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Tanka Devotion Poems | Tanka Poems About Devotion

These Tanka Devotion poems are examples of Tanka poems about Devotion. These are the best examples of Tanka Devotion poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Swinging on a star

of all love spoken

  his words to me said it best

    for "eternity"

      love you more then there are stars

        a timeless and countless love...

By: Sharon Ruebel
Form: Tanka

For Linda-Marie's "Swinging on a Star Contest"

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night time's starlight moon

night time’s starlight moon
curdles the whey of longing
clouds mask heart’s desire
trembling arms reach out to you
train whistles haunt the captives

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Our National Strength

The brave and the free,
Lain to rest for liberty.
Honor forgotten.
Souls sacrificed, protecting.
Sovereignty wrought with valor.

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I love you Mom

Mom is still with me

   her body and soul are here

       sadly her eyes stare

           she has outlived destiny

                only memories remain...

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My light will guide you
Though obstacles crowd your way
Your future shines bright
You will make it through unscathed
Here I stand to keep you strong

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From the window seat 
my eyes search the surf and sea
a shadow glistens 
across the sand where you were
as the sun sets my heart falls

Each day spent watching
natures ebb and flow returns
leaving me behind
the waves echo your message
patiently i wait...

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borne on night breeze --
visions of you
the feel of your touch
now yesterday’s rose

love in spring
brought gifts in fall --
such happiness
clutching love tightly
I greet the new dawn 

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The Lake

    Quietly i move

        a favorite place by the lake

             the loons songs echo

                 reverberating my depths

                      imagining you there still...

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Time Stand Still Please

Under  the canopy of trees
               Just   my love and me
Gently he holds my hand
               Draws me close to caress
Tenderly...Time stand still please

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One Kiss Bliss

Secreted are we
Our bliss every night one kiss
Meet at Mt. Uka*
As O-Kuni-Nushi and
Suseri-Hime once did 

Escape jealousy
Our bliss every night one kiss
A dearth show of love
For now it must be enough
Our rapture depends on it

Foresight favors us
Our bliss every night one kiss
Sapient virtues
Chaste restraint, infinite wait
Choice removed- prorogued passion.

A. Green-
O-Kuni-Nushi and Suseri-Hime (lovers in Japanese mythology)
build their palace at the foot of Mt. Uka. 

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bracelets of moonlight circling two names on sky’s flame night brews enchantment my gift of evermore spills ...will you be my precious wife? © *from a man’s point of view . ...... . Contest for Andrea “ Tanka Me A Valentine Gift”

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Faded signature

an old photograph

gazing into each other

my heart remembers

a summers day long ago

faded signature with love...

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Positive Mindset

Never say never,
unless it’s to the Devil.
Keep your chin up man.
Have a positive mindset.
Trust in the Lord and yourself.

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Her Hungering Demands

She, in natures bloom Pulsating lips now craving Hungering demands I to thee in loving call Creativity of two .

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Pink Rose on My Pillow


bone-tired and weary
pink rose on my pillow
someone loves me
wanting me home, yet wary
of what makes me late

mind and body stressed
a message at midnight
someone loves me
whispering I love you
massaging my mind

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After Hours Time

my favorite time

just sitting and watching you

prepare for your day

a routine that's never old

outfit on , unwrapped for night

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Valley of Love

Lost in love’s valley
Like fragrance of a rose 
In the morning breeze
I’ll not be I then
I’ll then be you.

(Inspired by the seventeenth century mystic poet
 of Sindh Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai’s poetry)

Sintra, Portugal 25/01/15

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Dark Night

Toward a twilight
I walk in search of a light,
Not recognizing
Ahead of that destiny
There is also a dark night.

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Tomorrow the things 
we will remember will be:
flowers, kisses and bells 
that brought happiness to two,
who made strong wows of faithfulness!

We must fervently
defend what we believe in, 
trust is one of them...
devotion is another;
can these feelings be promises? 

That jazz wedding song
we have picked out of thousands,
can do great wonders;
Lisa will sing it...wishing
herself  flowers, kisses and bells!  


