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Words - The Heart of Imagination

This seasoned evening sported a full faced  Orange Kool-Aid moon. Fully aware it was a marvel it shot me an arrogant wink. Not once but twice. I think i heard it laugh. It certainly flashed me an impish smile. Not much different than my own. No camera could ever capture a moment this precious. This needed, words- the heart of my imagination. I stepped inside. Pen in hand, iPad at my right side, laptop in front of me, desktop computer behind me, electric typewriter on my left side I was ready. I only hoped I would be able to express in words what  I had experienced. I penned this. This seasoned evening sported a full faced  Orange Kool Aid moon. Fully aware it was a marvel it shot me an arrogant wink. Not once but twice. I think i heard it laugh. It certainly flashed me an impish smile. Not much different than my own. 09~11~2014 Sponsor: Poet Destroyer A Contest Name: Best Poem of 2014

Winter Whiteout 2

(Triple Triolet)
Dark skies announce the snow’s advance
while forest roof displays pinched edge
and angel wings begin fluff dance.
Dark skies announce the snow’s advance
as hidden lake usurps her chance
and gums her banks to form a ledge.
Dark skies announce the snow’s advance
while forest roof displays pinched edge. 

The flakes descend to catch on cheeks
as angel aprons spill through clouds,
white hills arise from snow in peaks, 
and flakes descend to catch on cheeks.
We rest on mute as chipmunk seeks
concealment under cushioned shroud
while flakes descend to catch on cheeks
and angel aprons spill through clouds.

A winter whiteout slakes my thirst
for nature, un-excelled on earth,
and draws these lines in bosom versed.
A winter whiteout slakes my thirst,
expands a heart of unrehearsed
delight and wonder, wild rebirth.
A winter whiteout slakes my thirst
for nature, un-excelled on earth.

Widow's Walk

Widow’s Walk

I saw a widow’s walk the other day
Atop a white and green designer home.
Why here amid the trees I couldn’t say
Some miles away from where the seagulls roam.

I thought they were for spying out the sails
Of ships returning from a living sea.
With riches rendered from too many whales,
And those who always see themselves as free.

A highway shouldn’t have the same allure.
For those that choose to leave and travel there.
But standing on the widow’s walk unsure
If those long past had thoughts I now must share.

Did asphalt waves call out the same to her
Who left me standing here to just endure?

Why am I here

Why am I here?
I often wonder why I was born. I know of no purpose for me! I call myself an earth angel but truth be told, I’m just a lost soul.
My life filled with uncertainty and fear, never finding a place of comfort and reassurance! Why was I put here for such a life filled with loss and sadness? To spend life lonely seems’ an eternity.
Happiness escapes me, however; at moment’s it feels close. Life closes in snatching the glimpse away as if a cruel joke was just played! I wonder why not me?
I am afraid to live and I am afraid to die! Life has been unkind to me, showing no mercy. How long I have to endure this, I wonder to myself. Then what will death bring to me?
 In time death will bring the unknown. Maybe I’ll be an angel dwelling in heaven. Faith filling my heart and love flowing through my veins surely will lead to a peaceful dwelling place! 
My heart and soul continues to give kindness and direction. Love flows to all those in need filling a void where ever I can. Life and death are of the same sensations filling the air. To know one is to know the other. 
Life is bitter sweet and death is too. Having lived life now I wonder at death. We asked not to be born and we ask not to die! Having both thrust upon us brings life full circle for what reason, I do not know. Yet here I am!
                       Debbie Knapp

Which Direction Are You Going


I was headed in the wrong direction
But I turned my life around
When Jesus reached down and touched me
And picked me up off the ground

Before I met the Savior
My days were filled with strife
But Jesus brought salvation
And gave me eternal life

Now life for me is better
Each day is not so grim
I wake up every morning
And start my day with Him

I still have trials and trouble
Bad things still come my way
But Jesus sees me through it
When I get on my knees and pray

If you don't know the Savior,
And your life is filled with stress
Take time to call on Jesus
Get on your knees and confess

He'll forgive your sins and cleanse you
And make you a child of His own
The joy that you experience
Will be like none you've ever known

So give your life to Jesus
Before it becomes too late
And we can tread the streets of gold
Inside the pearly gate

	Curtis Moorman
	March 21, 2007

For the contest - Crossroads of Your Life


 Where did you go
 While you were still right here
 Beside me?
 Where did you go?
 Long before your physical self left
 You were already gone.

