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Tanka Dance Poems | Tanka Poems About Dance

These Tanka Dance poems are examples of Tanka poems about Dance. These are the best examples of Tanka Dance poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Tanka 2 Life Dance

                                                   a man bent with age
opens trunk, heaves  . . .  wheelchair lifts  --- plop

                                                                 a love dance begins

frail arms link, lift, hug, swirl, down
                                      dosey doe  - death do us part

David Meade
November 7, 2014
Live Generously

Copyright © David Meade

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LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

Copyright © humble b

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Sun Dancing

Twirl across the fields
in an adoring frenzy.
Chill is forgotten.
Our feet sing like hummingbirds.
Sun fingers tickle our souls.

written Jan 6th,2014

Copyright © Deb Wilson

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Sun Dancing

sunshine dancing on the rippling water sets it glistening reflecting the sun's beauty in sparkling water diamonds

Copyright © john beharry

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Life is Like a Maypole

In…out…ribbons held
Around, around, the Maypole,
Building as they go…
Around, around, in and out…
Weaving patterns in their dance.

In…out…days of life,
Around, around through the years,
Building as we go…
Around, around, in and out…
Weaving patterns of our life.

Over, under, braid, 
We weave our days, one by one,
Layers make them strong…
The beauty of our patterns
Deepens as our years go by.

In…out…days of life,
Around, around through the years,
Building as we go…
Over, under, in and out…
Weaving patterns of our life.

© Sandra M. Haight 2015 
   All Rights Reserved

~2nd Place~
Contest: Life is Like a Maypole
Sponsor: Serene Roberts
Judged: 02/16/2015

Copyright © Sandra Haight

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Dance for Dionysus

Tanka/ Haiku

Drunken Roman Bacchante (1)  footnotes 
God of the Maenads'  (2)
Female appreciation
Tainted murderous servants

Maniacal twist
Hold each- a sensuous kiss
Trained not by hubris
Phalli held in revere
His spirit flows through rapture

Beloved Bacchus
Honors Ancient Helena
Amathia(3) scorns-                  
Succubus eat them alive
Gynarchy apothesized

Bacchanalians' (4)
Hold wild dances- Worship
Drunken honored god
Children and men torn apart
In a sensuous moment

Oh! Oh how we sing!
Dionysus flows his wine
How we rhyme and chime-
Frenzied ****ing in circle
Prove to Him our Miracle

"Your desires speak-
My beloved enchantress
Sweat, dance, Love for Me
Use My phallice, drink My wine-
Worship Me till end of Time"

Merry speak, Father
As life sprouts forth within spring-
   Priapic flower.

Mythical Treasure
Is the lie of unbelief
Common man’s relief
Under torch in deepest wood
Ladies did dance unrestrained
In religious ecstasy.

1. Bacchante- Greek & Roman Mythology A priestess or female votary of Bacchus

2. Maenads-Greek Mythology A woman member of the orgiastic cult of Dionysus.. A frenzied woman.

3   Amanthia-Myth & Legend / Classical Myth & Legend) (often capital) of or relating to the orgiastic rites associated with Bacchus
 it is roughly wisdom's opposite. It means recklessness, deep ignorance about oneself and the nature of the universe. It leads to 
 excess, impatience.  He irrationally rejects Dionysus and the new religion; his unthinking and uncompromising scorn for popular 
 piety and the new teachings is neither rational nor open-minded. But he is also very young, and his youth in part excuses his crimes

4 Bacchanalian (Myth & Legend / Classical Myth & Legend) (often capital) of or relating to the orgiastic rites associated with Bacchus

Copyright © Amy Green

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Sun Dancing

dancing across sky
stepping between passing clouds
not skipping a beat
the moon longs for attention
in the end sun is eclipsed

Andrea's "One in Five for Beauty Strive Contest"

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux

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Rain Dance

Rain turns my soul on
attraction I can't resist, 
dripping with passion
my muse drowns in the water;
Rising to whisper to me 
rushing dreams
gentle endless high
Will you slow dance me?

Copyright © Melani Udaeta

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will it never end?
(this question from projection)
a stark scene indeed –
world in this awful white shroud,
memory of spring erased

but courage my friends
bountiful spring will return
in its old glory
for now a shoot breaks the snow
nether gods have awakened!

Copyright © daver austin

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Fireflies dance

Lovers kiss under
a full moon, as fireflies dance
among  the trees
While  sounds of crickets chirping
Play a lovely melody

Copyright © Joseph May

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May i have this dance

Let me hold you dear
in pursuit of life’s whole dance
each step perfection
each smile a contrast of love
made on earth yet in heaven.

Copyright © harry horsman

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One New Tanka - Rick Parise

hibiscus blossoms
whipped by wild tropical winds . . .
flower flamencos
in pink, yellow and coral
dance in the flaming sunset

March 30, 2015

Copyright © Faye Gibson

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Flight - for Metamorph Contest

	Flight (Original poem)

	It’s morning
	early on when
	I begin to sparkle, 
	I radiate,
	burn bright,
	reach high and grasp,
	talk fast and loud,
	create chaos,
	risk all to
	(flying is the best part).

	Flight (Tanka)

	Morning, early on.
	I dance, radiate, burn bright, 
	chaos in my grasp. 
	I’ll chance my manic madness — 
	anything so I can fly.  	

	By Jack Jordan
	For Debbi Guzzi’s “Metamorph Free Poetry Contest”

Copyright © Jack Jordan

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Sommerreigen/Summer Dance/Baile de Verano/Danza Estate

Schmetterlinge im Tanz 
Sommerreigen am Nachmittag
Mosaik der Natur 

Von Ferne der Ruf eines Kuckucks
Aus seinem unsichtbarem Versteck 


The dance of Butterflies 
Summer roundelay in the afternoon 
A mosaic of nature 

From the distance the cry of a cuckoo 
Out of his invisible hiding 


Baile de mariposas 
Corro de verano en la tarde
Mosaico de naturaleza

De la distancia un grito de cuco 
De su invisible escondite 


Farfalle nella danza
Danza estate nel pomeriggio
Mosaico della  natura

Il grido di un cuculo
Dal suo invisibile nascondiglio

Copyright © Gert W. Knop

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       Dance for me my love
                            Your cold  marionette smile
                                                            Lingers in your eyes
                              Remembering steps forgot
When I was your only waltz


Copyright © Ian Guyler

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Summer's Dance

A stolen moment  
held in a kindled embrace
our eyes chased the night
as the band played Sea of Love
summer's dance over too soon

lingering moments
in an amorous embrace
our eyes seek the dawn
as the band plays You and I
dance partners for all seasons

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

Second Place in Susan Burch's Little Viewed Jewels contest

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

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The Ballet Dancer

      thin ballet dancer

told off for having no waist
    opens crisps packet
    crisply the organizer

marches her off premises

Copyright © Julia Ward

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Skeletons Dance

In foreground color The orange glow that surrounds The skeletons dance And the ghostly reverie Plays in the depths of darkness
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey