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        this day, your love, I
will cling to for it is my
    strength, my hope, my life

Copyright © David Meade

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When I grow old
Remember not the frail man
Who shivers now, lost and cold,
But of the other, brave and bold.
Not the one that lingers on.
When I am old.

When I grow old,
Ancient and useless
In my hearts desire,
And the bleak stars above,
Blows the flickering candle.
Think of yesterday
When the world was new.
How did we conspire to let it die.
After all we knew.
When I am old.

When I grow old
To face the endless night,
That greets us all,
I think of the only love I had
And in those moments of regret 
It makes me sad, to think of you.
When I am old.

Copyright © Martin Lynch

Sunny, warm 
Swimming, boating, sunning
Sky, airplane, ocean, seashells
Skiing, sledding, snowball throwing
Cold, blistery
New York City

Copyright © Danitra David

Tears falling from Angels eyes 
gathering in spreading pools 
over the sterile parched earth
grief for beauty lost

Copyright © Shane Cooper

Walk softly in my garden
For the Rose's they will pardon
All the pansies in their places
with such happy little faces

If you look through all the trees
you'll see houses, birds and bees
I have fountains here and there
for the birds to come and share

Small houses you may peep in
where the frogs they all do sleep in
And the clover in the hollow
Captures moonbeams if you follow

All the wind chimes will amuse you
As the sound they make goes through you
There's a small bench waiting there
if you want to sit and stare

Then at dusk the magic happens
All the tree lights start there dancing
As they twinkle through the night
filling hearts with such delight

So please visit in my garden
The Rose's they will pardon
If you sit there for awhile
I can guarantee a smile...

Copyright © Sharon Ruebel

before the first man made from clay, you caused the seas that toss today, also the
earth you made by hand, it bring forth fruit you did command! arrayed the heavens
sun and moon,

& with living stars the voids festoon..! or perhaps this fame is all undue? a
fallacy a lie untrue! and many people do so expound, that this is so! from
what they've found:) 

For they can and will explain, that the elements state it all so plain, and that from
these alone all life came forth, yet in my ignorance I’ll say, in a vacuum case
these things could stay.." and then times-plus they should be able to show  

how life was formed the way they know..! and yet..! and yet..? I must confess..!&  from
what I’ve seen I must digress, for some women & men,we have been told, with, scientific
apparatus have so to say struck gold.! they planned and wrought, schemed & thought

and brought forth life I do believe.." having thought about this quite a while.."
 And though my instinct finds it vile; they’ve proved one point... to me past doubt..!

CREATION CREATION...! their deeds shout out..!

© Joe Maverick 23-10-2010

Copyright © Joe Maverick

surfing emerald waves,
gently cleanse vivid coral,
tropical rainbow.      

Copyright © 2010  By Caryl S. Muzzey

Seventh Place Winner ~ "Tropical Treasures” Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Sweetheart of Poetry Soup’s  Linda-Marie Bariana
July 16, 2010

Copyright © Caryl Muzzey

Took Turn or Found a Twist

After all of it was well over and done
Guess what!!! No one had ever won
We were never sure whether or not
Lost battles should have to be fought.

Before presenting case be prepared to pause
When whole thing looks like a lost cause
And the happy mediums have moved on
We will never know where they have gone.

Started staring at floor that had a groove
Hoped my meager situation would improve
No longer in the grove was I now in
So why should we have to fight over again.

How clear had the confusion been stated
Or to any other confusion was it related
And if fate took a turn or had found a twist
Into what branch of service should you enlist?

Did you know that confusion times confusion
Will end up equally to a mass of many confusions.
Isn't that what all it seems to amount to?

