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My Dear Son


Listen to my advice my dear,
 Its not safe at all out there.
Drugs and crimes are all in the air,
Don't think of them even when life's not fair.
Don't be a bully preying on the weak,
Help them get back up on their feet,
Give the needy what you can,
And support your family while you can.
This life you see my dear,does not last that long
Look at me sleeping here,cant even say hello
My legs are weak,my heart is torn
Can't even hold you,my beautiful boy.
Fame and money mean nothing my dear,
when you have plenty but still can't get over your fears,
Don't feel superior cause of material things
Cause in the end you'll leave with nothing.
I pray that you live a life free of lies,
And may God bless you with a patient wife,
Treat her like she is one of a kind,
and may you forever lead a happy life.


Talking with you was so therapeutic
It erases all my pains and worries like magic
Sitting beside you was truly ecstatic
It makes me feel like a genius at the same time lunatic

The moment you left I felt sad
Not seeing you for a long time makes me mad
I honestly don't know what to do
My heart is demanding only you

Please tell me girl something promising
That I have a chance to be your darling
I don't care if its true or just a lie
I need to hear it from you or I will die

Yes I admit I'm just a fool
For you alone I'll risk it all
Finding you finally makes me glad
Because I'm sure with you I'm in love

By : Jun Abines


He: this is not fair 
This is something i can't bear
What's the wrong with me being poor and you being rich
If we will share the same salt pinch!
She: i can't believe this either!
We must fulfill our love 
I'm Rome and you're my caesar
This can't be put off
He: here is not the place we belong 
We should be in heaven 
There our love can be so strong 
And we would be there even
She: we shall die together 
To rest from all the suspicious eyes
Here are two poisoned drinks 
So we can meet in paradise 
He: finally we will live happily
With no more disguise 
I really like your idea 
It's so insightful and wise 
She: i wanted us to live together 
But i can not see you dying
So i didn't put poison in your cup 
I just put in mine! 
He: i knew you would do such thing 
Because you really worth trust 
You know i love you very much
That's why i have switched the c......!  


Let’s stare
unblinkingly at
startling visions of
beauty too grandiose
to comprehend.
Let’s look deep into
each other’s souls
and observe truths,
and not pretend.
Let’s turn our gazes
skyward, aspire to
be limitless,
unerr’d by the SUN.
Let’s envision what
was, what is, what
might be and what is
yet to become.

I once looked into
the bottom of your
heart, saw love, and
thought it a
beautiful place.
I observed it once
again and found only
the pitch darkness
of an abyss and the
unloving cold of
outer space.
‘Tis a horrible
thing when honest
eyes hear nothing
but lies.
How horrible is a
knowledge of seeing
when it benefits not
the eyes…

I look at you and
sometimes I see
love, sometimes I
see pieces,
sometimes I see
unforgiving cold
But worst of all,
sometimes I see
nothing at all and
am blind!

The Cut

I almost learned to forget you;
your hands, like ghosts
landing upon the
landscape of my body.
Your kisses, like bombs
that when thrown
were flung directly in between
my thighs.
Your words, like hope,
Like home.
I was learning to store it away,
like learning to ignore
the wind.
But I opened up a vein again.
I thought I'd find you there.
And what I found were
memories, like mistakes,
like scars that
just refuse to

Keyboard of my Heart

The Keyboard of My Heart

Stan Almendro

The Keyboard of my heart has no ivory keys to play
 Music comes from what I think, dream and what I say
A melody that people hear is my happy, sensitive heart
It is a song that will stay and never from me depart.

There are also no black keys in the keyboard of my heart
And you can in fact not tell the black keys from the white
No hands are found striking these keys that don’t exist
Yet the sweetness of the chords no heart can really resist

With no white or black keys in this keyboard of my heart
Where and how does the music begin to make a start?
No music sheet was written for this keyboard of my heart
                  Music that you hear gets your feet tapping to every part

No musician, grandmaster plays this keyboard of my soul
                  It sends forth a celestial joy to the weak and to the bold
The weak and frail are not excluded from this joyous tune
They need no physical energy to frolic from morn to noon

The bold and strong live in this music which never stops
It is not a piece of music bought in some corner shop
Because it’s not for sale the poor also to this music dance
Yes weak, bold both rich and poor all have an equal chance

No very expensive grand piano or master music hand
Is needed for the music seems is written in the sand
So as you see me frolic, dance to the music of the band
Ask that the keyboard of your heart be touched by the “Master's Hand."

By Stan Almendro ©

Star crossed Love?

