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Tanka Angst Poems | Tanka Poems About Angst

These Tanka Angst poems are examples of Tanka poems about Angst. These are the best examples of Tanka Angst poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The Church is Alien

Centuries you rule
a safe passage heavenly
in conformity
with deeds given to aid you...
after the battle we fall.

Copyright 2014 Harry
J Horsman

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Benefits Denied

expendable lives our elderly, sick and poor benefits denied D.C. may call the shots now God is the equalizer
*Written in honor of John Freeman for his contest "Sayings of Wisdom"

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Ribbon Tied

you took both my breasts
leaving me with a flat chest
worse, feeling like less - 
   I feel like a man even
   in my most beautiful dress

Black Eyed Susan
*Dedicated to all women who have lost a breast (or both) to breast cancer - and also to my friend Pam who I just found out yesterday  (11/14) has it and is beginning radiation

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Sanctuary: Be Safe In An Unsafe World. 2010.

watch the body count grow
when tiny tots near the t.v.
turn and ask you: "Why?!" ....
check your gun, pet your shepherd,
lock your doors and watch them sleep

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Pit of hell feelings
With despair and inner pain 
Mounting and growing
As sadness becomes my food
My only true sustenance

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The True Cause of My Cancer

Could be anything
But I know it was your Hate
YEARS, stuffed down my throat
Accumulating as this:
Esophageal Cancer

For the "Cantankacerous" Contest

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Initially yours

your monogrammed towel
still hangs on the bathroom rack
missing your strong hands 
     now dry as an old stamp pad
     it no longer weeps your loss

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easily given not so easily taken admitting the need or if given without thought may bring unexpected tears

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empty tissue box - itty bitty

death took her from me
my adoring wife
I try not to cry
   there's no one to refill
   my empty tissue box


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Grief Of Betrayal

Oh summer’s love flown
gone with the swallows on wing,
life now insipid
when warmth torn out of one’s heart
like the pending storm; freezes.

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On the Soles of your Shoes

Diamonds are so cheap
only the excessive greed
of man, his profit
create a shortage of such,
gullibility a joy!

2013 Harry J Horsman

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De-Bug Me Please

Mr. Malware Bytes
keeps byting my poor PC
Byte it again Bytes?...
and I’ll byte you where the bytes
don’t byte no more, so byte me!

(Your blog is bigger than your byte anyway)

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One Day

to all those in need
those that frequent dark alleys
to all those in need
where the need of life questioned...
one day equilibrium.

© Harry J Horsman 2012    

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A soul stands so alone
sodden, trodden, left so reft
darkening shadows
amidst dim streetlights, now angst
what was before, is now never

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Angel of Love

Life’s blood out of stone
the old veins penetrated
yet fears losing you,
a renewal a license
for happiness oh so late!

© Harry J Horsman 2013     

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golden showers

good people ? 
standing on pedestals 
golden showers
raining down in torrents
do they really not know

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Orphan in the Dock

(Before Sentencing.)

They called him ‘Poor Boy’
a victim of life’s promise...
a voice without love
neither percipient of
nor an indulgence in it.

© 2012  

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Global Warming Tanka

Encased in thick ice Sparrow shivers, sad demise Flowers had emerged Once colorful, now turned brown Snowy carpet for Easter Frozen bunny dies Easter egg hunts ‘neath snow mounds Sun plays hide and seek Bunny’s obit cites “death knell” Meaning of Easter recalled Ma Nature fooled us Groundhog needs unemployment The weatherman lied Al Gore has hidden away Ice age, not global warming
*Written April 17, 2014 as our friends up North shiver.

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My worst enemy:
Masochistic sabotage
There’s no solution
To rescue me from myself
That will end without defeat

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bloody nothing

No response
To my emails
Your name’s not in queue
   I pull off a hangnail
   Ripping skin too

Received 6th place in "any poem goes" contest

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A Different Point of View

if this pill of life
his mother once swore to him,
‘was available
long ago i would have lived 
and you my son history.’

