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My hands and feet are numb
for I am cold and I have no
home to give me warmth.
A home and warmth are two
things I search for that is why
people call me a bum.
I have not eaten but I have
prayed and my prayers have
not yet been answer for I have
not eaten in days.
So I'll just lay in my place of 
sleep and pray once more as I
search for warmth,  for I have
found my home, The streets.

Beautiful feelings

Beautiful things can be touched
Beautiful moments can be captured
But beautiful feelings can never be described
You were the most beautiful feelings I have ever had



Am from the backseats of mean streets
I got my eye aiming the Wall Street
They said education is the key
I wonder why they made it expensive for we,
Am sitting around hood rats,
Gangsters and Ex- prisoners
Sniffing, snatching, stuffing stuff
Mama expects a lawyer, a doctor, a mayor,
We are in the middle of a crisis
Am the original copy of a son-of-a-gun
I define the odds
I believe to break a law,
Is to make a road
You go east or west,
Home is still the best
But with a bullet in your chest
Don’t mess with these streets
They will give you a free ride to hell
Pot and crack do rounds all over,
It’s a mess,
I am needed, you are needed,
We are needy
We are in a man eat man generation
You either survive or succumb
There’s a billion ways to die,
Choose one,
It’s time for a change,
Change of perspectives,
Change of attitude,
Change of behavior
Let’s get out of our comfort zone,
Coz that’s what’s drowning us,
We need a change
Change for the better
It’s revolution time!!

A Meeting With The Aliens

Do you believe in aliens?
Yes they are there.
In this world and everywhere.
Once I saw them in a fare.
I was frightened as they were three, 
And so I hid behind a tree.
They were filthy and dirty,
They gave me a treaty.

I know this sounds  freaky,
But please try to believe me.
They made some strange signs,
 Which were out of my mind.
And suddenly someone spoke,
It sounded like a croak.
It was talking about something like treasure troves,
Which were situated near the groves.

I was caught in perspiration,
 I had no destination.
I went near the yard of cremation,
With the aspiration to save my nation.
I found that it was all my imagination,
As a voice called behind me, 
And I found that it was my mommy.
And that croaking voice was my tummy!
Wanting to eat something yummy!                                                


Aarmano Se JAn CHooti
Ghamo ne Aan Ghera ha 
Kia mere DIl pe Bas 
Sirf Tanhaiyo ka Basera ha


Childhood is the time to enjoy
A time without tensions and worries
The value of it can be known
from the one who had lost it
It is the time one used to go behind the butterflies
Playfullness and naughtiness will be a childs chariots
Days will be spend with games and jokes
It is the time to attain boldness and courage
For the one who had lost it
there does not exist any playfullness and naughtiness
Does not used to go behind the butterflies
To get rid of tensions and worries
used to watch others playing !


     Of  this quaint mountain village sparks a longing  strain lay dormant these many years. Was it some childhood visit, one too early to recall, or existence in another life? The two, to my searching soul, ever close together.
     A white steeple  pokes through, rising from a wealth of green. The instant sensation,  deja vu. I’m standing at the edge of Castle Lookout – so said a sign – a mountain promontory surrounded by jack pine, and the cozy little town – if you could call it a town – lay half buried in verdant summer wealth, purple mountains distant. All one may see of dwellings are white sidings and reddish roofs, save for one large two-story quite near. I could swear I see a lad and his dog on a patch of meadow But no. He’s disappeared.
     A flash! An instant panoramic spectacle,  an all encompassing vision covers, blots-out the town, the distant purple mountains, every waking sight. I am playing with the lad and his dog, throwing a stick for some fetch it game. His name is, Tommy, and I know him well, both he and his family. And for just that instant – superimposed – I walk those village streets, hear a park band in the square and wave at familiar folk. It has been given when a person falls from some high place his whole life strings into consciousness. Yes, but this too-real-apparition has other-worldly quality. No childish imagination pervades the montage. It is that of my mature self, save playing with the boy and his dog, which reaches back even more mysteriously. I sense all at very depth of soul. The traveler is not my present self. He has appeared from some other port of call too distant in time to name. 
     Now I’m back, visitor on a whim, and deigned experience what few have gone the crystal ball route. How polar different I feel  walking back to my car. I am almost reluctant to leave, the two-entity identity still with me, but I get in, start her up, and drive onto the highway with a wide-eyed shrug for that glimpse of transcendental history.