Could we be star crossed?
a love controlled by fate?
to have love always lost
to live alone with only hate
it seems like its not meant to be
to have the life of you and me
theres always something in the way
no matter the price we must pay
we together must fight till the end
a message to fate we must send
that our love is always bound
no matter what it will be found
we'll get over the obstacles that lay in our way
we'll win the fights till we get to see the day
that our love is within our hands
even if against the gods commands
we'll show them all 
we'll show them through
that no matter what
baby its me and you

Friendly Advice

We sit here over afternoon tea
Your lecture starts, all about me
There’s no thought in your words
As you stuff in more cake
Your advice is absurd
And concern so fake
With cream on your chin
You pry, rake and grin

I watch your harsh tongue linger
As you lick your sticky finger

Now the cake has all gone, your job here is done
I sit bloated with lies, numb and dumb
You smooth your skirt over fat sweaty thighs
And we rise to say our goodbyes

As you disappear with your self-righteous view
Set to interfere in pastures new
I wonder dear friend, what would I do
Without you?

Endless Sleep

I am lost within myself
I look to you for salvation
I wish to leave anger behind
And free myself of the chains hold me
I strive to find understanding within
These wretched tears stain my cheeks
With sadness and despair I long for
A glimpse of the woman I left behind
Or did she even exist?
Was she a mere vision, a spectre?
Taunting me and distorting my reality
I only wish for some peace of mind
And the heaviness of my heart to fade
To wake up within the sun again
To leave behind the darkness and
The ever present nightmares that follow
Doubt looms over me with its scythe
Ready to swing down the moment I falter
Is this how I shall leave this earth? 
No whispers of regret from loved ones
No arms to reach out for me and pull me
Back from the brink just in time......
That’s it then, just the abyss to swallow me
And all that awaits me.....endless sleep

Making Love to Each Sheet of Paper

Your words are soft and steady in my hand
running away through the dark ink in my pen
getting carried away
making love to each sheet of paper

Kissing corners of pages, curling corners of mouths
while by passers rejoice to see true young love
with passion and honesty as each letter is formed
making love to each sheet of paper

Shivers dance down my spine
passing through every inch of my body
as my pen begins caressing, gently
making love to each sheet of paper

The sound of your voice echoes purely
provoking a deeper act of love
as I pour out the contents of my soul, while
making love to each sheet of paper

I twisted with delight as my chest sunk and rose
at an increasing rate-
that unreal feeling you get, after
making love to each sheet of paper

What If

What If?

When we were young it was a familiar friend
Always with us as we looked with wonder
Everything seemed possible, nothing out of reach
Dreams were wonders filled with possibilities. 

Before we were afraid of the truth,when we were still honest 
Open to unseen possibilities
Unconcerned with the opinions of others
We were free to imagine. 

No boundaries to compel us to conform
No expectations of group commonality
We were entranced by the largeness of creation
Giddy with excitement that we had a part to play. 

But then the expectations of others made our light go dim
Putting heavy weights on our once joyful shoulders
Causing them to droop with the shame of perceived failure 
No longer seeing life looking back in the mirror

We have lost our identity, trading it for sameness
Our imagination replaced with logic
No longer alive to beauty, no longer filled with hope
Overwhelming joy and anticipation replaced by a blank stare. 

What if we chose to turn around?
To believe that what was lost could be found
What if we chose to believe that what was taken has been restored by grace
What if our joy and imagination returned?

What if?

The Hurt

I swallow in the sorrow
Gulping whole this soiled, bleaching pain
Carry a strained smile
Choked in my mid breath

It's almost never ending
It can almost be heard
The hurt is almost lost
Too lost for words

I bury this smile
Choked in my mid breath
As the hurt transcends beyond
Almost draining

