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Tanka Adventure Poems | Tanka Poems About Adventure

These Tanka Adventure poems are examples of Tanka poems about Adventure. These are the best examples of Tanka Adventure poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Dynamic Interlude


Frolicking in song
gliding along the shoreline
the heart cry out *Love...

intimate sunlight
painted on fleshly desire
ensnare wild passion,
the afternoon falls victim 
to hot love, carefree and *Fun 

two naked bodies roll endless
in warm seductive wet sand,
with each breath completion nears
perfect *Poetry


Poet ~ Rick Parise

Contest ~ "Fun and Frolic"

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Imagination Grown Up

Childhood wings kept
hanging behind closet doors
nestled in pockets
in woolen pea coats bright blue
like clear skies meant for flying.

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Live Life to the completely—
Seek always new adventures.
Find your destiny . . . 
	 Emphasis the positive . . . 
Always give your best effort!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 
Schoeningen, Germany (November 12, 2014)
(Tanka poetic format)

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'Magical Poetry'

when your eyes caught mine I knew I was lost and found tacit LOVE remain the same umbrella provided the shade and FUN chilled drinks didn’t help to offset the heat produced our lips connected, pure bliss the beach has gone quiet now just us and our POETRY we are still making magic this time with our lips
by: Wilma N. Neels 050620111710 Contest : Fun & Frolic (3 forms) 3rd Place

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What A Beauty

<                                    beneath swollen ..... moon
                                      in pasture of...... rolling hills
                                      standing  ....hind quarters
                                      a beautiful black ...... stallion
                                      simply took my breath ........ away

Entry For
Rick Parise's 
A Memory Of Beauty
Tanka Contest
G.L. All

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A traveler lost Far in unknown galaxies Afraid, uncertain Yet, fervent hope’s reborn When eyes behold one blue sphere ~*~

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The discussion point—
I Be, I Am, I Exist.
Being is presence.
	 Philosophers Rejoice, Yes . . . 
The mortal plane is confirmed!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 
Schoeningen, Germany (November 12, 2014)
(Tanka poetic format) 

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‘Space is fathomless
O clouds drifting on winds!’
Said the growing shoot:
'For reaching goals unbound
Dig your feet in ground'

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Where They Are

Zeke Gunn is his name.
Killing perverts brought him fame.
In jail with a shiv?
That is an affirmative.
Got to kill them where they are.

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the secular bay
surrounding the open wooden docks 
becomes my new home
I love to feel the sunshine
return to the outer zones



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Your History

<                                 symbolic icon
                           abrupts captivating flight
                                    honoring fallen
                       amidst lined tombstone's marker
                             at historic Fort Snelling

Written By
Katherine Stella  8/8/11

Entry For Carolyn Devonshire's
Bald Eagle In Cemetery Contest
G.L. All

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San Francisco Bound

San Francisco bound!
Go there and act like a clown!
You will fit right in!
The freakier the better!
The devil’s playground is there!

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Army Rangers Rescue UFO Abductee

Up on  mountain top.
Just don't know how I got here.
Army Rangers  rescued me.
Says UFO kidnapped me.
Sure lucky I was let go.

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My Boo

<                          halloween haunting's
                       black shoe polish foundation
                             ruby red lipstick
                       pillow stuffed under big dress
                        red white bandana for hair

                               spatula in hand 
                       eggbeater in dress pocket
                              pillowcase for loot
                       daddy's boots causing blisters 
                          aunt jemima memories 

Entry For
Paula Sweanson's
Halloween Of Tears Past

Tribute To Childhood Memories

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Focused energy
does have tremendous power
Its direction key
to that which is unfolding
means which was no longer be

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The Snowy Mountains tanka contest

the snowy mountains
are silent and without life
a yeti appears
i wonder if i am just
imagining company

for Susan’s tanka contest

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Celebrating (Japanese Tanka)

A special Celebration
Going to Tulsa
Celebrate with twin sister
Our birthday celebration.

Trying out another new style from our friend Joseph Spence.
In celebration of my 50th birthday. August 31-2007. I Will be out of
town for a few days. Going to Oklahoma.

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Hush Now { Tanka X Three }

<     falls bright foliage
reflects own mirrored images 
       off motionless lake
clusters of billowing white
filter from chimmeny's home stacks

red gold brown and green
illuminating snapshots
etched in minds own eye
transferred to painting canvass
under moon's and stars dance theme

the winds of gallows
taunt not the sleeping forest
with your shivery 
hush hush this one silent night
don't wake the sleeping giant 

Entry For 
Amy Green's
Enchantment Of Fall's
Tanka A Moment
G.L. All

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Blood Calls in Autumn

the bloom of death glows
crimson colorings mimic…
rise on angel wings
exhilaration’s free flow
new beginnings lofting high

brilliant dancers
tweak the nose of fickle fate…
candied lawn of morn
nonpareil the brown earth
apple crisp the skittish wind

rainbow of phoenix 
rebirth the celestial… 
crumbled sweetness melt heart’s fire
fear not beyond the beyond
hear Gabriel’s horn

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Cautiously I wade Through shallow waters at dawn Minnows tickle me My fishing hole waits for me catfish jump with the sunrise

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In my bag of tricks
Lays the secret to safety
A feeling of sorts!
It will make you dance silly!
Out of my hat comes true love.

Silly, is it not?
That one man gave it all up.
Not to criticize.
But to fall in love again
With someone who understands.

John Monteblanco

"Bag of Tricks"

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Double Tanka   

A man of prestige      
a night in shining armor 
with one arm he lifts....
his gallant attire brushed pure-
heart aflutter, she submits....

With pink skies distant 
upon the mighty horse, one....
into the sunset
a beauty and her hero,
together, endless her dreams....

This is a story of how my brother in-law proposed to my sister(upon horseback)she 
was elated. Her hero for life, and also mine for protecting my sis and loving her through eternity. 


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Taking Turns

<                                       iron propeller
                                 sitting entrance to driveway
                                   slowly turning blades
                              like the hands of time on clock 
                                 longing for extra seconds 

                                    Hummingbirds buzzing
                              red gold blue and green headed 
                                    just waiting for turns
                               to capture it's own bountys
                                   succulant sugar water  

Written By 
Katherine Stella 9/13/2011

Entry For Francine Roberts
The View-A Tanka Contest
G.L. All

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Cruising with the Magic Mat

On a magic mat
cruising over seas with friends
to enjoy this fresh
scenes of nature;sun blazing,
like kite and eagle,we glide.

As it moves across
the forest,hills and valleys
'Wow!' I almost fall
Deb and Gwen smiled at its speed
The feeling is simply.. cool!.

Contest:"Magic "

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Want to Fly

Flying through the air
Rocket strapped on my back.
Breeze blowing my hair.
Wild dream flying very fast
Knowing that I'm free at last.

"Tanka Me A Dream" contest by Jimmy Anderson

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game of sunshine

Love's a game of sunshine

You make a move,
than you fall, you fall again
you make one more move
you move your pawn, way to fast
you look around for sunshine

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My ageing consternation

My ageing consternation

I fears death that spares
Me when I am very young
Won't it ache me when
I have no teeth to chew and
Have feeble arms, legs... to move? 
My heart is fallen
And about to burst my hope.
When will this silent
Thief snatch my soul to the Lord
When need not to see more corpse?

Contest: Aging
Sponsor: Black Eyed 

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Six Seater Airplane

As we rose on wings
The earth falling below fast
On wings of eagle 
Feeling as higher at last
Beauty of Canyon below

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snug seats of leather
wheels of speed grip the pavement
a belt to secure
jets scream anticipation.......
careening momentum, flight  

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World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft I have a cool character I claim him the best He can romp, rave with many And kill hundreds of creatures Mighty powerful He can conquer bands of foe And kill the undead What benefit does this game Surely do to my ego Corruption inside Is what I sure think happens When what is undone This game hurts more than it helps I am unbeatable now…
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gwendolen Rix's "VIDEO GAME EXTRAVAGANZA" contest 9/16/2012

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Cherishing my dream,
Where wishes are granted true,
A magical place,
That is surreal, paradise.
An island of haven thoughts.

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At The Pawn Shop

The pawn shop scares me
Two many live guns for sale
Desk men seem shady
Room smells like cigarette smoke
wafting around me at dusk

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The Hunt-

completely surreal
my descent into darkness
scent of her fresh kill
overpowering my soul
cautiously I raise my stake

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Different Effects

breaks out, when you scream and shout,
unless you use salve,
you are being arrested,
or you have turret's syndrome.

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Eagle tanka

Bird melancholy , Among the graves, many braves, who died for the flag, good old Mum, mates, and Molly, march in their parade, blood oath!
Don Johnson 9-aug-11

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Gifts from Above

Adrift in slumber
My eyes see floating presents
Fall from the heavens
Colorful array around
As people collect them all

Written by
Cecil Hickman

Sponsor Michael J. Falotico 
Contest Name "Tanka me a Dream" 

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Crazily I walk.
Into a forgotten dream,
I see it appear.
A desire I created.
Now a disgrace I regret.

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Fifteen Years~

her broken heart disarmed
his body and soul engaged
a blend of kindred spirits
the chaos of five children
sweet bliss of Marriage Mayhem

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Rock Climbing

My daughter and I Were rock climbing one morning We got up real high I reached the top of the rock And awaited my daughter Something went bad wrong Her rope came completely loose And she was falling I grabbed rope hard and tightly But she was slipping away I started to fall Caught myself nearly the end I heard a small voice Yelling up to me, pleading “Save yourself, just let me go”
And I had to…
Russell Sivey This is a fictitious poem . No events actually took place in my life. Entrant into Lisa Hiatt ~Dark Poetess "Letting go " contest 3/30/2012

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A Loser Once More

A loser once more. Somehow, it happened again. Oh so foolish me. I thought I could win money. History repeats itself.

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Elephant Butte Lake

Elephant Butte Lake,

You see Rattlesnake Island,

Can you swim that far?

You swim as far as you can,

Out to the island and back!

~For Brian's High Fives Contest~

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Roadside Utilities

Each time was done fall
A rest stop to listen to
Almighty the One
Providing you sustenance
Direction are then made clear

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the mountains call me
they sing come let me show you
soaring through the gap
so close we can almost touch
but not today not today

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Bridesmaid's Dresses

Woman at the right wears different color dresses all for bridesmaids. I don’t care about dresses. What’s her name and phone number?

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Dances with light

Fire engulfs me with passion
     My soul dances with light
         Burning embers glow
                   Taking flight across moonbeams
                            Wings of change is anew.

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a warrior awakes
full~ hardened at sunrise
love breaks his fasting
young squaw with belly rounded
quickening~ a warrior wakes

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This Sounds Corny { Tanka}

bounty of the earth
come ye thankful people come
for it is autumn
and the leaves are coming down
run run sweet John Barley Corn

Entry To 
Kristin Reynolds 
Autumn Tanka Contest

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suave chaps stand ready
a vintage champagne flowing
musical tones swell
as loathsome ladies babble~
this years wallflowers in bloom

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Agua Impression

Swallowed in sun bites
to butter burn the dreaming
of men in sandals
with one foot in the desert
and one foot in mirages.

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Conquering the Sky

Pronounce me lightened,
ethereal wind in wings~
Blow my feathers thus
with slippery zippers closed
to lift me above the sky

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it's good when playing
just don't walk the plank,
operate a vehicle,
or sign legal paperwork.