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Tanka Sad Poems | Tanka Poems About Sad

These Tanka Sad poems are examples of Tanka poems about Sad. These are the best examples of Tanka Sad poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Sad Song -Tanka

"Marriage after Sunrise"

sunset drunken light
on lavender glass of wine
a long lost tear falls
converts into sleeping pills
dismiss the rain again

"Divorce before Sunset"

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~~ Beyond my sorrow, there is a path that beckons; I could go that way . . . Or stay and hold hands with death, and weep upon a cold stone . . . ___________________________ August 16, 2014 Tanka Entered in the contest, Any 5 line Poem, Poet Destroyer First Place

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Rest The Sailor Soul

High tide of tears raise
upon the shore of my heart
I wait for your ship
one that never comes again,
the sea has your soul, not me.

For Contest: Tanka Tears
Date: February 07, 2015

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Rewind One Moment

"Rewind One Moment" in sorrow's deep midst tiny Angels sheer white wings descend to comfort ... tragedy stains broken hearts tears rewind moment in Time.

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Seeking Answers (for Jared's contest)

Wasted days
Wandering through life’s maze
Trying to sort the truth from the lies

I call out, but it seems nobody hears my cries
With each futile attempt, something inside me dies
Skies overhead are filled with thunder

What was my worst blunder?
I wonder

To heaven I gaze
Lord, help me find contentment
In hope my hands raise
Yes, I know I was once blessed
Raised well by loving parents

Is there no cure for this malaise?
How did these sad feelings arise?
I listen but hear no replies
My question I seek to rephrase

As much sorrow on my heart weighs 
Searching for words that will not rise
Is there no cure for this malaise?
How did these sad feelings arise?

Forgive me, Lord, I’ll change my ways
I’m humbled; I will compromise
Contrition you’ll find in my eyes
Must I be sad throughout my days?
Is there no cure for this malaise?

*Combination of Trois Par Huit, Tanka and Rondel for Jared’s contest.

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a river of blue
meanders through morning's mood
while I sort her things

wrapped carefully in tissue
one fragile blue-willow cup

for Andrea

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Season Woven In Grief

Persuaded by time,
and clothed in rust,  trees reveal
a changed homecoming...
The illusions of my youth
drift away with falling leaves

My eyes search for him,
although my heart knows better
Old fences need paint,
Scabs of white shed like feathers
from the dry and weathered rails

There, by the back door
his old plaid jacket is hanging,
waiting to be worn...
It holds scent of burning leaves...

A tear smolders on the sleeve

For the Grief Contest:

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This lonely little hovel

The grainy half dusk, 
when the sun gives her last wink.
Hours spent in thought 
to leave the safe sanctity.
This lonely little hovel

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twilight fondles eyes

lifting her silhouette high

against lucid clouds--

flesh undressed beneath torn trees

drowning in pools of farewell

Tanka Written With  A Decent Pivot
For 	Chris D. Aechtner

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In Her Cups

at peace but alone
a feeling wholeness lingers
pondering the space
where once there was tea for two
now there is but one cold cup

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Photographic Memory

All points meet at you~
the sky, the sun, the water.
A still photograph
holds my happiness in ink.
I pretend that you still smile.

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old leaves are falling
sailing, reluctant, kiss death
the fragile air breaks 
healing hearts are letting go
love letters, clutched until now

? 2010

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Ribbon Tied

you took both my breasts
leaving me with a flat chest
worse, feeling like less - 
   I feel like a man even
   in my most beautiful dress

Black Eyed Susan
*Dedicated to all women who have lost a breast (or both) to breast cancer - and also to my friend Pam who I just found out yesterday  (11/14) has it and is beginning radiation

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Stay away from me
Our good times have gone away
Cheaters never win
Come on sing me a sad song
So I can laugh, while you cry
Written for: "Tanka"me" a sad song Contest Sponsored by: ~P.D.~ Written by: Carol Brown 6th Place Winner

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Test of Love

When bodies cease
 To emit jasmine’s fragrance
When lips aren’t rosebuds
Old age, season to test
The love of those you loved

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orange roses

on the day we met
he brought me orange roses
their vibrant colour
matching the fire in his eyes
I caress the soft petals

in the center of
my love's well tended garden
orange roses bloom
through tears I pick a bouquet
to brighten his lonely grave

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only a dream

the softest caress

of your hand touching my cheek

wakes me from slumber

... I reach across emptiness

your touch was only a dream

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'Shielding the Unsung Heroes'

bald eagle a shield 
memories omnipresent
greeted by silence
over time the tears might dry
remembered for your valor


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"CHAINED" imprisoned by choice scars and bruises my cell mates death follows future abuse is a life sentence the force of love keeps me jailed. walls enclose vast view no-one knows my secret hurts hears sobbed silent cries abuse degrades human soul escape holds no path to run. invisible bars contain emotions red ... raw end is not in sight entrapment stifles breathing a heart denied from beating. *For Black-Eyed Susan's Wrongful Imprisonment or Sentenced Contest. *Oct. 16, 2012.

