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If My Love For You Was Greater

if my love for you was any greater the trees would  line up in poetic forms ...awe you in sonnets written... allow winds to cool your face...  to trace it with natures hand. all the oxygen that covers all the waters rise, supercharge the breath of my emotion. mountains would melt, shed their peaks like tears of joy. even the arid deserts serve up fruits,  their prickly pears peeled on a platter. sunset would pause and sunrise hurry... ...exist in a paradox to herald your presence. petals would climb their stems  regroup to bloom again. butterflies re-cocoon  emerge as glorious fairies  for all children to adore. the skies would willingly  shape, etch,  paint,   frame my exuberance. the planet would swell, the galaxies expand. in the endless depth  of my singular love  i hold you dear, safely contain you  in my impish smile, for now, forevermore. 16~10~2014 Sponsor: gautami phookan Contest Name: ONE OF YOUR BEST

My Miracle, this is a true poem

I looked at the clock, My life was slowly ebbing away.
I didn’t think I would reach 40, What a high price to pay.
I was coming off tranquillisers 15 a day prescribed by my then  G P,
But the withdrawal symptoms were so horrendous I could hardly see.
I was constantly being sick night and day,
All I could do was to sit and  pray this nightmare would go away.
I couldn’t walk properly, My balance had completely gone,
I couldn’t pay privately, as money I had none.
I also had Agoraphobia, so I couldn’t even go out of  the door,
This wasn’t a life worth living any more.
All I was left with, was to say a prayer,
To ask for a miracle. Lay my soul bare.
A week or so later, a letter in my hand,
An appointment with a new doctor, I could hardly stand.
Over the next year a miracle unfolded, bit by bit.
I didn’t even have to walk with my stick.
I started to go out a bit more each day,
Various obstacles got in my way.
But I was determined, I was not going back,
I mapped out a plan to keep myself on track.
I did it, I conquered my Agoraphobia, and  got off the pills.
I even went to college for the first time to learn new skills.
I went on Radio, Television, Newspapers and Magazines all covered my story.
The miracle I prayed for had happened, mine was now the glory.


24 Things To Live By

Knowledge-...Something I have a little of,but always search for more
Integrity-...Something I hope to never loose
Courage-...Something I feel I was given enough of
Determination-...Something I need more of
Loyalty-...Something I  adhear to
Experience-...Something I have gained plenty of
Leadership-...Something I have the ability to do if asked
Sacrifice-...Something I am always willing to do
Sharing-...Something I am always doing
Justice-...Something I feel I have been shown
Compassion-...Something my heart is filled with
Kindness-...Something I feel could be my middle name
Morality-...Something I need to look for
Honesty-...Something I am often confused by
Meditation-...Something I may do to much of
Reverence-...Something I feel that I have 
Reflection-...Something I do often
Moderation-...Something I constatly struggled with
Respect-...I know so much about,and feel the world needs to learn
Cheerfulness-...Something that is always in my heart
Humility-...Something I am filled with
Appreciation-...Something I feel I show to the best of my abilities
Understanding-...Something I am always working on
Patience-...Something I have,but is constantly tested

By practicing these everyday can bring self confidence,contentment,
respect,and wisdom...