Where was I
While you were drifting away?
Where was I
As you were wondering how to leave?
How could I have not known?

 Once...I knew your every thought.
 Once...I knew you.
 But now I am not sure
 I even know myself.
 Where did you go
 While you were still right here?



                                           Spiral on a floating staircase 
                                                 Entwine me like she

Understanding Grandma

With one stocking up and the other rolled down
the old lady waddled her way to town.
Her flowered dress sported stains of breakfast.
Her hair was matted, like a birds nest.
Lipstick circled her lips, like a circus clown.
The painted smile veiled depression and a frown.

While quizzically looking up at her face,
the small boy clutching her hand tried to keep pace.
As she shuffled her way down main street,
she chatted with anyone she chanced to meet.
Often she would point with pride 
to small boy by her side

As the boy grew older, he began wondering
why she couldn’t tell they were pretending.
Couldn’t she hear their humoring lies?
Couldn’t she see the laughter in their eyes?
Couldn’t she sense the embarrassment in the air?
Perhaps she couldn’t care? Perhaps she wasn’t aware?

Being locked in a child like state
may not be the worst fate,
Because children can make up places
where there are no staring faces.

Titanic The Unsinkable Ship

What people believed in 1912.
Was a myth in the truth, placed on a shelf.
Was the unthinkable, unsinkable..
The fourty six thousand gross tons of steal.
Would never kneel or break its bow.
The ship could never sink or rust.
Was rumor going round, we all could trust.
The crowd showd up to celebrate.
As the ship was Christened to show its fate.
But The White Star Line was cruising fine.
When it hit a berg, under a darkened sky.
There it lie, with many to cry.
At the bottom of the sea she'll die.
They said the Titanic could never sink.
Their opinion a myth, now she's on the brink.
With fourty six thousand gross tons of steal.
The voyagers finished their final meal.
To the bottom of the ocean they went.
A many to cry, while she made her descent.
The Titanic was a ship in trouble.
But now a myth, and a pile of rubble.
At the bottom's where she made her grave.
A sigh of relief, for the lives they saved.
To the rescue, and on the double.
Titanic was a ship in trouble..
Her maiden voyage, now turn the page.
Thousand of people, in a fit of rage.
The news it read that we all should mourn.
The Titanic's passengers, their lives were torn.
A myth of truth placed in the news.
The unsinkable ship..Would never lose.

Titanic-Poetry by Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 2009,2014..
ALL rights reserved.. 

The Realm of the Universe

The Realm of the Universe

In the middle of the universe I stand
I’m simply amazed by the beauty of the galaxies
Up high I see many sights of unknown constellations

Which give off so many views of all to which I comprehend
The pure hypnotic extravagance does make my heart to view with expectancies
The wonder of it all transcends into a surreal happenstance of enthusiation

My love of all the Scientifics of how our interplanetary system works
There’s something so poetically archaeological of how the “light of the echo”
Was captured within NASA’s masterful hands

The stars of the seven sister’s was ideally known as Pleiades with no quirks
The cluster of the seven sisters is located some 400 light-years away of this I know
For into the science of the universe; stands in the middle of the universe.

Written: 2/4/15



A raven chick attempted first flying lesson 
He didn't quite make his preplanned destination

Mother bird stood by evaluating his flying foray 
Okay is good  but good is not okay

There's more to this story and it's all true
Mother had something more before she 
was through

When her little bird alighted on one of 
canyons' ledges
She flew to him and placed a treat from 
her beak into the fledger's

But there are some who have no use for birds
Using birds as models for disparaging words

Pointing a finger "bird brain" they will say
Not realizing the finger is pointed the wrong way 

The Last Time

Cherry tree rendered
Sweet warm breezes surrender
Petals falling down
Natures blanket we have found
Last love we will remember

the invisible boy

the invisible boy

Living in the dark




Who will become the Mark

No longer hidden 
Now Living in Plain Sight




Which shall lead his inner fight
The battle within


Who shall he blame
As not to face 
This Published Shame.....

