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Quote LeftI must be honest with myself to say that Ive been tremenduosly enriched by critique and friendly suggestions of other poets from this site. And as if that was not enough, the fact that one's poem occassionally get published is another challenge on its own. In all, this site has been a blessing and a source of encouragement to many people to keep on dotting until the ink finishes. Kudos for providing this wonderful platform. Quote Right

Comment By: A.S.

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My miss you note

My thoughts idling in a deep
dilemma of feelings and
fear, like a land dry in drought,
I start to crack, and I
stop to hope.

My longing for water 
continues for seasons,
a mirage: a hallucination 
of water far far away from
my quest

while portraits of memories moist
my thoughts, they separate my fear
from feelings. They make me miss...you 

Copyright © Romeo Moses | Year Posted 2016

A Past Experience

I get rage from this cage I am in 
People judge me not knowing where I've been 
Yet they have the right to tell me that I've "sinned"
What about you?
Judgement for the mentality I haven't meant
You have no idea how many nights that I've spent 
In denial and depression
Questioning "Wouldn't it just be easier if I just went?"
I wish more people would understand the consuming depression 
When I see my reflection and then the expression on my face
My world was a dark, dark place;

Copyright © Jared Womack | Year Posted 2016

Trophy of Marriage

Come my love.
Should we allow what has been restricted, 
without asking why?

Copyright © curtis white | Year Posted 2016

I alone

I have now - 
I had then
But that's an old tale of sorrow.
Let's go and have a drink.
My self-esteem has been hurt
and nothing but medicine will fix it.
I alone am to blame.
You, regarding me as a local nuisance,
You just laugh
I just fizzle out.
I don't see the humour.

Copyright © Pippa Mcgivern | Year Posted 2016


I get haunted by things around me,
Especially the leeches on my mind,
They cling to me until I have no power,
They creep up on me from behind,
Will they ever let go of me!?
I guess it's only myself that can flick them to flea,
It's time I save myself now and discard from any negative identity,
Haunted memories of the leeches shall never find me again.

Copyright © Katrina Arthur | Year Posted 2016

The soul of a poet

Searching deep in his mind,
A poet searches to bind,
The soulful world of his thoughts,
Through his works in knots.

From a historical battle,
To grazing cattle,
And the wonders of nature,
All within his curvature.

Some filled with magic,
Others with more logic,
A few that’s planned,
And some from back hand.

In his hands, a child’s play,
The language. In his own way,
His works are great.
And that’s the soul of a poet.

Copyright © Vengadesan Victory | Year Posted 2016

The final touch


                 Upon the foggy hills I sat
              With a hat on my bloody lap
             Contemplation is my thoughts
            Whilst humming in my lips
            Aviators all around
           Dropping shells to the ground
           With a big booming sound
            People screaming through the air
             Run for your lives they declare
           This is the way it was 
            Back in the year of 1921.

              The evil that is war
               Zaian war. 


Copyright © Mindi Madsen | Year Posted 2016

Hear Me

Pain is inevitable.
I can't tell whether you will let go of me
Or you will let me hear the words I always wanted.
Sometimes I tend to figure out the real us
Whether if it's true or not;
Whether it's the reality or just a mere dream.
I don't want to cause anymore pain to myself-
And neither to you.
This maybe painful-
But please hear me out.
I love you-
But I love myself more;
That's why I'm letting you go.

Copyright © Kat Anne | Year Posted 2016

My Child within

My child within lives alone,
struggling daily with life
taking emotional journeys
destination unknown.
Eyes that don't look too long
the need to search no longer exists.
This moment, this instance
is all that matters.

My child within me whispers
ask questions, truths, seeking belief...
I cannot answer... when I don't know.
Why do these things happen?
I want to be happy
I don't want to be scared 
I want a bit of hope
I'm tired of feeling sad.

My child inside me seeks words of comfort.
Reassurance isn't a gift offered
when all around violence prevails.
I tell my child, it'll be over soon,
I suggest they dream travel,
don't let the pain get in the way.
Remember our feelings are ours
their voice only heard by me
I'll keep them safe even when fear knocks my door

My child within cries softly
No tears fall, No noises heard
but I feel the pain
outwardly I must be strong
I cannot show I'm weak
My dignity already taken
there's nothing left to give
soon we'll be alone again
we'll comfort each other
me and my child within

Copyright © Paul Anthony | Year Posted 2016

Unspoken Words

When I first saw you, you were just another pretty face in the crowd, another student, another stranger. But one night that all changed.

Suddenly I saw you in a new light. You moved from stranger to friend in the blink of an eye. You captured my attention.

Weeks went by and our friendship grew. You never knew my feelings for you, but what could I do? Several relationships passed by as I watched you love and get hurt, wishing I could ease the pain. 

I played the "just friends" part well, almost too well. I wish I had had the courage to tell you how I felt; but I remained silent. I was afraid of your rejection. 

Finally things changed in my favor. You started to take an interest in me, and my heart jumped for joy. We spent time together and my feelings for you grew in leaps and bounds.

