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The typical intro,
A moment of reflection,
Philosophical conversation with my glass veil is ago,
I swear she's the perfect audience lacking in cognition but excellent in reception,
Shameless in anonymity and thoroughly content being one-dimensional,
An afterthought emerged from reverberating echoes,
Rationalizing a fantasy through demented reality and an appeal to logos,
External concern expressed through intellectual opinion against a majesty outside the realm of scientific convention,
A slight ringing in my ear,
The hazing of the eyes,
My hand presses against the screen and a genie appears,
her technicolor smoke-screen muffles sound and blankets sight,
Far beyond my mortal boundaries I reach, 
Into the land of impossibilities ignorantly called "make believe",
Calling upon my polygonal masters from this pulpit I beseech,
That your realm of tangible thought be opened to me,
Allow me to apply my humble craft in hopes of conveying your magnificence to the world,
So that they too will experience your wonder,
Before they grow too old.

Copyright © Michael Zavaletta

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I seem to have misplaced my keys
Could you help me find them please?

They’re not in the house, not in the car
I’ve even looked in my guitar 

It’s as if they’ve gone, in a big black hole
No, I don’t do parties where they go in a bowl.

Would they, could they be with the remote?
Nope just bloody found that in my coat.

I’ve retrieved socks and toys, some hair ties too,
I think I’m desperate, now my hands in the loo

Maybe they might be, inside the cat
Two ticks with a knife we’ll soon check that.

I’ve just found my credit card, under the bed
What was the wifes bra doing out in the shed?

I must be suffering, from some mental block
Oh what a dork I am, there they are in the lock

Right I’m running late, time to leave home
Now, just where did I, leave my phone?

Copyright © Mark Woods

Soft shoots spring gently forth from the earth
They look to the sky with their open face
After the cold winter comes springs rebirth

New buds on trees grow for all their worth
Each day they welcome the suns warm embrace
Soft shoots spring gently forth from the earth

The sparrows and robins have all given birth
And nature wakes up at a slow walking pace
After the cold winter comes springs rebirth

The daffodils now open their face full of mirth
And crocuses blossoms all over the place 
Soft shoots spring gently forth from the earth

Natures bright canvas spreads forth its girth
Apple blossoms fragrant blooms now race
After the cold winter comes springs rebirth 

The warmth of the sun providing safe berth
For all creatures of the wood or open space 
Soft shoots spring gently forth from the earth
After the cold winter comes springs rebirth

Copyright © David Wood

I pain as motivation 
My anger I'll.use as patience
Stay  dedication 
Concentration is intimidating
An anticipation is premeditation 
meditating on reaching the destination 
It take time to reach greatness 
But time is an element 
That's present essence
Its definite 
A blessing unexpected 
I'm stressing 
But being constructive an.aggressive 
Is progression 
The wind.breezes feel like.freedom
How the air.represents life oxygen
Hydrogen fuel.that enlivens.him fires within 
The secret is.peace inside the souls.kingdom
The trees speak beauty
The sway of the nudity can see their.humility 

Copyright © uriel wisdom

All that a beautiful angel could be. 
My love i have for you my beautiful angel. 
My beautiful angel is here for all the world to see. 
My beautiful angel, I can see the gleam in your eyes. 


Copyright © JoJo Wells

        if time has no or some meaning.  It belongs in space. We find religion has found us in 2 or 3 ways. We say in things to be is something of us. In order we think life then death.  When you die forward in motion light is what you find.  My friend the Devonian is the sign of the mind.  To find what is the line or behind what we find.  [Walking the fine line between christen and pagan.]  Because you are the children of the world.        If we die if lie we cry you and I well find total peace in heaven.  Look into my eye and we well fly though a beautiful sky.

Copyright © cory weinberger

A new poem -
Let me revel in its newness
As I beat the way.
Let me count its lines
And wish it well
As it streams across the continents
And into beating hearts.

Copyright © Julia Ward

Many years ago, on a cold afternoon,
someone was killed on the place of the skull,
there were people at the sight and they all agreed,
the man who was killed was not a false man at all.

