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It's not Love it's Limerence

Some experts have likened the state of being in love with that of being mentally ill
and yet, we chase this illusion still...
and of course we believe in that which we can feel
Pheromones Hormones and Adrenaline,
phenylethylamine, dopamine, and oxytocin
our bodies secreting a cocktail of passion
we believe in this science experiment...this mere chemical reaction
which tells us we might produce beautiful offspring
Well, limerence is obsessive, intrusive, and consuming
understanding this can be quite illuminating
It causes obsessive thinking, Crippling fear of rejection
still we all seek for this bizarre connection
we are each promised, in theory the perfect princess or prince charming
but the truth itself is very alarming
head over heels....none of it's real
society perpetuates this ridiculous ideal
The only thing that makes any sense...
is that it's not love, it's limerence.

Copyright © Zapping Zombies | Year Posted 2016

Senryu 2 - smiles and frowns

my cat purring soft
on my lap as I watch TV -
               and my heart just smiles

tending my garden
on a sunny summer day - 
            and rain brings a frown

August 18, 2016

Senryu x2

For the contest What Makes You Smile/Frown
Sponsored by Michael J. Falotico

Tenth Place

Featured Poem- Week of June 19, 2016

Copyright © Broken Wings | Year Posted 2012

Why Run

Some things in life Seem natural. Riding a bike, Shoes that get scuffed, Swimming the lake, Summertime hikes. So why is it, Some people run Laps at the track, Jaunts through the park, Expanding lungs, Pain without fun. Answer is plain. The joy of time, Spent unafraid, Far from the grind, No calls to make, Time all one’s own!

Copyright © Michael Wegman | Year Posted 2014

Broken Quiet

Broken Quiet Here I hear a hum, a ringing, A refrigerator song is singing, The quiet is always broken. The beauty of birds trilling, The rush of new wind chilling, The quiet is always broken. The sweetness of a pet’s soft snoring, May send my affection soaring, still The quiet is always broken. The answer lies and lives or dies In the stillness of You-word sighs Where quiet is never broken. Your peace stays and sorrow flees, As if it were a healed disease, when In quiet, Your word is spoken.

Copyright © Sunlite Wanter | Year Posted 2016


A tongue of flame dances with passion of red,
Silently and softly in a large backyard.
It's like an itch of the sky as the smoke spreads.
Its ineffable incandescence leaves Earth charred.
Calm down. Fire and flames ain't the thing you should dread
It will lick your skin, and yet leave you no scar.
Beneath the flame, the air chokes the acrid smoke.
A scarlet oak makes the dye of the flames flow.

Copyright © Skyler Wang | Year Posted 2016


   This that I write is for all the pain I fight.
   For all the tears I cried night after night
   asking God "when is the end of this plight??"
   My sight is blind.
   Yet the end I have to find.

   This road so old is a story untold of a soul that was sold.
   The curse that it holds can break a million homes.
   So they threw it out,cast like a stone.

   All alone,beat by the cold,awaiting death's hold
   you came along...
   dressed in a white robe and a smile so broad.
   The story of the cross you told me once more...
   of the blood that still flows
    of your love that still glows.
   In your arms I flew
   and at least I FEEL HOME.

  Maybe I should just sing a song
  to praise Your Name on and on..
  But God I prefer this poem
  because You've shown me 
  much more than the world has ever known!

Copyright © olive wambui | Year Posted 2016

A Songbird's Trill

my muffled mind's cloaked in silence
deaf to men's and merchant's chants
tethered together with love's essence
open to whispers of light's acceptance

battling mirrors of inner cages
wrestling wrongful images -
constant accusations

spontaneously hoisted 
by a single song bird's trill
perched upon my window sill-
a wonder still

With dawn's emerging illumination
I rise amongst the masked masses
for 'now' is all I own or live for
to offer the best of what I hope for

Copyright © AnnaLinda W. | Year Posted 2016

Industry in Morning

(dedicated to William Blake)

The sky's a pagan green this morning,
Witless, overcast and bland,
A drawn and sober death,
Feckless as a drunken whorer.

Horror on the slanted streets,
Where early risers tumble
Into flows of asphalt and silt,
The glow above pretends a light,
Unmerciful, and cold as guilt.

What day was ever such as this?
Does the smoke of industry
(A rising, silent locust swarm)
Presage the age of pestilence
And misery?

They warm their hands  
O'er towering fires unfulfilled,
While tenements of souls are chilled.

And all we feared inside the night
Shows true in morning’s biased light.

Copyright © Garth von Buchholz | Year Posted 2016

Precious Memories

                             Memories made - will never fade.
                             Awakened in dreams if so desired,
                             of places visited and people we've admired.

                             Family and friends who have passed away,
                             are with us always in memories to stay.

                             Though time passes quickly,
                              they are remembered yearly.

                              Their love and strengths we keep to carry on,
                               forevermore from dusk to dawn.

                              When the future seems bleak we reminisce the past,
                               if life seems brighter we wish the present to last.

                               The future holds many memories to be made,
                                just dream a dream, they will never fade.

Copyright © Marcel Veilleux | Year Posted 2016

A Friend Indeed

The day you came to live with me 
We both wanted a friend 
To love, to care, to spend some time 
No other could there have been 
For you approached me smiling 
A twinkle in your eye 
Tail wagging with such joy 
We both were hooked for life 
Never a bond so tender 
Never a bond so true 
You snuggle up to me each day 
No closer than us two 
-       Mary Susan Vaughn 

Copyright © Mary Susan Vaughn | Year Posted 2016

Wally Weasel Loves to Paint


Wally Weasel Loves to Paint

Wally Weasel loves to paint, and paints himself a lot.
Some paint goes on the canvas, but most of it does not.
Poor Wally, when he’s finished, is a sight that you must see.
He’s a living breathing rainbow from his head down to his knee.

