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I wish I had a guru to tell me what to do.
He or she would be there in the morning
to help me start my day. Grapefruit or Honeydew
what ever will I pick? Life is just so challenging,
each moment is a choice. And then the moment before 
that and the previous moment too. Just where do I start?
Pepsi or Coke? Ford or Honda? And there is much, much more!
Drugs to get up, drugs to get down, pass the Lipitor, Art.
How does one get through this jungle? I know I need advice.
I'm willing to spend a bundle. Time or Life? ABC or NBC?
I'm confused, I think I need an Oreo but Hershey will suffice.
The T.V. is on from dawn to dawn, its all I know and see.
I watch the news religiously and have my choice of fears.
Good, that I do not drink cause I'd have to choose my beers.

Copyright © ahellas Alixopulos | Year Posted 2007

Seize the Day

(Earth Day, 2014)

New life emerges;
Seasons change...
fragile Earth survives another day...

We scan our universe for origins
(and endings), extending vision
ever farther, reaching for utmost limits...

So much to learn --
trial and error, trial and error
(preponderance of error)...

and new life emerges. 
Fragile Earth
survives another day.

Copyright © Leo Larry Amadore | Year Posted 2014

Parting Hearts

Life is a scene of comings and partings. 
We once to mighty love did come—oh, how 
sweetly we came! 
And long did we last like twinkles in the sky. 
But now we part to different arms—oh, how 
swiftly we do! 
The sweet breath of a stranger has blown into 
thine heart and there quenched the flame that 
once kept our love warm. 
‘Tis time to untwine our hearts and untwine 
our tears
And to pray to grieving Heaven that to those 
blazing arms that now beckon 
We'll forever come and come and come and 
never once part 
Whilst we ride and love in the fields of eternity!

Copyright © Agona Apell | Year Posted 2015

A Purple People Poem

Listen to poem:
Retro thrusters, smokey hot,
Thunder in the dim of night.
Sprouting things all green and broke,
Mutant brains are taking flight.

Mole like beasts with huge blind eyes
Push and pour from glowing holes.
Corpses scream with undead cries.
Gelatinous blobs expand with souls.

Bodies flail in polka-dot bikinis
While death rays rip through flesh and bone.
Heady cyborgs sip oily martinis
With metallic olives that chirp and groan.

Curious apparitions haunt vampiric covens
Of werewolves and werecats without revulsions.
Scientists (most mad) create life in lab ovens
In the midst of their monstrous id compulsions.

But the worst and most horrific to face
Are those poetry spouting people beaters,
Cannibalistic abominations from outer space:
The shunned and reviled Purple People Eaters.

Copyright © Tom Arnone | Year Posted 2016

Haiku For The Children

old river flows hushed
blood and tears, silent weeping  
children are slaughtered

Haiku December 29, 2012

Brenda Atry

Copyright © Brenda Atry | Year Posted 2012


                                         I SEE YOU

I see You in the majesty of the mountains,
Your mystery in the depths of the sea.
Your providence every day abounds about me.
I see Your power everywhere surrounding me.

I see Your love in the pages of my Bible,
As I read of sacrifice and answered prayer.
Small miracles each day happen 'round me.
I see Your face in each and know You care.

                                                              Judy Ball

                                           I KNOW YOU

I see you as you go about your business.
The way you live your life is plain to Me.
Your thoughts and deeds are proof you are My servant,
For by it's fruit a man shall know a tree.

When your time is over there I'll call you.
I'll send a guide to bring you straight to Me.
No need to fear your past mistakes, transgressions,
For by the spilling of My Blood I've set you free.

                                                                   Judy Ball

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2011

Our House

Sitting in a circle square
resolute to share our pain
life as kiddies was not fair
each salute did slice a vain

Dark denial was our training
both true and false fell deep
as the blows they came a raining
none of us did peep

The memories they start to heat 
like some old lava lake
as a gaggle we retreat
cause all we knew was fate

So now we have no room to land
no space to call our own
none of it was even planned
no place was ever home

See a plot of land just there
all emerald well defined
grant it lord and well be square
just like you were so kind

Copyright © Timothy Barry | Year Posted 2016

Santa's Favorite - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Santa Claus has travel worries at the North Pole,
With terrible winter storms brewing there afoot,
He knows Christmas is so close and so he must put
His children first now whom he loves deeply and whole! 
And so he must find red-nosed Rudolph to cajole
Him into guid’n his sleigh on Christmas Eve to boot,
For this would bring his kids so much joy—what a hoot!   
Rudolph’s red nose bright guiding them from the North Pole! 

