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by a Souper

Quote LeftI am really glad to see a lot of great poets coming together to share all of our talents and hard work. Plus I love all of the feedback that i get from those who respond. Thanks and I love you all.Quote Right

Comment By: C. M.


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There aren’t many people there for you,
Remember that.
	You can be in a dry heaving heap on the floor and 
Will know.
Much less care.
	Do you understand the dangers of knowledge?
Do not bring this pain into their lives,
They do not deserve this.
	You do.

My soul is not bound to yours
	You can have your life for as long as you dream
I will not pull you down with me
	Just sit from the sidelines and appreciate you are not me
You are not breathing my air
You are not seeing through my eyes
You do not feel from my hands
	You are not me.
Appreciate your life and your mind and I will
Appreciate the way I am
Still breathing
Still feeling
	The blood in my veins is still
Flowing through the course of 
My body.
	I love you
And maybe you will be able to reciprocate
But for now I am content with your
Love is unnecessary when I see your 
Blue eyes
Through mine
Thank you
Thank you

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The silent winds whispered in my ears,
The secret of surviving in a land shattered by tears,
The thoughts of despair fill my mind,
Searching for happiness one barely finds.

The abherrent behaviour of the winds,
Makes me question my heart still indisciplined,
The unrequitable joy of sharing my sorrows ,
Makes me wonder if my tomorrows.

Will I survive or will I die?
My head often asks this question but receives no reply,
Can I be forgiven for all that I have done?
For all I want to do now is ne free and run.

I wish I had listened earlier to the winds,
'Cause now it's to late to wash my sins,
All I can do now is sit and moan,
For now I am nothing but alone.

Life is just a journey
Yet it differs from the others;
Once begun
You can’t turn back
To start anew.
You only need straightening out 
The things you have messed up.

So we should be careful
With it
For we’ll never have 
A new beginning
Until we reach the end.
The Garden
Spend the day, 
	walk the garden with me;
	ask what flowers grow;
	pick a peach, a pear, a fig or tomato;
	let me share with you
a place of tranquility and inner peace
	where neither fear nor hate grow,
	where lost and found intermingle.
	for more than a moment.
	the true pleasures of life,
	of birth, growth and nurturing,
	of unconditional love.
	the meaning and purpose
	of life, living well,
	its goals, triumphs, treasures
	and true successes.
Don’t hesitate,
	come back to the garden
	where your heart was first created.
You are always welcome here.
A lingering grief deep in my heart , I tried so hard to shun
The frivolous world that seems so odious
That feeling didn't last as you were the one
Who changed my melancholy , you are ambidextrous
You turned my barren soul into green meadows
With your inner peace and shining lovely smile
Spiky cactus in burrows of solitude and shadows
Turned to love trees surrounding a wonderful domicile
On the beach looking at the far moon and fronting sea
A caress that changed stillness of sea to waves of tide
I believe that this is like what you have done to me
But I wish this impact lasts forever , you and me beside
So please , my lady , Can you be my bride?
By: A. Badr
New poem I wrote

"Anxiety I Blame You"

I blame you anxiety
For trying to break me
For making me see
The very worst in me

I blame you for these tears
For all these years
Not being able to overcome

I blame you for the pain
These thoughts on my brain
Unable to sustain
My strength

I blame you for it all
Blame you for putting up this wall
It's all your fault

I blame you for breaking my spirit
For choosing the wrong path
Now I'm feeling the wrath
The worst part of it all

