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You're my lady, made for me

You're my lady, made for me!


I swear to you there could never ever be!
In this whole world, as far as I could see!
Someone else who could be my soulmate!
Except you, most precious gift of my fate!
Before we even met, I had known you forever!
Since times began, we had been apart never!
From nothing, you changed me to everything!
My queen of hearts, just with you I am a king!
You are my world, you're the love of my life!
You are my sweetheart, O my prettiest wife!
Let me yet once more get down on my knee!
To say you are my lady, who is made for me! 


Witness Statement

As I watched,
like a lion with its prey
the wave growled and snarled
while crouching, preparing to pounce.
Rushing up the sloping shingle beach,
it reached out and dragged pebbles
down into its lair.

I heard
the rasping raking of the beach tumbling
pell-mell and headlong into the sea
and saw
stones spewed out as leftovers
in the next cold wave of grey water,
breaking in trails of white foam
along the coastline.

I watched
the wind-blown spray
and the black clouds over grey water
threatening and evil;
a wave rose, a hooded cobra
striking the rocks of the breakwater
before devouring them.

I listened
to the plaintive cries of
a young herring gull high above the sea,
blown sideways by the gale.

full twenty feet from the shore
the black-clad cormorant sat securely smug
on a post, the predator’s perch.
A swift, triumphant swoop filled his beak with supper
and I watched as he flew away.

Who knows

i asked you whether i was worthy of your love
you looked at me with eyes i wished i had the talent to decipher
those same eyes staring at me all these years
for always a solid 5 seconds no more

you asked me what was wrong
i’m just curious i answered
you smiled and said
who knows?

Who Am I

who am i
does anyone 

who am i
does anyone

i know lots of people
but i have
no real friends

i chat, laugh
and sympathize-
but it's all pretend

when left alone
with moments 
to ponder

i look inside
and try hard
to find

the real me
my essence
the me left behind

i'm ashamed 
to admit
i'm ashamed to say

the real me
is buried
deeply packed away

i waited 
too long
to unpack myself

that myself
is long gone
and i'm just a mess

White Out

In twenty fourteen, I'm in a space between
My twenties and thirties
Sitting on the dream that life will eventually
Mean something spectacular to me

In my washed out city town,
Its taught me a smile is irrelevant to a frown
We work until we sleep,
Opening ours eyes to dream

I'd leave the nest but I'm not ready yet,
I'm a yellow bird in a city of pigeons,
Lifting my dreams high, look at my vision
Sorry grandma, momma -- I'm not dying in the kitchen

The city hits dusk and I'm still not ready yet
I'm a little yellow bird swollen with pride, oh my
Please, I don't want to die for dreaming my dreams
And cresting on public steam to complete my beliefs
Draw a list of attention we all should receive

Can you blame this bird for trying to seethe
With society consistently oppressing - "stop, desist!"
In a blatant disregard to my political belief
Totalitarian Canadian society, we could dream,
Bleed and scream success in a world driven by make believe.

when im dead and gone

when i'm dead and gone; 
i'll be the wounds on your wrists, and i'll be the sketchy marks that reminds you how 
the blood was touching your skin when you thought you couldn't feel. 
i'll be the broken bottle next to your bed & i'll be the wine on the floor slipping through 
the cracks, searching for an escape. 
i'll be the red rose in a black vase standing in your living room, standing lonely, resting. 
resting in devotion, resting in the moonlight while my leaves are dying slowly. 
i'll be the cooling breeze blowing through your beautiful blonde elegant hair while the 
red sky is speaking passion & beauty. 
i'll be the sadness in your smile, but most of all; 
when i'm dead and gone, i'll be the joy at the center of your being knowing that my 
soul will live on forever and ever, in the good and the bad, and i'll be there, every 
to kiss you awake with the sounds of nature and gentle sensation when the first rays of 
sun touches your skin.
and you'll apreciate me, for all that i am.

War waits for no man

War waits for no man
No man such as I...
Time once again for battle dress
And a railway station good bye.

