife at the time, the mosquito spread Malaria and Gengy fever and the climate of New Guinea and poor sanitation spread Dysentery throughout the camps.
A big push by Japanese forces pushed the diggers back into the hills and forests and as the numbers of sick and wounded were growing at a very fast rate, the Generals decided that they had to find a way to get the sick and injured back to Port Moresby. 

The only way down from the steep mountainess jungle was via an old supply trail used by the natives to sell their wares at Port Moresby, It became known as the Kokoda track and to this day many thousands of people trek this notorious track to relive the past and to familiar themselves with the torturous and dangerous trail of misery and death and to pay homage to the Fuzzy Wuzzy angels act of sheer strength and perseverance to carry and support the many sick and injured, the dead and dying to a place of safety at Port Moresby.

 Even as the column of misery descended down the track the Aussie diggers were fighting the Japs in a rear guard action, this hard fought battle turned the tide for the Japs were beaten back and even though many diggers were killed and injured it was a turning point in the war against the Japanese invaders.
Thousands of diggers reached the safety of Port Moresby and so many owe their lives to the Fuzzy Wuzzy angles, many were shipped home, and others recovered from sickness to fight the Japanese in Borneo. My father was one of these men who helped beat back the Japanese army and have an influence in the Japanese surrender.

I salute the courage and tenacity of the Fuzzy Wuzzy angels and thank them for bringing my father to safety and eventually home. Like many diggers of World War 2 they kept their feelings and stories of war to themselves, my Father never said much about his service in the war and what little I know has been told by others. 
I also salute the courage and fortitude of our diggers who kept Australia safe from invasion from the Japanese. 
My Father, (rest his soul in peace) went on to have a productive working life, rearing 9 children, 6 were born after the war including me and 6 of us still survive today. The six of us born after my father returned from the war owe the native Fuzzy Wuzzy of New Guinea a big thanks for without their courage’s deed of mercy we would not be here. 

Kevin L Fairbrother
Who were these men of such courage and fortitude?
Whose hair curled and matted reached for the sky
Well, muscled and full of resolve to complete the mission
To get the sick and injured Aussie Diggers home to safety

Never thinking about their own well-being or safety
The Fuzzy Wuzzy angles as they became known
Carried and supported the Diggers down the mountain
Never flinching nor feeling that they would fail the mission

Endless rain, a sea of mud, so steep hard to stand up
Raging rivers, swollen streams, impenetrable jungle
Constant darkness from the thick forest canopy
The Fuzzy Wuzzy persevered with strength and courage

On stretches, on their backs using their bodies as support
These angels carried an endless tide of sick and injured
Down the notorious Kokoda track of misery and death
Contemplating to never give up on their mission of mercy

With Japanese mortars and bullets befalling the column
As the Diggers fought a rear guard action to stem the Japs
The Fuzzy Wuzzy continued their mission down the mountain
For their job was to get as many Diggers as possible to safety

Eventually they reached the safety of Port Moresby
Largely due to the push by the Diggers to push back the Japs
The Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels were given a hero’s welcome
And to this day a revered and honored for their mission of mercy

Copyright © Kevin Fairbrother | Year Posted 2015

Artumes armies

Harken...those hollowing drums
Over cold vales so beat,
Exhorting a multitude of glistening 
Star-tipped spears,
As marching over shattered landscapes
In shinning replete:
Crunch Artumes eternal legions
Across the snow bound years.

Casting down from the mauve 
And cloudless heights
The pale witch broods upon her dark
Chilled breath steaming mutterings 
Of meddling spite,
Uttered under Luna risings
Of half waxen moons.

Repulsed from the presence 
Of the holy alters sacred glow,
That cuts like a torch
Across Yules Feast of Lights,
She incants of harsh Boreas
To relent his fierce blowes:
Raising high her crystal towers
To breach the walls of stilled night.

Tis now, away from cheery hearths
And the warm fires they keep,
That warring frost tightens 
Upon this hardened land;
Happily sated people 
Turn in contented sleep;
Motionless vapours are crushed
In the grip of an iron clad hand.

For as the siege heightens
In relentless might
Heavens wheeling sentinels 
Begin to slowly withdraw:
Retreating upon spiraling orbits
Fading from diminishing sight;
Ghostly armies embarking 
For far frozen shores.

Loosen now the silver longships, 
Afloat on tides of drawing moonlight,
For the Red Goddess slumbers 
In deep canyons to the west;
Artumes armies sailing 
Into grey dawns fleeting respite...