Dave Austin


                                    On the outside things have changed so much. No more makeup, no more dancing, no more curling her hair and such.
                                     She laughs that jolly laugh, and smiles that beautiful smile. There's an emptiness in her eyes that's been there awhile.

                                     It's hard to see my grandma so different than she was, but one thing that has remained is that wonderful grandma love.

                                      Her hands are wrinkled now, her hair has turned gray, but that sparkle in her eyes is truly there to stay.

                                       I hope each day she wakes she knows that I have prayed, that god holds her close, and makes her worries fade.

                                       So if you have the chance call her and say, grandma I wanted to tell you I'm thinking of you today.

                                        I LOVE YOU GRANDMA!! 


With age is supposed to come wisdom, but occasionally age comes alone. so the question that lies amongst many men is what does it truly mean to be grown. Is it the cars you drive, or perhaps the bill your supposed to pay. Maybe its the overwhelming burden of certain responsibility. Or do we ever grow up? Age is just a testimony of how long we've been here not of how much we've learned. Wisdom is the declaration of what we do after we've crashed and burned. Do we get up, dust ourselves off and return to our feet. Or do stay down wallow in self pity and concede to defeat. You can never get enough wisdom, its just one of those qualities and traits that can never hurt to have, Like a person with a loving touch, a gentle stare and a way of making you laugh. Wisdom can lead you to much more then just knowledge. Its a gateway to Fame, riches, and essentially the answers to all your problems. Take note of all the wise men in our time, From Martin Luther King, who's Famous today all way back to Albert Einstein. Both wise in different ways, but even more Now then they were in there own Days. So in a sense our lives can truly never excel to height we want it to before dying. You see because out Wisdom reaching that high is like being a dope addict we'll do nothing but die trying.

The Day Adonai Died

 The clouds hung dark over Calvary –
And suddenly the air became deathly still.
“Father, You have forsaken Me –
But for this reason I came into My world.

“I send My Spirit back to You –
That I may taste death for every man.”
And bowing His head He died!
Adonai died – God Almighty died!

The earth heaved in a great sigh of grief –
As though it felt the pain of its Creator.
In the holiest of all places –
The separating veil rent asunder.

And it truly was finished –
Salvation paid for all who would believe.
Free – but the most costly of all gifts.
The day Adonai died – God Almighty died for you!

The pain

I wish upon a falling star to erase my past and remove my scars
I wish upon this blurring light for the bullying to end tonight
I wish upon the razor in my hand to end the tears and the pain within
I wish upon this rope I tie to end the suffering and strife
I wish upon this tree I climb to not make me fail this time
I wish upon this falling star to keep me here until the struggling stops


Darling I swore to love you forever
Promised you that I will never love another
You are the one that fills  my life with wonder
The one who really makes me feel stronger

Right now we are physically apart from each other
But yet no one else in this world can be closer
I hope to be always your best friend and lover
True love is something with you I have discovered

I know we can survive all the stormy weathers
For  in this world there is no other love that is much greater
Than the pure complete and honest love we have for each other
I look forward to the future with you, a happy life growing old together


The months, the years, the colors fade to gray 
And expedite the truth our minds betray. 
The changes feel so close, yet far away,
In languid, ebbing scents of yesterday. 

The sum of all we are and hoped to be 
Would circle lines within a living tree. 
To cycle through the seasons' set decree, 
Then fall, obeying laws of gravity. 

We reach to scoop and grasp the sparkled sand 
And watch it slip so quickly from our hand. 
Each grain remains defiant to demand, 
Yet knows the spot precisely where it lands. 

A truth exists our thoughts cannot define. 
More stars will form than all the sand combined. 
Our lives were never sketches we designed, 
An unredacted touch by one divine.

Gene Bourne.

Iambic Pentameter (Cataletic).
Rhyme - AA-AA



That tragic day the school bells tolled
in April nineteen ninety-nine:
the massacre at Columbine,
the rage of Harris and Klebold.

Some say that Harris was a cold
and grandiose young psychopath,
who wished to show the world his wrath:
the rage of Harris and Klebold.