For many fought and died beneath
A vast universe full of suns...
The casualties the ground absorbs
Amid the noisy raging guns.

War waits for no man
No men such as us...
100 years ago they believed
But since then we've lost trust.

Since '45 there's been no end of hate
And conflict everywhere...
Soldiers defend the nation state
And go to places we don't dare.

War waits for no man
No man such as I...
Wander off into the oncoming fog
There's no hope... but to try...

7th August 2014.


i wittnessed a war just yesterday,
being the reason for much dismay,
i'm sorry for all the death and blood,
and all the soldiers in the mud,
i wish i could stop it just can't be done,
i'll need everybody including a nun,
i'll need jesus to forgive our sins,
that knock us down like bowling pins,
i'll need everybody to read this poem,
in hopes that all the soldiers get back home.

Two Flowers

"Two Flowers" 
by :Sarrah Blaylock
i was walking along a sunny path one bright and summer morn ,when two flowers i did stop to adore 
they were small flowers but healthy none the less ,i came in the morning when they looked their best 
i came back everyday to watch those flowers grow none understood why i would do so, but in my company those flowers grew as if of my presence they rightly knew 
but one dark and gloomy day i came to the grass where i would lay and in the grass on that day i saw one of the flowers had gone away , the once bright and happy flower on the right was now dark and lacking life 
she missed her once best friend she thought he'd be there till the end 
the next day i came back hoping the flowers smile had come back but to my dismay i discovered the flower hadn't wanted to stay
she felt she couldn't go on now both the flowers are forever gone 
gone away leaving me with a good bye i still wanted to say , one stolen by the sharp knife of a short life ,one taken by their own strife and the world's lack of compassion 
now that path is lonelier than any mind can fashion because back ago not very long both of those flowers became forever gone


To get lost in the world’s everlasting trance 
Rarely moving, afraid you’ll miss a second glance
Amazed by all the sights that you see
Venturing to any place makes you feel free
Eloquent the old cities will always stay
Love for traveling can never be washed away

To A Friend

My friend, falling in love is only the start not the end, your feelings are hurt but they are 
something time can mend, If you need any, my help is here to lend.

Love is full of joy and sorrow, emotions that hurt even more tomorow, but you've got to put 
on a happy face, no need to hurry, go at your own pace.

people will come and go, life is fast but love is slow.
Take your time my friend, because when she's here you'll just know.

Dont be sad, there will be many more, put away your pains and close the door.

The Waterway

Riddles twisting through the scalps,
Trace the paths that wind about
Pouring out through the watery spout
Like waterfalls, inside and out
Possessed by a madness,
Sadness reaps my every thought
Isolated by my shadow, I’m laying in the dark
And the river flows faster as the ferry embarks,
Behind brown eyes, find a crimson spark
As your prayer begins,
He seeks the mark of a sin,
Let the silver sink in,
Embracing your skin
And while every breath escapes from your heart,
You ask him, “What makes thee force my depart?”
With a love so strong, “Till death do us apart”
Day after day, this phrase you’d impart.
But when all control is powered by a fiend,
Darkness meets light, and the two are convened.
The passion of one causes will to concede,
Even when sacrifice compels thee to bleed.
And nothingness gathers to deliver me downward
Live amongst souls, and regret begins to shower
Blind to your ravenous taste to devour
From the day we began, you’ve dwelled within power
But confusion arouses where you don’t understand
I continue to love you, beyond my command
Dare you to rid me, you think that you can
But I’ll linger in this stream, from now till your end.

The Ten Commandments of Self-Sabatoge at Work -try to avoid

1O. Shut your trap to avoid any flap
9. Do not be overly fraught by "conventional thought" (dinosaurism)
8. Know how to deal with Soylent Green People 
7. Stuff your ideas and different views-tip toe on the softest of shoes
6. Paperwork and procedure (I know) one can't bumble...doing so will make ya really humble
5. That being said, just go with the herd...bite your tongue people!  Don't say a word!
4. Don't think too much-like we did...that special group without computers as a kid
3. If number four applies to you, don't question the almightly computer (as I sometimes do)
2. Clever, innovative, challenging, and problematic...yes, DAMNIT!, sometimes it pays to be 
1.  You are not a weirdo, strange, or dumb...just follow the status-quo, and get the **** done

Ironic, yes; I am able to say this over the "net".  Contradictory, sure; technology is a
menacing lure.  Maybe good 'ol Ray Bradbury was right on the money, and this is all pretty 
darn funny.  Farenhieght 451, I think your day may come.  RIP books and innovation.

