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Tanka Food Poems | Tanka Poems About Food

These Tanka Food poems are examples of Tanka poems about Food. These are the best examples of Tanka Food poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Pina Colada

With pineapple juice mix in some coconut milk. It’s as smooth as silk. Put some white rum to good use. Have a pina colada.

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summer harvest sweet

summer harvest sweet
plump fruit ready for picking
a cornucopia treat
one would be wise to know how
quickly ripeness turns to rot

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Poetry Shared

Ocean draws me love
Come, come relax as waves tap
Toes, pelicans, gulls

Fun floating face down
Snorkel, mask, strange ocean clown
Below fish dart, chase
Look for love, food, fun, frolic
Similiar needs_fish~humans

Love, food, fun, frolic,friendship
Fish congregate in close schools
Human congregate in needs
Needs as poetry shared

Contest:"Fun & Frolic"
Written by: Sara Kendrick

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Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry muffin. Sweet things embedded in cake. What a breakfast treat! Blueberry season is near. Bring plenty of muffins here.

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Can you hear the sound

     a voice calling out to you

        whispers of times gone

            a could have should have would have

                  regret is a lonely tune...

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Restaurant Ninja

He wears an apron.
He tosses and twirls large knives.
He wears a strange hat.
He chops and cuts up the meat
at a Japanese Steakhouse.

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Glory Bird

Southern Fried Chicken.
Warm and tasty Glory Bird.
Dixie’s greatest meal.
Sides of smashed taters, okra,
sweet corn and ice cold sweet tea.

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Candy Cane

Red and white stripes round
and round the long shepherd's crook
sweet and refreshing
the first one of the season
most certainly not the last.

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Tanka About Corn On The Cob

succulent and sweet
kernels unattainable
stuck between my teeth
hastily reaching forward 
A toothpick will do the trick

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A Sweet Suite

I quiver from bliss
with this prelude to my joy
sweet upon my lips. . . 
the icing that I licked from
the top of my Cinnabon.

The day of his birthday, and I tried to make
a yummy dessert that would be a surprise.
I sweetened cream cheese for the top of the cake
and kept tasting it. . . . Did not realize
it nearly had vanished in front of my eyes!

Chocolates and pastries and ice cream and pies -
They’re sweet to my taste buds but not to my thighs.

My Three forms for the Contest are Tanka/ English Quintain/ Couplet

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Nice Breakfast (Tanka)

this breakfast is nice, 
bacon, eggs, toast on the side 
black coffee to taste 

not one drop going to waste 
yum, yum, me and my tum, tum!

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Hurricanes love food

On the horizon; 
swirling centrifugal clouds; 
dance their wicked dance.  
Feasting as they roam about; 
hurricanes always eat well

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My Huckle Berry Heaven 2K13

Many of time have
I sat upon earthy ground,
amongst Huckle Berry patches
gorging in Huckle Berry heaven
with glutton lips painted purple.

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3 Tankas on HONEY

Like a Hungry Bear
I approach the Honey Jar
Slurping the Sweetness
Pearls of sticky glue dripping
Fast I Lick my lustful lips

Now the jar's empty
I Scoop the Delicious Dew
My restless fingers 
Rushing to work honestly
Leaving not a drop to wipe

My taste buds do speak
Savor the lingering last
Reaching the zenith
Grateful to  flowers and bees
My blissful heart blesses them

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Lamb Tanka

Lambs gambolling free
Oblivious to their role
Feeding and clothing
But today they are playful
Tails a bobbing as they run
Roast Lamb on Sundays menu

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Tantalizing Memory

Now a memory,
Mama's long dining table,
Big enough for nine.
Great platters over-flowing
With fresh food from her garden.

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The Taste of Pleasure

Sipping on spiced tea

Pomegranates explode on

The tongue. Partner asks,

New tea? Your eyes are swooning... 

I nod twice and lick my lips.

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wolfish love

the full moon is bright
shows him her face as he nears
he’s getting hairy
his heart leaps at her beauty
he’s still hungry and eats her

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A Battle Rages

A battle rages
between beans and broccoli.
Sadly, no winner
emerges from this dark fog.
Perhaps I will blame the dog.

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Diet Tanka

To eat or not eat
These are the words I mumbled
I am on diet
This shouldn't be difficult
Took some then down I crumbled

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Ye Stay On Track

As the earth swings back
Brothers I say stay on track
Follow Master’s Plan
Sisters don’t let man change you
For they all should worship you

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Around the table
All together, holding hands
Closed eyes, and bowed heads
As we give our thanks to God
For all His bountiful gifts

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless us Everyone!

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Green Ananconda

Tanka – Anaconda

Green Anaconda…
Wandering eyes spots dinner.
Oblivious buck
Standing by the water’s edge
Relishes his final sip.

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Message to the class
Sometimes the words come real fast
At times they be slow
Forever though I will row
To the Master’s house I go 

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Chili or Goulash

Meat and tomatoes
Go well with some paprika
Then you have Chili
Use potatoes and not beans
It’s Hungarian Goulash

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Praying Mantis

Tanka – Praying Mantis

Gluttonous Mantis
relaxed by crooked stream
with remnants of mate
dangling from overstuffed mouth;
What a price to pay for sex.

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For twelve nights I waited,
imagining what was inside
those long, red stockings...
nothing big, like games or toys,
hoping Santa wouldn't be late.  

For twelve nights I stood
on my small and trembling feet,
to see what was inside
them and then return to bed
without waking up my dog.  

For twelve nights I rushed
into the living room wishing
it were Christmas Eve...
when Santa quietly walked in,
filling the stockings with candies.

Entered in Russell Sivey's contest,
" Christmas Stockings Tribute "
Written by Andrew Crisci
on 12/8/2011

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Suffered Hunger

Suffered Hunger twisting hunger pain hides food under the bed and between the mattress hoarding food afraid of not getting enough food to eat © By Eve Roper 7/20/2015

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Flavored Popcorn

Don’t you love popcorn Especially the flavored Peanut butter kind With good chocolate drizzle A grand snack for the season
Russell Sivey

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Orange Pumpkin Sat

Orange pumpkin sat Upon dining room table Sliced by long sharpe knife "Twas spicy brown on inside Frosting and icing cream cheese
Sponsor: Black Eyed Susan Contest: Single Tanka