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My white wedding dress
  Now on my eldest daughter
    Twirling in mirror
      I hope in twenty years she
        Won’t be invisible too

For the "Tanka- Love and Marriage"  and "Tanka - the pivot" contest

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the rain falls 
from a gloomy sky
my feet are wet
searching for
something barely remembered

the sand is wet
from above and below
rain joins ocean
my footprints wash away
leaving lonely puddles

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Demands of Love

Valley of flowers 
And rainbows isn’t my abode
Share if you may
The thorns of my anguish
And be the balm of my wounds

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five minute challenge

inside mother's house
overflowing mounds of trash
no empty space left
  to fill with love
  instead of stuff

for Russell's contest

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Initially yours

your monogrammed towel
still hangs on the bathroom rack
missing your strong hands 
     now dry as an old stamp pad
     it no longer weeps your loss

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'Sad Christmas Snowflake's'

*** The church brightly lit, I stand in the falling snow, recalling Christmas . . . As the snow kisses my hair, weeping, I must turn away. ___________________________ December 3, 2013 Tanka For the contest, Not So Happy Holidays, Andrea Dietrich 4th Place

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Where now a Butterfly Sits

In innocent lie Amidst the lightening dew Poppies in mourning She unknown, taken at will Where now a butterfly sits .

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New York From the Above

Tearful scared face sobs
Implosion of mute whispers
Two reflection pools
Host ghostly towers of light
I see my kids bring flowers...

for Carolyn Devonshire's Contest " Remembering 9/11"

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Deep in the Shadows of Time

instead of flowers, stones bloom in mass profusion, engraved with honor….. history has come to rest locked in the shadows of time far from battlefields, all creatures learn of courage.. it comes with the breeze and deep in the heart of man... heard in tears of a bugle .........................................................................................................................

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life goes on

intermittant storms
rage in the sky and my heart
my unshed tears burn
in spite of my grief
the sun shines and life goes on

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Far Distant Fields

They were the soldiers
who fell on far distant fields
in wars of the past.
Don’t take freedom for granted,
it was won by those long dead.

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Tanka 8

	Tanka 8
	your dark eyes... your lips 
	are just barely visible
	despite the darkness
	as veiled as they are exposed
	tender... and perhaps wounded

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blinking back tears

   that threaten to flow

       my eyes are burning

this will be our last goodbye

    angels will carry you home

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Moon of Sadness

Nude in front of you
Slapped by bats but kissed by light
Enigmatic scars
No one understands but YOU...
I dream of dreams of moon life...

I pose - you draw me
You take pictures of my soul
Wondering what's wrong...
Sadness... immortality 
How much Love I cannot give!


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kash flower

kash flower changing the horizon not for the first time this autumn festival without my Dad ========000======== *Google 'kash flower' ========000========

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this long sojourn...

   prelude to Christmas week

          on lake, quiet

             holding torn poinsettias

and brother's ashes

Not So Happy Holidays Contest

~ Contempary

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brown eyes

I fell mindlessly

into the depths of brown eyes

eyes that said one thing

while actions said another

I long to be fooled again

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The Great Eagle Wept

It's been a decade but it seems like yesterday the great eagle wept a world mourned in unison, fleet of souls rose to heaven
Written for the 9/11 remembrance contest

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As Dust Settles

the sun is erased

   behind a cloud of despair-

     days froze to silence

       dust stung eyes of the earth, flags

           escaped their closets...         