Danny Boy:12-11-12

A Casual Exchange

“Oh Edgar, look at those poor slaves, traipsing after His All Important, High and Mighty, Landlord.”
	“I wish I was a slave.”
	“Hush your mouth Edgar. Don’t be saying such things.”
	“But I do.”
“Look at them May Bel, walking along the road, in their tunics and hose. While we stand here in the mud, our backs covered with more holes, than rag.”
	“But Edgar at least we have our freedom.”
	“Our what? Freedom? I’ve lived on this road all my thirty two years, and never once have I walked it in the direction that they’re going. I’ve only ever walked to the market and back. Just like my father before me.
	Freedom, aah the freedom to come out here into this field, in the rain and snow. To dig this dirt that really needs a rest. And to find that there’s not enough potatoes or carrots to sell for the rent. Let alone our dinner. Slaves don’t have pay rent, or pay taxes.
	The freedom to hear our children’s bellies growl, after they have finished their boiled grass. Look at those slave’s bellies, under their tunics May Bel. Do they look like they go hungry?”
	“We are free to love.”
	“We’re all free to fall in love.”
	“Oh Edgar, that’s enough.”
	“Well, Love won’t put a roof over your head.”
	“Edgar, you do disappoint me so.”
	“Now that I think about it, there’s a hole above your mother’s bed. Did you know? She’ll be trying to sleep with us and the kids, next time it rains. That’ll probably be tonight.
	Edmund tells me these slaves get housed in dungeons. Now there’s a place that would have a good roof, if ever I heard.”
	“And what would your All Knowledgeable, Brother Edmund know about such things? Just listening to gossip, the two of you.”
	“Well at least the Landlord cares enough about those slaves to give them those tunics…”
	“Watch what you’re doing with that stick Edgar! You nearly put it through that potato there. Be more careful.”
	“Through that potato? This stick isn’t even sharp enough to pierce that potato’s skin. I bet the slaves get things like spades and forks to use.”
	“Full of the grumbles today, aren’t we. You must have got out of the wrong side of the bed.”
	“That bed…”
	“Oh no! Don’t be starting on that bed.”
I don't write much prose any more, but I thought you'd like this old one.

A Rose That Never Fades

There is a Rose that never fades, a bloom that never dies, a blossom brighter than the sky, yet, soft as angels' eyes. When I tell people of this Rose somehow they can't conceive that such a flower can exist. They say it's make believe. They ask me why do I engage in such absurd charades. I smile, then say, "I'm loved each day by a Rose that never fades."
Author's Note: This was written for Valentine's Day some years ago.. It was framed with beautiful Rose graphics and now hangs over the kitchen sink where my wife can see it every day... Her name is Wanda Rose.... Jake



When I was just a young chap
of 16 years or so,
I had a gorgeous girlfriend
The kind you'd love to know.

I didn't have much money then
but I'd take her to a show
just at the local movie house
and then for a soda we'd go.

Then came the famous Valentine's Day 
And I thought of things to say.
I wasn't much on words at that time
So I presumed a gift to be just fine.
I searched the corner drugstore
 to find a gift divine.

But the only thing that I could buy,
no matter how hard I would try
was a blue bottle of cologne 
they had there on display.
So, I put up all my money to pay
for some "Evening in Paris" cologne spray.

My girlfriend was so surprised 
that she was prone to say,
"Thank you, my dear Lenny,
you've made my Valentine's Day."
And I just beamed and smiled away. 



A sudden left
Or a sudden right
So abrupt
No, not a makeshift
But I’m assuming, a turn of event.

We never thought
Its like the Malaysian 370 flight
Its might
Yes, the effect
Would be  consuming us through eternity.

We must look straight
A landscape or a  hindsight
So passionate we must be dealt with
All lives go adrift
Exult though with dignity.

This Day of  Judgment
 Will come like a thief in the night
There’s no turning back, now repent
It will be an advent, the soonest
And no denying it is positive a mystery

More than ever….a magic - a TURN OF



Sometimes I need to be alone.
Far from the sound of laughter, 
Far past the sounds of the city.
I crave the soothing ease of silence.

I need to put my feet in the stream
And watch the  leaf swirl by and
Travel to its  new glory .
Without need to shout “look at me”
Knowing its journey will be kept  in my heart.

Sometimes I long for an old  cabin
Lost in a solitary wood.
Where days can be spent  in pleasing  reverie,
With only  the music of the spheres.

Alone with my years and my memories,
Stopping to reflect on life’s road.
With  leave to act on fantasy’s  stage
And play  the role I had intended.

America is not a free Buffet

America is not a Free Buffet
Loch David Crane, M. Ed.
Border Patrol Auxiliary
22 September 2008

America is not a free buffet
for benefit of those from far away.
We have our borders, customs, laws, and rules
securing our posterity from fools,
criminals, diseased people, and those
who mean us harm and carry bombs.
Malaria and leprosy are brought
by the undocumented who aren't caught.
The dumb, the desperate, or the diseased,
those lacking skills and schooling from "back home,"
all feel entitled through our fence to roam.
They break in here, and that's why we're displeased.
	But those who choose to come here legally
	have done it right,   deserving to be free.

