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Quote LeftThis is by far the best, and most informative poetry site on the net. Great writers, great information for writers (I've learned alot about forms of poetry here) and a great crowd. I've been to other sites, but I keep coming back here, cause the writing it truly superior. Quote Right

Comment By: D. L.

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Quietly heaven

It seems like the edge of the world 
Watching the sun reaching quietly high 
Gently blending with clouds in a swirl
A brushwork of joy painted across the sky

I wish I could linger here for a lifetime
In this heaven, this place of my dreams
Let me bask in the golden sunshine
Far away from my life’s realities 

Daydreams carry me softly away
Further from myself than I’ve ever been
But on this peaceful reminiscent day 
My thoughts carry me back to him

For no matter what I try to leave behind 
The memory of him will forever fill my mind 

Blood In The Breeze

Blood in the breeze 
Remember my name 
I am the one who you lost 
The one who won. 

Tears on the sunset 
You cried 
I escaped the shouts and 

Heart on the sun 
I have you my all 
You spat on me 
And turned me to shame. 

Me in your arms 
Desolation and fire 
Hope and grief 
You taught me them all. 

Let me tell you
that now I'm happy 
Let me tell you 
That I don't care. 
Let me tell you that 
These lies are forced by you
Out of my shattered lips

i can not play many game

i can't play many game
that's make me feel blame
cuz i work on ma dream 
so i can't give ya m name

listen if u want understand
life it's not a small stupid land
to create some lil crappy band
so dont give up cuz its not d end

An Ode to Nothing

Ah, nothing.
So glorious and divine,
As if it doesn’t exist. 

My friend, here we are,
You and me to be,
An adventure awaits us. 

Here and there nothing lays about,
Everything’s gone and disappeared,
No words to be said,
No good nor bad, just emptiness. 

My friend, here we are, 
You and me to be, 
We are who we are,
We are nothing,
As if we don’t exist.

A Most Humble Abode

Who is it that knocks on my door?
It is nearly midnight and not a single creature stirs about 
Yet, I hear a faint tapping of feet upon my cedar floor 
Assuredly, my mind lends to perception, a sense of doubt

Lo, a man stands before me
His hands very much contused
In better light, I come to observe the somber face I see 
A broken man indeed, very much confused

I extended to the visitor, a kind greeting
One, of a most humble nature
The ailing man appears to have received some sort of beating
 Perhaps he was involved in an unsettled wager?

This guest of mine spoke clearly now, and his words were of fright 
The man was my brother, whom I attended to on this dreadful night

The Pool Of Emotions

Here I stand,
with my arms crossed over me,
I stare through the pool of tears -
at the reflection of my life.

I gather myself up
as I take a final breath.
I fall into the pool 
of my own emotions.

I'm drenched in tears 
that I have shed through the years,
I bring my head up to the surface, 
to the start of a new beginning.

With the rays of the summer sun 
shining it's positive light onto me,
and the birds flying above, singing
I always know everything will be ok.
Nobody stays in a swimming pool forever.

Tick Tock

The tick tock of the clock as the day comes to an end
Until the morning comes and a new day begins
Same old same day after day
I don't know how to live any other way
I am a prisoner trapped in my own routine 
But when I think twice change frightens me
What to do besides succumb to my fears
Days full of smiles with nights full of tears
Tick tock of the clock as the day comes to an end
Until my new found strength comes and my life begins

Better days there were

I just can't sleep tonight,
Knowing things just ain't right,
It's in the papers, on the t.vs, all around us too,
Children crying , soldiers dying, some people with no homes.
The sunshine can't be seen,
Tell me how everything can be changed,
So I close my eyes, and think of a better day,
I close my eyes and pray,

Am I sinner? cuz' i have my dinner on this clean plate?
I get a vision to make a difference, and it started today.

Pray for the broken hearted, and all the lives not started,
All the soulds that need a break,
I can't sleep tonight,
Someone tell me how to change,
I close my eyes and see a beter day,
Whishing everyone would do the same.