Wally gets excited when he takes his brush in hand.
If you’re smart, you’ll go across the room and there is where you’ll stand.
His brush goes this way, then goes that way, nothing can escape
The splatters.  If you stand nearby, you’ll need a plastic cape.

There are eighty-seven pictures, every one is of himself,
There’s a special place he puts them all upon a special shelf.
He likes the color orange, and must buy it by the ton.
His house looks like a tangerine in every room but one.

And in that room you’ll never guess what color’s to be seen.
His tiny little studio is painted bright lime green!
His painting smock’s magenta and has polka dots of red.
Also, there’s a blue beret upon his little head.

Now let us go, let Wally paint.  His work has just begun.
Maybe he will show it to us when the picture’s done.

Copyright © Yvonne Uzzell | Year Posted 2016

Talisker Bay

Talisker Bay

A place that seems so remote
Hiding at the end of a track
A beautiful gem
This glorious bay
Covered in black and white sand
Being washed by the sea
Surrounded by cliffs
Where a waterfall rushes down
And a great sea stack standing tall
Take time to linger
Listen carefully
You may be blessed
To see magnificent Golden Eagles
Flying around or perched on rocks
The semi-circle of wonder
Its peacefulness
So captive

Copyright © Gail Underwood | Year Posted 2016

Chasing my Shadows

Chasing my shadows
And I'm afraid
The lingering pain 
Is driving me insane.

I'm losing control
Of things in my life
And in the mist of it all
I have no will to fight.

I am a soldier 
In Gods army for life
Through strife and struggle
Even in the dead of night.

Copyright © Deborah Tynes | Year Posted 2016


I'm afraid I'll have to decline
Based on lack of information
I've not received any brochures,
Even on the destination

I understand one of policies
Is that our bodies we do not keep,
But I've had mine for awhile,
And without it I'd feel incomplete

If I knew a little more,
I might reconsider
Are you on Facebook, Skype, maybe Twitter ?

I think we deserve to know a little more,
I think it's only fair.
Can we take one carry on bag ?
Can we go in pairs ?

How do I text without a face ?
Will my picture on Facebook be an empty place?

So again I'm declining your offer of death
It may work for some,
But for me I don't think it's best

Copyright © Tanis Troutman | Year Posted 2016

Party Tonight

Theres a party
So i do hear,
If you want to
It will be near
My friends
Are your friends
Just for one night,
You are all welcome
To drop on by.
Come one, two
three or four
You know where
To find my door
We will all be 
Scattered about
I apologize in advance
If someone does shout.
If the noise
goes up too high
You can find us
By the sky.
By the Pool
Grilling some meat
We are always
Here to greet.
We all are friendly
And help out each other,
That way you never
Have to worry
About getting punched
By your brother.

Copyright © Criss Tripp | Year Posted 2015


From the snow-covered mountain peaks of age, life's panorama, one can better see! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      29 April 2016

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2016

To my favorite therapist

Selling comfort for a song
Since my insurance agreed to pay.
Brightening up my dreary day.
Just a shame that I can't stay long.
Emptiness soothed and derisions challenged.
Fiction spurned and dreams managed.
Coping with the world outside
Seems it bit easier with her as my guide.
Still doubt and imagined decay
Of my soul infect my day.
As the art of getting by
Eludes me and makes me want to cry.
Another week, another visit.
My spirit buoyed with new resolve.
Times sixteen weeks of the same
Brightening my troubled mind frame.
Nothing's sure as I take my leave,
But her cheerful image, I can always retrieve
To get me through my darkest days
And to cut right through life's thickest haze.

Copyright © James Townsend | Year Posted 2016

Love in Lust

Lost love. 
Living in suffering,
in vain.
Lady lust has lost control this game!
" You shall remember my name."
Suffering alone in hell.
Yelling her lovers name.
Still only in vain.
Innocence lost,
Loves true test.
But what now?
She's left alone,
Her lover.
Left unknown to her name.

Copyright © Andrea Torres | Year Posted 2016

Bad Rap

Babygirl, someone needs to say
you can't go on acting this way.
If you don't learn another tune,
the party will be over soon.

Rude, without a clue
know-it-all, that's you.
Good intentions aside,
you don't deserve this ride.

That phony, baloney,
holy sanctimony
is not lost on me.
Just let it be.

Insecure, immature,
but there's a cure.
Life's journey mocks
the school of hard knocks.

Daddy's spoiled child;
He always smiled.
Welcome to what's real.
How ya gonna deal?

Play it out. 
Leave no doubt.
Take a stand.
Play your hand.

So, what's up?
Go grow up.
Be a woman,
Know you can.

July 5, 2015

Copyright © Janece Terry | Year Posted 2015

A hero Unmentioned

A hero unmentioned
 A hero that gives his/her life 
 Runs though fire 
 And becomes unmentioned
 A hero that not many people seem to remember 
 Only gets recognizes 
 For saving a life, fire, or lost 
 A hero unmentioned 
 They fight fires and learn to respect fires 
 Just to save a life 
 A hero unmentioned
 They train and Train 
 They pray and Pray 
 That the next fire wouldn't be the last
 A hero unmentioned 
 They love there job 
 Fear and all just save a life
 A unmentioned hero 
 Firefighters for life

Copyright © Martha Tellez | Year Posted 2016