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet
RiverSea Plantation
Bolivia, NC

Copyright © James Horn

The warden’s bewildered, the watchman’s amazed
as the gate slowly opens a hole in the haze.
The steps seem uncertain, the cobblestones crazed
watching stars burn above us like pinwheels ablaze.
Though lanterns hang vacant in streets starring blind,
broken paths kindle riddles –
                                        recalling the Sphinx ... I’ll not leave you behind

The lepers laugh, leaping from tombstones of steel 
chasing rollaway caskets on luminous wheels.
Their shadows shake, frozen, in echoes confined,
twisted time melts at midnight – 
                                        take hold of my hand... I’ll not leave you behind

The ponies of plunder roam, riding on high
watching pilgrims on stallions cast stones from the sky
at the statues they’re stalking which pay them no mind.
But our broncos are bolting – 
                                        just cling to my cape... I’ll not leave you behind	

The bandits are brazen, the leprechaun’s lurk
while imbibing dark brews of a hag’s handiwork.
They’re gulping from goblets that goblins designed,
sipping wisps of the wind –
                                        Woman! Throw your wings wide... I’ll not leave you behind	

The orphans and widows lean, bent in the breeze
while a horrified hangman nods, passing decrees.
The engines of mercy have come to a grind
for they’re facing the Furies – 
                                        just fade neath the night... I’ll not leave you behind

The tattered toy teddies and raggedy Anns
have escaped to the highways of kid caravans.
They’re shepherding shadows, know not what they’ll find.
Their parade’s fast departing – 
                                        adrift in your dreams... I’ll not leave you behind	

 Continued in Part 2

Copyright © Terry O'Leary

The Web


Stan Almendro©

I sit so quiet at my window watching this little fly
It is also being watched by a spider oh so sly
The web is spun and now it is the patient game
In every walk of love and life, it is for us the same

The web of love and life is spun for every one
It makes our hearts so light or feeling like a ton
No hairy-legged spider is watching o’er this web
It is often a blue-eyed guy with curls on his head

At first, it is a smile and a short winking of the eye
This makes my legs so weak and a big hearty sigh
The web has no power yet draws the victim nearer
It is what makes falling in love evermore so dearer

So my blue-eyed spider as you wait there by your web
Is it me you want to snare or someone else instead?
The force of your stringy web is more than I can take
It is either a silky web or my heart that you will break

Well I’ve now lost site of the sly spider and the little fly
I do not see a hairy-legged monster looking oh so sly
My legs are weak and my heart is pounding very high
I’ll let be that blue-eyed spider if you let me be your fly

Copyright © Stanley Almendro

Twixt sky and Sea
Field, valley and tree
Whether tethered or free
Whatever sight we see
Never a glimpse we glean
Of what is and has been
Vast unknown & unseen
The space in between
Diana Dalton
7 July 2015

Copyright © Diana Dalton

As Adam and Eve walked through the garden Their love grew and grew They gathered berries for their supper And leaves for a brew. Later as they lay naked under the stars Adam kissed Eve and gently stroked her thighs They heard a sound, turned in fright And saw a vision before their eyes. 'Stop, sin no more or go to Hell' Spake the fanged head But then it spoke no more As with a stone Adam hit it till dead. Adam turned to Eve with a smile 'We still have much to learn and see But what I'd really like to know Is what was in that tea?

Copyright © Ken Duddle

The Mojo Trick
Loch David Crane
June 1979

Sweat-sticky and hot! The P. I. is not
	a comfortable place to be;
but sit here and perspire (as though by the fire)
	and I'll tell a tale to thee.

I was coming alive in a Philippine dive
	after Mojo and San Miguels;
 the raging fire in my stomach went higher
	but my sea legs rode out the swells.

I began with a pitcher of Mojo that hit
	a spot in my appetite;
and glass after glass I drank till the last
	and soon was feeling just right.	

Then a hostess sat down in a low-cut gown
	and asked "I sit with you tonight?"
And I nodded OK in a nonchalant way
	so she seated herself on my right.

Now the hostesses here are all drink San Miguel beer
	And the same is served all around;
but it don't show much class to charge five times' a 	glass
when serving's the same size per round.
So you pay a dear price to drink beer over ice
	which is how it is served in P.I.;
if you buy a girl beer when she says "I work here,"
	then she knows you're a Big Spender guy.

So I looked at this girl and my mind began to whirl
	and the Mojo played a trick.
Her face was so funny – a nose like a bunny –
	I wouldn't let her flick my Bic!

I won’t call her ugly, but with that funny mug she'd
	make customers run and hide;
you could send that girl in to a crowded room; then
	watch as horrified man stepped outside.

So as I drank my beer with a grin ear  to ear
	I said "My name is Billy, I think."
She was hardly demure; she said "My name is La Tour.
	I love you no lie.  Buy me drink."

