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Quote LeftI have been reading a lot of inspirational poems posted here lately. Thank you for providing a forum for writers of different backgrounds, styles, and thoughts to share their work. It's a tribute to a quality forum!Quote Right

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Actions of Lust

Attitude so typical,cold and analytical.
She's lacking warmth, compassion? none.
These things, to me are critical.

Beauty though, beyond measure. Her touch brings infinite pleasure
Weakness induced by her sultry gaze
Forgetting those traits I so treasure
Last night I was lost in the passion, swept up by genetic reaction
No discipline, No self control
Of a man I am only a fraction

The morn brings regret and disgust,I lye here awake for I must
No exit no means for escape
Bound by such actions of lust


Copyright © Joe Inca | Year Posted 2005

My Night

It came in the middle of the night
Terrifying it gave enormous fight
The voice proclaimed I came for you
I said no, I don't want you to
It demanded you have to come
I said, my time on earth is not done
Stay away, I will not go
Take someone else you know
The grim reaper left me standing there
I challenged and said, don't you dare
I woke up from my dream
Wondering what in the world did it mean

Copyright © Phyllis Babcock | Year Posted 2006

Next time

Hold your tongue young man
If your heart speaks don't listen
It will be a LIE

Copyright © HGarvey Daniel Esquire | Year Posted 2007

More Than Dreams

~More Than Dreams~

There are so many things to live life for
It is always nice to keep an open door
There’s so much to dream and hope for
Some dreams die but there’s always room for more
It is nice always to keep an open door
Let your heart and mind soar and be free
Some dreams die but there’s always room for more
Since life can give us more than dreams

Let your heart and mind soar and be free
And live your life the best you can
Since life can give us more than dreams
So work hard and make your dreams come true

And live your life the best you can
There’s so much to dream and hope for
So work hard and make your dreams come true
There are so many things to live life for.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2008

Waiting for the Baby

Standing on a stump, looking down the road..
Waiting for the old truck to come into view.
Brother watching from the roof.. In trouble again.

At last it chugged around the corner..
Smiling faces that cautioned- “quiet now”..
A small blue bundle cradled in loving arms.

At last, the most beautiful face we’d ever seen..
Then that face let out a god-awful screech….
We looked at each other..both thinking..
                   -   Maybe this isn’t going to be so great after all!

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2009

Continued Mimic Part 2

The earth continues to mimics,
The fleshly gimmicks!
While man flirts with his mind’s invention,
Love’s intention,
Is seldom mention!
Of course this lie,
Will eventually die,
For it has no base,
To run in life’s race,
But what a sty,
Upon the eye,
Of love’s rejected perfection,

The better to have been done,
Almost totally shun,
By the fool,
Who foiled,
The holy royal,

And as in all cases,
In life’s basis,
Always it is love that faces,
The mess,
Of carnal minded quests,

The God of love, changes not,
Ranges not,
Neither has he got,
One particle,
Of the article,
Of the mind’s invention,
In his retention,
Of his love’s intention,

The same yesterday,
And forever,
Love is his bevel,
And it is perfectly level!!

4-16-09 johnmosesfreeman@yahoo.com

Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2009

Calendar Caviar

*For Deborah Guzzi's The Twining Contest... 
*Co written with Linda-Marie Bariana

"Calendar Caviar"

Windy Winter,
Snowy, chilling cold,
Shivering frosty flakes blow.

Winter runs from Spring peeking back
With childlike eyes, seasons hide and seek.

Showery Spring rains,
Thunder, lightening on window panes,
With patriotic claims to so inflame.

Summer beckons breezes wave,
Vacations in deep warmth enslave,
Autumn delights with changing leaves.

Trees must answer with colors of
Yellow, orange and red; Fall daze.

Nature's Royal Flush, 
a potpourri of season's flair,
The shining star, of calendar caviar.

Copyright © Ray Dillard | Year Posted 2010


 Star of Bethlehem
Illuminating yellow
A promise , a gift

"Flower Power" Placed 15th
A linda-Marie Bariana Contest

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2010



It’s just another starry night
all is at peace before the storm,
Yet so afraid am I, of the impending summer’s day 
now the shadows begin to form.