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Love Is Giving

Love is divine
Love is giving
Seek no swap
Enhance your mental range
Love not for exchange.
Sintra, Portugal 24-01-2015

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He That Knows

Told by Lord Jesus
Given from Father through Son
Commandments Given
Determined through righteousness
Now what does that mean to you?

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                                                       You are always love 

                                                By our great and faithful God

                                                         If you are in pain

                                                  He is always there to guide

                                               Because He cares for you friend

For SKAT's Tanka Contest
5th Place Winner

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My Valentine Gift

<                                       bright future awaits
                                   mind terrible thing to waste
                                           scholastic ready
                                      unveiling hidden bounty
                                   scholarship's highest honor 

Entry For
Andrea Dietrich's
Tanka Your Valentine Contest
G.L. All

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lullaby - tanka

crystal bells tinkling
- waterfalls of silver sounds -
angels painting stars
eyes shutting in loving smiles
innocence falling asleep...

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She encased my heart
Her eyes elated my soul.
Lips so sensual
Encapsulated beauty
Forever my mind recalls.

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THUS SPAKE TAO - (triple tanka)

Love cannot be bought
Peace cannot be commanded
Silence is the key -
When actions    or the lack of
Speak out with silent wisdom

When man understands
All life has an equal part
Has a primal share
Then with unselfish ardor
Goes about his chosen work

Always outpouring
Never commanding    silent
Not seeking greatness
Greatness lay in humbleness
A man's deeds speak for themselves

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is not cool.

oh no...

too concise?

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In Sync

I awaken here,

my head upon your shoulder

to start a new day---

and the song of your heart beats

in perfect rhythm with mine

You sleep undisturbed
unaware that I watch you

My heart fills with love

for the boy I once married

and for the man you are now

For SandyIvy Davis' contest: Love and Marriage Tanka

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Essence Between the Sun and Moon

The light rays of sun Colliding with the dark moon Softly caressing Bending light through empty space Bringing essence between both Then those rays share vibes With the leaves of the tall trees Bouncing colors down Just for us to see the moon And the majestic sun’s heart
Russell Sivey Entrant into nette onclaud's "SEXY!" contest 2/1/2012

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Prayer Tanka

eve of devotion 

   inspires an intimate plea

 entwined in its notes

       prayers wrapped in light music...

sealing hearts' intercession

Contest of Amy Green
Tanka(s) Contest REVISED, EASIER, more FREE
Apr 21, 2014

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Ye Judges

Come faced with a choice
A decision that was made
Be only one Judge
He gives the final answer
Final review is the works

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Omnipotent He Does Be

Mortal man’s power
Really does think he compares
Almighty is one
Creating things in Nature
Destructive be to his son

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The Lonely Ace of Hearts

Dedication to my first and last love, Lance Ewens, 1979-2006

She's remembering
The day that she fell for him
It was in Autumn
When she first transfixed her eyes
Upon the most gorgeous face
That she'd ever seen
He smiled at her with a charm
That glistened so bright
It melted her heart like snow
They became friends instantly
Their friendship would grow
And thus, blossom into love
They spent every day 
With each other mirthfully
Until that last fateful night
A bitter, rough wind
Stole her one true love away
Her heart always breaks
When she holds the ace of hearts
It remains a painful token
Of the love that she once had

Dawn Kilby 
Copyright ©2008  Dawn Kilby

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Apocalyptic Now

The way is not seen
The blinding lights are heavy
Covering my eyes 
Long lines of saints and sinners
This world is nearing an end

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Midsummer Love

our midsummer love
once innocent in springtime
has survived stormclouds
summer's thunder and lightning
will strengthen us come autumn

First place in any form 12 Max contest

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I can not call you
the one I have wished for or
the girl of my dreams...

for no wish, none of my dreams
was ever so beautiful

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Ye Stay On Track

As the earth swings back
Brothers I say stay on track
Follow Master’s Plan
Sisters don’t let man change you
For they all should worship you