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Endless Salt Water

He stands in the rain

And looks out over the sea

Endless salt water 

Trickles down his cheeks as he

Remembers the love they had

For Andrea’s Salt contest

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Beat Down

tromping hooves beat down darkened, tear-stained earth below battered, beaten, bruised inside walls too thick to show my true nature crouching low © 10-10-2012 For: SKAT's Tanka me this/that Contest
*about poem

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hyacinth heartbreak cornflower corollas cry forget-me-not tears as aqua irises brim bluebells wring sapphire sadness

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Nocturnal Wanderings

Epitaph ready I scout the darkness for ground digging up a grave A quiet night burial for deep dark sorrows of my heart 10/5/2012 Yesha Shah

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buried alive

buried alive
in a collapsed factory
for 17 days
  she prayed
  to be saved

published on Poetry24  on 6/4/13 

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System Overload

Darkness consumes me
Corrupted thoughts take over
Soul becomes hollow
Self castigation occurs
Tears of blood destroys all hope

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Tanka 12

	Tanka 12
	dark skies fuel  
	my melancholy mood 
	winter’s cold rain  
	dampens down my writing mind
	deadens my ways with words

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Childhood Disrupted

childhood disrupted
by a fight against cancer
changed a young girl's life

chemo and amputation
renewed her for all to love

June 13, 20112
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Written for Poetry Soup Member Contest:  Cantankacerous
Sponsored By:  Joann Grisetti

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by the old levee
summer's caressing breezes
off the mudriver
whisper so lachrymosely
southern painful centuries

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Sad Festival Night

Dewali night- beyond the fireworks of sky a lonely star always reminding me you are no more dad ========000======== Contest- Sad Holidays Date- 6th December 2013

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sadness dispelled

my sadness dispelled

     by the sound of canaries

melodies carried

     throughout the air and my heart

vanquishing sad emotions

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Sad Love

                                                       Looking for right love
                                                  But love always gets me sad
                                                    What have I done wrong?
                                                    I end up in wrong person
                                                That’s why I stay single right?
                                                  *                   *                 *
                                                  *                   *                 *
                                                 Wrong time and wrong place
                                                 Wrong person I always chase
                                                        What happen to me?
                                                        I am in deep misery
                                                   Gosh, is this my fate really?

 7th Place Winner
Tanka Sad Song by: Poet Destroyer's Contest

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safe in the cocoon
  of sweet shock and disbelief
     cocoons become tombs
       moths suffocate and wither
          rather than fly to the flame

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S A D Holidays

it’s dark in my life
sunshine’s never allowed in
what are holidays
      dreck from my happier times
            pointless to ever resurrect

For the “not so happy holidays contest”

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out of sync

hysterical lights
flash out of sync from her tree....

she can't remember
laughter in the snow,
only a grave beneath it

For Contest: Sad Tanka
Sponsored by Andrea and Susan

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Blame Reversal

saunter through the rain hoping no one sees you’ve cried or spots your black eye shift the blame from him to you his torment you don’t deserve each time he hit you he told you it was your fault ego deflated you believed the lies he told as he hid behind his mask his anger issues had never been caused by you some are abusers and when the blame turns to him you’ll shed the weight you’ve carried
*For Susan’s “Blame it on the Rain” contest

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hollow echoes call empty thoughts run mad screaming cries unacknowledged heartache surrenders itself to agony's lewd defeat © 10-9-2012 For: PD's Tanka 'Me' a Sad Song

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Like Winter

Sadness, like Winter
Seems endless, but remember
Beneath the thick snow
Lies a Winter empty tree
That will bloom green in the Spring

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Engulfing sadness

So gross is the scene
Scattered tears of bleeding heart
Heart stabbed and deceived
My strength of bearing pain,sapped
Lurking in oblivion
Empty handed life
Drags me on a fiery path
Smiles snatched from the face
Destiny showed no mercy
Engulfed me in a dark shroud

for PD's contest

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Thick fog brings on rain,
it can't console the stripped trees
whose leaves pave the road...
while their drooping branches moan Fall 
leaving as a sad sparrow.

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unborn tanka

I’ve seen the freezers
where they store the mother’s eggs
where the unborn sleep
cradled in maternal dreams
cribs of baby fantasies

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Love Is Giving

Love is divine
Love is giving
Seek no swap
Enhance your mental range
Love not for exchange.
Sintra, Portugal 24-01-2015

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Delicious love poems Full of delight and passion Words to remember My poem flows with loneliness He never loved me
For the Sad Tanka contest

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Evil Came Calling

                                                 evil came calling
                                               creating devastation
                                                     unholy fury
                                            unleashed on the innocent
                                         the world stood still in dismay

For Carolyn Devonshire's
"Remembering 9/11" contest

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 an ocean of tears
drowns my brokenhearted soul
floating on despair
the wings of love fly away
my wistful heart seeks solace


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I Have No One Else

Murdered in cold blood,
for  refusing to  be  Part;
corruption covered,
I weep for the life cut short,
weep!for I have no one else.