Well I should have said "no," and let the chick go
	but I wasn't alone in the place;
and the thought of all night with this dog was a fright
	though her body was nice – but that face!

I thought "just one more brew,” cause I'd only had two,
	and I said that I'd buy her a drink.
Then she gave me a grin with her toothless brown chin
	and my self image started to sink.

But because I was shy (I'm just that sort of guy)
	I just couldn't tell her to leave;
so I stared at the band and I drummed with my hand
	and I brushed off the lint from my sleeve.

Well the music was fine; but the bar girl's next line
	was to say "Are you married, young man?"
And I saw my way out and lied with a pout –
	told her I had a wife in Japan.

So she finished her beer, and was soon gone from here,
and I ordered two beers to celebrate;
I was lucky, I thought, not to get caught
	between her and a magistrate.

For the Philippine girls wear long dresses and curls
	and use perfume and makeup for baits;
for to marry a guy, seaman or G.I.,
	means a free trip back to the States.

Then a man from the crew asked me "What's wrong with 	you?
	Why did you let that girl go?"
And I told him her face was scare spots off an ace
	but he looked back at me and said "No."

I called for "beer 12" and started to delve
	into my pocket for money;
my friend said "I'll buy," and his cash didn't lie,
	and "Mind if I sit with your honey?"
I said "you can do just what you want to do,"
	and I said that I couldn’t look at her;	
but he thought she was cute, had a nice bod to boot,
	so I nodded to go ahead after.

But beer thirteen made my vision grow keen,
	and I saw what a prize I had missed;
"I have drunk too much brew!   She was beautiful, too."
	as I saw him voluptuously kissed.

I thought "How could this be? She said she loved me! "
	My hand shook; my ice cubes went clink.
I heard her say to him "My name is Tuptim.
	I love you no lie.  By me drink."

So I smiled. I was glad; I was no longer mad
	'cause the Mojo had clouded my eyes;
I realized then she was after my friend, 
	and I hoped he was quick with his lies.

So it's "sailor beware!" In Olongopo there;
	where the girls fish for guys in the bars;
and though I often roam, I always come home,
	– single! Thanking my lucky stars.

– By the Phantom of the O2 level

(O1 and O2 are Officer’s and Civilians’ quarters on the USS Kitty Hawk; I taught English aboard several ships at sea, in the Program Afloat for College Education.)

Copyright © Loch David Crane

remedies are made from words
as tears, falling from frightful beings…
whisper broken syllables of outreach

bestowing a common awakening 
in the eyes of the vulnerable
regurgitate past meals of rotten misery
despite of repetition, the fork is still in hand

breathless from the sour slime lingering in our esophagus.
many seek no more nourishment in our daily-felt sorrow
of the everyday, rather numb

to speak
to express
to share realities.

dive deep within and voice with vim
the darkness you entreat daily

as the peppermint deliverance hastens
the remedy of contagious mind-made insanities;
continuously stocking and restocking effects
of misery as a mirage of emotional tendencies.

hypertensive reactions –
like the sensation of rushing vomit
imprisoned due to the suffocation
of truth, of speech, of expression 

a drop of words rippling in the echo of many
as faint as snow drizzling on pavement
buzzing in and out like bees’ nest 

the remedy for change

Copyright © Sami Al-khalili

In your eyes I might not be right
But I know I’m not wrong
You said I’m not a part of you
But I know where I belong
You live with so much hate
But my love remain strong,
Stronger and stronger
I know I will be
The same soul you have in you
Is the same soul I have in me.

Everything in this Universe
Is for you as it’s for me
My dreams become Reality
Because I believe in me
The same I within you
Is the same I within me
One Love one aim
With the same destiny

A star of the Universe
And that’s how I will be
Because I know that my God
Lives inside of me
So if I am within you
And you are within me
Whatever in this world
That I cannot be

I may not walk on water
I may not Part the sea
I may not raise the dead
Or even cause the blind to see
I know I am powerful
A roaring lion I will be
I will never be a victim
Of this society
One thing I know for sure
And forever it will be
The same I within you
Is the same I within me

Written by:
Allan Clarke

Copyright © Solomon Clarke