Awaken... Oh Glorious Aurora...
Scattering your foes - 
Before Sunrises conquest!!

Copyright © john fleming | Year Posted 2015

As Time Goes By

~As Time Goes By~

So many things of my youth I could tell you now
I was a lot younger and filled of so many dreams.
There is nothing back then I thought I couldn’t do
And the word 'impossible' was just foreign to me.

I was a lot younger and filled of so many dreams
And in them they were always castles and knights.
And the word 'impossible' was just foreign to me
My heart and soul just dance and sung in the sun.

And in them they were always castles and knights
There is nothing back then I thought I couldn’t do.
My heart and soul just danced and sung in the sun
So many things of my youth I could tell you now.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2008

Awakened Solider

                            >>1111>>AWAKENED SOLDIER<<1111<< 

                              An awakened soldier in shining armour,
                   With the wisdom and understanding of the Dali Lama,
                         I keep calm when evil entities come near me,
        Meek while I seek knowledge while sussing out peoples illusions of truth,
                        I'm a person that only rests when I have proof,
           People who believe with faith give me pain like the ache of a tooth,
  I'm telling the truth, far behind is the mind of the awakened collective following,
                          If you're truly awake you find time to go inside, 
            Then the tide turns, your mind realizes its been living life churned,
                           You see that its vital to go back and unlearn,
                   movements always saying they are personally concerned,
                   They say if you learn their path you will never go wrong,
                 They say their way of life you will internally become strong,
                              But I'm gone, I've taken the long path,
                           These movements are a mans crafty craft,
       The founders always fast to enforce specific ways which they say will last,
                                 But looking through the hour glass,
                                I see no man made truths ever last,
                                      I turn away from man fast,
                                I grab Moses staff and give it back,
              Cause mans imagination's are wack and lack basic human facts.

                                 >>1111>>QUINCY MAC<<111<<

Copyright © Quincy Mac | Year Posted 2015


Flowers in a vase
Gifts of nature's bounty;
Fragrant beauty adorns


Lizards stride
Wall to ceiling;
Snacking stray insects


Gold fish bowl
Swimming jewels;
Watery perfection


Glass of wine
Fragrant red tint;
Nature's own vigour


Idyllic vineyards
Land stretching far;
Grapes for the wine press


Stray flowers dance
Wind blown wayside;
Grass verge boundary


Nature's abundance
Pomegranates and persimmons;
Fruit basket gift


Temple visit
Gifts for ancestors;
Lovely dispensations


Rooftop garden stroll
Busy bees buzzing;
Honey industry


Noisy nestlings
Evening feed secure;
Treetop apartments


Late evening breeze
Cold wetness chills;
Rain on the way


Leon Enriquez
18 August 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014



To witness important conversations, history in the making, 
	Always present beyond only shadows, my light for the taking. 
The way I see this world, thus changing,
	Lesson’s learned a midst your war, from injustice I see you raging.
The wisp of mans’ glow, up and down the field,
	Weapons fired lively, sovereign casualties to yield. 
Compromise mans’ written, subtle institutions,
	Strong figures heavy hearted, declarations of solutions.
Ideas on ink wet paper, shadows cast amongst the wall,
	To my wonder what mans’ planning, for my future come to call.
Circumstances of so many, a dim light undeniably needed,
	The absence of my purpose, caused from fear, my light is pleaded.
My flames burn oh so’ brightly, lovers swiftly to and fro, 
	A guidance into passion, a newborn baby to come and know.
Evolved for centuries, I’ve coddled loved ones, characters immersed in the arts, 
	Monet, Shakespeare and Beethoven, Einstein relished to Mozart.
A new season for the burning, mans’ love for the lights,
	A light bulb, dark halls changing, no wicks on stormy nights.
My historical presence proudly served, my honor not to be mistaken,
        Succumb by a Yankee or Gold Canyon, fragranced purpose for the taking.
So many scents filling homes, during daylight hours,
	Organized, strategic companies, an appetite for godly powers.
In a new light my scents roam freely, watching smiling families grow,
	Very unlike those battlefields, wishing man didn’t come to know.
Moving forward a hope for progress, the darkness I will always fight,
	Time evolves, brightness conquers, forever your friend “Candlelight”.

Copyright © Chelcie Darling | Year Posted 2016

Color Burst

Legacy of love
Painted pedals stumptuous
Forever inside

A Carolyn Devonshire contest

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2010


Blow my own trumpet? No. But when the baton’s out the orchestra plays.