Orphan I become,
mingling with vipers and lice;
In  cities of flies,
what can a tailless  cow  do?
Hope that truth shall come to light.

Contest:"Tanka me" a sad song  sponsored by PD

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Footsteps in the hall Hiding in my darkened room Smell his liquored breath Please don't daddy, I'll be good Please don't hurt me any more

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Underneath the House

dragging feeble feet
a silent walk to death's grasp
beaten under house
the last sigh escapes her lungs
whiskers shrivel as years pass

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Coming Home--Sad

thanksgiving coming
he asks over and over
when will you be here
I will be ready to go
with a kiss I say "early"

since February
after his legs were removed
he has not been home
our son will be there to help
coming home for Thanksgiving

arriving early,
he is sleeping so soundly
not ready to go.
I cannot awaken him.
the nurse shakes her head sadly.

he won't be waking
how long will it be before
it could be a day or weeks
turkey cooking, guests coming
daughter comes to relieve me.

I phone everyone
all children and grandchildren
we all want to be there 
browned turkey comes out of oven
stuffing is his favorite

stirring the gravy
I hear telephone ringing
instantly I know
message brief and to the point
empty chair for evermore  

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The Horror of Nine-Eleven

Life had been normal
Then a crash the whole world heard
Pain in many hearts
Revenge was instigated
Then the world knew our power

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Carolyn Devonshire’s “Remembering 9/11” contest

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Hopeless Fate

Depression extreme I feel only darkness near I’m suffocated By sadness, the trials within Holds me with a hopeless fate
Russell Sivey Entrant into Poet ~ Destroyer's "Tanka "me" a sad song" contest 10/6/2012

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Why Should I sing Merry Songs

                                          mere ashes I see
                                 where once were burning coals
                                         this linen receives
                                  the remains of building hope
                                  why should I sing merry songs?

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Mournful Christmas Eve

Telegram arrived

   My Daddy killed in action

      In a faraway land

         Now its just Mommy and me

            No Merry Christmas this year

Entry for Andrea Dietrich's "Not So Happy Holidays" Contest

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Swinging On A Star

My tears have bought you
The brightest star in the sky.
I fancy you there,
Starring among the angels
As you did for me on Earth..

By: Joyce Johnson

For my son "a star on Earth and a star in Heaven."

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She is burning now.
The so-called witch, innocent.
They thought, they were right.
Who´s to blame, when she is gone?
She raised her head to heaven.

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A Sad Christmas song

The lights are flicker
Somewhere in this world tonight
Angels sings carol
A sad Christmas song was play
In a silent of the stars

Tears began to fall
Looking out into the space
The memories of you
Are still picture on my mind
Your smile and eyes shows that cares

So, now it’s Christmas
Christmas carol sounds so sad
That plays in my heart
I know you are in heaven
 Watching me in your silent

December 28, 2013
BY : 	Cheryl Aldea

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SEPTEMBER SONG - triple tanka

Like a lover's sigh
She tiptoes forth    looking back -
Those warm memories -
Birds    still singing    cross over
And sad sunshine stills the wind

Now    September sings
A sympathetic tune silvers
Promises late gold -
The change will be gradual -
Promises sleep    painless sleep

Mysterious calm
Like a magic caesura
Bated by surprise
In mind it's ever the same
Such gentle looking forward

HAPPY    HAPPY TIME - double tanka

Happy    happy time
Early tears and sleep lifted
Once past Labor Day
Harlequin    in falll colors
Trips so lightly o'er the world

Echoes    sad voices
From the past are silenced
By the happy clown
Bacchus    come down    pours the wine
The whole world on color dines

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We agreed on this
I stamp on your toe, slyly
You cannot feel it
Eyes on what you want the most
This is why you kept me home.

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Fear takes us apart
in halves we slide in darkness
anger binds our sight
hidden in fear's cold defeat
now living with the shadows

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A moonlight's dream

There, by the moonlight
Me and my dark knight do dance
My dress is silver
The same colour as moonbeam
Tonight I am lost in love

The night will end soon
I lament when my knight leaves
Will he come again?
I rest my heart on patience
Till I shall be in his arms

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They found her body
And took it from the graveyard;
The rain washed her blood,
Cleansing the place of all signs -
But does her soul still linger?