The Secret

The secret of life said the woman, is to behave
In a way that is generally thought of as good.
To be careful of word and kind in thought,
And never get overwrought
About things that do not matter

The secret of life said the man, is to be strong
And brave and bawdy, to treat others
With authority and boldness,
And always win the fights
You choose to engage in

The secret of life said the child is to cry
When needy, and cry when sad.
To be happy with small things like
Paper and sand, to not become
emotionless or overbearing
The secret of life is to not grow old.

The Real Me

I'm not the person you think you see
'Cause I've got demons inside of me
I may have a smile on my lips
But I have cuts on my wrists and hips
You see I'm damaged, fractured, and broke
I'm surprised I still have hope
No one loves a broken girl
Especially not in this big bad world,
I'm too far gone and you can't save me now
So I will just keep falling down, down, down
Into the depths of my own demise
But it's nothing new, not a surprise,
These demons here hate me so
Sometimes I think I should just go
'Cause I welcome death with open arms
Death looks nice, it has so much charm,
Nobody here loves me anymore
And life is such a dastardly chore
They want me gone, I can tell so much
And someone told me to never trust
So now I know everyone lies
This is what many people need to realize,
But people will always trust
'Til that trust turns to dust
And take a shot in the dark
Until they are torn apart,
And now maybe you see 
Why I have demons haunting me
But if you do not
Then you don't know the battles I've fought
And don't judge me at all
Because I will just continue to fall

The Night Owl

The sun reluctantly forced to rest; the gloomy dusk ensue
The shadows of the dark roam and pry
In search of lost souls that is in disguise
The night owl cries in silent sorrow

Timeless dreams of good and evil wanders 
The restless mind is what they’re after
Consumed one’s blissful rest or carry away one’s woes
The night owl cries in silent sorrow

The murky bloated clouds of the night
Blanket this forlorn world with dreary fog
Mesmerized the spirit leading them away from the light
The night owl cries in silent sorrow

The crisp wind play tunes of melancholy
A mourning of pain in this unanimated flight
Penetrate the soul, making one’s feeling of despairs 
The night owl cries in silent sorrow

A curse stray in the duskiness’ spell like a smell of death from hell
Wakes up the owls to the grave of soulless thirst
Yearning for beings of demise before the wake of dawn
The night owl cries in silent sorrow

The howling of a wolf under the moonless sky
Moaning for its partner lying upon the lifeless ground
As the cold darkness breathes out agony in the air
The night owl cries in silent sorrow

When night like this put the world in a hypnotized state
The midnight owls are out scavenging of being’s last breath
Soaring high and low through the echo of the gloom
The night owl cries in silent sorrow

Destiny is a mystery as fate follows your path of reality
The uncertainty of life is a puzzle of its own
Bring out your perpetual light to moment in sight
Before you hear the night owls cries in silent sorrow


What is Poetry

Poetry is a careful, inventive, or creative consideration of words written in order to convey some thought as a literary composition. Usually, but not always, the words written are designed to evoke emotion. Poetry can manifest itself as a two-word phrase or a one thousand-page book. Related terms: abecedarius, Alcaic, Alcaic verse, ballad, ballade, blank verse, canto, elegy, epic, epic poem, epos, free verse, haiku, lament, lay, line of poetry, line of verse, literary composition, literary work, lyric, lyric poem, poetic rhythm, prosody, rhyme, rhythmic pattern, rime, rondeau, rondel, sonnet, stanza, tanka, terza rima, vers libre, verse, verse line, versicle.