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Tanka Work Poems | Tanka Poems About Work

These Tanka Work poems are examples of Tanka poems about Work. These are the best examples of Tanka Work poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Tanka 3

silently I lie awaiting I await thee a wry smirk greets me sighted precision confirms sporadic crimson now speaks

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Time Won't Wait

Awake, I lay still, Waiting day, under review. Tempted to fall back Asleep, and hold the day at bay. I rise instead. Time won't wait. I gather my thoughts Over coffee freshly brewed. A strategy formed, To accomplish what I must. I move on out. Time won't wait. At end of day's length, Assessing successes strong. Smart to prepare first. Then to put legs on my plans. I rest a bit. Time won't wait. The children come play. Suspending all that is mine, About cherished time. Smiles and laughter reminding, I choose to love. Time won't wait!

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Day One

Day one I showed up

ready to start working at

Der Wienerschnitzel.

My first day was my last day.

The trainer was a *wiener!

*slang for a jerk
(True story from my youth
for Linda's Day One Poetry Contest)

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now – reluctantly –
i must face spring house cleaning,
needed yearly chore,
this not a cheerful labor,
not done smiling and singing

for once too often
dirt’s been swept under a rug
with such abandon,
but mind knows where the filth hides
and so too the wily bugs

it’s a crying shame –
when one might be out of doors
inhaling spring air,
walking out with head held high –
to be saddled with house chores

no, no, i say no!
house cleaning is winter work
when the snow is deep,
piled ten feet against the door,
when nature has gone berserk

i now sit and think
what i did all winter long
was I fast asleep
while the ugly dirt piled up,
all ambition denied – gone?

i’m a large old man
some say i procrastinate
some say i’m cranky
the kids call me an old bear
lame excuse – bears hibernate

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your finger pointed
so accusingly at me
rush to make judgment
facts unknown, verdict guilty
proved you wrong, sweet victory

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Namaste namasti

Teaching what I learnt
From heroes and 
The known and 
I owe each each of you 
Which I know are not 

Namaste my gems-
Smashing spread and 
light my pen.
Shalom to you all.

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Daylight Savings Advantages

                                             DAYLIGHT SAVING

                                         Advance clock one hour
                                       Undertake day’s endeavor
                                         Guest’s entertainment
                                      Darkness beckons engaging
                                   Less enchantment performance

By: Eve Roper 2/6/2015

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yearly grain storage
too tiresome modulation 
over spilling crib

shaken a little heaped flat
housewife's face overflow smile

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Wrecking Ball

A wrecking ball waves 
At the quiet street below
I watch riveted 
From behind the protesters
Trying to feel their passion

The impact echoes
a street no longer quiet
Sounds of destruction
And an old woman's soft cries
Under a looming, grey cloud 

A wrecking ball still
The crowds underneath scatter
I pretend to care   
As the old woman wipes tears
And the director yells, "CUT!" 

By:Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, February, 10. 2012
for Twisted Minds contest
Honorable mention