© Harry J Horsman 2013      

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Misunderstood II

Many so afraid
in cultures misunderstood
God fearing antics
to depress such discordance,
who indeed is civilized?

© Harry J Horsman 2013  

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Hindsight of the Gods

reversal in time
history to be reviewed
dreams, wishes bestowed
the human race put on trial...
yet in their image were born.

© Harry J Horsman 2013  

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Will Strands Of Thread Hold

Will strands of thread hold

Hidden thoughts within my mind

Words never spoken

Fearing to give utterance

Or will silence be broken.

(February 9, 2011 Wausau, Wisconsin

(c) Copyright 2011 by Christine A Kysely, All Rights Reserved

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PS: PS - I'm Pissed

WRONG CODE!! (You dumb-ass)
and in RED LETTERS as well?
Was there a CRIME here?
Shall you summon a SWAT team?
Just a COMMENT for god's sa...

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You took innocence
sow seeds in maturing brain
create illusions
in the name of the father...
a lattice for prejudice.

© Harry J Horsman 2012   

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The Flower

a downcast face
stares at the curlicues
forming symbols
he loves me petals
grow upon the flower

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The Evil of Good

An excuse we need
to ratify this evil
in existence is,
so many hide behind God
here just to cast the first stone.

© Harry J Horsman 2013  

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I check hotel beds

I check hotel beds
imagine them lurking there
shudder at the word
shorten it to just BBs
the very thought makes me sweat

* Bedbugs

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~ unfamiliar fear has taken new residence deep in furrowed brows of ordinary people on an ordinary day ~

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An Empty Bassinet

Anguish paints the mask.
Choking on dysphoria
begrimes a collapsed heart.
Hypothermia sets in
when squeezing the color blue.

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Giant Coffin

Trapped in the stairway
Heavy smoke filling my lungs
Screams piercing my ears
       The tower is collapsing!
       No time to say good-bye, no...


Received 6th place in "Remembering 9/11" contest

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Promises of Fluff

Lightly stepping on
Fluffy clouds of promises
my eyes wide open
in a sky of certain lies
no fluff left to break my fall 

Restlessly sleeping    
on fluffy pillows of trust
eyes closed naively
in a bed of broken dreams
no fluff left to protect me            

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, January 31, 2012
For Fluff contest

First Place finish in Carol Brown's Fluff Contest

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For G.W. Bush

"imminent danger"
a democracy by force,
media in fear.
decisions based on terror,
how to deceive a Nation.

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Lost In Sorrow

                                       In sorrow I wail
                              My son who has drowned is gone   
                                     Lost beneath the sea
                                Trying to save another
                                    Forever I will mourn him.

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Underneath the House

dragging feeble feet
a silent walk to death's grasp
beaten under house
the last sigh escapes her lungs
whiskers shrivel as years pass

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'System ErRoR'

it is there again that dreaded system error restless night ahead I'll try again in three hours will set my alarm instead

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Equally sinner

Blood stains on my hand though I never touched a gun, every bullet fired splashes blood on both our hands, each death leaves a scar in heart! 'Dedicated to those deaths which can be avoided,which make us feel sinner' © kashinath karmakar (6th July 2011) =========================000========================= Placement : 10th (October 2011) Contest:A Short Poem,Please Sponsor:Constance La France

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Anguished Fire

The flowing lava Bright and hot deep inside me Brings anguish to heights Heights above any feelings That might look like burning ash Pain is enveloped Deep within the fires of Earth The bowels catch flames Burn the desires to live Molten fire burns any hope
Russell Sivey

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A Front Created

When the rich want more
the earth plunged in to despair
a front created
this usually a war...
we all weep for a hero

Harry J Horsman 2012   

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She is burning now.
The so-called witch, innocent.
They thought, they were right.
Who´s to blame, when she is gone?
She raised her head to heaven.