Many silhouettes create memories
those in childhood verdant pastures aspire,
yet amongst this valley of planted souls
gives one many reasons to suspire.

I see a subtle portrait of mankind
an apparition suspended from the sky,
in waves of committed butchery
to fill one’s saddened eye.

Are they not also human?
those that dance between the lead,
like me, have they a reason to love
those that advance amongst the dead.

Yet still they come uninvited
like the surf on an inhibited beach,
same God! Same belief!
Our ascendancy, our spirit to breach!

Yet still, I keep on making plans for the morrow
my love I know soon to be all alone.
Oh! How I wish my finger tips to touch her face,
before one rescinds this life, this birthright loan!

Copyright 2007
Harry J Horsman 2007

Copyright © harry horsman | Year Posted 2010

In the Autumn of My Life

I walk through flames 
of autumn’s sweet refrain-

That break  beneath 
a weight  too much to bear-

Where I tread in solitude 
and mourning there-

Along a path  of maple trees
and scented air-

As I recall the life that 
we once shared-

And in these twilight hours 
I see the beauty of it all-

In every autumn leaf
That softly falls-


In Loving Memory of my precious father

Author:  Elaine George

Awarded : 1st place in - Brian Strand's contest - A Choice of Form

Copyright © Elaine George | Year Posted 2010

American Industry - American Dreams Long Gone

America always used to be known
For her thriving Industry
But now that all seems like a dream
A wistful dream from way back when
A time before the New World Order
Made slaves of honest men.

It used to be fair wages
Fair pay for an honest day’s work.
People could live the American Dream
Your job gave you everything you needed
Jobs were plentiful and abundant
They weren’t being sent to countries overseas.

You could work towards owning anything
Life wasn’t just a daily struggle to survive
Life was enjoyable and everything it seemed
You could be anything you ever wanted to be
Employment gave you a feeling of success and having good fortune
It gave you a sense of inner pride.

You could have a house, a car, a family
You could accomplish and own something before you died.
But those days seem to have disappeared
They’re a memory that seems long gone
Just like American Jobs and Security
How long can this go on?

(December 22, 2010 Wausau, Wisconsin)

(c) Copyright 2010 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved, 

Copyright © christine a kysely | Year Posted 2010

The Forest

A woodland path stippled with sun, hushed and quiet -
but the path I found myself on was a dark and dangerous one.
I'd been blackberrying - bramble-scratched, branch-slapped -
snapping from barbs berries fat as leeches
seeping blood-juices on my fingers.
Wood anemones opened pale hands to reach for me;
their fragrant star faces enticed me.
They beckoned, pulling me further and further away
from the world I knew and deeper into the wood.

The forest closed around me, trapping me
in a tangle of twining paths and trembling trees,
the ground layered with brown and golden leaves. 
Treetops cackled with the black caws of crows,
bushes bled red berries, grasses lashed my legs.
And every time the footpath forked
I went deeper, I went darker.
Tick-tock time slowed to a crawl;
watch hands wound backwards.

The whispering wood grew dimmer;
what little light there was struck trees and disappeared.
Fly agaric mushroomed into blood-raw open sores,
ivy ropes dangled nooses from branches.
Crying was useless; my panic-forced tears were hopeless.
Moles mouldered, luminous with maggots;
rabbits rotted, their throats ripped out.
Sky turned ink-dark. Lonely wood-wild nights engulfed me.

With time, thoughts of home began to fade,
the seething forest seemed friendlier.
Trees were a tease of teal and green,
rippling with strange and teeming life.
Amber algae scorched sunsets on umber bark;
wood sorrel crept, beetles burrowed, lichens came alive.
The forest floor was feathered with ferns
and plush with sponge-soft moss.
Now and again I caught the briefest glimpse of blue,
cool and welcome as water,
and once or twice, through distant trees, I spotted
what I took to be the twinkling lights of a town,
but it was only rainbow flickers glinting on leaves.