And immortalize you in my fire

the present hides itself secretly
behind invisible walls of fantasy
my fingertips explore a statue
so vividly before me
I bury my fear among the pedestal
and you can come from your base
find a resting place on my warm grounds
let the bronze melt into love
reveal the emerald color of your heart
I want to love you endlessly
free your soul from petrified tears
and immortalize you in my fire

@ Bianca & Gerhard


Oh, Palestine
Cry, cry generously
Cry more
Let your tears wash their sins
Let your tears wash their brutality

Oh, Palestine
Struggle, struggle endlessly
Struggle more
Let your people teach them,
The meaning of "Dignity"

Oh, Palestine
Live, live happily
Live more
Let them learn how to dream
Let them see how we challenge bravely

Oh, Palestine
Grow, grow prosperously
Grow more
Let your people raise you high
Let your name reach the sky




Skeletons remain embarking in the closets,lurking in shadows.
Detecting- ridiculing  your   despair,riding  the  hind  quarters like a stallion.
Black raven's  peck   at  your soul,spreading news  of tragedy.
Legends of the old ,creeping through corridors.
Whispering  words of the untold truths.
Looting  every small bit of hope,Skeletons remain embarking in closets,lurking in shadows.
Whispering   untold truths and lies...
Tears in   the rain ,and  hushed   pain..
whilst that black raven  pecks out your eye sight has you blindfolded;
to the  skeletons  remaining.

written by: 
Brenda Swing


Your eyes, your smile Your love and dedication You are beautiful

Love secre, No more

I love you today,
An yesterday.
I loved you the days,
Before those ones... .. .
Yet kept a secret
  No one knows
Silents DON'T last 
        forever.. .
 A child's laughter
Ain't easy to hide you

Simply Amazing

Never have I kissed your sweet lips
Nor have I touched your beautiful skin
Never have I held you close
Nor have I been alone with you
Never have I held your hand
Nor have I walked under the stars with you
Yet I know I love you
For you are amazing

I love the way you look with your natural hair.
You beautiful with no makeup on
I love the person you are
You have the skin of a child
The smile of goddess
Your beauty is truly like no other
And no one can dispute that
For you are amazing

You make my heart beat faster
You make my palms sweat
You make me forget what I wanted to say
You make me smile
You make me laugh
You make me go crazy out of my senses
For you are amazing

All I want is just one moment in life
When I kiss you for eternity
Hold you in my arms and never let go
Tell you I love you forever and never say goodbye
Tell our children our love story that never ends
All I ask is a chance to be with you
For you are amazing.
Simpy Amazing


I think I'm so critical of others' lives because I'm not satisfied with my own. I'm 36 and full grown and don't even own a home. I've been a horrible person to myself and my family. I truly understand why no one can stand me. I'm alone in this world, my girl, but no friends. No job means no freedom and of course means no ends, so your  success depends on education...not succumbing to trials and tribulations. In this nation the smartest win. I'm an artist running thin and only hope success begins. Don't ruin yourself with drugs and booze, because honest to God's truth, in the end you will lose. Pay attention in school, listen and follow the rules, develop meaningful tools and a prosperous life you will choose. Take it from me...I've lived it.

To Be Thirteen

I found a surfboard once,
Along the banks of the Cherokee Lake.
A dirty, stained, half-broken plank.
My cousin and I drifted it out
To see if it could still keep its head up.

I waded among the leaves,
In a shallow bay where our
Campsite smoked from the morning's fire.
Treading water, holding tight, I examined
My vessel -- I pulled myself on board.

The breeze hit my dripping back,
Sending chills to my toes.
I stood, stumbled, and lifted my
Hands; crucified by the mid-morning air.
Eyes closed, I tasted the water on my lips.

I found myself among the reeds and cold
Waters of a lake. Thirteen and Shivering.


What is Poetry

Poetry is a careful, inventive, or creative consideration of words written in order to convey some thought as a literary composition. Usually, but not always, the words written are designed to evoke emotion. Poetry can manifest itself as a two-word phrase or a one thousand-page book. Related terms: abecedarius, Alcaic, Alcaic verse, ballad, ballade, blank verse, canto, elegy, epic, epic poem, epos, free verse, haiku, lament, lay, line of poetry, line of verse, literary composition, literary work, lyric, lyric poem, poetic rhythm, prosody, rhyme, rhythmic pattern, rime, rondeau, rondel, sonnet, stanza, tanka, terza rima, vers libre, verse, verse line, versicle. Submit Poems.