For Susan’s Tanka contest

*about a teenager murdered in a local cemetery

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A Sour Note

A depressing note Sour singing of moody blues Hours of real foul gloom Disappointment runs rampant I failed; the pain, tremendous I hate the feeling Terrible dying inside To fail is to die Piece of you ceases to live I have ended part of me Distraught I’m somber I mope along downcast eyes Hurting with horror Living with a blues beat on May I find way to carry Maybe I will live With a neon sign on me “Failure, look inside” Points at my pathetic heart The pain within grieves me I will always have This terror event looming Over my small head Kicking me when I am down With me bleeding, no way out Beating my body With unending heartless throbs Leaving me empty A sour note playing along Blues doesn’t know the real truth
Russell Sivey

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The religious leaders

We can’t depend on
The religious leaders
They don’t know the Truth
But they preach for their living
They are now commercial

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Releasing the Damaged Past

It seems like evil’s done
All the heartache bestowed
I should be calm here
Let everything take its course
And say a heartfelt good-bye

Russell Sivey

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In Her Lonely Dark

She, naked to bare
reaching out to natures moon
both in lonely dark
dreaming of her tomorrows 
stares into freedoms unknown

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The soul that lies within

Mine lonely tears fell,
into that sea of sadness.
The sea in which I've drowned.
till the day I saw thine eyes,
and the soul that lies within.

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The Horrid Truth

She is one that hurts For she was one that was made Fun of during this Time of the year, Halloween Was not kind to her, she hurts A witch she’s just not Nor is she a Frankenstein She is not a bat Nor a skeleton is she She doesn’t fit in right now Though all the other Days of the year, she’s a freak Different person Nature has played a cruel joke And she hurts from within her So on the day at Which she could fit in the most She abhors with pain For it just reminds her of Her ailment, the horrid truth
Russell Sivey

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My Bird Linda

When I was a teen
I caught a chick of a bird
And named it Linda
One day my elder sister
Killed it accidentally!

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A girl of my choice

A girl of my choice
Is all I am looking for
But I can’t find one
Like the endangered pandas
In this beautiful big world 

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The Forlorn

You desert me too
Who in this unkind world of
 Self-seekers cares to
Hold the shaking hands of
A tormented, forlorn soul

Sintra 21-01-2015

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Six String Guitar

He plays a sad song One of depressed notes, sour tone Expression most high Played on six string guitar Pouring out his troubled soul
Russell Sivey

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can't fogive

i do not want to,
nor, never will fogive him,
for he has hurt me
and i just can't forgive him,
for what he has done to me

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Love Not Returned

Unrequited love
Love not returned the same way
My intensity
Not felt by your tender heart
Love is something you don’t know

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A love so special
A love so fresh and so new
Wonderful feeling
That I have for only you
My love is unrequited

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a true addiction

forbidden by the Bible

many have consumed

many are being consumed

moderation of all things

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chapel of flowers

our trees have blossomed,
and some have knots in their yokes,
like one in my throat.....

fragile limbs look down and weep
to acknowledge my despair

"Tanka Tears" Contest: Sponsored By Rick Parise

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The Sweet Return

Children once played here.
Screaming laughter in the yard.
When will they come back?
A mother can only yearn.
For the day of sweet return.

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Now patriotism
Is found in the lexicon
Are deprived of it today
They want money and power

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Doomed Filled Eyes

Today we sigh long
For tomorrow the skies fall
Hitting us to ground
Seemingly not making sounds
And away in tears we drown

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Those Butterflies

When we were children
We used to catch butterflies
But they died at night
Because when we went to bed
We kept them inside curtain!

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R I P Robin Gibb

On the horizon
the start of a brand new day,
rest in peace Robin
your smile born out of a tear,
like sunshine after the rain.

© 25th July 2012 

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I needed a scotch,
 the night was cold and black.
The wind ripped my cheeks
and pushed me into a ditch,
crying for the home I lost.

