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A Deceptive Poem

We deceive and we fib,
To fulfil a desire.
We tell ourselves
We aren’t really a liar.

We might be afraid
Of what others suspect,
Of being exposed
As mentally wrecked.

We might be afraid
Of being detected,
But every lie leaves
Us more disconnected.

From peace, trust , and friends
From people and repute.
Lies leave us aware
We are filling with guilt.

So don’t white lie, don’t fib.
Don’t deceive nor distort.
Since when all is done,
It’s to the mirror you report.

Copyright © Lewis Raynes | Year Posted 2016

A Perfect Evening

Curtains, partially open
at six in the evening,
as the faint evening sun rays
pierce through my window,
as I take coffee
while listening to jazz,
is what I would call
a perfect evening!

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2016

A Poem For Amends

  So now it's my turn to admit you were right.
    Why do I always miss?
I don't think I'll ever understand what is right.
  So now it's my turn to admit I was wrong.
    I'm getting used to this.

I'm amazed that you can put up with, 
  all the faults that are mine.
I don't seem to be worthy,
  of a single minute of your time.

I always find a way to make it up to you.
Sometimes with a romantic verse or two.
  "I'm in love with just the thought of you.
  Your heart is my only home,
  The best I have ever known."


Copyright © Angel Garcia | Year Posted 2016

Against Fate Until Together We Are United In Love

Though I've yet to gaze on your perfect face
or hear the sound of your sweet, gentle voice,
the thought of you enkindles my embrace
of our sure union in spite of Fate's choice. 
I oft' envision your resplendent image,
to fondly picture an angelic vision
of you—a cherub with divine carriage
and a fluorescent halo that's so golden.
I am most in love with the thought of you,
that yet not e'en the spans of space and time 
can thwart our meeting when our love means two—
I thus love you through this undying rhyme.
     So abide with patience by trusting this—
     that before long we'll ne'er another miss. 

Copyright © Ngoc Nguyen | Year Posted 2014

All The World's A Stage

All The World's A Stage
You'd better believe it

Each Act encompasses
daily excursions circumstantially

transversing through eternity.
Conversations encompass

realms of performances
pestered with dalliances

circumventing stratospheres.
You surmise it's

not a dream,
but utopian reality

as you project your image
into telescopic

Karmic repercussions
drifting through sequential

blockade of hurdles
terminating serenity.

Peacefulness serenades auras
of dancing mistruths

utilized to perfection
under lights.

You take a final bow,
go to sleep.

Copyright © Frank Sheehan | Year Posted 2016


        After playing Santa,
     and everyone's asleep,
       all that's left to do is
  acquire some chilled eggnog
along with smoooooth bourbon...
       add'em together and
   await Christmas morning.

   Andrea's "My Merry Christmas Party Pleiades Poetry Contest - Edited".

Copyright © Mark Massey | Year Posted 2016

Angels Pallet

Welcoming warm Spring breezes,


angels souring high,

watching ice caps quiver,

water delivered, 

waters fall with reckless a band,

with vibrant goals in command,

inept to describe,

shear beauty that lies,

picturesque beauty thrives,

"painters pallet" pales,

what Mother natures unveils,

enriching our souls,

such grand beauty at her hand,

the yoke that stokes,

the binding bestows,

enshrines the vibrant Valley below. 

cop. Part one.

Copyright © Edward Snyder | Year Posted 2014


Oh yeah, notes slip through slack guitar
Strummed by long lean brown fingers
Head bent down, hat askew, cigarette burning-- hanging on your lips
Words play across the smoke through burning ash
Soft hard words of love hot and love cold
In joints where peeling paint never gets finished
Where the river runs across itself every spring 
Your house on stilts waits for it to go home-
Home where you can’t go, home you left a long time ago-
Now you sing for tips in a local juke joint --
A place where night is welcome, 
A place where heat don’t go white hot-
Down that turn in the road
Inside those rusting gates
Your last blues song patiently waits
For that final ash to drop,
For you to come home –-

Copyright © alex j stokas | Year Posted 2015

Autumn Sonnet

The solar perigree is all too brief,
departure signalled by the falling leaf,
bright colours in their duller Autumn hue
can glisten in the early morning dew.

November mists obscure the rising dawn
as coldness primed with frost welcomes the morn,
and sometime lingers into early night
with damp, translucent, eerie demi-light.

Some random days remind of Summer's call
to warm the country lane and urban sprawl,
their brevity prologues advancing cold,
already settling in, the Winter mould.

The visusl beauty drifts as shifting sand,
inexorably, just as Nature planned.

Copyright © Mike Roberts | Year Posted 2013

Autumn's Blush

It's October now;
the air seems somewhat cooler
than my thoughts, yet, I can feel
the warmth in the breeze as it kisses
the trees.
They're turning slightly red
as I did, and am now, in remembering
when our lips first met.

It won't be long now
till they undress;
all good things fall
naked beneath covers of white.
Soon they'll reach out in anticipation
and feel the first few flakes of innocence
covering them deep within layers of thought.

They'll be less red then,
and more at ease in their nakedness
as they breathe deeper.

The wind's changing pitch again,
it's rising high in the hills,
falling low through the valley below.
I can feel it shifting with my thoughts
as I pull back the layers of my own mind.
It's no longer cool, this air, but rather warm
as it mingles your scent with memory, this day.

It's October, yet, I wonder,
will I too fall naked
and less red before autumn's passing?

