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Winter Night

Tis a desolate winter night.
Not a single star in sight.

Not a moon or drop of light.
Deep in winters coldest bite.

No movement, not a single breeze.
Not the smallest hope to seize.

Some say I made my own selection.
That is not my recollection.

We all must deal with what we're given.
Matters not which way we're driven.

At first you think your path is clear.
Then change occurs as fate draws near.

The path you chose becomes so blurry.
Now you must begin to worry.

Of this path you've had your fill.
Down your spine runs such a chill.

Can't go back you must move on.
Now feeling you're but someone's pawn.

Telling you it was your choice.
Knowing you had not a voice..

Each step you take becomes a burden.
It's not the way of that you're certain.

Alone and lost in blackest night.
Pushing on you've gotta fight.

Is there someone who will give aid?
I think not I am afraid.

Though our paths may cross sometime.
We walk along just like we're blind.

We stumble on no one around.
Hoping that we can be found.

Life is such a lonely place.
With all the horrors we must face.

Death of a Muted Heart

I muted my Heart. To shut off my Brain. I did it all. To numb the Pain. Why Love, when it Hurts. Why Feel, when it Burns. My Soul Bleeds. My Stomach Churns. My Blood runs Cold. My Breath Dies. Why should I Grow Old? My Time moves Slow. Why won't it Hurry. The Lights Fade. My Vision is Blurry. Why Sleep? It Never Ends. I Awake. To Die Again.

Cycle of life

There is someone,
writhing in pain,
longing to speak to you,
for once, again,

Fifty one years 
lost sorrows to gain,
Life did start,
All over again,

He was your  inspiration,
You were his gem,
up until,
the day of reckoning came,

In you mantle, stood four men,
crafted with hands in a distant continent,
that your father had brought,
along with the pain

Dreadful thought
of parting again
Life took different paths,
different ways it went

Until the day it converged again

My Sunshine

I love you now more than ever ,
For you mean the world to me ,
I love everything about you ,
I'll search around the world for thee .
Your smile is so inviting ,
Your kisses are so divine ,
I want to hold you in my arms ,
And bring you safely home .
Whenever I am near you ,
I shake like a willow tree ,
The stars above shine brighter ,
Cause you belong to me.
The Ocean's wave in unison ,
They want to drag you in ,
But I am here to save you ,
" True Love' is from within.
I'm waiting by the window ,
Letting the sun shine in ,
Will you be there for me my dear ,
Together and without sin .

My Best Friend

I had nowhere to turn, had nowhere to go, this is just something ,I think you need to know! I don't know what made me trust you, I still remember the day, when I told what I had been through! I thought, I should jump off, or go hide in a hole, but then I followed whatever you told!
As each day grew longer, my trust became stronger! Each time I wanted to cry, you stayed there right by my side!
Then I moved to the twelfth grade, I was really afraid, that my trust would slowly fade, But I was very wrong, the bond is still strong!
Even Though you don't have time, you atleast ask me if I am fine! You are just seen for a while,with your contagious smile! And then you walk away and you are out of sight, I smile and then things are alright!
I am so glad,that only you were there when I was sad! You are the one on whom I can always depend, And this is what makes you...MY BEST FRIEND

my infactuation my preoccupation

I'm so in to you do I get through to you 
I want you so bad ....its driving me mad 
But then I think to myself 
I want this to last ......cause you the best I've ever met.....and I don't want to ruin this just yet.....cause the feeling I get with you is bliss.,.,,,,,,,you just know when its the one......those days of frustration and loneliness just fade away and just seem to be all of a sudden done.....those days when nothing seems to go right.....and all those empty nights....just disappear when ever you are near. 
I'm sorry I have doubt ....I'm feeling the strain 
This is so hard on my brain...feels like I'm going insane  
But sitting with you makes it all worthwhile  
Isn't obvious I want to be with you 
I love to see you makes my life worthwhile 
I'm so into do I get you...i want you so bad...its driving me just know .when its the one......those days of frustration and loneliness just fade away and just seem to be all of a sudden done.....those days when nothing seems to go right.....and all those empty nights....just disappear when ever you are near 
It feels so right when were together....and I don't think things can get better....but then you smile at me and that gets me .....and that's what gets me through the day......making everything ok.......when I see your makes me melt..  .never mind what's going on below my belt......i only hope that you feel the same way about me ......that would be the  star on my Christmas tree you just know when its the one......those days of frustration and loneliness just fade away and just seem to be all of a sudden done.....those days when nothing seems to go right.....and all those empty nights....just disappear when ever you are near

Expression and Desire

To paint as well as a photograph is incomprehensible.
This is true for people who cannot complete such a task.
For those who do, 
it is a talent beyond treasure.
A photographic memory is enviable.
Even to perceive reality in its purest form is talent, 
something more than practical.