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Sadness Muses

Sadness interferes with life
In me it muses
I feel the power of hurt
And it squeezes out
Saddened heartlessness

Russell Sivey

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Through the Reflection

Through the refection I see no love like your love I am now alone For you have left Earth surely I desire your heart on me You brought many smiles To my lonely, languid face I cry tears right now My reflection holds not you For you are not here with me
Russell Sivey

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Rock Climbing

My daughter and I Were rock climbing one morning We got up real high I reached the top of the rock And awaited my daughter Something went bad wrong Her rope came completely loose And she was falling I grabbed rope hard and tightly But she was slipping away I started to fall Caught myself nearly the end I heard a small voice Yelling up to me, pleading “Save yourself, just let me go”
And I had to…
Russell Sivey This is a fictitious poem . No events actually took place in my life. Entrant into Lisa Hiatt ~Dark Poetess "Letting go " contest 3/30/2012

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Innocence Lost

Her innocence lost,
Shattered and shamed, scared alone.
Picked up the pieces;
She waited for the sentence.
Forty-eight months, not enough!

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The street dog

I was drinking tea
Suddenly a street dog came
Wagging tail and head;
He wanted some food to eat
By his body language!

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Green was the color
which my sight beheld for long,
now trees turn auburn
setting a melancholic mood...
mourning the liveliness gone.

Lofty, dense mountains
tower hills with grapes and pumpkins
as their aroma spreads;
these cliffs suited for olive groves...
won't protect them from a storm.

Thoughts intensify,
foreseeing winter's sadness,
noticing the wise ants
storing food before snow comes...
this image makes one ponder. 


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Head downcast, left out No sign of happiness there Depressed, disheartened Sadness reigns within his mind Hurt man, a destroyed ego
Russell Sivey

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never healing wounds

Could it be heart brake
Which gags this young girls soul
Never casing pain
Shoved in her face everyday
That aids this wound  which must stay

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The Mirror

My pain does not show
I bury it far too deep
the pain in my soul
I hide away from myself
then the mirror shows my eyes

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Shine not tonight moon
Garden blooms spray no bouquet
Night wind no dancing -

Let tears just flow by my bed
Fill this chasm 'tween me and death.


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An Angel In Disguise

Always wearing white,
Who knew she was an angel?
Her friends had no clue,
But one day she flew away,
Higher than than the planes she flies.

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Around the Bend

Step around the bend
Look at what’s going on there
You will see sadness
Two people engaged in harm
Of each other’s broken heart

Russell Sivey

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The Yellow Wasps

Many yellow wasps
Attacked my younger brother
When he was busy
In trimming a branch of tree
Where they built their little hive!

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Abandoned Children (besprizorniki )


roaming the streets of Russia 

no mamas to love 

bereft of humanity 

a million beating hearts sigh

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Timeless Interlude

A hole in my heart
The beach that’s empty at night
Timeless interlude
Purpose of an empty heart
I fold my arms in disgust

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Brian Strand's "ANY FORM/ANY THEME"contest


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The Blues

The Blues

Sorrowful singing.
Negative emotions shout. 
Persistent sadness.
Endless existing without:
Success.  Love.  Hope.  Happiness   

Poetic form:  Tanka
©  Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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I've fallen down

I have fallen down Please help me get up again My soul hurts so much Do you see I’m bruised inside Getting up is what heals most
Russell Sivey

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Storm Raging

Summer storm bears down 

Darkness crowds the sky tonight 

Bringing destruction 


Weeping, I search for our love 

Hidden deep within your rage

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Evil Annihilating Me

Evil rushes in
Annihilating my soul
Whaling my hurt heart
Destroying my torn being
Evil crushes down within

Russell Sivey

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wondering at impossibilities

If I could heal your
failed second chance with two words
(that began with three

in the warmest winter I've
ever known), my love, I would.

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I cry alone, scared.
Scared of my thoughts and feelings.
I hide my thoughts and feelings,
...from those who are numb and dull.

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we all can't have one

we can't be the one alone

you feel the same right

none can take having nothing

nothingness can consume all

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the baby

there is no difference

we all have the same nascence

we all live the same

some are known as the youngest

but some can't be the baby

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No one likes them much

we must use them at least once

tears are prevalent

although some are not quite sad

Goodbyes are always must haves

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The salt on my face
I wish I could see the light
My days are nothing
The crack over my heart forms
From it the crimson blood spills

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Tweezers -- Another Use

of rage can be achieved in
plucking thorns, splinters,
and shards of glass when the chance
arrives -- very cathartic.

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Watch What You Think

blue sentiments make
mental sediment, so clear
your mind.  point your face
towards the sky, or you'll have
an ostrich's head in sand.