The heart fades with the end of two thousand and fourteen

The heart fades with the end
of two thousand and fourteen

I did so want to waltz - dance away
this last two thousand and fourteen day.
You, in my arms, closing the door
on another year – 2014, gone for evermore.

There comes a time – sometimes –
when words in ones rhymes
sets free the human spirit,
lets the ghostly past slip past it,

it’s chains that have bound tightly
the soul, to precious moments - rightly
or wrongly - that live in the light of a rainbow.
This, only a true heart, true love, comes to know.

Moments that most, seldom come to experience,
seldom, smell the roses, intimately know their fragrance,
seldom, or never find it easy to tough down,
seldom on bend and knee, reach up, kiss the ground.

Lucky !!! – I have touched the edges of this state.
Forever lasting – never to be my fate.
That has been the journey, 
living it has seemed an eternity.

B. J. “A ” 2
January 3rd 2015



Across the page in gothic script
Your clever hand has made a word
It gently sits upon my ripped
Peace like a singing bird

The word is proof you’re in the world - 
I touch the page, it whispers faintly
With your voice, when the questions hurled
Against what you said was stone quaintly

Dead, when life itself was resurrection - 
Or rather: You are at the edge of my dream
Waving to me like a mood – like the confection
Of deeds I uttered as if the lip of seem

Were nothing.  Why trouble you with this?
-	you have written on the page your kiss.

By Rosemarie Rowley

the big five-o

Always wear thongs when you’re fifty
and let those buttocks bounce
Don’t give a jot ‘bout your wobbly bot
Just flounce that extra ounce
No twin-set and pearls
nor hair in tight curls
just denim and boots
And disguising your roots
Not growing older
Just bigger
And bolder
Keep a smile on your face
And grow old in dis-grace!

Take The Question To The Queen -

I saw  it all,
the Sun the Moon the night & the day,
there was summer & snow,winter & rain,
children,old people,miracles & war,everything an opportunity,
advantages abounding like red in fresh blood,
it was all there for me like love with no doubts,
incalcuable ramifications everyday,magic within the flesh,
horses & whips,smiles & screams,sex & serenity
people that helped & people that lied,judgement was fluid,
ignorance transformed from stone to sand,
I felt the anger of desperation & the tranquility of fatigue,
there were degrees of shame & success like green on the leaves,
oceans with storms & ships,
I saw musicians weep into their instruments,sculptors whisper to sculptures,
painters pray to the canvas,athletes abandoning self for celebrity,

there were athiest blaming Deity for despair & suffering
along with spiritual people begging for compassion
and delivering hypocrisy unto the vulnerable,
lions feasted on the dumb & slow,lightning struck with violet glow,
castles that were robust were burned to dust,
lonely marble became men's monuments,
I've seen children evolve into fearful & violent creatures 
and there were some which resurrected forgiveness & redemption
as sleep renews the mind,
I observed merchants make mummies of men & women,
people succeeding in business by virtue of self determination,
I saw debt & savings lead to blessings,
I witnessed so much,felt like a king & a crook,
I learned about words & images,
there is something collective about it all,something just,
but what did I see?


Success is successful self-acceptance-w

When I was a child though bright but always in fright
Accepted whatever the people furled with fury or flurry
Resulted in to know self –my strengths and weaknesses
That gave me a chance to know what I am in reality.

I accepted all challenges to my large family life
Self-acceptance came from meeting challenges
As a result of that, I went beyond all of them.
Learnt, the greatest success is successful acceptance.

One of my grandsons says I am like a fierce tiger
But the fierceness is in my words and not deeds
One of my daughter-in-laws says I am a volcano
Bursting but beneficently and that too very rarely.

I have never numbed myself in trials and tribulations
Nor built mental walls to exclude pain from my life
And have found peace not in denial, but in victory
And never in life have been interested in stolen goods.

Ninth place winner in:
Contest: Switch sponsored by John Heck