Looking at a painting of a woman, she is beautiful.
Beautiful in paint, beautiful in reality, there is desire for dreamers.
To dream reality, to have pure beauty at reason’s command 
is a practice and an obsession. 
Lighted from upper left, this woman stands with back toward light, 
head turned in semi profile, 
her right hand held out, and left fingers resting below her shoulder.
She wears a white silken toga with a gold clasp 
resting on her right shoulder.
Her dark red hair is pulled back into a tail 
held with a black bow, it hangs to her mid back.
Her skin could be described as pale, but holds a healthy glow, 
a perceptible color of an awareness of out of doors, but not extensive, 
not enough to show a desire for attention. 
She looks directly at the painter with her right eye, 
the other, shadowed behind an exquisite nose with a shallow curve.
Her lips are neither thin nor broad.
They are two inviting cushions owned by her assertive expression.
She is aware of artistry and sex.
She knows the difference.
The rouge of her cheek is perfect.
It is guessed whether she or another has artistically placed such color.
Draping of material, her toga and a covering, 
hanging from her right elbow and around her waist, 
is depicted in curved and gradual shadow.
Her finger nails are short and leave a viewer to imagine her touch 
with skin so skillfully painted at her finger tips.

Static Perseverance

All he can see is at the end of a pencil,
Sedated by a 3 inch piece of lead,
Self-portraits are of only a stencil,
A picture stains the paintings in his head,

How far does the land go beyond the window?
Far enough to see the end of the day.
And does the bird fly as far as the wind blows?
Far enough to find a warm nest to lay.

Her ears scorched by the sound of scorn,
Laughter tears and turns tears to her eyes,
Bows to down into the form as to which she was born,
And dreams of dissolving into a dawning sky,

How numb I have become only known by numeric?
Taught only in the trenches of comparison.
How cold the hand grows held up in hysteric?
Endure and you’ll ensure your end, my son.


Called to me… before 
…Ever had a chance


…Left its mark on me.
Claiming my soul as its own
Snuffing that glorious spark 
That never grew.

Leaving nothing left
For this world 
But a hollow vessel
That this world 
Has filled with sorrow.

Don't Worry

Don't Worry

When you feel that your back is against the wall and there's no soldiers around and your other half is nowhere to be found 

Don't Worry

When you feel that the higher educational hierarchy has failed you and society persuasion is all around you

Don't Worry

When you help others but no help in return

Don't Worry

When the ones you thought was for you is actually against you

Don't Worry

When your down to your last 

Don't Worry

One thing you should know- is that you are never alone because the ancestors are always with you 
In reality- we're just living off spirits. 
Conquer demons, trample the beasts, and elevate your kundalini to the crown chakra because 


Use the herbs for assistance; 
because the herbs are for the healing of the Nation 
Genesis to Revelations
Use the ancestral energy for it is protection
I said use the ancestral energy for it is guidance
I am and old soul in a young body living off of everlasting energy
Life is never over

Fight like a warrior 
Rule like a King
Analyze Decisions and Options like a Queen 
Flow like water sting like a bee and move like gods
Bless. 1Love. 


There’s something hidden in a soul that’s aching Giving strength to a heart that’s breaking Search for the reality Find your destiny Set your heart ~ Free ~ Tear apart every chain you see Be someone you're proud to be When you find it, there’s no mistaking There’s something hidden in a soul that’s aching
©2/12/2015 For Andrea's "Invented Form" contest

In time

In time, shall I find peace of mind?
Settled in me, shall be the currents of mine life.
Will I have successfully ridden the wave of my life fulfilled?
The unending question of which I shall know only then.
Then, shall I have peace of mind?

all that is real

Poetry in motion, words make the picture
Mix soul in writt potions, potent concoctions.

Let the brave stand in the way of this freight
Let it smash into your being 
You need not be afraid

Only the cowardly fear truth, bright as headlights 
A sign that my potions is pure, pure enough for our consumption
My potions is true, my potions is truth

And life is long sleep, lies cover your eyes peel away the sheets
''Reality'' is a fleeting illusion, all that's real is me
And you.
If not then we are but self-imprisoned.


A blind man fell into a pit
In a public garden in Tougan
Can I pull you out? 
Shouted a passer-by
No! He shouted and screamed and lamented;
I prefer starving to death in this pit.
Why not jump out and save your life?
No! B’cos I have loved without obtaining love.
Don’t you know Mr. Blind man! 
That Love is blind?
Yes! Love is blind,
But the blind is not loved.
So I have chosen intentionally 
To end my life in this pit,
When he was rescued by the police
He cursed and promised to kill the constable
Who pulled and forced him out.
This blind man,
Is a crazy blind man of Tougan.


jeopardy from death
clinging to life with straws
a cross to bear

Finding My Heart

Sometimes it makes me wonder,
Why is there no one for me to surrender.
Why being so intense has created trouble,
Why there is no one to make complicated thing subtle.

I wonder from being  
that  will my future be my present as now as I am swing.
No hearts to share,
It is something I would give a dare
Standing for someone  loving the only one
Is something I found in fairytails,
But in reality no one cares.

Oh heartless people!
Oh superficial creatures
Listen to the call of our heart,
Because there is someone who needs you from start.

Sometimes I wonder,
Why there is no one for me to surrender?
Has life made us wild?
Is there is only selfishness for what we do strive?
If there are feathers then why do we need knives

If there is love then how do I find none,
I see it is taken for granted by some.
I am in sorrow ,
Waiting for the love of tommorow,
Keeping my heart alive for the only one.
For the little crystal of love which I only want.