Too draining for words


Brewed tea
Wife and myself
Nothing between us
He was metamorphosed 
Into a frog
When his wife had left him
I needed
A lonely woman
Thousand years back
She shivered
In yellow sun
Struck by her coyness
God travels
With three suitcases
One for me
I kissed
Her frostiness 
And my lips turned icebergs
The bed
Gets embarrassed
At our nakedness
Her hands
Stopped me
To pick evenings
We two rested
In a cave of Kundalini
Behind the waterfall
The alien woman 
Travelled six moons
To deliver her baby in a burial ground 
An eagle swoops
On a field –mouse
Tables of wedding
The woman kissed me
I felt her hollow ribs
As if in a spring dream
The woman’s hair
Struck by a gale
Made waterfalls
My wife locked
Me one fine evening
In my neighbour’s hole
The rats are away
When mice take in
My wife’s clammy face
The summer rain
In exasperation
Took wings to raid the moon
Lolo my wife
Her green sleek steps
Thundered an innocent fly
In the dead of night
God made two wives
One for me one for my neighbour
My neighbour’s wife
Delivered a child
When I was asleep
The woman said goodbye
And I took a fish for dinner
I mistook it for my wife
My wife is a canvas
Where I paint
My forebodings
A painter’s apprentice
In sheer foolishness
daubed in red my wife’s rear-view
A squirrel saw my wife
And in haste
Lost her guava 
I was caught in neighbour’s bedroom
By my wife last summer
I lost my glasses
A wolf entered the graveyard 
And annoyed my wife
Sarah my wife
Dizzy commuters
Sarah wed me
And in brief forgetfulness
Greeted my neighbour
A tiger ate Sarah my wife
It happened by accident
The tiger knows
Morning bell
Wake up call
I want to sleep
Pola my pet fly
Fouled things up
She ate my wife’s breakfast
My dog Pintu
I set him free on my wife’s posterior
Eons ago a butterfly
Gave birth to my wife
Now, a caterpillar 
A hard slap
Hurricane Sarah will win 
You have gathered enough winters 
Woman sighs
Leave one for me
The woman flapped her wings
To clouded mountaintops
Silky as white



A book about a broken man
Is what I sit and read
A tale of the ups and downs-
A game of love and greed

I turn the pages readily
And languish in the hope
But at the end of every chapter
His dreams go up in smoke

This book is sad and beautiful
The paper worth the tree
But who would think that with its ink
The book is reading me


The taste of a warm, clear liquid runs through my throat. 
The bitter taste of love, feelings and emotions all in one clear bottle of venom.
How did it end to this, how did i end up doing this?
The taste gets bitter and bitter just like the flavor of you.
The fiery burn is hotter than hell itself, but i continue going on.
With every drink is another memory to forget, with every drop is another story to be forgotten. 
The numbness of feeling no pain gets stronger and stronger, Every action, every word ever spoken completely disappear with just another drop.
I soon forget but that doesn’t make me stop, why?
Shouldn’t the void clear up now?  shouldn’t the emptiness fill up with the venom, filling me up?
Shouldn’t the dark turn to a grey color and shouldn’t i be satisfied with the warm, fuzzy feeling of forgetting?
No, because how could you forget the emptiness, how could you forget those words, how can you turn an addiction to nothing more than a piece of forgotten string. 
How can you turn love into hate, and how can you turn me into a person?
With the month of addiction, the month of trial and error how did i end up being hurt the most? 
How did i end up turning into someone i’m not, how did i turn to the venom for forgiveness and hope.
5 years old, 8 years old, 10 years, 11 years old I swore to myself i wouldn’t.
I swore the poison would never go into my body, and become my only resort to the paradise called hope.
I swore i would never let substance control me.
But the ashy taste of cigarettes and the burn of venom became my best friend.
They became the only thing that let me forget, and let me feel something more than an endless void, a dark hole in my heart and vibrant colors in my mind. 
They became the only thing to look forward to in the day, the only thing i wanted.
It became very clear to me that the venom i depended on was the poison you left me with.
The only thing i had left was the taste of the warm, clear liquid showing me hope.. 

Riding Through the Night

Above the clouds, beyond the tree she stays.
Remaining thus, the moon is chaste for now,
Allowing not her well-worn face to show
The many scars belying better days.
I glide along, my wheelchair making way
For no man here, the streets bereft of flow,
Garages closed to keep their cars in stow.
I roam the night, while they may share the day.

Secluded thus I flee from ghosts untold
Who question where my life has gone astray
While broken paths and other wrecks unfold.
I’m lost and cannot seem to find my way
Toward peace of mind, a way out of the cold;
The growing mist thus edging joy away.


What is Poetry

Poetry is a careful, inventive, or creative consideration of words written in order to convey some thought as a literary composition. Usually, but not always, the words written are designed to evoke emotion. Poetry can manifest itself as a two-word phrase or a one thousand-page book. Related terms: abecedarius, Alcaic, Alcaic verse, ballad, ballade, blank verse, canto, elegy, epic, epic poem, epos, free verse, haiku, lament, lay, line of poetry, line of verse, literary composition, literary work, lyric, lyric poem, poetic rhythm, prosody, rhyme, rhythmic pattern, rime, rondeau, rondel, sonnet, stanza, tanka, terza rima, vers libre, verse, verse line, versicle.