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Apologies to Alice at Christmas

My toves are not slithy this evening,
They will not gyre or gymbal at all.
And worldwide the wabes are all dusty.
While North Korea threatens,
                  Nuclear War!!

CNN now tells us of terror,
That threatens the whole world with hate,
And those who love peace seem neglected.
              Poor foolish patrons of war!

Now the Jabberwock seems hardly scary,
He's a threat even babies don't fear.
Better by far to tremble at the Jabberwocks cry,
             Than to raise a glass to war.

Now whereever soldiers are fighting,
And whatever they fight for tonight,
Give them peace for one night from the child of light.
            And a new year without any war,
            A gift from everyone to the entire world.

Tis the Season

As the temperature starts to drop Seems the sun disappears a lot Whether that is true or not Put on the coffee pot Warm drinks keep you hot When light or not Drink or hold Keeps off Snow

A Traveller's Anthem

A Traveller's Anthem

So much in verse, so unlike prose
A marvelous gift to each of those
Who revel in it's glory

Yet here I am, mere mortal man
Inspired by one who's aura can
Compel me to my story

A traveller? Yes, but please refrain
From treating us with that disdain
Usually reserved for others.

A breed apart? Yes I suppose
But don't forget we're also those
Who need and care, like you.

A pensive type? Usually so,
No thoughts distracted as we go
Between our home and......home.

Our home is where we lay our hat
An oft used term, but without that
We'd shrivel up and die.

And yet there's always constant yearning
Of things no book or tutored learning
Could express as much as this:

A settled life, a home from home
That counter-balance for those who roam
The cities, skies and sea.

And so to you my thoughts do wander
As I, alone, sit here and ponder
Of what you did for me.

You made me welcome for your part
You found a place within my heart
And that is where you'll stay.

Although the miles keep us apart
You'll always have part of my heart,
So much of that you've won.

Solstice Burning

       Solstice Burning

Distant footsteps trodding through a suburban graveyard.
The Black Dahlia reposes silently
pondering the moment with a carved grin.
A tan La Salle pulled up that morning
when she lost her heartbeat.
More distant footsteps in the hills of disease and disillusion.
Can you discern what has been and what will be?
Look to the east and see a face coming through the mist,
seeking a sword.
Are you not tired of all this?
Do you not seek death secretly?

Put the key in the ignition
the streets burn for our presence
like a naked lover spread under stained sheets at twilight.
More stiff corpses in the alleyways
wasted for the big party that has yet to begin.
What is life but one more glance downward
with tilted head and screaming thoughts.
Are you not ready for a change?
Do you not seek just one moment of peace?

Raging rapsters cry to the starry heights
looking for a taste of neon nirvana.
Adolescents in tight skirts
with button nipples bulging
seek desperate embraces in the shadows.
Solstice burning like a madman with dagger at midnight.

The cool tombs of eternity await the doleful dirge.
"Can you hear it, honey?"
"Put out the lights now."
The Black Dahlia needs her beauty sleep.

Happy As Can Be

Happy in the shower, Happy like a tree
Happy flower, Happy Bee, 
Happy in the morning after drinking coffee
Happy like a puppy, whom loves its flea

Happy Me, Happy You, Happy like everyone I see



silt drys layered
packed, heated, plates collide bang
flings upright pegs

molten steam singes life
bones crushed down below surface
seed never more green

An Angel in my eyes

Is this a place of solace , a unknown jump into the abyss ?
Do I fear the unknown , it does feel like I am in this alone.

I must confront whatever may lie beneath
If it determines some loss or some sort of Grief

There has always been light in the darkness of my soul 
Only to awaken , my spirit will be whole.
All of us face the fear of the abyss, 

we all have pain in leaving  , something we shall miss.

Death is to be reborn ..Death is important as birth is to Day.
We will all metamorphosis, we all change form in some beautiful way.
If I do greet my Change with fear of Darkness

I will pray for my Angel she will guide me to eternal bliss
I believe she is here now and has never left my side , 
she is inspiring me to write now ..Putting all fears aside .