I've been gone too long, I'm too far gone.
Faint memories of home still siren-sing to me,
but just when I think I've found the right track
the forest tightens its grip, drawing me back.

Copyright © Charlotte Jade Puddifoot | Year Posted 2011

Forever Within

I watched the rain
Pouring forever, 
It seemed.

Later, the Sun, 
The moon and stars
Still – silently glowing, 
Forever it seemed.

My body occupied their space, 
Evolving thoughts traveled elsewhere
Trying to connect together
Brilliantly glowing alone – apart.

I watched what was there
Trying to understand a connection
Senseless frigid thoughts of oddity
Fitting inside was not possible, again
Always outside – where it isn’t cramped
Enough room to feel the stillness - usually.

I had no face.  Timid.  I 
Was indescribably blending in with whiteness
Erased by the superficial nothingness of time and space
Where people resided with their clothes of jewels, gold and furs.

Naked and exposed I lived amongst the forgotten few by the many
Clad with my pure innocent unrefined rags of thoughts, ideas and brittle crumbs
Leftovers for the “fairy tales of once upon a time” … the soulful ones
Definable only by the inside of myself from within myself. 
Separated by inevitability, not by choice, maybe but still outside. 

I remain condemned by who I am 
To live within
Inhaling the warmth solitude of self-expression
Forever within.

© Charles H Keys, 2012.  All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Chuck Keys | Year Posted 2012

Mother - revised

When all alone, quiet, and lost in thought, I smile for the at attention that I often sought I see again the times when I was young. Knowing if I was sad then you would come. You would dry teardrops that then would flow A soothing word and I'd forget my woe You were my bedside nurse on a restless night. I was consoled that you were not far from my sight. Your wrath confused me when I misbehaved, I now see love through your stormy rage. I never believed that I was ever wrong. But with your wise words I have grown Oh so strong. So when I think of you, Mother and friend, All regrets are over, all sorrows end.

Copyright © Ken Duddle | Year Posted 2012

One Summer Long Ago Part 2

 Guided by instinct pure and noble
I would  brave the sea and all the trouble 
Over the waters I would sail , 
leaving no mark , no trail 
Except in maps of leather where x marks the spot
among pirates ,thieves and hunters of treasure
Swimmers never come to this haunted spot for leisure
I dove to best them all and reclaim this chest full of treasure 

Down ,down thru crystal blue waters ,
 clear and bright ,the suns rays slanted just right 
 fish of all kind I passed on the way , yellow, red and painted brown 
The kelp , giant and green ,silky and long,
 made a vibrant, swaying , forest of the deep 
Over white sands I swam finding  lonely statues of Zeus and his kind 
 ancient  statues of marble and gold 
guarded by Neptune’s  hoards of serpents , Satyrs and Celedons 

Past lonely visions of Apollo and Aphrodite I swam ,
 Up ahead, waving in the mists,
 mighty Neptune lay with his head in the sand 
the  trident pointing the way where it was foretold,
 the necklace would never be found 
 except for the warrior mighty and bold 
There I dug at the tip to find the queens necklace I would keep 

Ignoring the feelings in my bones ,
 the sharp tingling that foretold of doom  
I stopped  to  admire the crowning  jewels ,
scintillating blue white diamonds , sapphire and gold  
In my heart a sudden cold feeling awoke me with a start
Through the mists the mighty whites came on silent wings,
  They were here to guard their wealth  with teeth , size and strength 
sensing their prey had come , muscles rippled  and flexed
 eyes glowing  red , they sped  forward like the dead 
Quick as a blink the pack caught on to my presence

Copyright © jim joyce | Year Posted 2012


The innocent are chained 
The prison doors are locked
The guards are watching
The entrance is blocked

Please bring them Justice
Please don't make them pay
Please bring them freedom
Please don't walk away

You say it's not my problem
You don't want to be involved
You don't have the power
You can't break down the walls

Turn off the Television
Turn off the Radio
Turn off the smart phone
Turn your heart to GO

Go fight for freedom
Go take their hands
Go to God's children
Go do what you can

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2012

A Kiss Of Sunshine

Each evening the moon waits patiently hidden in the sky
For the sun to say its final good bye