Now that he is dead, on that cold afternoon,
I could have saved Him, if I had been there that day, 
but then His mission would have been incomplete,
He would have lived and changed His history my way.

But after three days His tomb was empty,
and the Son of God had vanished from His grave,
so His victory was complete,
and I from sin am no longer its awful slave.

Now I think of the man, who died alone that day,
he was not just a man, the Son of God they say;
nobody knows, nobody cares,
nobody cares, but me!

Everybody knows, everybody cares
everybody cares, as well as me!

Copyright © Alfred Vassallo


Mixed hues of green and blue- Peace, calm a tranquil view
Retiring from the world at times- a temporary loner paradigm
Refreshing compassion, aquamarine cool—swimming serenity found in the pool
Teal feminine sophistication—intelligent whims of imagination

Open communication between heart and soul—spoken words are seldom whole
An independent and spiritual grounding—Caribbean healing often binding
Tranquillity, beautiful shades of serenity—crucial escape from noise and stupidity
Sequential self-sufficiency necessitated – realms of reality obliterated

Surfing the tides of modern humanity—breakers surging our living profanity
Rushing neglected creative domains—prevailing insanity inescapably remains
Our poise and intuitive shade turquoise—we need to shut down on intolerable noise
Flood out the deluge of untamed insanity—restoring cerulean peace replacing our vanity

Copyright © Kim van Breda

Butterflies and daisies, orange and yellow day lilies,
I'd love to take you with me, but I'm just too lazy,
And you'd probably drive me crazy,
	You have always, and you will always....
		-Amaze me.
My dream has always been, to breath in a garden of zen,
And float around like bubbles; and then pop,
And do it all over again.

For we don't pick our friends, only a few will stay,
Then they go right on their merry way.
Unless you are you, they'd stay for eternity,
And stay until the final day.

An angel on a soft lily pad,
With little critters keeping her company,
Fields and fields of daisies,
And butterflies surrounding all over me.

Butterflies and daisies,
Purple and pink pansies,
I'd love to pick you and take you home,
	Surely I am too lazy,
You'd most likely drive my hunger crazy,

For you, My love, have saved me,
	You have always, and you will always....
		-Amaze me.

Copyright © Laura Urbaniak

Memorable songs  touching our lives over the years. Magical musical
harmonies, tantalizing our listening ears. 

Sentimental lyrics with chosen tranquil words. Perfect sounds in those 
resonating guitar chords.

What a surreal feeling watching them play. Got lost in the moment, as
I was taken away.

Memories were made as they rocked all their fans. A Classic, Hotel
California, was played. Over and over again...

Michael Tor 8/20/2015
One of many fans of the Eagles Band.
Dedicated to my brother Gus and his Lovely bride Elena.

Copyright © michael tor

I'm sad. 
I love you. 
Why are you angry?
Why do you think I'm so wrong?
I think you're wrong. 

I don't know. 
Is this working?
Dear god let it work. 
I can't be without 

You love me. 
I know this, beyond a doubt. 
Why do I have to question it


Let's just be in love. 
I wasn't prepared
for the turmoil that comes 
with love. 

That's on me. 
I know. 
I'm sorry, please
be sorry too. 

If you aren't,
this may not work. 
But dear god
let it work. 

I need every bit of you. 
Every hair
every pore
every scar. 
All of your heart. 

Is that not fair?
Is it too much?
Tell me. 
Tell me if I am asking
far too much. 

But it is what I
Could I exist without it?
I'm unsure. 

truth in love?

Where are the answers?
Who has them?

The only certainty I own:
I love you, even when it hurts. 
Even when you make me cry. 
More when I make you cry.

Do they equal love?
Is that what love is:

Loving someone so much,
that it hurts,
that it exalts all
to a level I've never experienced?

I wasn't ready for what love means. 
What it entails, all the happiness 
and sorrow
and worry
and comfort
and fear. 

All I ask is that you remember this:
I didn't know how to love until you.
I didn't know what it meant to be
truly in love with another soul. 
Please be patient. 