Maybe death is not so scary at all , it could represent Life , I have not truly lived at all.

This I dedicate to my Consoler Mary , she has become such a inspiration to me in  setting me free.

Gods Love

With God on her side,
She can abide,
The ghosts of her past,
Are fading fast,
Love so amazing keeps her heart praising.

By sabina

I am behind the wheel

I am behind the wheel
things move quickly by
I feel like I ‘m being pulled along 
by the machine
new  gauges 
just keep coming 
and going around

the faster I go
the greater the outside winds
the greater the noise
garbage flies speedily by
in all directions
some of it hits me 
and sticks

the outside noises are great
they confuse me
they cloud the music
and the surroundings
and overcome 
and relations

I must 
keep the windows closed
to keep out the outside noise
I must try to take control 
of the machine 
slow down speed up
right turn left turn
never never stop

I am told 
that I must keep going
to succeed
hands on the wheel
foot on the throttle
never never look back

I ‘m afraid 
to stop
how will I get 
where I’m going
once I no where
how will I find it
how will I know


In the beginning
When God made man
He gave us the sea
He gave us the land

He gave us black
When He gave us night
He gave the colors of day
With the color white

He gave us the air
And things unseen
He gave us the trees
With their leaves of green

And, everything He gave us
Turned out to be new
He gave us the sky
With the color blue

He gave things that were spoken
And things that were unsaid
He gave us the beautiful sunset
With many shades of red

He gave the color orange
And He gave us yellow too
Then He gave us violet
Which came from red and blue

He put them in a rainbow
For all of us to see
To remind us of His glory
May He set our spirits free.

The Beast (Part 2-The Battle)

The Battle

There was a girl who had a Beast
upon her tears he liked to feast.
He made her mind a prison cell
within his darkness she did dwell.

Through the years she tried to flee
but an escape she couldn't see.
In blackness, thicker than the night
she prayed to find a guiding light.

When her darkest hour came
she prayed to finally end this game
then through the tears that marred her sight
she saw a candle burning bright.

Armed with her words and shield of prayers
she found the Beast among her fears
and with a battle cry of yore
she told the Beast, "That's it, no more."

"You've taunted me for my whole life
filled me with your pain and strife.
You stabbed my heart and clawed my mind
and with your darkness made me blind."

"You've tried to kill the dreams I dreamed
you broke my will, or so it seemed.
Now let me go, just let me be
your reign is over, SET ME FREE!"

With seething anger in his eyes
the Beast answered her battle cries.
His evil laugh dripped with disdain
for this, he'd break her with his pain.

He started spewing his retort
but all at once he was cut short
for in her hand a sword appeared
forged with her pain and all she feared.

It was her moment of reprise
and looking deep into his eyes
she stabbed the Beast with all her might
then witnessed an amazing sight.

You see, the Beast was very large
and he had always been in charge
but now, to both of their surprise
the Beast began to shrink in size.

He tried to scare her with his rage
as she put him in a cage.
She bound it well and locked it tight
and keeps him always in her sight.

The Joy Of Flight

Kids scream in my ears - I just want to cuss.

   A drunk next to me causes quite a fuss.

      Left my brief case at the gate.

         Doggone flight is runnin' late.

            Next time I travel I'm ridin' the bus!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved

Entry for Carolyn Devonshire's "Vacation Humor" Contest

Lessons learned in youth

Lessons Learned In Youth.