Copyright © Ken Duddle | Year Posted 2012

Do Not Cry For Me

When my day of persecution comes
No tears are to be shed for me
Standing before this spiritual battle
I have prepared on fallen knees

When the right to my bible is denied
And my faith picked and ripped apart
Not one tear to fall from your cheek
God's word is stored safely in my heart

When I am threatened to stand in silence
God's word I am not permitted to utter 
Any tears forming in your eyes, hold back
Strength I have received from my Father 

As I declare loudly before a lost world
Jesus is Lord and every knee will bow
Hold back any signs of sorrow, in your eyes
For I promise this is not the end, not now

When in shackles I am bound
Beaten and drug onto the street
Wipe any tear from your eye
Victory is mine, for I know not defeat

As I am delivered up before the rulers 
My mind will not ponder on what to say
Let not the salt of a tear touch your mouth
For God has prepared my words this day

This evil world, will try and rob my soul
I stand prepared, I long to see my Savior's face
Weep not in fear, for I will stand secure
Covered in the blood and God's amazing grace

Whether I am called away or put to death
As the church battles in continuous debate
Weep not for me, my race is run 
I have entered inside the eastern gate

If only you could see what is in front of me
Suffering compares not to what my eyes behold
Rejoice, sadness will never enter in
As tears will never stain Heaven's streets of gold

I am home at last, secure in the arms of Jesus
His paradise is where I have so longed to be
I am happy, free, at peace and alive
Please, do not cry for me

- Donetta Harless
   July 9, 2016

Copyright © Donetta Harless | Year Posted 2016

EarthTribe's Climate Manifesto

We are what we are becoming together.

To and for
and with
each regenerate creation,
each ego's habitat of mindbody properties,
tools and information,
functional frequencies of healthiest is best use,
therefore economically and politically highest,
on a scale from lead through gold.

Ego lead-identity,
with BiCameral Balanced EcoConscious ZeroZeny Soul
emerges Eco's GoldLogical Rule.

To get our Lead out
of Golden alchemical Rules of EcoLogic
is to replace Ego MindBody incarnating fearful angry identity dominance
with EarthTribe DNA/RNA EcoPolitical Solidarity.

Wild Robbering allies
Brezsny Breezing research cooperative assistants
in Earth's Truth as Beauty Lab,
associate small LeftBrain dominant PlanB Ego-Deduction
of Earth's Paranoid SunGod
to re-associate CoArising NonDual Right Brain PlanA,
EcoLogical ProNoic-noetic
bilateral-temporally revolving Gaia,
4-seasoned with Her regenerative wisdom Story,

intelligent growth and decay nutritional information
bicameral DNA-fractal confluence
surrounded by commodifying
domesticating dissonant restraints
of Earth's climatic nature,
culturing nurture,
Gaia's Creation Story
as Ego's self-imaged embryonic enculturation history,
sending messages out toward future ecotherapeutic regenerators,
turning leaded Ego's
toward EcoEgo Balance,
BiCameral Golden Rules and Ratios,
Elixir SquareRooting fractal-zero primal functions
of DNA/RNA Revolutionary Solidarity,
heat as light
cold as night
neural growth prime mindbody informational function,
Golden Rule of Time's Great Transitional UnFolding.

Golden Proportion life prevails
or Time's leaded enculturation fails.

We are a LeftBrain dominant people,
learning to measure our co-empathic potentiated biological side,
our bicameral mindbody ecosystems,
with both endo- and ecto-symbiotic permaculture equivalency
of design and revolutionary regenerative purpose.

We are EcoGestalt ReVolutionary Events,
both continuous and discontinuous
CoMemories conjoining one universal holonic,
ecologically systemic,
cooperatively political and economic
regenerating rich deep norms,
dense polycultural resolutions,
originators, designers of Time's dialectic measures,
emerging toward (0)Riginal PolyNomial Balancing Intent
with Poly0)MegaPathic EnCulturing Health-Praxis,
in revolutionary solidarity with all RNA thru DNA
syntax-fractal BioSpeciating Open EcoSystem Designers
of each EarthDay.

We are bicameral ecoconscious revolutions
growing in evolutionary continuity
thru resonant confluence
within as without Left-as-Right MindBody
balancing cooperative incorporated incarnated
polypathic harmonies,
each Ego singing our unique dialect
of one Permaculture Opera,
a Golden Creation Story of PostClimatic Transitional Events.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016