Rudolph leads Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve Night,
While all shout out with joy on this blessed holy night!
Santa’s reindeer love Rudolph in equal measure,
For with him they won’t be lost—oh what a pleasure!
Rudolph’s glowing red nose shines now ever so bright,
As we all with Santa celebrate the Lord’s night!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, (December 12, 2014) 
(Petrarchan Sonnet poetic format in Iambic Hexameter)

Copyright © Gary Bateman | Year Posted 2014

Park Bench Ghost

Why am I emerging from the dark 
Staring at a bench in City Park. 
Breathless air without a bird in song. 
So I sit, unknowing, yet belong.
Sudden waves of anguish flood my mind. 
Feral, vicious, senseless bursts of time. 
Then a calming whisper fills my ear
And my reason now, for being here.
Minutes of my final day proceed.
Mockingbirds and peanut squirrels to feed.  
Speckled sun through breezy treetops sway 
And two hidden figures inch my way. 

Choking arms, a weakness, loss of breath; 
Forced behind a thicket to my death. 
Off they bolted free without a trace. 
Now I'm vengeance. Patiently I wait.

I'm aware each footstep, as they move, 
But this peaceful park is where I choose. 
Soon they stalk again. I know the place. 
Little do they know the wrath they face.

Gene Bourne


Copyright © Gene Bourne | Year Posted 2014

To Give Away

-  To Give Away. -  
Should someone ever come to me
To speak to me of these
That wisdom comes in little packages
And bad luck comes in threes
Of all the things Ive learnt the most
And still learning every day
That in all my failures featured
Who became my trusted teachers
The very ones that I abhored
Some lessons had to be repeated
Having been forgotten was before

My delight would be to share with one
These precious truths to give away
But there is no one come as yet
Always I'll be hoping 
Someone comes today

Copyright © Jannie Breedt | Year Posted 2016

Christmas To Me

Christmas is 
poinsettia's red and blue
gingerbread tickling the nose
spruce and pine
smiles and laughter
red pots with a ring-a-ding-dinger
giving not taking
loving not hating
peace on earth
for one day at least
that's what Christmas is
to me
what is it to you?

Copyright © Robyn Campbell | Year Posted 2015

Be Still My Soul

Be still my soul,
As Jesus unfolds.

The mystery of His secrets heard,
Through His word.

While meditating in silence,
I will listen for His guidance.

With treasures of a lasting kind,
Through a love that binds.

Copyright © Cinda Carter | Year Posted 2014

Feel Me

Feel me an emotion deep inside your heart,a soft crimson rose reicarnated, a red heart full of velvet petals ,birthed from a white wild simple daisy embroided in mystique passion,a bacchus of wine in finest aroma of verses, and deepest thoughts of you.Feel me ,as I come back to you,in your night,a gentle sweet wind through your open window, caressing your face,breezing you in a sweet dream,breathin you in,lullabying you on a ride just for two,me and you,in a beautiful forest by the lake,lying down on a carpet of golden leaves.Feel me there,once again,Feel me so very close to you.taste me,taste my juicy strawberry lips as we kiss,a wet kiss.Feel me in the fresh liquid raidrops cleansing your mind,from every worry,from every trouble, as i pat your back,and listen to you,to your wants,to your needs,and to your every thought.Let me listen to your silent voice,echoing inside my own existence!Let me feel you,your wishes,your dreams,your past,your present,Let me listen to who you are and what you are,what you want,let me be here,feel me,cos I am here for you.Feel that little soft spot in my heart,that soft spot full of love and warmth ,reserved just for you.Feel me as we dream,as we hug,as we snog,under yesterday's lanterne,in the park,holding hands ,once again. Feel me as we walk and talk,smile and giggle all the way,Feel me as we lie on the rocks,gazing in each other's eyes,cheered by tamed silver waves,covered by a warm balnket of shining stars,Hugging the golden Moon,in blue black velvet skies.Feel me as i dip my brush in oils,painting this path,a garden of Eden,created just for you.A path of coloured rainbows where we can walk.where we can dream,where we can live and love,where we will never lose each other again.A path where emotions and feelings aren't hid.a path, where i will always feel loved by you,and you will always feel loved by me.Feel me a candle flame born just for you.I don't wanna go away again,I want to stay here with you.I don't want you to go away,I want you to stay here,with me.I want you to love me ,as you did in the past,I want to feel your passion,your love once again,I want to feel your hearbeat,that heart, i loved so much.I want, need to know you love me still. Feel my love,cos i always loved you ,and I always will.Feel me as your hand cups my breast.Let your palm feel the drumming of my heart,Feel me, cos I'm still so much in love with you. New Version : Feel Me ... Feel me, an emotion deep inside your heart A blushed rose reincarnated from withered petals Birthed in fervent passion and affectionate thoughts of you. Feel my colours of red- wine within the jet-black of your night Let me rest upon your pillow breathing in your lullaby. Feel me on blanket of blown leaves and a dew-lush zephyr breeze Taste me,taste my waters from fresh rain,let me wash away your pain. Let me cleanse your mind and soul from saxaphonic blues. Let my fingers run way down all over your back as I listen to desires ,wants and jazzy tunes. Let me hold on to your hand,while we walk,giggle and talk. Let us sit on our on the old bench where our hearts were scarred by stems. Feel me fall where footprints rest.Pick me up,feel my caress. Watch me paint a rainbow path with palettes of hundred hues Let your secret garden blossom where my velvet bleeds its blooms. Feel me, Feel me by your side. Let me capture sun and moon within the fire of your eyes. Feel me, can you hear my plea ? My beloved you...Come close ...Come get lost in me.
Least Viewed - Contest sponsored by Marugo Mo Rewritten : 19th October 2016

