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Quote LeftI just want to tell you that this poetry site is amazing. I am a poet and a writer, And this site is cool. Keep up the good work. Quote Right

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I saw your smiling face today,
I'm glad when you I see.
I am not sure about your way,
How can I make us we.
I try my best to think things right,
And think I do OK,
But when I feel you in my sight
I'm sometimes sure to say
That as I'm thinking of you now,
I'm there inside you head,
Drawing, thinking you've seen how.
What was it that I said,
"Tell him that it may be so."
Tell me so that I will know.

Copyright © Wm Paul

Was our love passion or plight, or our love a passing in the night,
Was our love wrong or right, or our love, just dynamite,
Misunderstanding abandoning, relationship notwithstanding,
Or was I too commanding, when baby was so demanding,
Lonely life on memories plight, or was it the ships of the passing night,
And your ideas of my invites, that left me with my only right,
Different ships on different paths, glances chances but only finances,
When love was all and all romances, was left behind to circumstances,
Distant memories on life’s regrets, passing years of long upsets,
Thinking of the night we met, the could have but never yet,
Passing by and lonely cries, looking at my children’s eyes,
Seeing through and seeing you, that left my sadness as it grew,
Ships has passed they’ve lost their way, living life for another day,
Wondering what will be will be, if your ship would sail to me,
Crossing paths upon the seas, passing ships not meant to be,
Ocean depths passed by me, cruising by my long maybe,
Will one day you stop and see, turn around your sails for me,
Homeward bound across the sea, into the arms of my destiny,
Homeward bound ships at sea.

Wendy Jae Rycroft

Copyright © Wendy Rycroft

They said our love would never last-
They said it shouldn't be!
They said I wasn't right for you-
They said that you were wrong for me!

They said our love would never rise-
To the bottom it would drop!
Don't these people ever know 
When to give it up and stop??

They say!----Who are they?
They are lovers who've lost their love!
When love words are spoken
And hearts have been broken-
You understand what I speak of!

They say!----Who are they?
They have lost the glow of love's light-
And they must endure 
The heartache for sure
Of our love's truly magical sight!

They said our dreams would be nightmares-
They said the light of our love 
Would be dark!
They said I was just wasting my time
And for new love you'd soon depart!

You know, they say a lot of things
But it's really quite clear to see-
When love breaks your heart
And walks out your life-
You become one of "them" easily!

I say love is a wondrous thing-
When we have it we stand and grow tall!
Without it the light of our lives is quite dim-
And we don't want to see it at all!

So take your own chance for love in your life-
It'll work and one day you'll say-
I'm glad I'm no longer one of them,
But tell me something-

Copyright © Walter T. Ashe

My Lonely Child

I heard a mother poet say
My fertile fragile thought today
Is like my baby born too soon
Naked under electric moon
Word maternal its under glass
So my poem has had to pass.

And I must stand by a window
And I must look calmly somehow
As others touch my lonely child.

Copyright © Wallace Du Temple

My roots are strong stemming from bridges and scaffolds that embody the strength of a spirit Gracefully swaying in the wind
Dancing to a tune
Adjusted tempo to a rise and fall 
I move to the beat 
Battered and bruised 
Soles of my feet
Walked a thousand miles to stare at defeat
Gazing passed moving forward on this concrete
Lightning speed on this track
I twirl till I'm dizzy
Mind on rewind gyrating differently
Masquerading within realism 
Beats from a bongo 
Dancing to this mambo 
My heart races to chance 
So I dance 
All night 
Till I see the sunlight

Copyright © Tiffany Diaz

Promises of Peace

I've seen many old strong heads to which age is beautiful
Grace of youth is all beyond; they have all been strangely quiet,

Soundless, health and also integrity is known to the full
Strangely enough they've been in life well tempered by it.

Alas there walks a young man has not slept his years are at war
So of foreign and civil but seems like the formers worse,

But now the old can breathe now in safety the are
They have forgotten what youth meant; nor has being perverse.