I'll try harder to learn quickly
what it means. 
To love harder and with less fear
of you falling out of this love 
we share. 

Give me time, I'll listen to your
lessons on how to love. 
Your life is the greatest gift
I've ever been given. 

I adore, love, cherish, and am
enraptured by your very
I'm.astounded you love me 
And I love you,
more that any word,
or poem, or note
could epitomize

Copyright © Courtney Thorstein

Long time ago was an endless pain,
Today is a fairy tale because you made me insane.
Your smile speaks an endless hope,
Your heart brings me in the highest slope.

You taught me how to realize and forget,
Loving you is never an enormous regret.
I find it sweet when you get mad,
Baby, don’t worry because I will not make you sad.

I wish we’re always together and ever.
Happiness with you is what I’m looking forever.
Whenever people disapprove about us,
Baby, no worries because this love is not about must.

Today is an endless ploy,
Baby, I’m fighting for our enchanted joy.
I really guess my happiness is about you,
 Baby, this is how I express my love for you.

Copyright © Lei Strauss

Francine is nothing but a little skin and a bit of bone.
She works from her house and she lives all alone.
The old gal eats just a little;
Plays the violin, not the fiddle;
And she speaks to herself on the phone.

Copyright © Jerry Stevenson

They stood around the grave that day
Their respects they must pretend to pay.
Envy in their hearts they felt
For riches they had not been dealt.

“His house was huge”, they whispered low
As grief they tried so hard to show.
His vast estate was truly grand
Forged from his grasp of stolen land.

His garage was filled with fancy cars
His arms were draped with movie stars.
His parties were the place to be
For all that you would like to see.

So they stood around his last estate
Too blind to see his final fate.
In his death he’d lost it all
Too late to seek a higher call.

He’d everything he would ever need
For a body knows but naught of greed.
Six foot deep, his grand new home
Now covered with the finest loam.

Copyright © Michael Spangle

this earth
all your
starry night
radiant moon
walk out along the street
a cosmic symphony
your hand
holding mine
we walk and talk
passing hidden woods
making prints
in ocean sand
trembling heart
hold on tight
feeling universe
heart to heart
hand in hand

Copyright © anita sharma

Lonely nights come and take me 
Raise me uo but don't break me
Lovely wind I can feel your coldness
Touch my skin, play my hair until I become your oldest
Let the time pass so fast...carry me in your arms and make me forget my past ...
Can I continue ? Can I move on ? 
And where is my place if he had gone ?
I can see the flowers but I can't smell...lovely wind takes my soul before I kill it 
Can the heart live alone? Can he be cold like a stone? 
I can tell you that his whispers get through my bones
Oh my lovely wind ! Can he feel my loneliest ?
Can he freeze the time and beat you?  Or your going to freeze me but when you feel my heart , my love will heat you ? 
Are you going to be worm and soft like a feather or you're going to be cold and cruel like the leather?
I can feel you when you touch me when you kill my skin ... is he going to love me or my destiny is going to end ? 
Am I going to dream with him before I die ? Are you going to say yes you will ? Are you going to lie ?
Gentile wind you are my source of truth you're my friend...
Before I fly away make sure that my message will be sent...
Let him feel my love , let him hear my heart beat...
Take my heart and put it in his hands so he can feel my heat ...
Lovely wind thank you but it's time to say goodbye...
Smile for me but on me don't cry...

Copyright © Dalia Shahein

                                Looking at a patten on the curtain
                                You know I can't help but visualise
                              And why though I am not quite certain 
                                Is it something wrong with my eyes          

                                  Is it a fragment of my imagination
                                 Or is this some kind of awakening
                                   Like some new found destination
                                    Something that's in the making

                                And forming a picture out of what I see
                                 But is it a face though or an actual being
                                  It's like I'm now taken on this journey
                                To some magical place I'm now seeing

                                   Is it an extension of my artistic flair
                                   Or some other part of my creativity
                                   Is it just what they call visualisation
                                   That of someone who is a visionary

                          Written 2010 inspierd by converstion I had 
                                   with cpn at low point in my life

Copyright © david scott