Being STRAIGHT For Jesus

Being Straight for Jesus!

Many brag that an “alternate lifestyle”
 is the thing to do!
They get excited about trying
 something that seems “new.”

Some like to talk about how they used to be “straight.”
I ask; “what’s going on here, for heaven’s sake?”

Since the beginning, God had one thing in mind.
He created a man and woman to start mankind.

He gave to each sex, distinct parts for a reason.
And commanded us
 to multiply for all seasons.

He gave mankind a purpose and a command.
Regarding HIS way of living,
 for each woman and man.

If being “straight,” seems to really bother you.
I pray the truth of God’s word will touch you!

Straight and narrow is the way to life everlasting.
I hope this answers questions, 
many may be asking.

God created us all with one purpose and goal!
Only his power can straighten our lives
 and make us whole!

By Jim Pemberton   03/04/14

Belonging Here

This is a rhupunt written for DISiDERATA's contest with the theme based on "you are a child of the universe, no more of less than the trees and the stars"

Body worship to God

Reach up tall. Stretch up high 
To touch the King of Kings 
Worship him as you raise your heads
To the king of every king 

Curl up small, bow the knee
Before the King of Kings 
Worship him upon your knees 
For all he is. And all he has done 

Reach your arms out wide 
To people that Christ will draw 
Show his love to every one 
Who walks upon this land 

Put your hands together in prayer 
Let your heart and spirit join 
Pray for the people who need a touch 
From a loving saviours hand 

Sit quietly before the Lord 
And in his presence rest 
Meditate upon his precious word 
And truly well be fed 

Run the race before you 
Feel Gods power within
Look to the goal at the end of life 
When he will lead us home 

Bridge of Sigh's-Deb's contest

 I can see it shining so brightly
So white against the Venetian skies
From which a last view is seen by some
As they kiss freedom goodbye

Just like my heart wavering on the brink
of happiness, pondering the yes and knows
The yes of wanting to float and not sink
The no of letting freedom go

It is nearly sunset the bells sound out as
the boatmen sing their songs
The sun is rapidly disappearing
they kiss and know they belong

Tradition is that a kiss at sunset 
Just as the sun goes down
Brings untold happiness
From that moment on

A local legend says that lovers will be granted eternal love and bliss if they kiss on a gondola at sunset under the Bridge of Sighs as the bells of St Mark's Campanile toll.[

Candlelight Flames pt 1

Candlelight Flames pt. 1

Strip me with your golden stare
Your golden eyes Your golden hair
Strip me naked in the rain
Dancing and Dancing ~ So beautiful you stand
Dancing and Dancing ~ Your love in my hand
Dancing and Dancing ~ Our love in the sand
This night last forever
Its never the same
Our last dance together 
As you burn ~
my Candlelight Flames
Your eyes held closed so tight
I'll swim in your OCEAN 
As you scream for me in God's name
Your love all scraped down my back
As you scream for me in God's name
up you and in you
and up you and in you
I choke you
Over and Over
and Over and Over ~ I choke you all Over
So helpless you stand
Your life in my hand
as I push you Over
~Your Crying Despair
Now it all just falls apart
Your arms around me
Just fall apart
So just Dance this Last Dance
as you choke in the sand
It all falls apart 
scraping God's name all down my back
Dancing this Dance
as you burn my
Candlelight Flames
   by Christian Alexander

Cyber real

Has the convenience of technology 
inoculated us from reality?
Do androids dream of electric sheep?
I pray the code my soul to keep?
Does your universe live within 4G
Or megapixel infinity?
Which memory lies within
The one that was
Or the one that's been
Or how much gig how much ram?
Which reality is true?
Cyber me
Or cyber you?
Cyber bully
Cyber crime
Cyber hate 
Cyber time?
Cyber boxer
Or cyber brief?
Who is the real identity thief?
Cyber pleasure
Cyber pain
Hours spent glaring into the screen
Choosing an alternate username.
Status updates and trending tweets
Fill your mind and rob your sleep.
Clever hashtags and Instagram 
Will shape your image and gain more friends.
Is the you you've shaped in cyberspace 
The same you I'd see face to face?
We hide behind our computer screens
And criticize with brutal ease.
Virtual reality
Is buying souls of men you see 
And robbing the ability to dream real dreams.
I want to conquer something real
That I can grab that I can feel.
I want to touch life and hold on tight
I want to unblock true friends
And "like" real sights.
I want conversation face to face
In real world time
In a real world place.

Defcon 4

Tonight the understaffed was overloaded with impatient calls n' flashing buttons buzzing the central core
I marathoned from room to room in frantic answer 
My vision rang from Rocky Horror, the Ringling Brothers to your flesh and blood side one nightmare slow breath 
It was as hyper-real as a whole sandwich in the pit of one mans mutant mouth moving in slo-mo 
As unreal as Pinocchio's carved hands, bleating on bloated bellies & rolling in dough 
& Then to watch one black pincht princess bolt up in her barred bed 
Her beady eagles on a bearded lady....disrobing article after article, In a constant beat beat repeating...Why did Daddy do it? 
Me...I'm just crossing my index to ring finger in hopes it will go away 
...It's countdown and 40 rooms seems too long to earth the same beds, woozy rooms, rising temperatures and more multiple people unbedded and tied to chairs 
Peace cannot be found here or in the hand of whitta-whitta whittering words 
Tonight under the full moon....she hangs on my whites-pleading for that abstract something, for cement feet to take on liquid answers. for one big black hole of understanding to scoop her vocals & make sense of her 
While the squirrel lady sobs deep into my back about some strange Pope filled room with bloody crucifixes and fervent praying hands 
She points to Uncle Sam up in his military sky-condemning me to another, just as  horrible war 
The delirium in this place multiplied the last straws of my sanity 
My finger really wanted to hail the waitress for the check... 
And why did that frothy mouth frighten me so? 
Why did the lady feel so cold ?
The very stiff yellow lady...
The realization screamed me out of the room and into the hall with vision of toe tags and body bags 
Paralyzed, shaking, buzzers-buzzing, callers calling. my feet running 
detonating the uranium in my head 
Where bad little Hiroshima's dance over the fence of my dreams 
Where the day after is possible …...
Can it be true …..
Is my shift over?....

(working in an Nursing Home with an 102.5 fever)


And when I learned that you died
How can I describe
The empty

You were my boxer in the night
Sparred with you 
About every aspect of

My secret tonic
Made everything
Feel alright
Got me through it all
All the frustrations
Disappointments of 

And when I learned that you died
How can I describe
The empty

We called each other friend
Even when
Our bodies came together
That single

That single 

And it felt so 
You made me feel
How can I describe 
The full

My life was full
When you laughed
It felt so full even
When you 

The times I was mean

And my body left
Your body
That single

And so we pretended 
We were just
In the end
We pretended

And now you’re 

And I can barely speak
Or write 
I can barely write

And there’s a quiet room
In my mind
Where your laughter
My innocent child

How can I describe
The Empty

How can I describe
The empty

How can I describe


Precious campfire,
Lapping the darkness.
Red and orange flames,
Lighting faces,
Sparking stories,
Kindling happy
For Joann Grisetti’s Shanzi contest


I love you deeply, yet with restraint
With loyalty and trust
Your form fit, for canvas and paint
But love is no impulse of lust

I love you softly, yet with passion
With tenderness and care
I hold you as would satin
To clouds I could compare

I love you truly yet with compassion
With honesty and pride
Right or wrong without hesition
I'll always take your side

I love you eternally, each breath
With contentment and peace
For I know that even in my death
This love shall never cease

I love you completely, with out bounds
With wonder, and desire
In your eyes my meaning found
For you've stolen my heart entire

Falling to Pieces

A crumb fell away from her
and landed on the floor.
When she stooped to pick it up,
it was followed by many more.