So anxiety here is what I have to say
You will not destroy me
You will not have your way
I miss you.
I wish you knew
That even though you're not loud,
It's you I'm looking for in the crowd.
Your smile could make my day
Even when I had nothing to say.
The one person I looked forward to talking to
Was always you.
And now that you're gone
I stay up till dawn
Searching to find what I did wrong.
I can't always be so strong.
I replay every conversation in my mind.
How could I have been so blind?
Now I know you never cared.
And I am left alone and scared.
Oh I wish you knew
I miss you.
pick-pocketing prayers from pious pioneers who pillage and plunder pagans of peace and particular pantheon. 
Pale-faced paladins pass out propaganda pamphlets instilling paranoia and paralysis. Predators behind palisades turn peasant to prey with placebos of purpose, manipulating perception and parodies of patriotism.
Pity the poor people who paint pictures of personal plight with poetry. 
Pandemic of pathetic parasites exposed, virtuous patient path can prove perilous. Perhaps the panacea of power corrupted points to pacifism. 
Petty perpetual pickpockets taste prosperity
time fails to stop
off the planet i may
If I could be but a burning sun,
I'd scorch you with my wrath. 
All your labour and all you loved 
Would sizzle in my heat,
And turn into steam. 

What I can't have,
Why should I let you keep? 

If I was but an ocean blue,
I'd envelope you in my foam. 
Grain by grain I'd wash away 
The foundation of your home,
Claiming it for my own. 

I need to breach your comfort 
So I can have mine. 

I need to pour onto you 
Like torrential rain. 
I need to chill you to the bone,
Like some haunted wind. 
For you cannot, should not
Have that which I cannot reach. 

You snatched it from under my nose,
And it kept screaming my name,
But you muffled its voice.
Your cruelty knows no end,
So now you'll taste mine 
And I promise the pain won't fade.
My story I will tell to you in hopes that I can help, anyone who's out there who knows exactly how I felt ,
  Because of a selfish man i suffered many ways, my inosence he took from me I was only thirteen, I closed my eyes and prayed for this to finally end, I remember feeling numb, I wanted to be dead
   Never looking back at me, he disappeared in the dark, he got away with murder, my body he left in the park
  He changed my life forever,  my dreams he stole from me, I wanted to give up, I just couldn't see, how could I go on ,when a nun I planned to be
  I lost who I once was ,I bet he didn't care, this nightmare I survived caused me terrible dispare 
   I needed to forgive him , I wanted to move on, I remind myself each day that I did nothing wrong 
  I can't forget what happened ,it still causes me pain , there is always a silver lining, I know which is mine , I lived to tell a story I plan to use for good, give strength and hope to someone who has also been abused
  I do belive in miracles,  I know justice will be served, he may have used my body but he didn't take my soul, yes he won the battle but I always Win the war
I can paint you a picture
In colors gay and bright
But my favorites are the ones
I make late at night
The tortured works of art that see into my soul
The ones that help me feel in control
The ones that help me cope with all that's inside
The ones that can help me say
The Light of Dusk

The light of dusk
Glows so slight
As the end of day
Turns to night

While greens get darker
And blues turn white
Silence foretells
The coming of night

Then shadows fade
And grass stands still
As rhythm of the day
Is reduced to nil

The trees stand in silence
Their branches held tight
And the crow calls out
This is the last flight

                     -Michael Crabb


The miles of white line layout ahead in front of me,
Where it goes nobody knows.
It has no beginning, and has no end, There is freedom up ahead, or so I'm told.

With my eyes affixed ahead, and my foot to the floor,I fly headlong into the distance.
Where the future tells me lies, and the past offers no resistance.

 I see the lights of the city, a beautiful Mirage shining in the sunset.
But the more I want it, the faster I go, no comfort shall I find, and no closer does it get.

The mountains rise high out of the desert floor, like a majestic castle of old.
They stand quiet and alone for all time, neither being bought or sold.

Time has worn away at them, and soon they will flow away to the sea.
For they will never be remembered, just a long forgotten memory.

 With no family and friends left to be found, everybody just disappears into the dust.
Everything I have just fades into the sunset, the life I have I no longer lust.

What my friends fail to see, and my dearest love does not understand,That my heart feels so empty, like a lonely shell lying upon the shifting sands.

I speak truth to every body I see, but lies to myself are all I  am worth,
The greatest lie that has ever been told, started on the day of my birth.
Fills up time and clutters my mind.
Make me happy, I don’t like waiting.
The unknown hurts.
Not knowing my heart – the worst pain of all.