The wind is calm right now,
it's pausing, but it's still October
and the trees are still slightly red
although I, I am more autumn-like
than they, in my remembering.

Copyright © Sandra Adams | Year Posted 2012

Before She Goes Away

Before She Goes Away 

Here she comes again that long lost summer bold 
unfolding slow before the richly leaves of gold 
the butterflies are dancing in the trees 
tilting wings and dancing in the breeze 
I long to take my fill of her before she goes away  

I want to feel the grass and wear my bright red keds  
it’s time to put away the meds  
and spend the night outside beneath the stars 
far away from traffic and the cars 
I long to take my fill of her before she goes away  

She leaves me with the scent of jasmine in my Rose  
and dances to and fro without impose   
inside my special garden every ray 
reminds me of her happy say  
I long to take my fill of her before she goes away 

Mystic Rose 
April 15, 2014

Copyright © Mystic Rose | Year Posted 2015

Bittersweet Bliss

It's strange how ten years doesn't seem so long ago, when I saw you running past that shady oak. At first I thought, you can't believe every boy you see might be the one, when a quarter of your life isn't even done.

But I still remember when we were face to face, standing under God's good grace. We were so young, and I used to be fun. You loved me and you didn't even know it yet.

Now ten years later here I am, trying to put back together what we had again. I die more every day not knowing how much more I can take of this. It's killing me, this bittersweet bliss.

Four years feels like yesterday, when you broke my heart since you went away. I pushed you too far and so slow, I guess I never believed that you would really go.

I can see myself in twenty years, still trying to fight back these tears. I know I must sound so crazy, but honestly your love did a lot more than phase me. I guess now I will have to live with all of this, it's still killing me, this bittersweet bliss.

Written and posted on April 4th, 2016
By: Michelle Corbin

Copyright © Michelle Corbin | Year Posted 2016

Blazing truth

Long in the tooth
eyes growing dim
in the age of my life 
Shadows creep in
between all work 
no time to play

Consumed by your game
in snatched wisdom
playing the violin
Pulling on the cords
played me 
like a fool

Forked the tongue spits 
wings of an angel fell
Truth walks in lying 
saying you never 
really loved me sad 

Opening the door
not even caring
Broken wings bring
darkness armed
and dangerous 
filled with hate 

Blew the heart 
into so many pieces
told afterwards
Finding out truth
been having an affair

Doing overtime
made me foolish believing 
sleeping with the boss
Blamed it on me
cowards way out

Do I look stupid as well
Shot down
in your blaze of glory
by your very 
own brother
uncovered the lie 

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2013


He should desire a verse of lost day past
while time enough was free to have enough,
When pace and life led more to mean but fast
as Simon said to simply breathe a puff.

To love and be less reckless with his heart,
Speak not of sin nor breach of true love’s spring,
Complete the bond not pressed akin to part
as forced to split amoebas’ kiss must sting.

He must observe his one true Master plot,
His growth less err forgone fulfills defense,
An age to find a soulmate’s breath he sought,
Their fit from Simon’s game of simple sense.

The dream of love begins with one shared breath,
The test of love whilst joined hearts beat ‘til death.
Form:  Shakespearean (English) Sonnet
Written: 06/15/2016

Copyright © Jesse Day | Year Posted 2016

Bugs n' Barrels

When the bugs in the bottom of a barrel of mash
consume all of the sugar and puke out all of that alcohol,
their civilization dies;
not because they consumed too much sugar
or puked up too much alcohol,
but because they  multiplied far beyond
the ability of the barrel to sustain them.
Finding another barrel
doesn't solve anything.

Copyright © Francis J Grasso | Year Posted 2016

But Bob's Not Here

The blossoms are so beautiful this year **,
but Bob's not here.
The birds are singing sweetly in the trees,
and all around me is a gentle breeze,
but Bob's not here.

My hero battled bravely to the end,
fighting for three long years a cancer rare,
inspired his family and all his friends,
and even strangers happening to be there.

His heart grew larger as he suffered on,
The Lord was truly with him all the way,
and with the ups and downs that surely come,
God's blessings were so evident each day.

Every time I heard a certain song,
his wedding dance song, "The Wind Beneath My Wings",
it touched my broken heart so tenderly,
reminding me that God is in all things.

So many beautiful stories I could tell,
of all the daily blessings that were there,
And, even now, my soul is comforted,
remembering God's goodness, I can share,

"God heals the brokenhearted" is so true,
Each day live thinking you have just this day,
to live upon this earth, so live it well,
The past is gone, tomorrow may not come,
And God is with us in the here and now.

** 2013

Arlene Binner

Copyright © Arlene Binner | Year Posted 2017

Call dropped

can't really reach You
everything is
our old arguments 
as well
just  drop away
naked fear left behind
 strangling your mind
normality already
 a thing of the past
I  am not sure
 when it happened 
crept up slow and stealthy
this drawn out 
not knowing
 when my cameo role 
in your heart 
will fade away 
to nothing

Copyright © April Johnson | Year Posted 2016

Chasing the Wind

Dating nowadays is like chasing the wind,
Looking for that one special friend.
They are young and they are old, and most like to yack.
But for the most part, I would like to throw them all back. 
There’s, eHarmony, and Christian mingle,
All claiming to be the greatest thing if you are single.
It is what it is, but from now on before I court,
I will be getting the handy background report.

Copyright © Brenda McGrath | Year Posted 2016