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Message to the class
Sometimes the words come real fast
At times they be slow
Forever though I will row
To the Master’s house I go 

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For My Valentine

You are my lover
I am enamored with you
I have so much joy
Brought by your sweet tender hand
My love, you’re greater than Earth

You hold my heart true
All smiles are warm thoughts of you
You are my one love
My valentine, you’re for me
You are everything to me

Russell Sivey

Entrant into frank herrera's "My Valentine Poem to You." contest


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Inner confidence,
Complete trust in the Most High:
Divine assurance.
The doctrines of religion,
A belief not based on proof.

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A Balance of Power

When a child was a child
A man was young and strong
As A child was growing well
A man was getting old
And losing living strength

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R.I.P. Mikey

You were my first love,
but the soul in you is gone,
Rest in peace my friend,
Everyone misses you,
we all want you back dearly.

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New Year's Eve's Eve

Capricorn morning
The day before New Year's Eve
The first touch of dawn
Blends with the smell of incense
And the sound of heartfelt prayer

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When the bronze bells rang
old women hurried to church
to sing their sacred hymn
I asked them what was the rush
they said Jesus was waiting

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Roadside Utilities

Each time was done fall
A rest stop to listen to
Almighty the One
Providing you sustenance
Direction are then made clear

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Tiny Insects

Mosquitoes realises biting
when they are touching feet
when they touched an ear
a noise seems whistling anger
why have tiny insects attack?

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Showing These People

All will receive sight
Unveiling want they don’t want known
Truly you have choice
His voice speaks to and thru you
Not let them you tell He false

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My Valentine Story

The gate was open
We came into each other
I gave her my heart
She desired to give me hers
We then exchanged vows of love…

My Valentine Story

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Olajide Adelana's "Story of Valentine" contest


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It was sight of you
Hearing love calling me in
Your scent was pleasant
I took a taste of your ears
And died by your tender touch

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Debbie Guzzi's "Come to Your Senses" contest


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Lover (acrostic-tanka)

Listen from my heart.
Only true affection glows.
Vainness will destroy.
Each one needs a love so true.
Real emotions, not just sex.

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Enchanted Cottage

Others saw them plain
Seeing scars, their shameful pain
Like sun after rain
To  their own eyes beauty came
Love that others can't attain

(Old black & white movie...Robert Young/Dorothy McGuire)

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When you love

When you love someone,
You give them everything,
You give them yourself,
You don't think of consequence,
You dive right into their love.

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Life's Love (Tanka)

The love of my life
sweet melody unfurling
serenades the soul

With splendor and happiness
lovingly living life’s love

© Joseph, 5/20/07
© All Rights Reserved

The Japanese Tanka dating back to the 5th Century has a format of five lines:  
the first has five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the third five 
syllables.  The forth and fifth lines have seven syllables each. The pattern is 
5/7/5/7/7.  This one has a touch of alliteration in the last line.

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A secure home

he thought 
to build a secure home 
at the top of a hill
but never thought
a river flows under his feet

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hope you are there

nothing else matters

now is the time to decide

this is the moment

both of us choose eachother

my hope assured forever

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Forty Lashes

Under my trouser
I never wear underwear
but the Judge
penalised me forty lashes
publically in a public place.

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Never thought

dirty hands a treatment
served with honourable manners
a gentleman never thought
someone is serving poison
the bees were flying on honey

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When time has taken
Its toll and he has grown old
I will still love him
When he no longer can be
The lover he has been to me

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Standing in front

A child was standing in front
the mirror why am I
in the mirror, he astonished
and broken the glass
every piece was watching at him

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Never barked

A dog always barks him
when he walks on a street
in the late evenings
one day he strips him
he never barked again

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I'll Still Love Him

Through good times and bad
The greatest love I have had 
If he goes away 
Breaks my loving heart someday 
Even then, I'll still love him

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In My Heart

I will still love him
For all of my forevers
I will still love him
I will forsake him never
He is in my heart to stay