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Soldier Violence Poems | Violence Poems About Soldier

These Soldier Violence poems are examples of Violence poems about Soldier. These are the best examples of Soldier Violence poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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What Happened

As you ended our video call,
You suited up,
Just another day in that god forsaken place,
As soon as you stepped off the plane it felt like being in an oven.
But hey,
What did you expect.
The boys and you all load up into the Humvee and take off with the rest of the Caravan.
Just another day.
Just another day…
There wasn’t supposed to be an explosion.
There weren’t supposed to be screams.
There wasn’t supposed to be any blood shed.
It was supposed to be just another day.
But all of that did happen.
And you were taken away from me and Mom and Dad and our little sister,
In an instant.
You were supposed to come home.
We were supposed to celebrate your birthday together,
Our sister baked you a cake for when you came home.
But… now you can’t,
And you won’t,
Ever again.
Because you’re gone.
And you can’t ever come back.
But know that we love you,
Know that I love you,
Know that I loved you, My Brother.
Most Importantly know that we miss you,
every waking moment.
Because you’re gone,
And we’ll never see you again.
Did I tell you Mom and Dad still pay your phone bill?
They pay,
So that we can hear your voice on your voicemail recording when we miss you.
I call,

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My brother and I

We are the same.
My brother and I.
So what causes such an outcry?
Upon my brother's return.

We are the same.
My brother and I.
So why am I hailed a hero?
Upon my return.

We are the same.
My brother and I.
I am a vicious man.
My brother is a vicious man.

We are the same.
My brother and I.

My brother is in shackles.
I am smothered in medals.

My brother killed two.
I killed two hundred.
That is where we differ.
My brother and I.

Murder is a sin of the very worst kind.
Unless you murder in large numbers.
In your country's name.

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River Of Blood

A river of blood.
The strong acrid stench of death.
Wartime memories!

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I won't Live in Fear

How did this happen
What have we done?
Our freedom our lives
Sabotaged by this scum.
This isn’t religion
This isn’t a war,
Don’t look for excuses
Or help from the Law.

How did this happen
What had he done?
An innocent man
A father, a son.
It could have been you
It could have been me,
We fought for this land
And deserve to be free.

Why did this happen
I don’t understand
The hatred, the madness
The blood on his hands.
The pain and the tears
I cannot describe,
Despair and the horror
Are churning inside.
And where did this happen
It was out on the street
The place where we walk,
We meet and we greet.
I won’t live in fear
And I won’t hide away,
With us for ever
22nd of May.

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Tell me UN ,
Will you win this war ?
Will you bring cruelty to gallows ?

Yes I see you daily here
Striving round the clock like trojan
Left and right like pendulum
Ups and downs like leaf-cutters
Building army, building bridges
Pacing faster on trick’s ladder;
Oh fear ; cruelty is gargantuan.

Its instinct is domination ,
That is its mission and goal;
Like phoenix is its soul
And like elixir is its spirit.

Storms it gathers daily
The brutish it breeds like ants
Making hell of every metre
That I wonder United Nations;
From where will you strike,
From side will you approach;
To bring brutality its knee.

The day mother bought a hen
And let it loose for airing a bit
No sooner it met the brutish
Than domination defeathered its head
With their  vampire’s aching-pecks.

Oh the day of armageddon;
When green were shredded like okra,
And the gray like potato chips;
Every foot wore sock of red ;
 So an aged man sermonised :
Brutish world , young as the day is ,
Lions have made morsel of antelopes.

Who shall tame the lions ?
Who shall save the necks of antelopes ?
Tell me UN, will you win this war ?
Will you bring cruelty to gallows ? 
Will you tame the lions and cage the peckers ?
The lions roar everywhere and there now 
The noise becoming louder and deafening
Worldly peace growing mucus , tell me,
Now be eloquent; will you win this war
Or we start building temples for terrors ?   

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Still My Enemy

Some boys called them dinks.
I called the bastards Viet Cong.
Others called them gooks.