As round and round again we ago
The moon receives its daily kiss of sunshine

Light as a lover's kiss, careful not to bruise
Sun kisses moon just enough to bring
Magic to night time and stars above

With sunrise, moon once again slips away
Awaiting patiently for tomorrows kiss of sunshine

©Donna Jones

Copyright © Donna Jones | Year Posted 2013

The Meaning Of Life

Through life...I've learned the meaning of love. Through love...I've felt the feeling of heartbreak. Through heartbreak...I've felt the feeling of pain. Through pain...I've learned the meaning of acceptance. Through acceptance...I've learned the meaning of forgiveness. Through forgiveness...I've learned the meaning of faith. Through faith...I've learned the meaning of life. We are all important in life... We all have a purpose in life... Now all we have to do is... Make every purpose count... ~Life~ Is a learning experience ~Life~ Is a state of existence that belongs to the soul ~Life~ Is the true meaning of meaning ~Life~ Is the state of something significant,and of great importance ~Life~ Is what is intended to be or is ~Life~ Has a beginning,a purpose, and an end...
Danny Boy:4-1-13 :o)

Copyright © Dan Kearley | Year Posted 2013



Part 1

Of all the different kinds of love. 
Some are gentle. 
Some are oppressive. 
Some come with pre-conditions. 
Some come from expectations. 
Some come with zesty flavors.
Spices and exotics.

In a secluded corner of an antique mind
time enshrouded locked away in a jailess cell 
is unconditional love, a withering shadow, 
a remnant exiled and contagious
plagued by insidious expectations
grieving, resolute and alone.
Some try to hide the keys 
from the trolls that invade their thoughts
lest the viruses of doubt 
penetrate the sanctity of pure intention. 
The myth of unconditional love.

Part 2

The loving heart soon decays 
amidst the mistaken belief 
that there are no conditions 
to unconditional love;
there always are.

One must possess a loving heart, 
open to all, not segregated and formed
in irksome contemplation.

When one is not loved back, 
he/she loses his/her impulsion. 
Emotions then become tempered, irrigated 
flattened and distributed in a kind, 
of non-vested washed out amusement 
drying naked tears in a windless environment.

We become the product of our salient beliefs. 
That is why the religious profess 
God's love as being unconditional 
because it is almost non-existent in man. 

Unconditional love? 
There are always conditions, 
some obvious, some hidden, 
some obscure in confused enigmas.

CAK 02-16-2013

Copyright © Allan Koven | Year Posted 2013

Idle No More

Oil train sits in Lac Megantic 
Town folk sleep not so frantic 
Patrons socialize while they slept 
Unannounced the train it crept 

No such thing a train in idle 
This one proved homicidal 
Train engine fire silent alarm 
Town unaware no fear of harm 

First responders do arrive 
Count all engines numbered five 
Connected cars are seventy two 
Full of crude what would you do 

Disconnect these things on fire 
Bigger problem no desire 
Cut the risk to light the crude 
This decision would be shrewd 

Seventy two cars, assumed on brake 
Town folk safe that slept on lake 
Take in account train on slope 
Some brakes off you'd be a dope 

Idle train crept no more 
Picking up speed problem galore 
This idle train left to chance 
Never checked not even a glance 

Explosion awakes town folk in slumber 
Instantly town folk less fifty in number 
People running saving some lives 
Survivors to hear fifty bell chimes 

Responsibility left to whom 
This decision in the courtroom 
On a slope a running car park 
Driver responsible ticket don't bark 

MMA you will be slandered 
Go to hell with your train standard 
You brought a man carrying sickle 
In Quebec you control your vehicle 

If you don't the charge is life 
Stand in camera and take it in strife 
Angry people you will see 
Many more including me. 

In idle and left to runaway 
Change the law starting today 
Always manned train must be 
Someone in place we must see 

Looking back cutting the cost 
Was it worth all the lives lost? 
One more man not a big chore 
Let these trains Idle no more 



Copyright © Ronald Kent | Year Posted 2013