 Eyes like diamonds decorating a rose
 sweet lips to decorate her perfect nose
 A face made for benefit for all to see
 a girl too good for the likes of me

 She passed me by not even casting a glance
 yet my mind was on pure romance
 I could hear her song night and day
 yet to me she had nothing to say

 Foolish dreaming gathered me no date
 best to speak before it is too late
 O' what words would serve me well
 I had nobody to help me , nobody to tell

 Fearing the worst and praying for the best
 I decided to try a very simple test
 As she passes by I'd just step up to boldly say
 Hello! And then begin to earnestly pray

 That my bold step was met with a good reply
 she'd be nice to me yet I know not why
 Doubts and fear racked my fevered brain
 daggers in my heart was my relentless pain

 So I finally ventured receiving a great reward
 finding suddenly talking to her wasn't at all hard
 We dated for forty-seven blissful summer days
 then each found others and parted ways

 I learned nothing ventured nothing you will gain
 yield not to fear stepping out into the glorious rain
 Life sends us on a glorious and rewarding ride
 best just go with the flow , ride high on the tide............Tyr- 04-11-2014

Praise the Lord

Thank You, Lord…
For the love in my heart.
Thank You, Lord…
For the hope in my thoughts.
Thank You, Lord…
For the faith to believe.
Thank You, Lord…
For the moments of peace.
Thank You, Lord…
For the Spring dawn.
Thank You, Lord…
For the freshly mown lawn.
Thank You, Lord…
For the gentle rain.
Thank You, Lord…
For Your amazing grace!!!

Praise the Lord!!!


She's the flour in the middle of a fertile desert soil
She dreams of my dreams when i dream she dreams dreams that we dream
She's a speechless pole
She's a footstep away from my soul
She dreams of my goal
She's my African queen
Her womb carriers the nation's poetry
She takes me back to my dreams in chains
I make my own God she believes
She's one minute past jealousy
She's the speed of an angry poem in the dark
The black paint building an arch
The spirit of a mic resurrected by a dead poem
Speechless pole stronger than cone
She's my poem
She's my poetic lyrical port
I can see by the blushes right under my rhymes
She's so beautiful she makes you read her repetedly
She's my poem

The Boatman's Song 8/ Many

The Boatman’s Song 8/Many

Urveshi finding no way out 
Remembered her nymph friend Tarang*
She knew that Tarang can help her to find a way
To go close to that boatman, whom she has started loving so much
For hearing those heart touching melodies 
Which had changed her life like a magic in heaven

The moment Urveshi remembered her friend Tarang*
The airy Tarang* heard her hearts voice and 
Immediately came near her friend Urveshi
She murmured in her ears,
“O Yes, my darling crown princess of heaven,
I am here with you to help you, O immortal beauty divine,
Whose glance only can kill even the bravest of brave kings,
In heaven or on earth, even without a drop of Hemlock wine

The moment Urveshi heard the voice of her nymph friend Tarang*
Smile returned on her face with a blush, which brightens the 
Beauty of a woman, irrespective whether she is on earth or in heaven
Urveshi briefed her friend Tarang* 
About the longings of her heart for the boatman and his songs
And told her that, she finds no pleasure now in heaven
Ever since she has heard the echoes of the boatman’s songs

Nymph Tarang after listening the story of Urveshi
Told her to wait there only, till she returns after seeing the boatman

Invisible Tarang took leave from Urveshi 
And vanished from their on her wings 
To see and meet the boatman on earth
Tarang using her extraordinary powers
Located the boatman’s boat,  near the bank of river Ganges
She came near the boat, where the boatman was waiting
Looking at the sand dunes, as if he was waiting for something
His face was grim and his eyes were trying to find someone

Tarang got charmed by seeing this wonderful & handsome Youngman
Although till then, she had not heard even a word of his voice
About which her friend got so much enchanted and charmed
That she even left her permanent dwelling place like heaven, 
To see him and to hear his songs, on a place like earth

Tarang decided to wait till the boatman moves his boat
So that she may gets a chance to hear those wonderful enchanting
The thing which was left, was reading the boatman’s mind 
For which Tarang decided to wait for a while 

Ravindra                                                          to continue

Kanpur   India 11th January 2010  
* Apsara (A Nymph dancer of heaven as per Hindu Mythology
* Indra (The Lord of Heaven as per Hindu mythology
* Urveshi (One of the beloved Apsaras of Indra 
* Tarang (A name of the nymph) Tarang is a Hindi word means waves both 
    Visible or invisible like sound waves


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