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Tanka Dream Poems | Tanka Poems About Dream

These Tanka Dream poems are examples of Tanka poems about Dream. These are the best examples of Tanka Dream poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Tanka 3: Return to Top Ten

dandelion fuzz
    released into the air
       by a wish --
childhood dreams scatter
to places unknown

For Andrea's Tanka 3 Return to Top Ten contest

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Tanka 3

Tanka 3 children so carefree laugh while sand castles topple in the sea… shattered dreams may bring teardrops in maturity © Sandra M. Haight 2015 All Rights Reserved ~7th Place~ Contest: Tanka 3: Return To Ten Sponsor: Andrea Dietrich Judged: 03/27/2015

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I dream to be your dream

I dream to become 
that dream which comes in your sleep
kissing your soft mind
and leaving your sleeping face
ever glowing with bright smile.


By:kashinath karmakar (11th Feb.2011)

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I Dream to be Your Dream

~I dream to become that dream which comes in your sleep kissing your soft mind and leaving your sleeping face ever glowing with bright smile.~ © kashinath karmakar (5th Dec. 2011) =============000=============== Placement: 5th ;(Dec.2011) Contest:Dream a Little Dream Sponsor:Tracie

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only a dream

the softest caress

of your hand touching my cheek

wakes me from slumber

... I reach across emptiness

your touch was only a dream

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Night sky

Oh glamorous thief
You have stolen all my dreams
And hidden them each
In your obsidian keep
Where I search for them in vain.

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On The Edge Of A Dream

An opaline dream: the room is a pearl filled bowl and moonstone-moulded. Bright beads of day roll away; night is crystal-crowned with stars.
for Andrea's 'A Catch-Phrase Dazzler' contest

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~~ at night my spirit, sinks into sweet nothingness . . . I seek peace in sleep. my dreams like falling snowflakes . . . each an image to treasure. ___________________ September 3, 2014 Tanka Submitted to the contest, Just One Tanka, Alfred Vassallo Second Place

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Childhood Dreams

She bends to gather Getting flowers of her youth Her mother stands near Smiling with a certain warmth This is what childhood dreams are
Russell Sivey

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Life of an Ice Cube

Natures gem solid Cold, now taken in my hand Her back in arched shape To her nape, warmth slowly melts Witnessing trickles running Down her spine it flows Curvaceous sighs quivering In hungered view, I Retrace it's path to her nape Fingers now cold in excite .

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your single nod
as I touch you in that place --
mature thoughts
my dream is infused with
the smell of white chocolate

I open weak eyes --
the small flame wavers
as you walk slowly
you know I am in your palm
even as the fragrant candle

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Secret Haven


                                  A Wooden Cottage
                              in the middle of nowhere
                                 Surrounded by fields
                      Singing birds and Sparkling streams
                            Just You,Me,and Cherry trees


(Inspired by Andrea's dream blog..inspired by my dream....A stranger with a handsome face....a stranger yet so familiar..We are laughing and laughing having fun in  Vast green the middle of to a Small Wooden Cottage,,I dreamt this dream about three times..waking up so happy)tnx Andrea for the inspiration..Charma

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I Once Dreamt

The tears have fallen
near constantly since that day
when it was explained
the dreams that I once dreamt
were nothing but a fool’s vision.

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Our Fantasy

Thoughts read, fridge raided Opposite me with a wink She smiles with a twist Sultry spooning her wet lips Mint Ice Cream kisses adorn .

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Gentle Strokes

Requested I am as I witness gravity tanned porcelain viewed with gentle strokes I caress her jet black mane captures me <*>

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Moonlight Invitation


Awake in dream time
I slip on restless slippers,
tiptoe from slumber,           *
at the moon’s invitation,
delivered with dappled light.
Night embraces me,
and moonlight reassures me,
giving me comfort,                       *
knowing that somewhere, out there,
you dream under the same moon.

:For Tracie's Contest: Moonlight Dream

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A Quickie

beneath ocean waves
dreams of those who dream - simmer
waiting for that spark
to lift them from their slumber
in vibrant purple bubbles 

David Mohn
-21 Jun 2014-

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Wonderous heart

Wondrous heart

In even cosmos,
Diamond and gold get glow,
Like knowledge to souls.
Breathing through debris in slush,
Opt for gems with wondrous heart.


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New Jersey

Lenni-Lenape smokes
still climb Appalachians
To dream the Passaic`s Great Falls, 
the banks Delaware,Hudson,
and Long Island Sound`s echo.

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Lavender Rose

Love in my warm heart A symbol that represents A certain one rose In fact a lavender one A unique dream coming true Both man and woman Living a dream of pure love A heartwarming love A great feel of lavender A tender lavender rose!
Russell Sivey Entered into Rick Parise's "Tanka x2 - Pick A Rose From My List" contest 4/7/2013

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flowers fill my dreams


this springtime desire
oh this forever sighing
the snow falls and falls

          bird songs and long forest walks
          and wild flowers fill my dreams

March 22, 2015


Submitted to the contest, Tanka 3, sponsor, Andrea Dietrich

Third Place

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One last dream is left...
something I've pursued for long:
to go back in time
and see myself a young man,
to get rid of this madness!

Entered in Michael Falotico's contest,
" Tanka Me A Dream "
written by Andrew Crisci

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it's that crazy dream again
thinks it can fly
on noiseless wings passing by
monarch butterfly

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We have trained our hearts
To see a million things
Shine out from the stars
Anything you can dream of
You just have to imagine

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it's that crazy dream again
thinks it can fly--
on noiseless wings passing by
monarch butterfly

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As I lay in my bed,
I dream these dreams
Of happiness, and greatfulness.
Do you ever dream that?
I know I do!