Some say that guns should not be sold.
Some blame it on deep discontent.
Can we predict? Can we prevent
the rage of Harris and Klebold?

That tragic day the school bells told 
the rage of Harris and Klebold.

'Words-The heart of imagination'

'Words-The Heart of Imagination'

To feel those arms around me, 
change shape, size and pressure
I'm lost, feeling strong words spoken,
but not a sound was made.

Are you expressing, what I think
 your saying. Or through your silence
of Unspoken Words.Your message not clear

The warmth of your
body so close to mine, not 
everyone can make sentences
of body language this divine

Still I Feel A Need To Follow

The darkness calls for me and in the trees i hear it whisper
ever so softly
it knows me by name now
it understands my pain and it promises me no more misery
swears it will take me away from this disenchanted existence that has forever 
denied me satisfaction
denied me life
i take it's sweaty hand and i follow
into the deadness
into nothing

If Stars Could Think

If stars could think.
They would be thinking
Dreadful thoughts.
Wishing they could be humans.
Just wishing that they could be
In a dark abyss.
No where to go
Nothing to do.
Just hot stars in a dark
Yet if they could only see. 
To us they shine brighter than all of our thoughts combined.
Then they start to think extraordinary thoughts.
They start to think 
Will gaze up at them for hours. 
So far,
So bright.
But stars have nothing to fear.
For they will outlive 
Us all.

Thank You, Lord

I thank You, Lord
I thank You so much 
If I had Avogadro's number of tongues, 
I simply just could not thank You enough.
I thank You for every one of my five senses:
Thank You for smell, thnk You for taste,
Thank You for sight, hearing, and touch.
I thank You for all of my life's lessons:
I thank You for all of the blessings
That I realized You gave me
And the one's that I could not see
With my human eyes.

I thank You Lord for my friends and my family
I thank You for my enemies
I thank You for not allowing them to get the best of me
I thank You for revealing them to me,
When thet were disguised.
I thank You in advance
For another chance,
After I had messed up so many times
And before I mess up some more.
I thank You Lord for what you have in store.


Water  Witch

Alcazar’s crystal  pools
Rim their ancient holes
Of time and place where the minx
Links her Pagan spells.
She watches them perform 
On me, 
Her dry, untainted lover 
Where’s there’s no escaping
Her magic 
She swims and circles my body
That’s begging 
She smiles and spirits me 
To her astral home 
And Sinks me into her 
Wet forever.

M.A. Buchanan

Magical Forest

As I walk through the valley of the Red Maple trees
I take a look and realize that’s it’s a pioneer species
and that’s just a little bit of knowledge from me
You know i shun Bradford Pears, they don’t grow naturally.

At 430 in the morning, been planting trees
but no American Chestnuts, they’re almost extinct 
fool, I haven’t been studying trees for so long but
even I know Redwood’s the tallest of all.

I’m a man of the forest, and I’ve always been
dichotomous key in my hand, and I’ll have a big grin
Whoa, this tree has needles, is it the White Pine?
And I know that answer’s right, cause they’re in bundles of 5.

We’ve been spending most our lives, living in nature’s paradise.
saw a Dogwood once or twice, living in nature’s paradise.
Why does this Sweet Gum look so nice? living in nature’s paradise.
this Sugar Maple’s twice my size, living in nature’s paradise.

I saw a full-grown Box Elder last week
oh wait, that is poison ivy, it’s hard to tell, you see?
but i set it on fire, so now come down the trail
cause you’ll end up in a hospital if you take in that smell!

I cut a Black Locust, I could build a cool fence 
cause it is number 1 in rot resistance
I could make a bow and arrow, Osage Orange does that
and if I cut a Black Walnut, I’d make money with that, fool

Trees are almost just like humans, or just like me
You wanna go out to the woods and get some Sassafras leaves?
or how bout Ohio Buckeyes, they look like weed.
see? we’re as messed up as these trees!

There are Elms, Maples, and Beech trees as far as the eye can see
I’m chilling by a Redbud, as hearts surround me

We’ve been spending most our lives, living in nature’s paradise.
saw a Dogwood once or twice, living in nature’s paradise.
Why does this Sweet Gum look so nice? living in nature’s paradise.
this Sugar Maple’s twice my size, living in nature’s paradise.