Then the fools running the gauntlet alas getting cut
Of the five sense by whips and especially by me,

I wish to live a long, so very long as if it were but
For all in good trades in those fevers tranquility.

Been thinking as though of entire and of sweet in the grave
How shall the dead taste the all-inclusive deep treasure they have.

Written: 11/21/14
Theresa Marie

Copyright © Theresa CW

At peace, I lay
and hear you say
that all will be okay.
But it’s a lie,
‘twixt you and I,
for I am soon to die.
Yes, I am soon to die.

At peace, I lay
This final day
You know I cannot stay.
It’s time to fly
into the sky,
my love, our last goodbye.
This is our last goodbye.

At peace, I lay
I’ll look away
while fervently you pray.
You’ll heave a sigh,
I’ll wipe your eye,
then hold you ‘til I die.
I’ll hold you ‘til I die.

Please hold me ‘til I die.

Copyright © The Grahamburglar

Is there bitter defeat in victory,
or fulfilling victory in defeat?
What has oft been the fate in history,
for the oppressed to survive in retreat.
What is a conquest without a reward,
but a fleeting moment of existence,
when battle’s consequences are ignored,
with zealous lust claiming no resistance.
The weak become strong, standing day by day
without faltering under temptations,
wherein the strength of the strong fades away,
falls over, under eager sensations.

Strong become the ones who go through love’s pain,
victorious; with endless love to gain.

T.J Grén

Copyright © Teppo Gren

Shells Unique, beautiful Laying chaotically scattered Silently shining in exquisiteness Jewels

Copyright © Shane Cooper

Live each day as if it is your very last one,
 do the things you dream of today, for
 tomorrow never comes or you get too old.
 Grab each and every opportunity you meet.

Look back often yet always move forward
 learning as you go through life.
 Put regrets far behind you they are done,
 most can not be undo however much you wish.

Cut out the sad and the bad embrace instead
 joy in the little things like a beautiful flower.
 Smile at others as you pass them by, spread 
 your warmth of spirit and enrich others.

Lift your face up to the sun and bask
 in the heat of its life giving rays.
 Enjoy the mysteries of the night
 and the magic cast by the moon.

Think life is good and you will be filled
 with contentment and happiness.
 Never scowl why waste the time?
 Life is far to short to hold a grudge.

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton

A Tyrant's Respondent

If a tyrant has no power;
then tease him.
If he has few followers;
then mock them.
If a tyrant's men try usurpation;
then slaughter them.
And when he is elected;
then escape as far away,
as you can flee;
leaving friends, family, appointments, property.
The only way to save your life is to leave it behind.
Most importantly is to leave immediately!
Those whom don't see what you see,
die.  So most pertinently 
leave behind that sentimentality.
That is how to deal with tyranny.

Copyright © Seth Diamond

His life now just an existence
Without her nothing makes sense
His mind is conflicted
He wants her back in his arms
He would never let her go again
But without him
She is happy
He knows
The thought makes him cry

Her smile haunts him
Her laughter now mocks him
The memory of her face burns him deep inside
He wants her in his arms once more
To relish her perfect body and kiss her soft lips 
He is scarred
Without her nothing makes sense

Copyright © Sarah Bryant

Surrender makes the Heart at ease
when the heart  is on over load and can’t be pleased
Though life is full of much disgrace
I turn the other cheek and give my face
A sweet surrender to be heard
A sweet surrender to the hurt
I give my everything to you
Although my everything is used
Who will be the one to change this pain?
When there's nothing to be gained
My load so heavy -my soul so weak
I toss and turn and smell defeat
But I will wait  for mercy to pour down
One day I will win back my crown
I surrender it all for this is not my home
A Sweet surrender to be heard
A sweet surrender to the hurt
I give my everything to you
 For I know one day I will be made brand new.....