Copyright © Charmaine Chircop | Year Posted 2010

The Christmas Rapper

The Christmas Rapper
Loch David Crane
December 7, 1989

Hello there Virginia,
	and welcome too--
here's an answer to the question
	posed by you.

You ask "who's Santa Claus?"
	here he is--there!
The question is
	 not WHO but WHERE.

Santa's not found 
	in the beard or the hair;
the place you find Santa
	is in your heart--there.

You've got to see Santa's
	symbolic side--
of his charitable visits,
	of his midnight ride.

He's hospitality 
	and traveller's aid--
and he's the fulfillment
	of wishes made.

Santa is the symbol
	of a child you see--
the child in you,
	the child in me.

The light of curiosity
	in children's eyes
brightens into pleasure
	at each gift or prize.

Santa Claus lives
	in a puppy's wet nose,
in a coveted toy,
	in the right sized clothes,

In the love of a parent,
	in the eyes of a child,
in the empty boxes
	and wrappings wild.

He's not in a cash gift
	or a plastic card –
but you hear him a'caroling	
	in someone's front yard.

Santa Claus is
	a place in your heart –
he's a state of mind,
	he’s a form of Art.

He's the spirit of joy,
	he’s the spirit of giving,
he’s the spirit of Love
	we should all be living.

You'll discover when Santa
	you set out to find –
he's not here on Earth:
	he resides in your mind.

And now comes the echo
	of Santa's World flight:
"Merry Christmas to all
	and to all a good night!"

Copyright © Loch David Crane | Year Posted 2014

I Love Trees

I love trees.
The way they shade us in the summer,
The way they bend in the breeze,
Their lovely green leaves in Spring,
Their golden, red and brown display in the Fall,
The way they hold the snow in Winter,
The wood they provide for my home, my hearth, 
  and my rocking chair.
I love the way they clean the air  
  and the paper they provide for me to write on.
Yes, I am a Tree-Hugger.
I love trees.

By:  Carole O'Terry Duet
       Copyright: July 6, 2016
       "All Rights Reserved"

Copyright © Carole Duet | Year Posted 2016

A Mystic Evening

A mystic evening

A mystic evening
There’s silence everywhere
The stars are shining
And me I’m standing there
As the full moon gazes down on me
This thing enters my soul
Velvet spirit makes me feel so whole.

My heart is quiet
I feel such mystery
Something within me
It says ‘just let things be’
As everything be wonderful
I feel a magic power
That seems to fill my heart, and make me flower.


No words can tell the way it is
For symbols they just be
No words could ever picture it
This sweet, sweet mystery.

My life is simple
As I gaze here at the night
And feel the moon glow
As everything feels right
Awareness comes on over me
And peace is everywhere
As life is love, and I’m just standing there.

Written in 2003

Copyright © peter duggan | Year Posted 2015