You were my first kiss, and to this very day, you still don't know. We weren't together, but everyone looking at us from the outside would know the difference. You were my Romeo and I was your Juliet.

It was perfect for a while, but then life hit us like a ton of bricks. Suddenly everything fell apart and I was pulled into the swift undertow. I was losing you . . . 

I did everything I could to salvage the pieces, but there were too many and I couldn't do it on my own. You said you were leaving me and my heart shattered. I tried to hold it in, tried to play it off as insignificant, but you saw through my facade.

You said I was strong, but in that moment I felt so weak. You said you were "just a guy" but my heart protested the thought. You meant the world to me, but you didn't believe it.

You couldn't see the tears coursing down my cheeks. Could feel the pain tearing though my heart, or hear the unspoken words in my mind, "I think I'm falling in love with you".

Copyright © Alexa Birch | Year Posted 2016

lovers lane

Love is a two way street, with a one way sign.
Made for dual purpose, but defect by design.

Copyright © Karen Darsey-Harwood | Year Posted 2016


Nature is a gift of god,
A valuable present from the lord,
Nature is god’s creation,
I am astonished by his imagination!

Nature makes the earth more beautiful,
Filled with creatures, so wonderful!

Birds twitter, 
Raindrops patter,
Animals chatter 
Thus, beautifying our nature.

There are beautiful waterfalls,
Trees are standing very tall.
There are various kinds of creatures,
And all of them have different features!

Nature has lakes, ponds and streams;
And stars, moon and sun’s beams,
Rain howls and flowers shiver,
There flows the restless river,

There is sky, ocean and land,
On land there are soil and sand,
Great rocks, hills and caves;
In the ocean, there are tides and waves.

Seeing the scenery,
Where exists greenery;
One feels tremendous pleasure,
That no one can ever measure!

Copyright © Dev Khanduja | Year Posted 2016

The Evangelist

         The Evangelist

There comes a man, more cursed than not
Spiritually guided, or so he must be
To remind the children of things they forgot
Of the price of salvation and eternity
With the staff of moses he prods their coals
Embers of a fire that’s grown cold
A raging flame that had filled their souls
Like sheep scattered, gone from the fold
Through the dark with a light so bright
He seeks these lambs that lose their way
To his tented shelter, out of the night
They come together to kneel and pray
As some stand back, others draw near
With respect for the feeling about to come
To some it’s love, but to others it’s fear
For they all know where it’s from
Softly at first it starts to move
From person to person it begins to flow
With a shout or cry, tongues do prove
That a heavenly presence runs the show
As stiffened necks begin to bow
As stony hearts start to crumble
The spirit teaches, for it knows how
That when at first we learn to be humble
When the chains of pride are broken
And the yoke of bondage cast away
A comforting spirit of tongues is spoken
With unknown words you will say
For those that are standing near and about
For them that must have their sign
For those that are weak or of doubt
An unexcelled joy they will find
When on this narrow path they go
Hand in hand with the holy one
With the sword of truth to slay our foe
Power given through gods only son
These gifts of the spirit are very real
Tools from the carpenter that he gave
A mystery to most, but he does reveal
There every use for this world to save
So comes this man of no special breed
Chosen of god to spread his flame
A gift to his children to fill a need
For after the fire……nothings the same

Copyright © james mills | Year Posted 2016


The sphere of influence influenced me spherically
With no core
Left brained hemisphere confused
Like right handed athlete
Co-ordination on my medulla-oblongata 
Peripheral nervous system shuttered down
As cranial nerves refused to send impulses 
Failure to interpretation on my cerebrum
Lead to my confusion.


Copyright © THABANG NCONGWANE | Year Posted 2016

Dora David

I thought I was dying
But my mind was lying
So I must stop worrying
And I must stop crying

I must start jumping with glory
Because tomorrow they will all be sorry
They will all be packed in a lorry
And it will end like a fairy tale story

They will all be far than the forestry
And happily I will celebrate the victory
Very soon everything will be history
And this just a haunted piece of poetry

Copyright © Johannes Paavo | Year Posted 2016

A Place Where We All Can Find

Birds swooping down.
Angrily squawking at each other.
Viciously biting each other.
They do not understand that every bird has a different heartbeat.
The birds cannot exist together due to being closed-minded.
Slowly, the birds learn and start to repopulate; bringing in a new species.

There is color everywhere.
Splashes of purples, reds, blues, and pinks against a green canvas.
Other colors, such as, white, orange, black, and yellow flutter past each other.
At first the colors avoid each other, growth coming to a halt.
The colors then decide to join.
New colors flourish with each other.

We destroy each other.
We are very intellectual.
However, how can birds and flowers coexist but we cannot?
So let us open our gates that we have kept closed for so long.
Take a deep breath and listen for beating hearts.
For we are all but heart beats.

There is a place.
A place with coexistence and harmony.
A place where freedom is always accessible on china plates.
The gates will forever be open.
This place welcomes all.
You are welcome to this garden.

Copyright © Megan Valentine | Year Posted 2016