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We agreed on this
I stamp on your toe, slyly
You cannot feel it
Eyes on what you want the most
This is why you kept me home.

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Depressive Fog

Darkness surrounds me
I reside in a black cloud
That brings me closer
To death descending into
a dungeon I can't escape

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The hidden face

**************************** At the beginning Only laughter and sweet smiles Then shows the true side That of a selfish ego Living only for one self ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Not caring for others Not even for better halves Gratification Becomes known only as lust Love is only desire!

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Eventuality, Befalls to Silence

Tapping fingers, pulse ~
The awaiting, ones sweating 
Anticipating ~
Message received, codes now read
Slowly keys turn, silo's open ~

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In Her Lonely Dark

She, naked to bare
reaching out to natures moon
both in lonely dark
dreaming of her tomorrows 
stares into freedoms unknown

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Problems on Earth

 if they could see us
 our ancestors in this world
 thinking of the past
 pain, death, and inhumane crimes
 on your world today

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Low praises, my dear
These hollow hymns, I have hummed
Vile verses shouted 

Heretic’s testimonies
Sinful sermons to deaf ears

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i will dreed the day,
when i will have to leave you,
we will drift apart,
and forever to be lost
without a single return.

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About time

About time you show up 

About time you help out 

About time you comfort me 

About time you decide to step up

About time you realized 

About time i that i left 

About time you felt lost 

Because with out me 

Your not everything you say

I was your world, and you weren't mine 

So listen now and hear out loud 

I miss you, but i never knew you 

This me telling you 

Now its time 

To go on your own 

While i go on my own.......

- samip mehta 

for those you cant say good bye...

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"Sanctuary" redescribed

Humanity lost sound
Humans need sanctuary around
Need not cut forests
It will soon be the destined ground
For the lost love hath hatred found

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a true addiction

forbidden by the Bible

many have consumed

many are being consumed

moderation of all things

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R.I.P. Mikey

You were my first love,
but the soul in you is gone,
Rest in peace my friend,
Everyone misses you,
we all want you back dearly.

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Two Hour Delay

Two hour flight delay
Causes much anxiety 
Rushing off the plane
Will I make the connection?
I'm glad to be home.

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The Mirror

My pain does not show
I bury it far too deep
the pain in my soul
I hide away from myself
then the mirror shows my eyes

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Shooting stars (Bull's eye)

Mistaken for stars
Alien ammo, warning
“Humans, stay from mars”
Consistently practicing
Moving target, direct hit

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poor wounded child -
they did something bad to you
and it caused you pain
but you let them have your life 
so - now - who is it you hate?

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Wake up at dawn 
Listen to your gentle breathing 
Can’t bear the thought 
That fate should be so cruel 
Let me live after you, 


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Be Prepared

Be Prepared

When the well runs dry.
And we're all afraid to die.
I can hear us cry.
Dear God. Oh, Father, on high.
Tell me why the well is dry.

Poetic form:  Tanka
©  Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

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calloused hands touch me
icy feeling like winter
from his fingertips
I shiver from the contact
and plead for spring rain

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It is where you shop

everything is up for grabs

time everlasting

low prices are the key there

Sam knew what we all wanted

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Storm Raging

Summer storm bears down 

Darkness crowds the sky tonight 

Bringing destruction 


Weeping, I search for our love 

Hidden deep within your rage

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wondering at impossibilities

If I could heal your
failed second chance with two words
(that began with three

in the warmest winter I've
ever known), my love, I would.

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we all can't have one

we can't be the one alone

you feel the same right

none can take having nothing

nothingness can consume all

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Misshaped Heart After Love

a vase slammed on a 
burner:  the gold melts and all
contents of the vase
lie in repose -- gold encased
flowers and water steaming.

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We all know

We have this feeling

we all know it way to well

it eats us inside

we see the person always

but fear has gripped us for good

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The salt on my face
I wish I could see the light
My days are nothing
The crack over my heart forms
From it the crimson blood spills