Copyright © Sandi Hoot

if we were to share time, 
lets strip the walls of
our shivering, jaded words -

with eloquence, it empowers us
when we are vulnerable 
and our tears connect dots once lost -

the floor with shards, ache further travel
the vanity, fabric voice, cold hands
knit distant lullabies, whence
the darkness once hailed.

seconds fly like paper planes -
montages of scars layer cake
upon cake, and candle upon
candle to the silence of a single chair.

if we were to share time
heart to sound, our tones 
unadulterated, embrace our sighs - 

with truth, even the murky dilutes -
speak without walls…

Copyright © Sami Al-khalili

Waiting to enrich
a memory worn soulful
Woven love embark

A Raul Moreno Contest

Copyright © Rick Parise

I feel the cold
Flowing from the mountains
pushing the last breath of summer aside

Eyes are feasting
The leaves are starting to die
Who knew death had such amazing colors

Sadness creeps in
Yesterday or the day before
Wasn't the sun shining with summer glory?

Acceptance comes
Enjoying the remaining light
I look up to watch Ducks flying South

Maybe I'm crazy
I love this fall season
Winter please don't arrive early this year

I was going to enter A New Dream but it had to many lines.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux

So… during basketball season… our manager, Anna,
             would sit by me on the bench.

After Christmas, 
I told her about Nana drawing with charcoals. 
I told her about how I wanted to buy her charcoals 
             so she would draw again. 
I told Anna about how Nana won’t draw anymore 
             because she used to draw…
                          when Papa was sick. 

             (I was telling Anna all of this because she likes to draw
             and mentioned she likes charcoals the best)……..
 	           All that being said…

Anna gave me the most beautiful charcoal drawing 
            of a basketball on a wooden floor.
It is framed and really big. 
You can tell that she put time into it 
            and really wanted it to be pretty. 
When I opened it in class today, 
            I was so surprised…… 
                           and told her it was beautiful. 

She smiled at me and said, 

            “I drew that because of the story you told 
             me about your grandma.”

I bawled like a little kid. 

Just that the story would influence her, and 
              inspire her to draw that for me. 

It is awesome.

I had forgotten that we even talked about drawing……. 
             She didn’t. 
                            That story meant something to her.

 And that is why people teach.

Copyright © Ray Dillard

Initially the rich built big houses,
The poor whatever they afford.
Materials differ in both cases
Completing the project made a 
difference too!

But today's wise women took charge of that,
Building liberally what they could afford.
Using materials, man-power too,
These wise women went the metallic way!

Though this in not for everyone,
It proudly shows how some liberated women,
Refused to sit and let time go by!

Don't call them rich, don't call them poor;
The term should be "Women Liberated",
Especially if they live alone!

And so now view these metal cans,
As well adorned shipping containers too,
I couldn't help but share them with you!

Copyright © Rainbow Promise

Here I rest, a rusting hulk
Alone, aloof, within my bulk
The hiss of steam within my veins
The pistons pulling at the reins
Mere memories now of a loyal life
Now round my rivets rust is rife
No clank of coal, no whistle shout
No churning wheels, no water spout
Now rust flakes fast to line my grave
Where only leaves and litter pave
This epitaph to a faithful slave
And don't deny I served you well
Yet now condemned within my cell
Of rusted rails that bind me fast
Those guiding hands of days long past
When smells of grease and hissing steam
Echoed gleams and children's screams
As stones and steel rushed past my head
Now tears of rain make up this bed
A burial cloak for a servant laid
To rest and rust in romance dead



Chocolate I do love You,

I do, I do, I do, I do,

I eat you almost every day,

I can’t live without You, no way,

I don’t smoke, and I don’t drink,

You just look at me from the shelves and appear to wink,

Dark chocolate, milk or even white,

I sink my teeth into You, and take a bite,

Yet I still have managed to loose 42lbs,

By not keeping You out of bounds.

Copyright © pat dring